The person on the left was slightly older with a sharper aura around his body. He wore a sword by his waist, but it did not look cumbersome at all. It was as if the sword was one with this young man’s body. It was completely natural!

The person on the right was younger, but he was indifferent. His gaze remained casual as if he did not notice this world at all. There was an awe-inspiring air on him that did not cease to surge out.

An ancient sword scabbard hung diagonally behind his back. Only part of the sword hilt could be seen above his shoulder. And the tassel on that sword was also, surprisingly, white!

Just like that, two elegant white figures walked forward from the dirt and stepped onto the white rug without a care. Two trails of muddy footprints formed a prominent appearance behind them.

After walking for a few dozen feet, they suddenly paused on the white rug.

The two slightly looked up and gave Heaven Reaching Tower a distant gaze.

Du Fa Cai stuck out his stomach and ran toward them. He respectfully bowed. His hands tightly held onto his thigh forming a ninety degree bend. Given his plump belly, this action was extremely difficult! But, unbelievably, he performed this perfectly.

“Young masters Chu! Welcome! Welcome…” Du Fa Cai smiled with full flattery. At this moment, if there was a tail on his butt, it would probably be wagging like a fan.

“Big brother, this Heaven Reaching Tower is pretty well-prepared.” This younger young master smiled softly as he looked at the white rug below them with a show of admiration.

“It’s acceptable.” The older young man coolly nodded and said, “The feeling of walking on it, I am somewhat satisfied.”

The edge of Du Fa Cai’s eyes twitched slightly. He sneered mentally: This priceless Snow Mink rug was rolled out to welcome them and it only gets “The feeling of walking on it, I am somewhat satisfied” from this young master.

“Two sirs, the inn has prepared the best guestroom for you. Plus, everything inside is brand new. Please come in and rest. It is snowy and cold outside…” The fat on Du Fa Cai’s face did not cease to jiggle as he smiled brightly.

“Hmm, okay. Lead the way.” The older young master clasped his hands behind his back and walked up. His fluttering white robe did not even seem to touch the ground.

When they reached the door, two rows of neatly dressed large men simultaneously bowed, “Welcome young masters!”

The two young masters happily nodded with a smile. When dealing with these lowly servants, their attitude was much warmer than that of other aristocrats.

In their spring-like smiles, everyone in the two rows of large men felt there was something extra in their hands. Looking down, each person saw two bank notes in their hands. Each one was… five hundred taels.

It was two… not one…

Only this little action was enough for the men in ceremony to love the two young masters from the bottom of their hearts.

One note would be just a casual reward. But two notes were a matter of respect. Being a pair, they also carried the hidden meaning of good wishes. The fact that everyone had two five hundred tael notes proved that, right from the start, these two young masters did not forget about lowly people like them. This spoke to their habits.

And such habits made it easy for people to respect and love them with sincerity from the bottom of their hearts.

These people were born royals!

Du Fa Cai carefully accommodated them fearing of any flaw. As he walked, his waist never straightened, and his head never looked up. A bright smile remained on his face like a blooming chrysanthemum.

The two young masters walked into Heaven Reaching Tower with him.

Mo Tian Yun stood in front of the window with a frown. He muttered to himself, “Who are these two people?”

The soft sound of footsteps rang out in the hall way as the two honored guests reached the fifth floor. They were still able to hear the voice of the younger person laughing and talking, “Boss Du, we really troubled you. You prepared everything so carefully.”

Du Fa Cai followed with a voice so sweet one could imagine his bright and smiley demeanor, “No, no. As long as the young masters are happy, this little person feels reassured. Haha…”

The edge of Mo Tian Yun’s eyes twitched slightly. Young masters, little person… Given Du Fa Cai’s position, he actually called himself a little person in front of these two people?

Mo Tian Yun walked out of his door and slowly walked into the common room of the fourth floor. He knew that all of the heirs must all be here at this time.

The moment he walked in, he saw that was indeed the case.

Whether they were opponents or allies, each young master’s group took a table as they chitchatted.

Two brothers Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue (TLN: Sun and moon respectively) took a table. Luo Ke Wu and Liu Sui Feng took one table. Dong clan’s Dong Wu Lei took a table to himself. As for a young man lying like a puddle on a table, he was Ji Zhu, the young master of the Ji clan.

