“Yes, Chu Yang also told me to tell you that no matter what the reason you expelled him from Beyond the Heavens Sect was, he is now no longer a person of Beyond the Heavens Sect.” Wu Qian Qian reluctantly said, “Therefore, when you calculate Beyond the Heavens Sect’s strength, you must… must not include him. Otherwise, you will lose.”

“Ahh.” Wu Yun Liang sighed. He was no longer able to tell what he was feeling.

“Chu Yang also said…” Wu Qian Qian lowered her head.

“What else did he say?” Wu Yun Liang frowned and let out a sad laugh.

“He said… if you still want me to remain at Bu Tian Pavilion, it is best that you expel me from Beyond the Heavens Sect!” Wu Qian Qian bit her lip and said painfully, “That way, you can truly… guarantee Beyond the Heavens Sect’s escape.”

Wu Yun Liang sighed.

He became dumbfounded. Before coming here, this possibility did occur to him. But the situation had progressed so fortuitously that he had started lying to himself.

He thought that everything could be done.

His initial intention was to find a way to survive somewhere in a crack between Great Zhao and Iron Cloud; to be able to struggle for a living under the bullying of all the major sects. However, the fight for survival was now too successful. His initial goal was successful before they ever reached the end of the line.

Therefore, he was a little demanding. If the royal court and Jiang Hu prospered together by helping each other, would Beyond the Heavens Sect not become the number one sect within a few years?

However, at this moment, he received a harsh blow from reality!

“Eldest martial brother, you should not forget that Beyond the Heavens Sect belongs to Jiang Hu.” Meng Chao Ran’s words resounded in his mind, “If you want Beyond the Heavens Sect to join the royal court, the only possible result is the sect would be wiped out with only a few people remaining!”

“The royal court is the royal court, Jiang Hu is Jiang Hu, and a sect is a sect. They cannot exist together; they cannot join each other. Even clans and sects in Jiang Hu are different, never mind Jiang Hu and the royal court.”

“Alright!” Wu Yun Liang’s appearance aged a few years in the blink of an eye. He turned away and said, “Then I will do as you want. You are expelled from Beyond the Heavens Sect.”

Wu Qian Qian took a deep breath. After being shaken for a while, she suddenly felt hopeless and sad.

Chu Yang never said that he was no longer a person of Beyond the Heavens Sect. He also never said that Wu Yun Liang had to expel Wu Qian Qian from the sect.

These things were all from Wu Qian Qian.

When she made this decision, Wu Qian Qian was certain that she was going to sacrifice her youth, her life to… wear the black robe that represented King of Hell Chu!

Perhaps your legend will not be made here. Perhaps you will not be here in the future. Wu Qian Qian thought to herself. Perhaps I will not be part of your future, but I am willing to stay and guard this place in your stead. I will create a legend. The black robe is here; King of Hell Chu is here; you are still here.

You know how I feel, but you cannot return it. I never said how I feel clearly because of my own pride! While I am a Jiang Hu girl and am far behind you in all of your accomplishments, I still have my own pride and the modesty of a woman! So I did not say anything because I did not want to receive a straightforward rejection. I also did not want to make it difficult for you. However, being here, even with the heartache, even against all odds… I am willing to keep it guarded in my heart and never tell anyone.

Wu Qian Qian quietly told herself. In a moment of silence, she had made a promise to remain steadfast for the rest of her life.

Wu Yun Liang sighed. He did not know what happened, but he could clearly sense that his beautiful daughter, in this moment of silence, was suppressing a breaking heart.

“I will leave now.”

Wu Qian Qian turned and put on a baggy black robe that covered her lanky body. She looked up and walked out. At this moment, whether it was her movement or the air about her, she was carrying herself in a no less awe-inspiring manner than King of Hell Chu! It was a kind of cold and heartless aura!

However, no one knew that behind the cloak that reigned terror was a shattered heart…

Outside, the martial experts of Tie Bu Tian immediately appeared. They surrounded King of Hell Chu, the terror of Iron Cloud, and left in protective formation.

“Eldest martial brother.” Kong Jing Feng walked out from behind a screen, “Qian Qian has truly matured.”

“Yes, matured.” Wu Yun Liang sighed, “So mature that a father like me could not recognize her at all.”

When Wu Qian Qian got back, Tie Bu Tian was already waiting at Bu Tian Pavilion.

“Your Majesty? Why are you here so late?” Wu Qian Qian asked in surprise.

“I cannot sleep. There is something I want to discuss with you.” Tie Bu Tian let out a sigh. His brows could not conceal his distress.

“What happened?” Wu Qian Qian suddenly became alert. She knew that if Tie Bu Tian showed such a countenance, it was definitely no ordinary matter.

“Bu Tian Pavilion will have to be mobilized. Use all efforts to make a big move. And you, King of Hell Chu will also have to make a few appearances.” Tie Bu Tian said solemnly.

