The moment Chu Yang’s figure disappeared, the empty space in the room suddenly seemed to become twisted. Then that mysterious person in blue appeared in the room.

“Secret room…” His eyes flashed with pride as he rubbed his chin and said, “It seems this punk’s things are placed in a secret room… Haha, next time, I will wait for them to leave and go in to have a look… If I can find the Purple Jade Essence, I will have it made. The old man will only need to give me a reward, and I will have more than enough to eat and to hold… But the important thing right now is to find a place to drink and celebrate…”

“This is really sinister… This punk actually hides things so secretively like this. But he still could not fool this old man…” He laughed with satisfaction for a while, and his figure suddenly disappeared.

Of course the person in blue thought that he had found a major clue and had hastily gone to celebrate.

If I barge in now… it would be difficult to do anything. On the off chance that there is some mechanisms within and I get discovered, would I not be suffering from disappointment again? This punk’s vigilance is not ordinary.

It would be best to wait until he is not around…

Chu Yang had advanced into the secret passageway. He looked around as he walked quickly. His two hands also quietly stretched out thin strings across the passage way behind him. Along the way, he had placed at least a few hundreds of them!

Given the thickness of the threads, they could not be discovered in such darkness. But if they were touched, Chu Yang would immediately find out!

This is an anti-spy specialty of Nine Tribulations Sword. Currently, since the sword spirit was resting, Chu Yang had to rely on this kind of thing as a measure against that person in blue. Even though he did not have malicious intent… the fact that he was the master of Nine Tribulations Sword should remain known to as few people as possible!

This was, after all, a source of disasters and trouble!

In any case, Chu Yang was doing it for nothing; the person in blue did not follow him.

Advancing into the last level under Heavenly Armament Pavilion, he was a few hundred feet underground. Chu Yang was starting to feel cool. This had nothing to do with the weather; it was the temperature underground.

When he constructed this place, he used a lot of effort; the lake surrounded it on all sides, he had to ensure that water would not seep in…

The second fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword was here!

Chu Yang pulled himself together and activated Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique with all of his might. Inside the dantian, Nine Tribulations Sword’s point rang out with joy. It moved from his dantian and came out at the tip of his finger.

On his finger a faint light flashed shining coldly for a distance of more than ten feet!

Then, with a wave of his hand, the cold light of Nine Tribulations Sword practically slashed downward! After a few slashes, the ordinary looking ground was cut into a few large blocks.

A feeling of happiness could be felt from underneath the ground.

It was as if a child who had long been gone from home finally saw its mother.

Chu Yang’s heart was suddenly filled with joy. He pulled back the sword point and gathered martial strength to his arms. He dug into the ground and lifted the large stone and mud chunks to the side.

One block after another…

After ten continuous blocks, the stone chamber was practically filled up. On the ground, a large hole also appeared.

After all the dirt and stones were pushed away, a peculiar looking spring appeared under the hole. A milky white liquid was gushing out.

But the odd thing about this spring was that even though it was gushing out, it definitely did not flood outward. Any liquid that came out would immediately swirl in place. Even the soil that was a palm’s length away from that spring did not get wet.

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up. The situation was just like it was in the previous life. This spring had a strange and powerful health effect. Before, he had drunken his fill, and felt invigorated. Plus, later on, he rarely felt mental fatigue. And also since that time, whenever his body got injured, it healed in a short amount of time without having any scars.

Chu Yang had guessed that it was related to that spring.

He only regretted that after he finished drinking, while he turned to get the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment, the spring had disappeared without a trace.

Chu Yang felt extremely regretful about this!

Now that he saw the spring, he was worked up. This was something good; it would be a pity if he could not keep it…

Without any other choice, he had to call out the sword spirit, “Hey, is there any way to save this spring?”

The sword spirit sneered condescendingly, “It’s nothing but some Vitality Spring Water. It’s not anything great. It is just for nourishing the sword edge. Compared to the Crystal Spirit Spring of the seventh fragment, this is far inferior… You are even interested in this?”

“This… while it is not all that good… Right now… it is okay to use…” When Chu Yang said it was not all that good, he said it with great reluctance. In front of him right now was the best stuff already!

The sword spirit gave Chu Yang a ‘country bumpkin’ glare and said, “You just have to move this into Nine Tribulations space; do you need me to teach you this?”

“Huh? How do you move it?” Chu Yang sweated profusely with excitement.

“Place the sword tip on top of the spring water and consciously will it to the space then it will be absorbed! Hey, thinking about how I used to accompany Nine Tribulations Sword traversing all over the world, so powerful, and now…” The sword spirit acted as if being with this weakling with lacking abilities was an insult. It could not help but feel like a talented person who was being wasted…

Minister Chu controlled his anger and said “Mm.” He pulled out the sword point once more. With his mind directed at the space in his consciousness, he shouted, “Gather!”