Each time he looked at this Ji Zhu, Mo Tian Yun felt as if he had just eaten a fly. This guy was his cousin; he was only three months younger than Mo Tian Yun. But only god knows the extent of this guy’s laziness.

Ji Zhu had created a record: When everyone went to Cang Lang battlefront for training, this young master Ji’s followers got injured and needed three months to recuperate. And since he did not bring any maids with him, it caused an incident. Young master Ji did not wash his clothes for three months.

He changed clothes each day and tossed them at the head of his bed. As a result, one time Mo Tian Yun went looking for him to only find this young master naked and tossing things all over his bed. He was searching for clothes to wear.

His method of find clothes was very unique. They were all already worn and had not been washed. This young master Ji would grab one and put it up to his nose for a sniff. Then he would grab another one and sniff… Comparing them to see which one smells least.

Seeing such a scene, Mo Tian Yun almost collapsed on the spot. Since then, he never looked for this cousin again. He swore an oath to never travel in a group with Ji Zhu ever again.

In the common room, there were more than ten big tables, but they were all occupied. Mo Tian Yun walked in and two martial experts of the Mo clan immediately stood up to clear a spot for him by taking over an entire table.

Luo Ke Wu yelled out, “Who dares to make a bet with me about the identity of those two young men? I am willing to bet ten thousand taels!”

Gu Yan Yang sneered and laughed, “Ten thousand taels? Are you a beggar?”

Ji Zhu sat lazily with his face down on the table. He only raised his arm, “I will bet. If I lose, I will not bathe for a month.”

Luo Ke Wu said contemptuously, “Isn’t that your dream? I don’t think you will only do it if you lose! Isn’t that just too shameless?” Then he laughed loudly.

Mo Tian Yun smiled softly as he watched these people. There were many that he was seeing for the very first time. Plus, he could not differentiate whether they were friends of foes. These young masters from great clans had never gathered together like they did in this common room. Furthermore, they were not in some sort of earth-shattering battle.

This kind of phenomenon was rare even in Middle Three Heavens.

Everyone had a kind of strange feeling. The only exceptions were Dong Wu Lei and Ji Zhu who maintained the same old attitude. Everyone else was more or less reserved.

“What are you betting?” Mo Tian Yun tilted his head and looked at Luo Ke Wu.

“I am betting that these people belong to a clan of Upper Three Heavens! If not one of the nine great clans, then one of the big clans!” Luo Ke Wu said loudly.

“You are farting!” Mo Tian Yun said condescendingly, “No one here is blind. Who could not see that? Why would they want to bet with you? Aren’t you just scamming for money?”

Luo Ke Wu’s face reddened. Embarrassment turned into anger as he said, “Can you handle it?”

“Gibberish!” Mo Tian Yun grunted icily.

A pungent smell suddenly emitted. The young masters were all making weird faces as they stopped breathing.

Right after, Gu Yan Yang yelled angrily, “Bastard! Put your shoes back on!”

Everyone followed his gaze, they became angry and amused at the same time. As it turned out, Ji Zhu had taken off his shoes and was scratching his feet with a chopstick on the table…

This stench was emitting from his two feet that had not been washed for who knows how many days…

Gu Yan Yang’s table was next to his so they suffered the most.

“I am scratching my feet. What are you farting about?” Ji Zhu did not care about anyone and continued to scratch away. He essentially did not look like a young master of a great clan but more like a base thug.

After scratching for a while, he unexpectedly brought up the chopstick and sniffed it a few times. Then he sighed and said, “The aroma is getting stronger…”

Everyone suffocated. They felt their stomachs churning with nausea.

Dong Wu Lei quietly stood up. The moment he moved, he immediately grabbed Ji Zhu’s neck and punched his face. This young master did not say anything, but he was the first one to make a move.

Ji Zhu cried out painfully as he fought back.

The other young masters stood around in a circle as they cheered on with the scent of blood. The atmosphere was extremely lively.

“That’s enough!” Mo Tian Yun frowned and said in annoyance, “Ji Zhu, what kind of appearance is this? Right in front of everyone. Do you know what shame is?”

“If my second brother did not suddenly disappear, you think I would want to go with you people?” Ji Zhu grumpily stood up. He rolled his eyes and put on his shoes, “It’s not like I want to. It just… itches too much. What can I do?”

