Tonight, Continent Center Citadel was still chaotic, but Ask the Heavens Sword was not seen, and Underworld Saber never appeared.

Even though they did not appear, the Jiang Hu crowd never stopped competing for them. By now, many descendants of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint and Underworld Saber Saint had died needlessly.

However, no one noticed that, in this night, many masked people in black were moving about mysteriously. They moved in the background, but their martial skill was powerful enough to scare people.

They came and went unseen. They stood in the middle of the city as they carefully watched the areas where Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber might potentially appear.

In this night, there was not a cloud for thousands of miles. While it was not a full moon, it was still very bright.

In an unknown corner, under the protection of the night, Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber secretly met.

Under the moon light, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong quietly sat on a large pine looking like four little squirrels in a meeting.

“You have made your decision?” Dong Wu Shang asked gravely.

“Hmm.” Ji Mo quietly nodded.

“If we do that, our clans would probably get pulled into it as well.” Dong Wu Shang said without a trace of emotion on his face.

“So what.” Ji Mo’s face no longer had the usual look of cynicism. In fact, it was even a little pensive, “With the appearance of Nine Tribulations Sword, it would be a matter of time before Middle Three Heavens gets cleansed. If the Ji clan is to fall from this storm, it would not matter if it happens a little earlier. However, if the Ji clan could use this opportunity to take a step forward instead, I would be really excited.”

Ji Mo was looking serious to this point when a look of mockery appeared on his face, “Moreover, in this training event, my beloved elder brother is the leader. Cough cough. I doubt that he would even open his eyes to look even after things are confirmed, and the saber and the sword are placed in front of his face…”

Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong’s shoulders shook. Dong Wu Sheng almost laughed. He controlled himself and said, “That’s right, your elder brother is the one of a kind in the history of Middle Three Heavens…”

“Such praises, I can only keep my eyes open and watch.” Ji Mo sighed, “Even though I know you guys are speaking the truth, it is still difficult to take in.”

“What I find strangest is… why your Ji clan allowed your elder brother take the rank of eldest young master. Even stranger is the fact that your lazy elder brother… how does he cultivate to such level… Even stranger still is why I would care…” Luo Ke Di frowned. His countenance looked as if he was discussing some academic issue.

“What you should really find strange is why your open mouth is like a waste pit.  Even when it is closed, the stink still comes out!” Ji Mo glared.

Rui Bu Tong let out an “ah” and laughed. He rolled right off the tree and immediately crawled back up. He hit his head on the tree trunk, but still laughed silently with a pained look on his face.

Dong Wu Shang was truly helpless.

He was stuck with these punks. Having a serious discussion about anything was simply impossible.

“Don’t worry. Your Dong clan will be fine. Your elder brother, Dong Wu Lei is someone with self-control. Plus… From what I know, your elder brother has superior strength. There is no need to worry…” Ji Mo comforted him.

“But that is not necessarily the case with my elder brother.” Luo Ke Di frowned and sighed, “That bastard Luo Ke Wu might seems cool, but, let me tell you, it is all fake. His temper is beyond your imagination. Once he goes crazy, there is nothing he would not do.”

“Aren’t you around?” Ji Mo looked contemptuously at Luo Ke Di, “At a key moment, couldn’t you alert him?”

“Alert him? What if that ruins big brother’s grand plan? Wouldn’t you all have my skin?” Luo Ke Di cried out.

“You can make your own decision!” Dong Wu Shang said, “But this time, Gu Du Xing’s Gu clan will definitely suffer a big loss. Mo Tian Yun would definitely place them in front of the fire. And those two brothers, Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, are ambitious and narrow minded. They are also currently in a power struggle…”

“That is the Gu clan’s problem. It is for Second Brother Gu to worry about. We don’t have to bother with it.” The other three said in unison, “Besides, we have been really annoyed with Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue. If we can cause those two bastards to run into trouble… Gu Du Xing might get very happy and not shed a tear.”

“The truth is Gu Du Xing wants to chop off the heads of those two himself.”

“If that’s the case, let’s get ready.” Ji Mo looked at the sky and said, “Round moon, our opportunity is here.”

Dong Wu Shang nodded solemnly.

Luo Ke Di suddenly seemed to have thought of something. He hugged his stomach and laughed silently. Even tears were coming out of his eyes.

“What are young thinking about?” Dong Wu Shang was truly annoyed. This punk looked like he had mental issues.

“I just thought of the names of you two Dong brothers… Mother… Ahwooh…” Luo Ke Di desperately held his stomach.

Dong Wu Shang immediately became curious, “What about our names?”

“You and your elder brother, Dong Wu Lei… Hahaha…” Luo Ke Di laughed with his mouth wide open. The other three could clearly see Luo Ke Di’s tongue shaking madly…

“What is it?” Ji Mo scratched his head.

