“This might be somewhat difficult!” Gu Du Xing said in embarrassment, “If Diwu Qing Rou has placed the clans from Middle Three Heavens there, he would, of course, control the whole thing. Given our current disguise, we cannot go in there. Unless… we reveal my true identity.”

“That will not do.” Chu Yang flatly refused, “Your appearance would rouse Diwu Qing Rou’s suspicion. Plus, your two elder brothers are just waiting for you to show up so they could kill you. And you want to reveal yourself to them?”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes widened, “Then what should we do?”

“If Jun Lu Lu could come here a little bit earlier, that would be good.” Chu Yang sighed and frowned, “Let me think.”

“I can help you two get in.” A voice suddenly sounded, “Plus, no one would ever be suspicious.”

Gu Du Xing’s body stiffened. His hand held tightly onto his sword hilt.

Chu Yang’s gaze, however, remained unchanged, “It’s you?”

“It’s me!” A muffled unhappy voice spoke, and a person in blue suddenly appeared.

His body seemed to materialize as he appeared in front of the two. He glared and gritted his teeth, “Little king of bastards, you made that trap!”

“Can you blame me for that? If you did not come to steal, how would you step into my trap?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “What is your solution? Speak quickly. Time is precious to me right now. Save the unimportant stuff for later.”

The person in blue was utterly furious. How come this punk is not the least bit surprised?

He also did not know that after Chu Yang had a breakthrough of the mind, it was as if he had reached nirvana. While the person in blue’s appearance was unexpected… there was no stopping it; there was only acceptance…

So Chu Yang chose to accept that fact in a blink of an eye!

If not, what else was he supposed to do?

However, this process of change in Chu Yang’s mind was a little too quick so it caused the person in blue some annoyance.

“If it were not for the fact that I admire you for having an intellectual breakthrough under such great pressure, I would ignore your silly business.” The person in blue glared, “I can help you, but I have one condition.”

“What condition?” Chu Yang said casually.

“When you are done with your business, you must go back with me.” The person in blue thought since he could not find the pure purple jade and the people from above would not come down, he should just bring Chu Yang back to avoid running back and forth.

“No problem. As long as I am done here, I will go with you whenever you want; I can expand my horizons a little.” Chu Yang smiled with a squint, “Besides, if you force me, I can’t fight back. Isn’t that right?”

“While you can’t fight back, you could still be uncooperative. And you can lie about something or another then…” The person in blue said only half a sentence and kept the other half to himself. The latter half was: I would be miserable…

“It’s a deal then!” The person in blue said happily.

“It’s a deal.” Chu Yang nodded, “Mm, when things are done here, I will go with you. But you must help me with this matter.”

“So do you have the pure purple jade essence pendant?” The person in blue could not help but ask.

Chu Yang looked at him with wide eyes, “What?”

The person in blue practically went berserk, “You better pray that you don’t have it! If you do, you will be really happy; really happy!” He ground his teeth as he spoke. With a swoosh, he flew out the window.

Heaven Reaching Tower was filled with guests.

While Heaven Reaching Tower was not the tallest building in Continent Center Citadel, it was the most ancient and took up the largest area! This place was not just an inn, it was also a gambling den, a brothel… In short, anything that could make quick money and was profitable, Heaven Reaching Tower had it there.

This place was no different from a massive money moving operation!

Even after the disciples of the Middle Three Heavens clans came, they only took up half of the guestrooms.

The owner of Heaven Reaching Tower was said to be a mysterious character. He never showed off his power, but the influential people of Great Zhao never dared to cause trouble at Heaven Reaching Tower.

No matter what hatred people might have, they must become honest the moment they entered Heaven Reaching Tower. Inside Heaven Reaching Tower, even the murderer of one’s father would stand there in total helplessness; one could not make any move there!

Doing so would lead to dire consequences!

There once was an eighth grade Revered Martial Artist who killed his mortal enemy at Heaven Reaching Tower. That Revered Martial Artist disappeared without a trace the very next day!

Even though he disappeared, Heaven Reaching Tower had its own way of letting Jiang Hu people know how this Revered Martial Artist was treated.

It was said that the owner of Heaven Reaching Tower condemned this Revered Martial Artist to death after he was captured. But the sentence was carried out over a period of three months! From the start to the very end of his life, there was no pause. He was killed over a period of three months!

How cruel it was! Just thinking about this was enough to give people goosebumps.

No one could imagine or would dare to imagine how this Revered Martial Artist held on for those three months. But everyone understood that this Revered Martial Artist had wanted to die on the very first day. However, death was some distant fantasy for him at that time.

It was said that the owner of Heaven Reaching Tower once said regretfully, “Ah, it’s only a Revered Martial Artist; there is not enough weight at all. If we could slowly kill a King level master, that would definitely be better.”

These words left the majority of Jiang Hu people quiet as clams!

The owner of Heaven Reaching Tower had the surname Du. His name was ordinary, even vulgar and funny. His name was Du Fa Cai! (TLN: fat wealth; fortune)

But no one dared to laugh at him.

