For three continuous days, Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber appeared for three consecutive nights. And within those three consecutive nights, all of Continent Center Citadel had turned into a pig slurry. More than half of the government offices were destroyed…

However, besides arresting people, Diwu Qing Rou arrested people nonstop and did not bother with anything else.

All those captured people were secretly brought to Golden Horse Riders Department’s secret headquarters; then they continued arresting…

Currently, any signs of the Middle Three Heavens clans joining in the fight still did not appeared as Chu Yang had hoped.

Chu Yang had a nagging feeling that something was not right. His thought was preoccupied for days; it was not until the afternoon of the third day that he suddenly recovered.

“Oh no!” King of Hell Chu slapped his thigh. His eyes flashed with alertness.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Du Xing held Black Dragon Sword in his hand and did not bother to look up.

“By doing this, we are, of course, causing chaos. But… it is possible that we are giving Diwu Qing Rou a big hand!” Chu Yang laughed bitterly, “The forces of Jiang Hu! The forces of Jiang Hu!”

“You mean… Diwu Qing Rou is also adding fuel to the fire?” Gu Du Xing suddenly looked up in disbelief.

“This is certain.” Chu Yang sighed. Then he took a deep breath to quickly calm his mind. At this moment, any hastiness would mean certain death. Even if he could not calm himself down, he must.

“This old fox is an old fox after all. I have made a big mistake with this.” Chu Yang felt his blood boiling so he started to break things down to himself.

He broke down the reasons for his mistake, the quickest way to regain his clarity, and the quickest method to find an escape route. While he was still unsure, he hoped that this analysis would help him find a way out.

“You made a big mistake?” Gu Du Xing frowned, “Our plan has no issues at all. Plus, this is also the best way to cause chaos for our opponent. Our chaos caused by Jiang Hu can be the greatest trouble for the royal court. And we can continue the rest of our plans from there. There is absolutely no problem in our plan. Why…”

“Jiang Hu! The forces of Jiang Hu have always been the greatest headache for the royal court; they are also the cause of the chaos. In the years past, the two sides have always opposed each other.” Chu Yang slowly organized his thoughts, “The forces of Jiang Hu are all around; the royal court could only enforce a peace, but they could never destroy these forces or recruit them.”

“But I have given Diwu Qing Rou such an opportunity.”

At this time, Chu Yang remembered something Tie Bu Tian once said: Jiang Hu was the predecessor of the royal court. After a certain level growth, there would be a fight for power. After which the form would quickly change into that of a royal court.

The people of Jiang Hu had always looked down on scholars. However, after they hold power, their first target for elimination would be Jiang Hu people, and the first people they would promote are scholars.

These were what Tie Bu Tian said the first time he met with Chu Yang.

King of Hell Chu currently felt true regrets. He realized that his greatest mistake was not discussing this mission with Tie Bu Tian.

Given Tie Bu Tian’s exceptional political mind, he would have definitely seen through the flaws in this plan.

But at the time, he and Tie Bu Tian had run into an impasse that led him to make the decision on his own.

Thinking about this, Chu Yang was a bit upset.

Raised up by Xiao He, and casted down by Xiao He. This saying was perfectly played out in this situation. To block Diwu Qing Rou’s plan, Chu Yang caused Du Shi Qing to disappear four months early. That upset Diwu Qing Rou’s plans. It gave Iron Cloud a chance to catch its breath and gave his time to make this trip Continent Center and delay the war.

It was also because of this that Tie Bu Tian became unhappy with him. While he still trusted Chu Yang as before, that knot in their relationship could not be undone. It had led to this operation being done without Tie Bu Tian’s consultation.

Even though he had two lifetimes of experience, he still did not understand much when it came to politics.

There was another thing. Tie Bu Tian’s had all his trust in Chu Yang! No matter what he did, even now, Tie Bu Tian was only supportive! Even this trip to Great Zhao, Tie Bu Tian trusted completely and had no doubt.

But this trust was erroneous; it had created an extremely big mistake.

Thinking about this left Chu Yang feeling uncomfortable.

Chu Yang, you are not capable of doing all things! In term of Jiang Hu, you are no match for Mo Tian Ji. In term of politics, you are far below Diwu Qing Rou. If you continue this way, only failure will await you!

Chu Yang silently told himself.

Then he stood up and slowly paced around the room. He quietly muttered to himself, “…If there is a next life, I will dance with you under the heavens!” Mo Qing Wu. Right now only Mo Qing Wu could be Chu Yang’s strength! She was also the best remedy to force him to calm down!

If I lose, even if there is a next life, I will not have the chance to dance with you under the heavens!

Gu Du Xing heard Chu Yang mutter something, but did not hear it clearly. He was on the verge of asking when Chu Yang suddenly turned around and said solemnly, “I was wrong about this!”

These words seemed as if they were ripped out from Chu Yang’s heart.

After saying them, Chu Yang immediately felt relaxed! Yes, relaxed!