“Alright! Let’s talk about those two people from earlier.” Mo Tian Yun frowned and said, “Some of us are strangers to each other. Some are far apart, and some are enemies. But I should remind you all of one thing. This trip to Lower Three Heavens is for training, and the purpose of training is Nine Tribulations Sword’s master!”

The moment he brought up Nine Tribulations Sword, everyone became quiet once more.

“Those two people carried an arrogant air. They are clearly from great clans. Plus, from their auras, we can recognize that they are two swordsmen! While I cannot see their cultivation level… Being swordsmen at such a young age is not possible even in great clans of our Middle Three Heavens!”

“In such a critical time like this, two such people suddenly appeared…” At this moment, Mo Tian Yun had successfully guided everyone’s thought, “I cannot believe that this has nothing to do with the appearance of Nine Tribulations Sword.”

“However, if it is related to Nine Tribulations Sword master, they are our opponents. Plus, they are powerful opponents.” Mo Tian Yun’s words could not be denied by anyone, even the opposing clans.

“Therefore… you should not take them lightly.” Mo Tian Yun said gravely, “I just want to remind you all of that.”

Mo Tian Yun also understood why he felt a strong sense of danger the moment those two young men appeared! It was as if these two young men were his fated mortal enemies!

This kind of feeling was truly irrational, but its existence was extremely real!

Moreover, Mo Tian Yun felt this was even greater than the sense of danger created by his younger brother, Mo Tian Ji! Mo Tian Yun always trusted his senses!

So the first thing that Mo Tian Yun did was make use of Nine Tribulations Sword to create an alliance with all of the young masters here in the shortest possible time.

Fighting against a common enemy, just in case!

Even though they were a divided alliance, they were still the descendants of great clans. Even if they did not say anything or do anything, as long as they stood on the same ground, they would be able to create a powerful deterrent!

And even though Mo Tian Yun did not say it, everyone had a sense of this particular point. These people were all elite members of great clans. While some might have pretended to be fools, and some might have acted like playboys on the surface, which one of them was really an idiot?

Even Ji Zhu, with his filthy character, was not looked down by anyone, including Mo Tian Yun.

“Mo Tian Yun, those two people… what kind of grudges do they have against you?” One person asked faintly. The question clearly carried the thought: It can’t be. The moment we saw these people, we wanted to be their ally. Such innate character is not something that could be taught. If they are from Middle Three Heavens, it would be impossible not to know of them. Lower Three Heavens definitely cannot have people of such caliber… It could only be Upper Three Heavens. But if it is Upper Three Heavens… What are you, Mo Tian Yun, getting anxious about?

The young man that just spoke took a table in the center. He was wearing white clothes with sharp sword brows. His indifferent gaze seemed to flash a strange ghostly light.

This made it seem as if his temperament could change at any time. One moment dark, one moment quiet, and another moment cruel…

In short, anyone who looked at him would have the feeling: This person has a bit of evil!

Mo Tian Yun was feeling great tension, but his countenance did not shift. He smiled and said, “Brother Ao, you and I have no grudges in the past and no hatred recently. Why are you being hateful toward me? What you are saying is a little hard to understand. I only wanted to remind people. Why does Brother Ao compare a gentleman’s heart with that of a villain?”

This person was the person Mo Tian Yun wanted to avoid the most among all of the youths of Middle Three Heavens’ great clans! Even Mo Tian Ji and Dong Wu Lei did not carry as much weight in Mo Tian Yun’s mind.

Evil Young Master, Ao Xie Yun! (TLN: One of the twelve. Chapter 66.)

Among the current young men of Middle Three Heavens, young master Ao was a character worthy of being a leader! Among the clans, people hated him to the bone. They only wanted to kill him to clear the way. Some people were jealous of him; some people were envious of him. They only hated the fact that they could not replace him. There were also people who avoided him the moment they saw him. But no one could say that they didn’t recognize his position.

This person was truly capable.

Even the brothers Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji were, at this point, being greatly suppressed by Ao Xie Yun!

“Comparing a gentleman’s heart with that of a villain. Haha. Gentleman…” Ao Xie Yun laughed faintly, “You even want to kill your own younger brother. You even want to harm your younger sister… Mo Tian Yun, are you really a gentleman?” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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