Since Heaven Reaching Tower opened until now, this owner of Heaven Reaching Tower remained hidden inside. Everyone only knew that he came out once when Diwu Qing Rou came to Heaven Reaching Tower for the first time. This owner of Heaven Reaching Tower welcomed the famed figure by coming out and saying a few polite sentences.

It could be said that, in all of Lower Three Heavens, only Diwu Qing Rou was able to enjoy this special treatment.

So when the young masters of Middle Three Heavens all brought King level bodyguards along it was tantamount to more than a dozen King level masters gathering at Heaven Reaching Tower. But no one dared to ask for Du Fa Cai’s welcome.

But early this morning, Heaven Reaching Tower suddenly became busy!

The top floor of Heaven Reaching Tower had always been empty. Within moments, dozens of people busily went about cleaning. Even the curtains and carpets were completely changed. Everything was completely white. Even all the mattresses were replaced!

Even more unbelievable was the fact that the walls were also repainted. They all became as white as snow. More than ten martial masters went to the top and carefully used their precious energy to quickly dry the freshly painted walls.

Any furniture that could be replaced were replaced within moments.

A voice yelled out nonstop, “Quickly! Quickly! We don’t have time. These honored guests like the color white. They like cleanliness… Quickly!”

“Xiao San Er, go out and keep watch. Hmm, have people watch at all three doors. Once the young masters appear, notify me immediately.”

Time gradually passed and the renovation inside was completed. It was almost noon.

That person was still yelling and wiping his sweat. He said as he walked, “I will go out to the door and wait myself…”

Such a scene left the young masters of Middle Three Heavens puzzled. Everyone knew that some major character was definitely arriving soon!

Otherwise, Heaven Reaching Tower would not be in such an uproar.

“The fat guy that just came down is the owner of Heaven Reaching Tower, Du Fa Cai.” Mo Tian Yun stood next to the third floor balcony with his hands clasped as he watched with a calm and serious gaze.

Behind him was two King level masters from the Mo clan. A young master stood next to him. It was Luo Ke Wu of the Luo clan.

“Du Fa Cai has finally come out once again. I wonder who is receiving his welcome this time.” Luo Ke Wu mused, “In this world, who is capable of making Du Fa Cai that anxious?”

Nearby, a young man in blue slowly walked toward them and continued Luo Ke Wu’s thought, “Could it be Jun Xi Zhu is coming?”

“No.” The edge of Mo Tian Yun’s mouth lifted. He said with a somber gaze, “Gu Yan Yang, you are still as brainless as before. If Jun Xi Zhu was coming here, would it be so overt like this? Plus, such ostentatiousness is clearly for welcoming outsiders.”

Luo Ke Wu’s face darkened.

The Gu clan and the Mo clan were allies, and the Luo clan was their opponent. Mo Tian Yun saying that just now was clearly directed toward him. Plus, Mo Tian Yun hinted annoyance at Gu Yan Yang for interrupting him. Otherwise, he would have been able to directly mock Luo Ke Wu.

Because everyone knew, that Gu Yan Yang said what Luo Ke Wu was going to say, “Could it be that… Jun Xi Zhu is coming here?”

“We can just look and find out. What the f* are we guessing for?” Luo Ke Wu grunted, “Mo Tian Yun, you can’t guess either. What are you showing off for?”

These past few days at Heaven Reaching Tower, they could not use force so the young masters bickered with their mouths instead.

Mo Tian Yun was about to respond when it suddenly became quiet outside.

“They’re here!” Everyone had the same thought in their heads.

In front of everyone, a plop was heard at Heaven Reaching Tower’s door. A rug, white as snow, was rolled out. Such precious rug was rolled out onto muddy ground without a care. In fact, it stretched for more than a hundred feet.

As Mo Tian Yun and the rest stood quietly upstairs and watched, they immediately felt a strange aura.

At the end of the road, it suddenly became silent.

Then two figures slowly appeared around the corner. They walked toward the building as if they were strolling in an empty court. The two even comfortably chatted with each other about something. It could be seen that these two were used to this kind of scene.

These were two young men!

Two young men in clothing white as snow! There was not even a touch of dust!

Their white robes fluttered in the cold wind, but their faces looked tranquil as they leisurely walked. It was as if they were being carried there by the wind and could go away with the wind at any moment…

These two people both had slightly tall build with handsome appearances. Their eyes were bright like stars with slightly slanted sword brows. Their hair was black as ink giving them an extraordinarily elegant appearance. Both of them had a slightly thin appearance with similar heights. Walking together, they looked like a pair of striking men blown there by the wind.

Upon careful observation, the faces of these two had some resemblance. It was as if they were a pair of brothers.

Furthermore, these two also had a similar air. They were both indifferent and sharp without showing any sort of lofty attitude. However, in the eyes of these two youths was the look of a natural-born superiority that was beyond anyone of this world! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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