“Ah, it’s good enough that you brought them back!” Diwu Qing Rou extended his arms and said with a smile, “With the pieces in hand, we can save the lives of two martial experts in critical times. Yun He, you don’t need to feel troubled.”

Then he looked at the jade box and said, “This Jade Spirit Ginseng is…” Suddenly, he let out an “oh” and his eyes widened. He looked at Cheng Yun He and slightly frowned, “Yun He, this… no one touched it right?”

Cheng Yun He panicked; his face became pale as he said, “Prime Minister, is there a problem?”

“Jade Spirit Ginseng is a spiritual item of heaven and earth; even if it’s in a jade box, you should be able to feel an abundance of aura. But why is it that I can’t feel anything right now?” Diwu Qing Rou said suspiciously.

The moment he said so, Jing Meng Hun and company immediately sensed something was not right.

“No one else touched it! That box remained at my chest the whole time!” Cheng Yun He said definitively.

“Mm.” Diwu Qing Rou weighed the box a bit. He momentarily looked down pensively and then looked up with a smile, “It’s nothing; it is good that we have this back. Yun He, you have had an arduous journey, go back and rest early.”

Then, without even bothering to look, he tucked the jade box into his chest and smiled, “This kind of thing, it is best if I keep it safe.”

He immediately laughed, “Everyone should go home. Bu Chu, you better get busy these upcoming days. Gao Sheng, during this period, you must use all of your efforts to remain low-key; you must not let the watchers of Nine Heavens see you. Umm, the two King level leaders should also rest early. Whatever medicine you might need for King level leader Yin’s injuries, just get them from my place.”

Everyone bowed and backed out.

When he was alone in his study, Diwu Qing Rou slowly stood up. With a pensive frown, he slowly paced back and forth muttering, “This… is impossible…”

Taking out the jade box from his chest, he slowly opened it up. Of course there was no Jade Spirit Ginseng. It was empty.

Diwu Qing Rou looked at the empty box and thought for a long time; his eyes momentarily flashed.

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Iron Cloud Citadel!

While the world was frozen on ice, Bu Tian Pavilion was once again was bustling with activity. But this time, no one in Bu Tian Pavilion had the slightest of complaints; they were happy and proud!

King of Hell Chu was still King of Hell Chu!

He did not fall!

If King of Hell Chu did not fall, Bu Tian Pavilion would remain Bu Tian Pavilion! There were people who spread rumors that King of Hell Chu had fallen from grace. Hehe, they are now being gathered by us!

Not only is King of Hell Chu still in power, he is in great power!

He directly grabbed more than half of the royal court. Such a bold move… who would dare? But King of Hell Chu directly made his move without any hesitation!

Compared to the busy Bu Tian Pavilion, Heavenly Armament Pavilion was even noisier.

After coming back, there were differences in opinion regarding how to deal with the Lian Fan Lei matter. Ji Mo thought that such a punk should just get a beating! He should be beaten until his mother does not recognize him anymore. And Luo Ke Di thought that he should be directly… neutered…

Gu Du Xing only scoffed at the thoughts of these two.

Things had long passed, but these people continued to argue nonstop at Heavenly Armament Pavilion. They grew more chaotic as time passed. Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di were not too different in opinion, but Luo Ke Di suddenly betrayed him and moved to Chu Yang’s camp. He turned and attacked his former ally.

He said that Ji Mo was shortsighted, childish, and reckless without any virtue or fortitude. In other words, he was as dumb as a dog…

Ji Mo roared with anger and the two fought each other once again. The place became noisy, and before Chu Yang had a chance to intervene, the two had beaten each other to a pulp…

With a pained laugh, Chu Yang muttered, “Hot-blooded youths… In any case, they have to be able to vent some of their emotions…” Then he turned and walked out.

Gu Du Xing also followed him out leaving Rui Bu Tong to stand next to the two. He constantly hit them with sneak attacks; these only made the two fight each other more fiercely…

“How should we proceed with the next step?” Gu Du Xing asked.

“I know what direction we should go in; as to how we should proceed, I am still thinking about it…” Chu Yang pondered, “We definitely have to go to Great Zhao. But it is not time yet…”

“Huh? Are you using that card you saved from that snowy day?” Gu Du Xing’s eyes brightened, “When is it time?”

Chu Yang shook his head and sighed.

The time Chu Yang was referring to was not the time Gu Du Xing had in mind. What Chu Yang was hoping for was the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment. Until now, there was no movement. He was currently at the peak of seventh grade Martial Master; he was almost going to be in ranks of Martial Great Master…

“Du Xing, let’s have a match.” Chu Yang said.

Gu Du Xing’s eyes lit up brightly as he said, “Okay!”

During this time period he had been putting his life on the line as he trained with the Revered Berserker Sword Technique. Right now, he was a ninth grade Sword Great Master; just a little bit more and he would be in the realm of Revered Sword Master!

Gu Du Xing was waiting for the day he would break through. Now, he completely understood what Chu Yang said before: This sword technique is enough to help you breakthrough to Revered Sword Artist in a year! But you can only cultivate to that point and you must stop. Otherwise, you could become immersed in it and lose your sanity. Plus, after you breakthrough to Revered Sword Artist, we still have other ways for you to quickly increase your cultivation.

