“I thought that shiny thing seemed fun. Haha…” Chu Yang laughed frankly and said, “I have a little sister; she likes shiny things most. I want to buy it for her to play. She’s just a child; you seniors must find it laughable…”

“Little sister.” The three King level masters rolled their eyes. Motherf*, these young masters are definitely not ordinary. He can lie and his heart doesn’t skip a beat; it’s as if he is just eating breakfast.

They did not expect even this innocent looking youth had this kind of ability.

“That’s right, we also thought it looks fun. Haha…” The three King level masters were not stupid either. While they belonged to three different clans, they were magically of one mind at this moment.



Everyone tacitly understood each other’s hidden intentions and simply smiled.

The sound of wind was heard once more. More people landed. While their faces were covered, everyone knew that only those they knew were able to get there at such fast speed.

“Any discoveries?”

“Hmm.” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

The three King level masters who arrived first on the scene did not bother with mannerisms toward the question of the newcomers as they did with young master from Upper Three Heavens Chu Yang. They only snorted and flew off.

“Show off!” Among the martial experts who came after, one spat and cursed, “Seeing how you people did not fight with each other, it’s clear that you did not find anything!”

His words were exactly right. If they did discover something, the three King level masters that came first would probably have fought each other to the death.

“I will also leave first.” Chu Yang politely cupped his fist, smiled, and took two steps back. Then he jumped up to the air and disappeared without a trace.

“He is truly a young master of Upper Three Heavens. This kind of demeanor is truly beyond words.” One of the King level masters said in admiration.

Right away, everyone jumped, and the crowns in the air also disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Heaven Reaching Tower.

The young masters of Middle Three Heavens, with the exception of Ji Zhu who was snoring in his slumber, were all waiting.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

The martial experts who went out had returned. Each one urgently went into the room of his young master.

All of Heaven Reaching Tower immediately became quiet.

Everyone remained in their room as they anxiously discussed something.

“The light of the sun and the moon? The sun and the moon shining together?” Ao Xie Yun frowned and stood up. He paced back and forth muttering, “Perhaps it is not…”

The martial experts of the Ao clans remained quiet as they sat facing him. All of them were racking their brains trying to search through their memories.

“Ask the Heavens Sword Saint? This person definitely did not exist. As for Underworld Saber Saint, this is even more nonsensical!” Ao Xie Yun frowned and said, “I always thought that this was a scheme by King of Hell Chu to deal with Diwu Qing Rou and delay Great Zhao’s conquest. But with the sun and the moon shining together today… I have doubts…”

“I think this is just some people trying be make it look mystical.” A King level master said, “After all, such a situation is too bizarre. How could only a saber and a sword create such a strange phenomenon?”

“Only a saber and a sword?” Ao Xie Yun sneered, “What about Nine Tribulations Sword then?”

Everyone immediately became silent.

“Investigate!” Ao Xie Yun said slowly, “For the time being, don’t be hasty to make a move. But we have to notify the clan so they could examine all of the written records. It’s best to find the rare volumes and search through them. See if they can find any phenomenon of the sun and moon shining together.”

He slightly frowned and said, “I think I have seen something written about that. But I can’t remember it well…” Ao Xie Yun sighed.

Under his leadership, three King level masters immediately gathered together. Using their spirit, they formed an Acoustic Spirit Orb.

This was the best way for relaying information; it was also the most advanced way in the Nine Heavens continents! If there were not three masters of King level and above, this could not be initiated!

But it could transmit important information the desired destination in the shortest of time! Plus, there was no error.

Such a method of information transmission could not be done by ordinary clans in Middle Three Heavens. They could use the strength of the entire clan and not be able to accomplish it even once!

“Sun and moon shining together; there must be something behind this!” Mo Tian Yun said in a low voice. Right after he heard the report, he had already decided that thing was not so simple.

“Two young masters of Upper Three Heavens have come here in person. Plus, given such a phenomenon in heaven and earth, they are definitely not ordinary items!” Mo Tian Yun did not cease to pace back and forth in the room. A ray of suspicion flashed in his eyes, “Bastard… We have all been duped by Diwu Qing Rou?”

The line of thought of Mo Tian Yun was completely different from that of Ao Xie Yun.

The first thing Ao Xie Yun thought about was verification, but the first thought in Mo Tian Yun’s head was being duped by others.

“Don’t bother me.” Mo Tian Yun slumped down to his chair. With his chin resting on his fists, he fell into contemplation.

The most pride-worthy thing about Mo Tian Yun was the fact that he never forgets anything after seeing it just once. No matter what document, he just needed to look through it once, and he would remember it in his head clearly. Even after a very long time, he only needed to concentrate, he could remember it again.

He sat for a long time; his brows knitted tighter and tighter together. All of the clan’s documents he had read since he was young until now appeared in his mind. They were like a small stream flowing continuously.

Time slowly passed by.

“Get out! What sun and moon shine together? Gibberish!” Eldest young master Ji Zhu immediately hugged his blanket and went back to sleep after he heard the report. He only revealed a hairy leg as he yelled loudly, and the sound of rhythmic snoring rang out once more. The two King level masters helplessly looked at each other and walked out.

