Chapter 276

Ouch, man. Ouch.

Thank you to our repeated donor, J.B. from Oberbiel, Germany.

And thanks for all the support. Job is going well. A lot of new things to learn, but I am learning a lot of cool stuff.

2 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 276 – The black robe is still here, you are still here

  1. I am reading so much Novels. TTNH is one of the Novels wich are not so expensive 😉

    Against the Gods 190$ bis 760k
    I Shall Seal the Heavens 15$ per Month
    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor 42$ 168k (vol 28-45)
    Limitless Sword God 60$ bis 240k
    Martial God Asura 10$ per Month
    Rebirth of the Thief! 25$ 100k
    Sovereign of the Three Realms 114$ bis 456k
    Swallowed Star 100$ bis 400k (vol 1-8=314)
    Tales of Demons & Gods 20$
    Transcending the Nine Heavens 70$ bis 280k


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