“Hmm, did he run into trouble at Great Zhao?” Wu Qian Qian said, “Diwu Qing Rou is not easy to deal with after all.”

“Yes. Minister Chu was successful in causing chaos at Continent Center! But he also gave Diwu Qing Rou an opportunity. What we have to do right now is prove one thing: King of Hell Chu is still in Iron Cloud.” Tie Bu Tian looked at the black robe on Wu Qian Qian’s body.

“King of Hell Chu is still in Iron Cloud; he never left!” Wu Qian Qian said gravely, “As for the Bu Tian Pavilion’s business, the intelligence should have come to me first. How did it get to Your Majesty? This… is Chen Yu Tong failing at his duties!”

Under Wu Qian Qian’s gaze, Tie Bu Tian suffered a rare moment of awkwardness. He held a serious face and coughed dryly a few times before say, “It’s because I ordered hall leader Chen to come to me first with any news about Great Zhao!”

“But this is not consistent with the way things are done in our Bu Tian Pavilion!” Wu Qian Qian said bluntly, “I ask Your Majesty to withdraw this decision!”

Tie Bu Tian’s mouth opened wide as he looked at her for a long time. Finally, with a conflicted look, he said, “Okay.”

“As for Bu Tian Pavilion’s move, I will arrange it tonight.” Wu Qian Qian said casually, “If there is nothing else, please go back, Your Majesty.”

This was the right that Chu Yang left for Bu Tian Pavilion. Whatever he left, she could not allow it to be lost. That was why Wu Qian Qian was showing such a firm stance right now.

Not one compromise! Even if it was with… the emperor!

This was Wu Qian Qian’s greatest pride!

But this firm stance suddenly gave Tie Bu Tian a strange feeling in his heart.

Tie Bu Tian looked at the fierce mask on Wu Qian Qian’s face in amazement. Then he looked at the black robe on her body with a strange gaze. It was as if there was a longing and reminiscing, as if…

Wu Qian Qian was shocked. Looking at Tie Bu Tian’s gaze, Wu Qian Qian could not help but think of a few things.

She thought of how this emperor still does not have a queen or concubines and could not help but feel guarded. Could it be that he has feelings for me?

Wu Qian Qian gently took two steps back and said coldly, “Your Majesty, this is Bu Tian Pavilion. Please… be mindful!”

Tie Bu Tian immediately panicked. He coughed continually. His shameful look carried a touch of astonishment.

Intentions toward you? How could this be?

“In that case, cough, cough… I will leave now!”

“Take care, Your Majesty.”

Watching Tie Bu Tian leave under the protection of the shadow guards, Wu Qian Qian’s gaze immediately turned sad. Chu Yang, you bastard! You left me here. If the emperor… Hmm, if that is the case, I would sooner die than let him have what he wants.

My heart is buried deep because of you!

Wu Qian Qian’s confused gaze gradually regained composure. Her gaze became as cold as ice as she swung her arm and yelled out in a deep voice, “Order hall leader Chen to come here!”

Within moments, Chen Yu Tong appeared outside of King of Hell Chu’s room at the speed of light.

He was about to knock when the door suddenly opened. King of Hell Chu in his black robe and mask appeared like a ghost.

“Hall leader Chen! Your courage has grown these days!” King of Hell Chu said in a cynical tone, and Chen Yu Tong got so scared his soul almost escaped him.

“This subordinate does not dare!”

“Haha, not dare? Is there anything that hall leader Chen does not dare to do?” Wu Qian Qian laughed darkly, “Before I could even see our own Bu Tian Pavilion’s intelligence, the emperor already received it.”

Chen Yu Tong immediately dropped down on his knees, “Minister, this… this was His Majesty’s secret order! I… I dared not go against it!”

“I don’t care what difficulties you have!” Wu Qian Qian was slightly heartless as she said, “You have to take responsibility for your action! Hall leader Chen, do you think the people of Heavenly Secret Hall should be punished? Or should you take the punishment by yourself?”

“I volunteer to take the penalty myself.” Chen Yu Tong’s whole body trembled.

Minister Chu’s action becoming harder and harder to predict. If Heavenly Secret Hall was going to be punished because of him, everyone would know that he caused it. He already went through that once; if it happened one more time… he would probably lose his position soon.

“Two hundred paddles!” Wu Qian Qian said casually, “Go get the punishment yourself. If you are one short, you can go ahead and retire!”

“Get out!” Wu Qian Qian yelled, “If something like that happens again, you better hold on to your head!”

Chen Yu Tong fled in fear.

Guards in all directions were as silent as clams.

Wu Qian Qian remained silent for a moment then said, “Give my order for hall leader Cheng to prepare for action!”

“Yes!” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

While no one was looking, Wu Qian Qian, this weak girl, had slowly matured. However, behind that maturity process was a shattered dream and a broken heart…

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