These days, many gossips quietly showed up in Iron Cloud Citadel. Something about Tie Bu Tian’s outrageous action in killing his father to take the throne. Something about King of Hell Chu being calculating and creating a conspiracy to kill the previous emperor. Something about Tie Long Cheng planning to rebel…

In short, the cold Iron Cloud Citadel suddenly became noisy and restless…

“I have to go.” Chu Yang quietly sat in front of Wu Qian Qian, “To Great Zhao!”

“Go to Great Zhao?” Wu Qian Qian stood up in shock, “You… why do you want to go to Great Zhao? You don’t know your current position?”

“I am going because of this fight for the world! I cannot afford not to go.” Chu Yang said gently, “I am handing Bu Tian Pavilion over to you. From now on, you are King of Hell Chu!”

“From now on, I am King of Hell Chu?” Wu Qian Qian stood and stared at Chu Yang. Her two eyes suddenly became red, “You have planned to leave all along, didn’t you?”

Chu Yang sighed and said, “You are overthinking things.”

“If you ever leave, King of Hell Chu would still be here, right?” Wu Qian Qian seemed to almost shed tears. Her voice trembled slightly, “This is your answer to Tie Bu Tian and to the sect, right?”

Chu Yang did not say anything. He stared at her for a moment and said casually, “Yes!”

“So you have planned to leave me here all along, haven’t you?” Wu Qian Qian opened her eyes wide trying to hold back the tears. She made an effort to make her voice calm once again, “Since the beginning, you never planned to bring anyone with you, right?”

“Yes!” Chu Yang affirmed with a cruel answer.

“I understand.” Wu Qian Qian smiled sadly, “Rest assured; I will do a good job.” She suddenly looked at Chu Yang bravely and said, “You have chosen me for this King of Hell Chu position. I will definitely be a good King of Hell Chu.”

Chu Yang remained quiet for a long time; he was speechless.

“Chu Yang, you really like to wear black clothes, right?” Wu Qian Qian suddenly smiled mysteriously as she asked sadly.

“Yes.” Chu Yang swallowed. Then looking at Wu Qian Qian, he suddenly felt a great pressure over his spirit.

“Umm, I know.” Wu Qian Qian nodded slightly; she turned and did not look at Chu Yang anymore, “Is there anything else?”

“These days, there are too many rumors. I will not be dealing with them.” Chu Yang pondered a little and said, “You do it.”

“I know.” Wu Qian Qian said casually, “You worked hard to cultivate me; was it not for this day?” Her voice was really calm, but, in that calm voice, there seemed to be a hidden volcano about to explode at any moment.

Chu Yang could feel it clearly. In Wu Qian Qian’s chest, her weak heart was beating violently! While Wu Qian Qian was extremely calm externally, the fierce emotions in her heart could barely be controlled any longer.

Chu Yang sighed and said, “I just want to remind you. The enemy is scariest when he is being still. As long as he makes a move, we can deal with him no matter what his target is.”

“I don’t need you to remind me about this.” Wu Qian Qian said casually, “Following the footsteps of the real King of Hell Chu for so long, I also understand this.”

“That’s good, then.” Chu Yang nodded and said in a low voice, “This trip… if nothing unexpected happens, I will be back in a year.”

Wu Qian Qian remained quiet for a long time without talking and stood with her back toward him.

Chu Yang raised his hand wanting to pat her shoulder, but he kept it raised for a long time without lowering it. In the end, he pulled his hand back from midair and said, “I am going. I will go to the royal palace and leave immediately from there.”

Wu Qian Qian did not reply.

Chu Yang sighed. He slowly turned and walked out. Facing Wu Qian Qian’s sorrow, he did not dare to linger.

Wu Qian Qian’s shoulders trembled. The moment Chu Yang stepped out of the room, he could clearly hear dripping sounds from behind him. Wu Qian Qian was finally unable to hold back her tears.

They felt onto the glistening stone floor and splattered…

Chu Yang paused at the door and thought silently: I am sorry… I really cannot give you anything right now…

Then he left in the wind and snow. In a blink of an eye, he had disappeared from Bu Tian Pavilion’s main door.

Wu Qian Qian stood still for a long time in the room with her back to the door. After a while, she suddenly sat down. With two hands covering her face, she sobbed silently…

She did not make a sound, but her body was trembling violently. A long time later, she slowly stood up and looked at the gold mask Chu Yang had placed on the table. She gently picked it up and looked at it longingly. Taking a deep breath and looking as if she understood something, she held it tight in her chest…

Two streams of tears slowly flowed down and rolled over the mask before falling to the ground. Why? Wu Qian Qian looked at the chair facing her and asked.

