Gu Du Xing’s sword could hardly move when he suddenly felt Chu Yang’s force loosening. It immediately flew forward and stopped just in front of Chu Yang’s nose. The force made Chu Yang’s hair fly fiercely.

Gu Du Xing was a little annoyed. Who would dare to enter a meditative state right in the middle of a match? If his control was not good, something unfortunate would have happened.

In any case, the truth remained that Chu Yang had suddenly entered into meditative state. Gu Du Xing had to hastily change his role from attacker to supporter. On top of a tree some distance away, a person in blue was so angry that blue veins popped up all over his face!

“Damn brat! Suddenly starts meditating during a sword match! This is playing with his little life!” The person in blue wanted to jump over and kick that idiotic fool in the butt.

I’m really angry!

While he was at a far higher level than the rest of them, given the situation earlier, if Gu Du Xing was not able to pull back in time, he would definitely not be able to rescue Chu Yang either!

Thinking of this, the person in blue was in cold sweat. Before your identity is clarified, you cannot die…

Chu Yang could only feel his head spinning. His ability to think suddenly disappeared as a curious feeling of dizziness came on. He closed his eyes and discovered that he was standing in a strange space.

In this short moment, the consumption of his spiritual power had left him exhausted! Since his rebirth, he had never felt so weak like this!

Chu Yang forcibly took back control and shook his head. He tried to regain a clear mind and open his eyes to return to reality. He said weakly, “I need to rest a little. Du Xing, help me get inside.”

Gu Du Xing was shocked.

From the time they were fighting to the time Chu Yang fell into a trance, only a little bit of time had passed. But during this short time, even Gu Du Xing could sense that Chu Yang had weakened.

It was as if all of his spiritual energy had been drained.

Gu Du Xing could not help but try to speculate what Chu Yang had gained insight on. How could it have taken so much spiritual energy in such a short time?

Hearing Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing did not dare to delay and hastily put Chu Yang on his back. He quickly ran into Chu Yang’s room and placed him on the bed. Then he poured a cup of water to give to Chu Yang. Thinking over a bit, he took out two pill for healing injuries from the clan and crushed them into the water.

Chu Yang took two gulps and finished the cup of water. Feeling his mind stir once more, he said in hoarse voice, “I have to meditate a bit; don’t let anyone in.” Having finished the sentence, Chu Yang immediately started his meditation.

Gu Du Xing had wanted to give him some advice, but seeing the situation, he could only quietly walk out.

“How is big brother?” Ji Mo and company immediately rushed toward him with concern.

“Big brother… It’s possible that he has had a major enlightenment!” A somber look flashed in Gu Du Xing’s eyes. Then he said imposingly, “No one is allowed to bother him!”

Then he frowned and muttered, “What kind of enlightenment is so potent like this? Could it be… the way of martial arts?”

Ji Mo and the others looked at each other, aghast!

The way of martial arts? Could it be the second highest state right before the way of the heavens? Could it be that Chu Yang was able to enter into such a state because he was fighting with Gu Du Xing?

Everyone’s eyes brightened like headlights.

Ji Mo leapt up excitedly, “Second senior! I want to have a match with you! Fifth, sixth, you two help watch over big brother!” Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong rolled their eyes.

“What? Second senior!” Gu Du Xing was truly annoyed now, “You have to call me second brother!”

“You are second senior!” Ji Mo said triumphantly said taking cheap thrills with his vulgar play on words. (TLN: The word is second old man; old man is quite commonly used when bros are referring to each other. But this particular combo is slang for penis.)

Gu Du Xing was furious; he said imposingly, “If you keep calling me names I will beat you to the point you are as soft as second senior!”

Ji Mo could not have asked for more. He laughed loudly and teased, “Awooh, dog aunt! Second senior, come on… if you dare…”

Gu Du Xing let out an angry roar and rushed toward him.

The two people grabbed each other and fought. Because of that, second young master Ji Mo’s painful screams of wanting an enlightenment rang out…

Chu Yang adjusted his mind for a while before feeling a little of his spiritual energy recover. Thinking about what he felt before, he was still a little terrified. That kind of feeling was like being suspended in the middle of the vast universe without the slightest bit of control. It was truly terrifying!

After composing himself, his mind calmed, and he was once again immersed in that mysterious state. Sure enough, the moment his mind was opened, that kind of feeling of weightlessness rushed in. But this time, Chu Yang was prepared. The moment that feeling came, he immediately closed his eyes and relaxed his mind…

The next moment, he felt his feet touching the ground. When he opened his eyes, in front of his was a vast space!

Or it could be called a great spacious hall!

All the things that he asked the sword spirit to absorb from before, were laying in piles in the hall.

This great hall was about hundreds of feet tall and about five thousand feet in circumference. In all directions, including above, was a hazy pink fog that prevented him from seeing any further.

