In another room, Ao Xie Yun suddenly came to, “Saber sword madman?”

Next to him, the eyes of the three King level masters also brightened with shock.

“Sun and moon shining together; saint in both saber and sword!” Ao Xie Yun took a deep breath, “If this is true, then… this is definitely no minor matter!”

Without waiting for the three King level masters to voice their opinions, he waved his arm and said, “But we still have to be cautious before this is verified! We definitely cannot let our intention be exposed!” He held back the excitement he was feeling and said, “That young master Chu is probably not being truthful. Given his character, he was probably trying to get information or even possibly bait us.”

“We must not make a wrong move.” Ao Xie Yun said cautiously, “You all must not get overexcited or become impulsive. As the situation progresses, you must be even more careful in all of your moves, your words, even your coughs! In your actions, even each walking step, you must think clearly! Understood?”

“If they are not Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword of saber sword madman, this is a conspiracy! And this conspiracy is aimed straight at the great clans of Middle Three Heavens. If that is the case, we absolutely cannot allow it to succeed!”

Ao Xie Yun slowly walked back and forth. His voice grew calmer, and he said in a low tone, “If they are indeed Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword from saber sword madman… this is going to be a battlefield! Once we get involved, we will not be able to get out even if we want to. We may even involve the clan in Middle Three Heavens and cause everything to be destroyed within moments! But this is a rare chance that only comes every few thousand years!”

“Be careful, be careful! To the… extreme!” Ao Xie Yun took a deep breath. A sharp light flashed in his eyes, “Whether this is real or fake, it is a game of chess! And we still don’t know who is behind it. Such an opponent is truly worthy of all of my efforts!”

Mo Tian Yun came to from his contemplation. He frowned and said in a low but determined voice, “If it is true that the sun and moon shined together, they are Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword from saber sword madman. Back then, saber sword madman fought with Heavenly Three Star clan and never returned! His two extraordinary heavenly weapons also disappeared without a trace…”

“According to legends, if the two heavenly weapons, Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword, were to come together, they would create a worldly phenomenon. Separately, each blade is ordinary. When the two heavenly weapons meet, the secret of Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword would be revealed, and they would be invincible! It was because of Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword that saber sword madman was able to reach Saint level in both sword and saber!”

“If we can get Sunlight Saber and Moonlight Sword, my position in the Mo clan would not be shaken by ten thousand Mo Tian Ji! Plus, the Mo clan could champion over Middle Three Heavens and go up to Upper Three Heavens to fight for the position of one of the nine great clans!”

The more he thought about it, the more excited Mo Tian Yun became.

“However, we must be careful and not do anything sloppily.” Mo Tian Yun muttered. A look of determination gradually appeared in his calm gaze, “If there is going to be a fight, our opponent is none other than the Black Saber clan, the Ao clan… The rest are of no consequence!”

In any case, he was different from Ao Xie Yun.

At the Ao clan, Ao Xie Yun was already identified as the successor. His position was fortified so he still managed to be clearheaded in front of such a tempting opportunity. He carefully calculated all pros and cons and thought about how to deal with them.

Within moments, he thought about success and failure and how they would happen. He also thought about how to go about them.

However, Mo Tian Yun might currently be the eldest young master, his position was not solidified. He had a younger brother Mo Tian Ji who was not inferior to him in strength or intelligence who was silently watching and could replace him at any moment…

On this ground, the two were completely different.

Other great clans were also having their own discussions, but the timeframes were all very short!

After all, these heirs already made up their minds.

However, the two people who should have made the decisions first, Ao Xie Yun and Mo Tian Yun, were actually the ones who contemplated for the longest time.

Mo Tian Yun thought over and over again, but could not be certain of the situation. Ao Xie Yun thought and thought, but was also unable to make a decision…

Nonetheless, there was one thing that the two felt the same about: Once the fighting starts, the two great clans at the frontline of this competition were theirs. No matter what, in the end, it would be their two clans.

Each young master of the great clans had his own ulterior motive!

Ah, there was one person without one: The eldest young master of the Ji clan, Ji Zhu! This young master was currently sleeping and snoring; he did not pay any mind to the King level master from his clan who was frowning and feeling very anxious…

Not long after Chu returned, Gu Du Xing entered through the window.

“Well?” Gu Du Xing asked.

“Almost done.” Chu Yang said, “But the situation is far from the point of madness. It seems that another appearance has to be made.”

“Okay.” Gu Du Xing said, “But only one can make an appearance next time. The two cannot appear together; it would cause too much of a commotion. It would best to make an appearance in the name of Ask the Heavens Sword or Underworld Saber.”

“Of course.” Chu Yang smiled mysteriously.

“This next location is also the ultimate one; did you pick out one yet?”

“I am still thinking. It comes down to the royal palace or the imperial tomb!” Chu Yang gasped, “Or… Golden Horse Riders Department’s headquarter?”