Powerful people in history were able to recognize the flaws and weaknesses of their enemies and used them to their advantage. However, how many were able to see through their own mistakes?

Not being able to see one’s mistake caused countless heroes to sink like stones and die in bitterness!

By saying these words, perhaps even Chu Yang did not know, he was able to conquer the great demon that everyone in the world had!

He faced his own weakness, his own shortcomings, and admitted failure!

“Diwu Qing Rou’s Great Zhao has many Jiang Hu people. And Great Zhao remains in a state of peacefulness so the rift between officials and Jiang Hu is large and irreconcilable.” Chu Yang smiled and murmured, “Therefore, Great Zhao’s Jiang Hu is Diwu Qing Rou’s biggest headache.”

“What you mean is… Because in the recent years, Iron Cloud was always on the losing side so Jiang Hu people remains on the same side and would smooth things over even if there were conflicts? And the odd one out was Great Zhao?” Gu Du Xing was also an intelligent person; he immediately understood the implications.

“Yes.” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

“So, this time, Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber are essentially gathering the forces of Great Zhao’s Jiang Hu to Continent Center for Diwu Qing Rou to grab them all in one swoop?” Gu Du Xing frowned.

“Exactly.” Chu Yang said slowly, “If I were Diwu Qing Rou, I would use this chance for the Jiang Hu people to compete and fight with each other and just wait for my chance. I would catch and lock up anyone I can. After everything is over, that would be the time to get these people to my side. Even if I can only get a fraction of the people, that would still be a massive force.”

“Plus, after this incident, Great Zhao’s Jiang Hu would need a long period of time to rise up again. Although Diwu Qing Rou has to suffer through this chaos once, he is able to eliminate a lingering problem.”

“The chaos has gone on for three days.” Chu Yang said softly, “Of course Continent Center is currently suffering. But the number of people Diwu Qing Rou managed to capture is already more than six thousand! The devastation in Continent Center can easily be fixed with money and ordinary manpower. They just have to do a little renovation. On the other hand, Diwu Qing Rou has taken this chance to amass his strength which he could use in the long run to deal a blow against us!”

“Therefore, this matter buys Iron Cloud sixth months or one year of time. But, essentially, Diwu Qing Rou is the one to benefit from it!” Chu Yang said coldly, “And the chaos is done, but Diwu Qing Rou can continue to reap in the benefits.”

“Once Diwu Qing Rou gathers a force so powerful that we cannot handle… Diwu Qing Rou will no longer have to give a care about anything anymore.”

Chu Yang laughed softly, “Diwu Qing Rou… you are something!”

Gu Du Xing became dizzy just from listening. He asked, “If that is the case, what can we do to solve this?”

“Solve…” Chu Yang stood up and a thought for a long time before saying, “We can only continue; there is no stopping… So, for the moment, we don’t have any solution. We can only try to find a chance to solve it in as time passes.”

“Diwu Qing Rou is thorough; I am no match for him in that aspect! He could unconsciously turn something bad into a good opportunity. Furthermore, he even uses a very simplistic approach to hit us at a weak spot and render us unable to fight back!”

Chu Yang sighed, “Facing this kind of opponent is truly the biggest challenge in one’s life!” Even though he was sighing, Gu Du Xing discovered that Chu Yang’s eyes were flashing with a fighting spirit!

Gu Du Xing could not help but sigh, himself, and said in admiration, “Chu Yang, do you know that you have just changed?” Gu Du Xing said frankly. The Chu Yang right now was indeed different from the Chu Yang before.

And this change happened in just a moment.

The Chu Yang of the past made people feel that everything was in the palm of his hand. That might seem powerful and bold, but it also seem a little conceited.

But the current Chu Yang was very humble.

This kind of change was a change in his fundamental mindset. It was no different from a change of the soul.

Or it could be said that the Chu Yang had finally matured! Under the powerful pressure of Diwu Qing Rou, Chu Yang finally had a breakthrough of the mind.

Therefore, Gu Du Xing was in great admiration. He knew that the mind was a product of worldly culmination. Having a breakthrough of the mind was easier said than done. One of such breakthrough was equivalent to breaking through ten grades in martial arts!

This tremendous advancement was essentially immeasurable!

While Chu Yang was currently in the losing position, Gu Du Xing had the feeling that, with this breakthrough, Chu Yang would still turn out okay even though he was temporarily being led by Diwu Qing Rou.

“Should we inform Ji Mo and the others to stop?” Gu Du Xing asked.

“No! Continue to execute as originally planned; make no changes!” Chu Yang’s gaze was full of thoughts as he spoke, “Diwu Qing Rou has turned a bad thing into a good thing… Can we change this good thing into a bad thing again?”

“Those who come out for training from the Middle Three Heavens clans are here. According to the information I got, almost all of them went to Heaven Reaching Tower.” Chu Yang said pensively, “This is also Diwu Qing Rou’s arrangement… It is also his hidden card…”

He suddenly turned and said with gleaming eyes, “Du Xing, we will also go to Heaven Reaching Tower!”

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