“If you want to defeat Mo Tian Yun, this is not too difficult.” Gu Du Xing thought over it for a little while and said, “But if you want to kill Mo Tian Yun, I am afraid… with the strength of the six of us, it’s impossible!”

“Yes.” Dong Wu Shang nodded solemnly.

“Oh? Mo Tian Yun is that powerful?” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed.

“Really powerful!” Gu Du Xing nodded, “In the past year, all external matters of the Mo clan were placed under Mo Tian Yun’s control. Plus, the power of the Mo clan, in every aspect, has risen and expanded in the past year!”

“This is all thanks to the efforts of Mo Tian Yun.” Gu Du Xing sighed, “Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji, those two brothers are considered a resourceful pair in Middle Three Heavens. Mo Tian Ji has the intelligence, and Mo Tian Yun has the tactics. A person so devious, even if you take all the precautions, you will still fall into his trap…”

“Yes, given Mo Tian Yun’s tactics, if he truly held the power of the Mo clan, he would be a great threat to all of the surrounding clans! Therefore, many people want Mo Tian Yun dead. But Mo Tian Yun is still alive and well!” Dong Wu Shang said.

“The struggle for power between the two Mo brothers has been well-known by all the people in Middle Three Heavens. Everyone knows that Mo Tian Ji’s strength puts us all to shame.” Ji Mo frowned, “But Mo Tian Yun could easily suppress Mo Tian Ji… these past few years. Even though Mo Tian Ji has improved his situation now, he continued to be suppressed pitifully. While Mo Tian Yun is a few years older than Mo Tian Ji, what he was able to do proved that his intellect is no less than Mo Tian Ji’s!”

“Moreover, this Mo Tian Yun is a petty, suspicious, and vengeful person. Everything he does uses unscrupulous tactics. Such a person, unless you are a hundred percent certain that you will win, it would be better not to bother him in the first place!” Luo Ke Di sighed, “Otherwise, there would be endless trouble.”

Among the four people discussing, Gu Du Xing’s Gu clan was an ally of the Mo clan, Ji Mo was Mo Tian Yun’s cousin, and Luo Ke Di’s clan was an enemy of the Mo clan. These three were well-versed about Mo Tian Yun.

After hearing Chu Yang’s intention, they uniformly opposed.

“Could it be that… Mo Tian Yun is an untouchable tiger’s butt?” The cold in Chu Yang’s gaze grew stronger and stronger.

“Such a person is too dangerous as an enemy!” Gu Du Xing said, “Plus, this person is very cautious; he values his life to an extreme point! That’s why I said you could defeat him, but not kill him… And killing him in Lower Three Heavens is impossible!”

“Big brother needs to think this over!” The five said in one voice.

Chu Yang slowly nodded and said, “I will reconsider.”

“However, if big brother insists, then I will help!” Gu Du Xing said casually.

“I will definitely help!” Luo Ke Di laughed.

Dong Wu Shang smiled, “Killing Mo Tian Yun, I also want to.”

Rui Bu Tong let out two dry coughs, “You’re all going to help… If I don’t, you will all probably beat me to death…”

Ji Mo smiled and said, “Of all the cousins, I don’t like Mo Tian Yun most. No matter; I still cannot take part in this so I will just avoid it.”

With Ji Mo’s choice, the five showed an understanding look. If Ji Mo had excitedly asked to help… that would make him no longer human. No matter how devious Mo Tian Yun was, he was still Ji Mo’s blood relation!

“If I need help from you guys, I will not hesitate to ask.” Chu Yang said in a low voice. Seeing the choices of his brothers, Chu Yang was happy and touched.

But dealing with Mo Tian Yun, it was best to think about it more carefully.

After all, someone who could suppress Mo Tian Ji for that long could not be so common. It should be noted that in the previous life, Mo Tian Ji still did not hold all of the clan’s power at the time Mo Qing Wu died!

It was not until several years later that Mo Tian Yun completely retreated from his battle for power against Mo Tian Ji.

With this Mo Tian Yun, no matter how much hatred… Chu Yang should definitely not underestimate his enemy! Just as Gu Du Xing and company said, Chu Yang had no intentions of doing so.

Kill… He still would!

Seven days later, Chu Yang finally announced that they could be on their way!

In front of Dong Wu Shang’s longing gaze, Chu Yang took out a saber!

The moment the saber left its sheath, the entire room, even Ji Mo, Gu Du Xing and the others, could not help but hold their breath.

What kind of saber was this?

If there was such a thing as royalty among sabers, there was no doubt that this saber was it!

No words could describe the mighty aura of this saber!

Dong Wu Shang’s two hands trembled, and his eyes were starting to moisten. He gently stroked the saber as if it was the lover of his dream.

“My saber!” Dong Wu Shang’s voice was slightly choked. He suddenly spoke as if he was taking an oath, “From today on, this saber will be called No Injuries! Under this saber, there will be no injuries, only deaths!” (TLN: Wu Shang means no injuries.)

No Injuries! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Dong Wu Shang used his name for his saber!

With one hand, he raised this five hundred seventy pound saber up high. His eyes emitted a fanatical glow. At this moment, his entire face seemed to shine!