Another method to quickly increase cultivation!

Gu Du Xing was currently more eager than anyone! In the daily training sessions, he was the one who tried hardest. There were times when he put in such effort that even Chu Yang looked with wide eyes.

It was because of Gu Miao Ling! Sister Xiao Miao was currently suffering and waiting for him to save her!

Gu Du Xing worked tirelessly!



Each person was holding an ordinary sword in his hand.

Prior to a match, the two used to have a fist fight first. But this time, Chu Yang used a sword first. While he was surprised, Gu Du Xing did not object.

With painful hisses, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong walked out with black and blue faces. They were just in time to see Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang about to have a match. The whole group immediately ran over with interest. Within moments, three people who just fought each other sat on the same bench, shoulder to shoulder with eager faces…

“Here I come.” Chu Yang raised his sword and made his move first. With two legs weaving, he suddenly rushed forward like a cyclone. In the blink of an eye, Chu Yang’s figure became a faint mirage.

Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement!

“Damn! Big brother progressed so quickly!” Ji Mo cried in astonishment. Chu Yang of today, compared to the day before when Ji Mo had a match with him, was more than a level above.

Gu Du Xing’s countenance remained emotionless, and he held his sword horizontally. His two legs did not move as the two swords clanked against one another!

“Be careful!” There was a trace of mockery in Chu Yang’s eyes.

Gu Du Xing’s martial strength was much higher than his. The person to say such words should have been Gu Du Xing, but Chu Yang had said it first.

“Got it.” Gu Du Xing just said this when he suddenly felt something was wrong!

His sword felt as if it had hit water. Even his body felt a strong buoyancy along with the blocking power of water. He unexpectedly could not use his power. It seemed if he tried to push hard, his wrist would be broken.

Caught by surprise, Gu Du Xing immediately backed up.

His mind was completely puzzled. While he was restraining his strength to Chu Yang’s level, he should not be feeling like this.

The moment he backed up, the feeling became even more apparent. It was as if a raging tide suddenly appeared and brought with it a powerful and viscous force that could not be stop.

And Chu Yang’s sword was heading straight for him.

Gu Du Xing’s face reddened. He yelled out loud and raised his strength by twenty percent to block the attack. Chu Yang’s sword was pushed up, and he pulled it back. The sword aura immediately turned to a calm pond between the two people.

“Gentle Force of Water?” Gu Du Xing glanced at Chu Yang’s sword.

“That’s right. This is Gentle Force of Water. It’s just that I am not successful with it yet.” Chu Yang said casually.

Gu Du Xing smiled wryly. Earlier, he had to use the strength of the third grade Sword Great Master, and he was still unable to attack due to oppression from a seventh grade Martial Master like Chu Yang. And yet he was still not successful?

Gu Du Xing gently closed his eyes. Right away, he could feel a calmness as if a there was pond blocking in front of him, and Chu Yang was on the other side.

“It is really not successful! Your Gentle Force of Water is still too rigid!” Gu Du Xing let out a long roar and slashed continuously with his sword.

“This is the Gu clan’s Dividing Waves Cut! It is a sword technique trained in water. Once successful, a slash could cut waves in front of it into two without getting one drop of water on a person’s clothes!” Luo Ke Di jumped up, “Using Dividing Waves Cut to deal with Gentle Force of Water is truly the right choice.”

“Maybe not!” Ji Mo grunted, “Just watch and stop talking gibberish! You’re already foolish; stop acting like a clown!”

Luo Ke Di was livid; he wanted to punch when he suddenly exclaimed loudly, “How could that be?”

He could only see Chu Yang constantly backing up as his sword continued to stab. Each stab brought with it the strength of a monstrous wave attacking in Gu Du Xing’s direction. After seventeen continuous stabs, Chu Yang suddenly stopped backing up and started rushing forward.

The sword seemed to have become a soft branch of willow at this time. And like that, it continued to move nonstop as it greeted Gu Du Xing.

Gu Du Xing had switched to his technique to cut waves and divide oceans, but facing this extreme Gentle Force of Water, his technique became useless as he was slowly surrounded by it…

Gu Du Xing was shocked!

Chu Yang’s Gentle Force of Water had unexpectedly broke through under his Dividing Waves Cut! It was now truly a water force!

During this period, Chu Yang was tortured thousands of times over. And today, he finally achieved the desired outcome.

A satisfied smile appeared on Chu Yang’s face. He was about to attack when his mind was moved. A voice from the sword spirit suddenly rang out with a meaningful tone, “You finally understand the power of water! The forces of nature are about to take shape. Nine Tribulations Space is yours to use from now on!”

“Nine Tribulations Space?” Chu Yang was startled!

“Yes.” The sword spirit sighed and said, “Opening Nine Tribulations Space in half a year… you are the first!”

Chu Yang could only feel shock. In his dantian, an inexplicable wonderful feeling suddenly rose up. Closing his eyes, he immediately saw a mysterious space opening up and enveloping his body.

At this time, the Nine Tribulations Sword point in his dantian became fiercely excited. A sense of urgency also appeared beneath his feet!

Nine Tribulations Sword’s second fragment! It was finally time for it to come home!

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