“Listen to this… Dong Wu Lei, animal kind (TLN: another similar sounding thing). Ahwooh…” Luo Ke Di laughed uncontrollably, “As for Dong Wu Shang, it’s even more meaningful. Animal king… Ah, Dong Wu Shang, you, you… even animals place you on top…”

Before he could finish, Dong Wu Shang punched him. Luo Ke Di’s laughter immediately ceased, and his face turned black and blue as he fell of the tree.

Dong Wu Sheng’s face was filled with killing intentions as he turned and looked at Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong who really wanted to laugh but could not. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Is it very funny?”

“Not funny, not funny!” Ji Mo shook his head like a rattle drum, “I did not understand anything Luo Ke Di said.”

Rui Bu Tong nodded endlessly like a pecking chicken, “Yes, yes. I did not understand one thing.”

“Hmm!” Dong Wu Shang’s head was popping with green veins as he yelled, “Leave!”

Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong went down from the big tree with sweats on their heads. They ran into the night. In a distance, Ji Mo could be heard laughing hysterically and saying, “Animal kind, animal king… Haha, mother*, second young master Luo is talented. A real scholar…”

Rui Bu Tong’s howling could also be heard, “Hahaha…”

Dong Wu Shang held his fist so tight that the cracking of his knuckles could be heard loudly, but Ji Mo and Rui Bu Tong were long gone…

Dong Wu Shang jumped down and grabbed Luo Ke Di as he was trying to escape and gave him a mad beating!

“I was wrong! Fourth brother, I was wrong. Beloved fourth brother… I was wrong… Oh, oh, big fourth brother so magnanimous… Hahaha, ahwooh, it’s too funny…” Luo Ke Di howled in pain while begging for mercy, but he also laughed as well. At the moment, it was not clear whether he was enjoying himself or suffering. His whole body shook so much that one could not discern if he was laughing or getting beaten…

Dong Wu Shang enjoyed giving a merciless beating. Each punch was sincere to the bone…

The moonlight gradually rose to the top. There was a slight dent in its brightness, but it still shined in the air.

All of a sudden, from some place within Continent Center Citadel, a beam of light created a circle like the sun and shined blindingly in the night sky!

However, this beam was not too large; it was only the size of a fist. But it was extremely concentrated. In addition, because it was late at night like this, it got everyone’s attention.

Within moments, countless travelers discovered this strange phenomenon in the sky. They could not help but look up and attentively gaze at the sky.

Right after, a change appeared. Another beam shot straight into the air. The sky suddenly became peaceful. It seemed as if there were one sun and two moons in the sky.

One waxing moon and one full moon!

In the quiet of the night, two piercing screams emitted from two different directions! Right after that, the two beams disappeared.

There was only one moon left in the sky.

There was complete silence.

But that strange scene was already imprinted in everyone’s eyes. Most people were surprised, “What just happened?”

At the same time, two white figures suddenly appeared! Under the moonlight, the white figures seemed even more mystical like immortals flying down from heaven!

In midair, the two did not say a word. They suddenly separated into two different directions. Each one was carrying with him a sharp and terrifying sword aura as they moved like lightning for the two directions where the two light beams just appeared.

Swordsmen! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

These two handsome young men with jade-like appearance were, surprisingly, swordsmen!

Their white figures flashed and they disappeared in a blink of an eye! Heaven and earth returned to its silence!

Also at that same time, dozens of even faster black figures shot toward those directions as well. In the night, the sounds of sleeves ripping through the air rang out endlessly.

Dozens of majestic golden crowns suddenly appeared in the night! All of the Jiang Hu people watched this scene and shivered!

This stage belonged to martial experts only!

At this point, ordinary people had to retreat whether they wanted to or not!

Dozens of King level masters!

Motherf*… what happened?

Chu Yang’s figure was like a thunderbolt as it turned into a white streak in the air. He was showing a look of urgency and determination to achieve his goal.

But by the time he landed, three King level masters in black had already appeared.

While his speed was fast, it was still no match for King level masters.

Chu Yang glanced around before gradually changing back to his elegant demeanor. His fluttering white outfit shined brightly in front of the three people in black.

“The speed of the three seniors is truly fast.” Chu Yang said gently with a little shyness of youth. He slowly spoke, “Even though I used all of my strength and had a head start, I still fell behind.”

“Young master Chu is too kind.” The three masked people in black did not dare to be impolite after hearing such a comment.

“Hmm, may I ask if the three seniors discovered anything upon arriving first?” Chu Yang asked earnestly.

“May I ask what young master Chu meant by discover?” A King level master rolled his eyes and asked back.

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