“Thank you, big brother! I, Dong Wu Shang, will never fail this saber! I will not leave my No Injuries!” Dong Wu Shang stabbed his saber downward and kneeled in front of Chu Yang before he could be stopped. He bang his head on the ground three times and stood up. Suddenly, he looked up into the sky and yelled out, “Sabers make kings; how can I, Dong Wu Shang, not?”

Along with his yell, a bone-chilling saber aura suddenly surged out!

Gu Du Xing’s eyes narrowed. The moment Dong Wu Shang received this saber, a mysterious force inside his body seemed to awaken. At this time, Dong Wu Shang was overflowing with pride!

He and this saber stood together; in front of everyone, there were clearly two sabers!

Two unrivaled sabers!

“At this moment, Wu Shang has opened the path of a sabersman!” (TLN: This word is not legit, but what else can I do? Sabersman, swordsman… The original words mean saber guest and sword guest.) Chu Yang’s gaze rested on Dong Wu Shang. After a long time, he smiled happily.

A sincere admiration was shown on Gu Du Xing’s face. The path of a sabersman was like that of a swordsman!

The difference was just one word, but the concepts are completely different. The one word that was filled with hidden meanings to make people think.

No matter where, a guest was nobler than an ordinary person.

Therefore, being sabersmen and swordsmen, in the eyes of saber wielders and sword wielders, was a kind of honor!

While Gu Du Xing was obsessed with the way of the sword, he was still not a swordsman! Dong Wu Shang, while weaker than him, was now a sabersman. This was essentially a step into the way of the saber.

“You don’t have to be envious. The path of a swordsman will open up to you soon enough.” Chu Yang smiled, “Revered Berserker Sword Technique is keeping the path of a swordsman from opening up to you. You only need to break through Revered Sword Artist and stop practicing Revered Berserker Sword Technique. A short time after that, you will become a swordsman!”

“I will break through in the shortest possible time period!” Gu Du Xing’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He gritted his teeth and said, “No matter what the price is!”

Chu Yang nodded his head and said, “This trip to Great Zhao is not just to do work but also to train!” Then he tossed out five blades, “On this journey, you should not use your own weapons. These are your backups.”

The five were surprised.

“As for this saber and this sword.” Chu Yang pulled out a saber and a sword and said, “They are heavenly weapons. But these two heavenly weapons are prepared for Jiang Hu of Great Zhao! I want this saber and this sword to create a reign of terror all over Great Zhao. After all of this terror is created, I want all vengeance and attention to be aimed at Continent Center Citadel!”

The five people shuddered.

They all had enough experience to know how powerful this move could be. If word got out, the people of Jiang Hu would probably fill up Great Zhao’s Continent Center Citadel in a blink of an eye…

“Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong, you two will go first. You will be the vanguard in bringing this saber to Great Zhao. On your way, fight wherever you can and kill whenever you can. In short, you have to create the greatest uproar possible… After arriving at Continent Center Citadel, toss this saber at the most chaotic moment.”

Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong looked at each other and nodded. Their eyes were filled with fanaticism. These two were the most audacious. Chu Yang had made the best use of people by choosing these two as the vanguard.

“Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di, you two will be the second wave. Use this sword for the same task as Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong.” Chu Yang said casually.

Dong Wu Shang nodded solemnly, and Luo Ke Di’s face immediately became twisted.

Luo Ke Di loved to talk and laugh loudly. Travelling for thousands of miles with a block of wood like Dong Wu Shang, he would probably be bored to death…

Chu Yang had chosen complementary characters.

Luo Ke Di was lively and liked to cause trouble. He was also arrogant. Rui Bu Tong would not have been able to control him. If Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo went together… Chu Yang was certain that these two lawless guys would probably not even reach Continent Center Citadel…

With the exception of Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang was the only one that could securely control Luo Ke Di…

“I will travel with Gu Du Xing.” Chu Yang did not bother to look at Luo Ke Di’s grumpy eyes, “We are the third group; we will travel empty-handed.”

“Once you arrive, you do not need to wait for us. You just need to cause chaos. Once you have achieved the required effect, you can go back to your clans.” Chu Yang added solemnly.

“Then, what will be done with Mo Tian Yun?” Dong Wu Shang suddenly looked up.

“Mo Tian Yun, I don’t want to touch him yet.” Chu Yang said casually, “When it is time, I will let everyone know.” His eyes flashed with a strange emotion.

Dong Wu Shang slowly nodded.

“After returning to your clan, please go to the Mo clan and see Xiao Wu.” Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “Her life in the clan is probably not that good. If you could take her out, please use all of your efforts to do so. Ji Mo, you will be in charge of this.”

Ji Mo patted his chest, “Don’t worry, big brother. I will definitely go!”

Chu Yang nodded and felt a little reassured, “On another note… the next time we see each other, if my cultivation level surpasses anyone here… Haha, big brother won’t be polite!”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di shouted in terror, “Big brother…”

This is unbearable. Your cultivation level rises like it is in flight. How can be we be sure that you won’t surpass us?

“It’s decided! While we are apart, your most important task is to enhance all aspects of your abilities. Plus, don’t forget you are people of Heavenly Armament Pavilion!” Chu Yang had a profound gaze as he said slowly, “I long for the day I will traverse Upper Three Heavens with all of you!”

“As for Lower Three Heavens business, Gu Du Xing and I will take care of it for now.” Chu Yang said matter-of-factly, “We will start tomorrow morning! Do everything as planned!”

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