In front of him, there was something that looked like a large stone monument that emitted a soft purple light. Surprisingly, it seemed to have words engraved on it.

The moment he stepped closer, he could not help but be petrified. He muttered, “Purple Jade…”

This large monument was similar to Purple Jade! A priceless item in the Nine Heavens! Plus, looking at its light, it was almost the same quality as his own Pure Purple Jade!

A chunk of Purple Jade the size of a fist could help a Revered Martial Artist advance by one grade! And this block in front of him looked as if it weighted more than twenty thousand pounds!

And the special characteristic of Purple Jade was that it turned into Pure Purple Jade Essence after all of the energy inside it got absorbed! And Pure Purple Jade was a symbol of the elite!

Chu Yang knew that such a block of Purple Jade could not be found in Lower Three Heavens or Middle Three Heavens! Even in Upper Three Heavens it would be a treasure that all forces would fight for!

If he brought the block of Purple Jade in front of him out, it would not be strange if it caused a world war in Upper Three Heavens!

Shaking his head, he bit his tongue. A piercing pain was felt. Chu Yang realized that he was not dreaming. With his eyes opened wide, he got closer and discovered beautiful inscriptions that looked like they were about to burst right out of the face of the block!

The moment Chu Yang saw them, his eyes were immediately drawn to these words!

“Nine Tribulations, Nine Heavens, it is cold at the top! Reincarnation turns fate, the palm holds the world! One look strikes wind and thunder, one anger chills the sea; one move breaks the sky, one sword dances in the vast heavens!”

“Bold!” Chu Yang murmured. After passing the initial discomfort, he gradually adapted to this place. His mind was somewhat enlightened. This was the Nine Tribulations space in his mind. And he was standing here, yet it was also not him, but his consciousness…

At that moment, there was a slight disturbance in the fog. A faint figure appeared and slowly grew clearer. It became an outline of a thin and tall figure as it stepped out from the thick fog wall next to him.

“After more than ten thousand years, I am finally here again.” The figure looked at the surroundings and said with a sigh. The voice seemed to be full of regrets.

“Are you the sword spirit?” The moment the figure spoke, Chu Yang immediately recognized its special voice.

“Am I the sword spirit?” That faint figure unexpectedly asked back. It raised its arm and stroked the block of Purple Jade. Then it said with a sense of loss, “Sword spirit. Such a noble title, I am not worthy!”

“You are not the soul of the sword?”

“When two become one, then there is a sword soul!” This unreal figure’s gaze suddenly flashed with a thirst, “By myself, I am only a sword spirit. A sword needs a soul to have spirituality! A sword with spirituality has a soul…”

“Ah…” Chu Yang nodded without really understanding everything. He faintly remembered having this conversation before. But in this space, he could not help but ask once more.

“How do you use this space?” Chu Yang asked.

“In your consciousness, however you want to use it, you can use it like that.” The figure said casually, “Nine Tribulations space can accommodate everything. You can use it as you please. But… Before you obtain the seventh Nine Tribulations Sword fragment, Nine Tribulations space cannot hold living creatures!”

“I see!” Chu Yang nodded slightly.

“You can now get the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment.” The figure stood there and sighed, “There is someone watching you outside. His martial power is not ordinary. He is the punk who gave you the Purple Jade from before… He doesn’t have bad intentions so I will not help you. I have not been here in ten thousand years. I want to stay here for a bit.”

Chu Yang’s heart was touched, and he said, “Okay.”

The moment he thought of it, he left this strange space.

He suddenly had a painful feeling and tasted blood. Reaching his hand up, he found fresh blood. He thought and realized. He had bitten his tongue in that space and was able to feel pain. It turned out that he bit his tongue in real life as well.

Those words of the sword spirit set off a storm in Chu Yang’s heart.

It was the person who gave you the Purple Jade. He did not have any bad intentions toward Chu Yang!

No bad intentions essentially meant that that person was related to Chu Yang’s identity!

Such a thought appeared in Chu Yang’s mind, and he suddenly felt fear.

He was tossed away for more than ten years; if counting the previous life as well, it was decades for him! The secret of his original identity remained a knot in Chu Yang’s heart. But now that a glimmer of light was suddenly shed upon it, Chu Yang’s hardened heart unexpectedly hesitated.

At the moment, he did not know exactly how he felt.

It was a kind of faint… almost nostalgic feeling…

He was eager to know his own identity! So eager that he could die! But he was also afraid to find out about his own identity! Afraid to death!

Before knowing the truth, there was still hope in his heart. But if the truth turned out to be the cruelest of situations… there was no longer any way to change it…

Chu Yang remained fearful for a while. Then he dropped his head and sighed. He pressed a mechanism, and a secret door appeared. Chu Yang walked past it, and the secret door slowly closed.

The most important thing right now was to obtain the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment… (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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