“Sun and moon shine together?” Dong Wu Lei sat cross-legged on a futon in the middle of the room. He thought for a while and said, “Everyone think over this a bit; what is the meaning behind this?”

This was the reaction of the Black Saber clan. (TLN: Remember? The Dong clan is famous for using dark sabers.)

“Sun and moon shine together?” Luo Ke Wu got up from his bed with gleaming eyes, “The two of you, one stay close to Mo clan’s Mo Tian Yun, and the other follow the Ao clan’s Ao Xie Yun. If they move, we move! If they remain still, we remain still! Stay close and don’t let anything escape from your sight.”

This was the reaction of the Luo clan; it was possibly the reaction that required the least effort.

Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue looked at each other and frowned, “Why don’t we go over and ask Mo Tian Yun? If there is something good… Our Gu clan may not get to eat meat, but we can follow behind and get some broth.”

“All of the clans are reacting? They figured out why the two young masters of Upper Three Heavens come here?” Li Xiong Tu’s beard unfurled outward slightly as he growled, “Regardless of whether they are useless or useful, we must get them first before all else! The three of you will be in charge of this!… What? No problem. No matter what clan it is, rob from them and discuss it after!”

“Saber and sword shine together; light of sun and moon together…” Tu Qian Hao’s reaction had its own uniqueness, “We just need to watch closely and not act rashly. When the target appears, let them kill each other first. We should only take advantage when we can. If necessary, we will kill! No matter what, we cannot make a mistake…”

“Saber and sword, sun and moon. Hmm, I seem to remember something about this. It was from a text of the clan. But which one?” Xie Dan Qiong’s white face still carried a feminine shyness as before, but two rows of thin brows slowly came together.

“Hmm, saber and sword appeared at the same time; light of the sun and moon shine… No, that’s not right. It’s at night…” Xie Dan Qiong slowly recalled; his voice was so tiny it was barely audible, “More than ten thousand years ago… No… eight thousand years ago… no, that’s not it. More than six thousand years ago…”

He frowned and suddenly slapped his own thigh, “Yes! That’s it!”

“What is it? What does young master recall?” The two King level masters of the Xie clan jumped.

“More than six thousand years ago, there was a martial expert that rose and quickly disappeared.” Xie Dan Qiong’s phoenix eyes flashed sharply. His two hands never moved, but two dreamy jade flowers suddenly appeared. The slowly twirled in his rosy hands.

“This master excelled in both saber and sword and reached Saint level in both!” Xie Dan Qiong looked down and said, “This saber and sword madman was Dong Fang Cang Qiong!”

“Dong Fang Cang Qiong?” The two King level masters were in the middle of a daze when they suddenly called out like a flash of lightning.

“Dong Fang Cang Qiong was called a sword and saber madman; only he was deserving of that title.” Xie Dan Qiong said softly, “Sun saber, moon sword; cut down immortals and kill saints; shine for eternity; reign supreme alone; the heavens in his hands, saber and sword madman!”

“According to legends, when Dong Fang Cang Qiong made his move, he shocked Upper Three Heavens because he was at Saint level in both saber and sword! It could be said that he was at the pinnacle. He only appeared for a short period of twenty years, but sun saber and moon sword turned Upper Three Heavens upside down!”

“Legends said that whenever his saber and sword left their sheaths, a beam of sunlight and a beam of moonlight immediately appeared.” Xie Dan Qiong said softly, “Twenty years later, somehow, a martial expert of Heavenly Three Star Clan suddenly appeared and started killing in Upper Three Heavens. No one was able to fight back. Dong Fang Cang Qiong was the top person at the time so he had the duty to go and fight that martial master from the heavenly clan by himself! Since then, he was never heard from again. That martial master from the heavenly clan also stopped appearing since. Therefore, the phenomenon ‘saber and sword, sun and moon light, shining together’ also went away since…”

In Xie Dan Qiong’s hands, the two dreamy jade flowers spun quicker and quicker. He white face reddened, “These are not Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber; could they be the Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword of Saber and Sword Saint Dong Fang Cang Qiong?”

The bodies of the two King level masters from the Xie clan suddenly shook with a look of shock on their faces.

No one knew that Xie Dan Qiong kept quiet the fact that his encyclopedic knowledge was second to none in Nine Heavens!

“But truthfully… Given the strength of our Xie clan, getting this is wishful thinking.” Xie Dan Qiong’s gaze was calm as he spoke, “The only way is to achieve victory during chaos… From now on, we remain inactive!”

“Inactive?” The two King level master repeated in unison.

“That’s right. Inactive!” Xie Dan Qiong said softly, “Our clan’s strength is no match for the Dong can, Ji clan, Mo clan, Ao clan… But when these two weapons are identified, they would fight each other fiercely. You should know that even when tigers fight, there would definitely be injuries; let alone the fact that it is a fight between superpowers.”

“Given our strength, we would probably pay with our lives if we don’t have enough patience.”

Xie Dan Qiong said calmly, “We need to deal with thousands of changes with inactivity; it is only chance.”

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