“Pig! Do you have to yell out?” The sword spirit said contemptuously, “I never saw anyone as dumb as you! You are…”

“There is no more business for you here. Go back and continue your nostalgic contemplation!” Looking at the spring in front of him successfully disappear, he could clearly sense that a spring appeared in the middle of Nine Tribulations space of his consciousness. As it continued to gush around, Chu Yang was elated. His anger was no longer suppressed so he conveniently ignored his stepping stone.

“You.” The sword spirit angrily glared for a while and finally disappeared. This provocation by Minister Chu was not a light one.

“Little one, you dare to fight with me? While you are of many years, you are still soft!” Minister Chu was feeling great. He could not help but feel elated. A spiritual spring was in hand, and the second sword fragment was right inside it. Haha, this is getting two birds with one stone.

Directing his focus into the space, he came next to the spring water. He paused for a moment and carefully brought the Nine Tribulations Sword point into the spring water.

A faint ting sound was heard.

Chu Yang’s heart suddenly had the feeling like a couple fiercely loving couple was united after many lifetimes… Cough, cough, it was as if the Nine Tribulations Sword point was hugging the second fragment happily…

Chu Yang’s heart shivered, and his whole body was covered with goosebumps. He could not help but scratch himself.

Then a cold feeling emitted from his arm. It seemed to follow his meridians and advance into his dantian.

In an instant, Chu Yang’s consciousness returned to reality.

Directing his mind into his dantian, he could see a shiny sword edge attached to the sword point. The very next moment, the sword point emitted a dull pink light, and the sword edge emitted a creamy white light. The two lights became mixed together.

Chu Yang felt an explosion in his head. At this moment, his soul felt as if it had exploded and scattered across the vast night sky.

Consequently, a mysterious feeling rose. Even though he was deep underground, he clearly felt as if he was flying upward! In front of his eyes, a sharp sword edge seemed to gather all the lights of the world and shot it straight up into the high heavens!

Right after, the sword edge suddenly shined brightly and eclipsed the moon and the stars in the sky!

The Nine Heavens, whether it was Lower Three Heavens, Middle Three Heavens or Upper Three Heavens was simultaneously enveloped in a milky white light!

All of a sudden, Chu Yang remember when Meng Chao Ran was judging a sword, he said, “The sword edge is the front of the sword connecting to the sword point. The edge cuts, this is the sword’s front. This part has the most power, kills the strongest! It is used to chop, swing, slash, sweep…”

Chu Yang understood somewhat. It seemed that this sword edge was a killing weapon. At this moment, the sword edge and the sword point in his dantian had a perfect fusion. There was no differentiating between the two. A bright light emitted from the sword edge in Chu Yang’s dantian and shined into his consciousness.

A section of the sword technique appeared.

“The only sword edge that has been brilliant since time immemorial;

roaring at cloud and wind from east to west;

the sun and the moon are ready to assist me;

breaking hills and cutting up mountains, I roam…”

The sword edge flashed and Chu Yang could clearly see on one side of the sword edge, a small imprint of the sun, and on the opposite side, an imprint of the moon.

In his consciousness, the sword spirit yelled coldly, “Watch!”

A figure suddenly flew up, and a sword suddenly appeared in its hand like a mirage. In Chu Yang’s consciousness, it slowly demonstrated the sword’s ability.

This ability was different from that of the sword point; this was the sword edge’s ability. Before the move was even made, a threatening killing aura filled the air. It was a kind of arrogant aura that did not care about anything including heaven and earth.

Whatever that was in front of the sword edge would be cut down!

“The second fragment is the sword edge. The sword edge’s power is ultimate, but it also makes people most suspicious. So before you can spread your wings, use it carefully!” The sword spirit coldly reminded him.

Chu Yang was no longer paying attention to what the sword spirit was saying. He was completely immersed in the mysterious sword ability…

And, at this time, his cultivation was unconsciously rising like mad!

If Chu Yang was paying attention, he would have discovered that the sword edge was continually emitting a gentle force that was slowly transforming his meridians and increasing his cultivation…

Seventh grade Martial Master! Breakthrough… beginning of eighth grade, mid-level of eighth grade, peak of eighth grade… unstoppable breakthroughs continued!

Ninth grade, mid-level of ninth grade… peak of ninth grade…

The sword edge still shined as before and still persisted forward. It was like a cold swordsman taking care of the enemies in front of him without any hesitation. From one barrier of cultivation to another, under the sword edge’s power, they became like dumb chickens and ornamental dogs and collapsed in the blink of an eye…

Sword Great Master! (TLN: According to chapter 69, he went with the route of Revered Martial Artist in his previous life. I have always thought that Chu Yang chose the martial route, but there is no mistaking the word sword here. We’ll just have to wait and see.)

First grade Sword Great Master, peak! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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