“Royal palace, imperial tomb… Golden Horse Riders Department?” Gu Du Xing took a deep breath.

The heart of boss Chu was a little too vicious… Gu Du Xing could imagine that if they were successful at those places… Great Zhao would be in more than just ordinary chaos.

It would definitely lead to a great disaster for the entire nation!

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

It was also this very same night that Wu Yun Liang led over three hundred remaining people of Beyond the Heavens Sect to Iron Cloud Citadel!

Wu Yun Liang had went there many times and had many secret conversations with Tie Bu Tian, but each time, Tie Bu Tian’s attitude was reserved and distant.

At the time, Tie Bu Tian was still a prince!

However, in this trip to Iron Cloud, it was late at night, and Tie Bu Tian was now an emperor of a nation. Unexpectedly, he came to welcome them himself. This gave Wu Yun Liang full face and made the people of Beyond the Heavens Sect feel great glory.

After some pleasantries and greetings, they were brought into the citadel. Tie Bu Tian looked around for a while and finally asked Wu Yun Liang in a low voice, “Sect master Wu, many I ask where the honorable senior Meng might be?”

Wu Yun Liang smiled and said, “Junior martial brother left Lower Three Heavens and entered Middle Three Heavens already.”

Tie Bu Tian sighed and said regrettably, “It seems that senior Meng does not want to stay.”

“Yes. He said that by remaining in Lower Three Heavens he would become Diwu Qing Rou’s means to deal with his disciple…” Wu Yun Liang sighed softly, “Junior brother is prideful and loves his two disciples to the bone. How could he allow himself to drag them down? So he decided to leave!”

Tie Bu Tian sighed.

He was feeling a little bit of a loss. He had planned to meet Chu Yang’s master and junior martial brother to see what kind of master was able to train such an extraordinary disciple. He never thought that Meng Chao Ran had already left.

He had left so easily without the least bit of hesitation.

“May I ask, Your Majesty, what do you have plan for our Beyond the Heavens Sect now that we are here?” Wu Yun Liang inquired.

He did not plan to ask, but Tie Bu Tian’s surprising courtesy made Wu Yun Liang pop this question.

Tie Bu Tian’s countenance became calm once again and he said casually, “Beyond the Heavens would, of course, remains Beyond the Heavens Sect. Its strength would not be dispersed, it would not be integrated with any other sect; it is its own self. What does sect master Wu think?”

“Oh… but, but…”

Wu Yun Liang was a little dumbfounded. He had planned to have Beyond the Heavens Sect join in with Bu Tian Pavilion. After all, Chu Yang and Wu Qian Qian were at Bu Tian Pavilion. It could be said that those two were in positions of great power. Bu Tian Pavilion and Beyond the Heavens sect could be said to have close ties…

However, the words that Tie Bu Tian just spoke had shattered his fantasy. Furthermore, the fact that Tie Bu Tian’s countenance suddenly became cold also told him that there was no need to discuss this matter any further!

Thinking about this, Wu Yun Liang laughed to himself: Tie Bu Tian did not come to welcome me. He clearly came to welcome Meng Chao Ran! He respects King of Hell Chu. As for me, the master of Beyond the Heavens Sect… cough, cough, I am definitely not worth mentioning…

After the people of Beyond the Heavens Sect were properly settled, Tie Bu Tian left some of his officials to entertain them and returned to his palace.

A while after, Wu Qian Qian was escorted there by Bu Tian Pavilion.

“This will not do!” Wu Qian Qian firmly shook her head, “Chu Yang had said that anyone may join Bu Tian Pavilion, but Beyond the Heavens Sect may not!”

“Why?” Wu Yun Liang was somewhat surprised. Just a few people joining would have been fine. He never thought that Chu Yang had completely blocked this option.

“If Beyond the Heavens Sect wants to continue to exist in Iron Cloud and flourish, it cannot enter into politics; it also cannot enter Bu Tian Pavilion!” Wu Qian Qian said, “These were Chu Yang’s words. He knew that if you brought people here, you would have them enter Bu Tian Pavilion or some other position of power. He told me to tell you not to think about that anymore!”

“Chu Yang once said that if you do that, Beyond the Heavens Sect would be fine before Iron Cloud is out of danger. But once Iron Cloud is no longer in crisis, Beyond the Heavens Sect would be destroyed by the hands of Tie Bu Tian!”

“No ruler would allow his officials to join forces with martial sects! Any wise ruler would not let this happen!”

“If Beyond the Heavens Sect is not destroyed because it is used by Diwu Qing Rou, but is destroyed by the blade of the one it has sworn allegiance to, that would be the greatest tragedy!”

“Those were Chu Yang’s words.” Wu Qian Qian said, “I think his words make a lot of sense!”

Wu Yun Liang looked dejected for a long time before saying, “Is that so?”

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