The chair remained silent as it continued its quiet existence. It could not give her any sort of answer. Like Chu Yang, it could not answer Wu Qian Qian’s question…

Wu Qian Qian nostalgically stroked the mask and the chair. Then she raised the mask up and looked at it for a long time before slowly putting it on her own face. Her expression suddenly changed to mad, despair, and then sorrowful. But it was always filled with attachment.

In the end, the mask was on her face.

It covered her sorrow.

That afternoon, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing, two black-outfitted men with black hair, rode two strong horses and whizzed out of the southern gate like a whirlwind. Two trails of snow flew up as they disappeared into the horizon.

On top of the gate, a golden figure stood quietly for a long time. He watched as the snow flew over the ground. With his arms folded, his expression was very strange… very strange.

“If you don’t come back, I… will immediately send troops over to Great Zhao and fight to the death.” Tie Bu Tian said softly then turned and walked down from the tower.

It was also that very day that Tie Bu Tian officially agreed to Diwu Qing Rou’s request and sent five hundred chosen soldiers to escort Tang Xin Sheng’s family straight to Continent Center Citadel in Great Zhao!

The people of Bu Tian Pavilion practically went crazy these days. King of Hell Chu gave the order to investigate all of the rumors! If the root was not found, they were to bring their own head in to see King of Hell Chu!

This order left Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong’s faces contorted. They had to mobilize all of the eyes and ears in Iron Cloud Citadel. Even the justice department and the military were used. Everything caused an earth-shattering uproar.

After dealing with official business, Tie Bu Tian went to Bu Tian Pavilion with the protection of the shadow guards. He went into Minister Chu’s room.

Wu Qian Qian wore a golden mask on her face and a black robe on her body as she sat in the room. Seeing Tie Bu Tian arrive, she was planning to take the mask off when Tie Bu Tian smiled and said, “Just keep it on, I want to come here and rest a little.”

Wu Qian Qian was startled. Two people, one in front of the desk and one behind it, were sitting face to face. The atmosphere unexpectedly became extremely heavy.

Tie Bu Tian sat for a long time before finally asking, “This robe is not new, is it? Is it the one he usually wears?”

Wu Qian Qian gently nodded and said softly, “Only when I am wearing this robe do I feel like King of Hell Chu is still here.”

Tie Bu Tian’s gaze rested on the golden mask for a while, then he let out a sigh.

Wu Qian Qian did not know whether Tie Bu Tian sighed for her or for Chu Yang. Or perhaps… there was another reason?

However, she was able to recognize that, within this sigh, there was some sense of melancholy and loss along with something that could not be described.

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Heavenly Armament Pavilion

A figure in blue shot in like a flash. It quickly searched every room once. Finally, it stopped at Chu Yang’s room and carefully searched for a long time. At last, he pressed with his hand and the door to the secret chamber slowly opened.

The person in blue smiled with satisfaction. With a flash, he entered the secret passage.

“F*! This damn punk!” The moment he entered, there was loud sounds of cursing. This place was unexpectedly filled with many traps.

Within the secret passage way, there was something that looked like cobweb as well as clear threads hanging high and low everywhere.

If it were not for the fact that the person in blue had a high cultivation level and keen sight, he would have ran right into them.

These things were not deadly, but they were effective against intruders. The person in blue was annoyed. This insolent punk has gone to Great Zhao; why did he bother setting up all these things?

But thinking it over, he felt excited. Since he was so careful, there must be something inside!

He carefully turned into a soft puff of smoke and slowly went through the layers of web threads. At last… he was through. Looking ahead, there was no longer any of those threads; it was a very large space.

The person in blue relaxed and landed.

The moment his two feet touch the ground, there was an unexpected swish. He had landed in a pit, and a stinky smell immediately rose up.

He hastily pulled his legs out and could not help but yell angrily.

His legs were yellow and whitish. He had stepped on none other than what was the reincarnation of the five grains (TLN: poop).

Before leaving, Chu Yang had changed the path of the secret passage. It had led him to the place where Mo Qing Wu had stayed before. He even brought in a portable toilet and especially arranged it there.

Hmm, even a King level master must have… this kind of thing.

The person in blue jumped out and activated his martial power. His boots broke open. He covered his nose and ran out with his bare feet.

Of course this kind of trap could not possibly harm him, but it was really too sick…

Grinding his teeth, he searched for a long time before finding Chu Yang’s closed room. But the moment he entered, he yelled out loudly, “Oh, screw me!”

The stone chamber was empty without anything at all. At the end of the chamber was a stone tablet with the following words engraved on it: “You are here, but I have gone far away. I am ashamed that I cannot welcome you. Reincarnation is mysterious, and surely you are still searching. This is just a mere token of my sincerity; it is not enough to express my respect. If destiny allows, we will meet again another day.”

The person in blue looked at his bare feet and then looked the words “reincarnation is mysterious.” He was so furious, he wanted to vomit blood.

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