Okay. Before we get to the good stuff. A few sentimental words. Like King of Hell Chu, I did not see that coming. I know most of my readers are patient, but I am truly shocked and awed by all of your responses. Since the last post, I am now looking at a strong possibility being hired for a great career opportunity. It will require some serious after-hour learning on my part as it is a brand new area for me. (I love being busy so don’t feel sorry for me.) It will probably take me months to get everything, but I should have set hours to do more translating after that. In the meantime, we’re definitely still looking at my standard turtle pace if you are cool with that. Thank you for all the awesome comments.

Back to the story: I haven’t had a chance to update the character list, but you can assume that most of the characters you meet are elder siblings of our heroes. The shared surnames pretty much tells you who’s who. Here are chapter 266 and chapter 267.


15 thoughts on “Two more…

  1. Definitely see no need for you to drop the novel. While a little on the slow side, it’s still far better than most others, especially if we aren’t factoring in the demon translators of WW. Have you thought about getting some more people to help out on the novel though? Best of both worlds that ways, you still release chapters, the readers get extra chapters. Not sure how that would work out without a donation bar though. Anyways, Don’t stop translating! Let me leech properly! 😀

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    1. so true!! before i feel that 2-3 chapter/month is superb already, like it has not been abandoned and is churned out at steady pace.. but then you met deathblade and RWX from WW >.<


  2. I’m so glad you’re not dropping the novel! Honestly, your translations are some of the best quality work I’ve seen, if not the best work on all of NovelUpdates. The collaboration between you and your editors always creates a very elegant final product, and I’m often delighted by the fact that I don’t spot many errors. Please continue, even at turtle pace if you have to!


  3. Cheep / Fast / Good… pick any 2.

    You turn out a quality translation of a truly interesting story without needing to be bombarded with donations (if only because translating would be your full time job at that point) on top of not bombarding us with adds. So Cheep / Good. I will take this any day of the week and will continue to be delighted when a new chapter is posted.

    Keep up the good work and I hope this opportunity pans out for you


  4. Umm… I do not mean to brag or anything but as a reader of 60+ ongoing novel, your updates are already satisfying even if you update one chapter per week. So, please don’t drop it or anything cause novel that change translator will undoubtedly have different feelings to it. Even though I never got to comment anything, I’ll say thank you now. Hopefully it reach you.


  5. mate be at your pace! u got to take care of life while we just drop by and read for a few minutes and leave! but i think in times when the pressure is heavy, u can just officially declare hiatus (most people wants to remain clear when they could expect a chap) nothing wrong with that, u r no robot
    thanks for the chapters!


  6. Ah, I completely missed the last notice.

    I have no problems with a slow pace, I enjoy your translations. Go do your work stuff and take your time. So long as I’m getting a chapter every other week, I am very much content. (As in, I won’t even think about complaining about the speed). If it’s once a month, I might be a little desperate, especially if there’s a cliffhanger, but probably more worried (if it’s unusual) than impatient.

    Essentially, take your time, get your real life stuff sorted out as you need to and don’t worry about it. Of course, please do warn us if you need to take a hiatus or put this on the backburner for a month or two or something.


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