Chapter 264. Follow the breadcrumb trail for 265. 🙂

Two important notes:

  1. My thanks to J.C. from Essex, UK and C.W. from London, UK for your donations.
  2. As you may have noticed, I have been slow with releasing the chapters each week. This is my pet project, and I cannot bear to let it go. But I have to face the fact that I am killing it by going so slow. I am going to give myself the month of November to see if I can go back to normal hours. If I can’t translate at least seven chapters a week by that deadline, I will leave this project to more capable hands to translate. Thank you to everyone for being so patient.

32 thoughts on “TTNH: Chapters 264 & 265

    1. This guy is insane (the translator)

      we could deal with a few chapters a week, its fine with us jeez <_<

      Heck, we could put up with your crazy antics and comments every chapter (Leaving or translating 7chapter is the insane-est one I've read)

      Just the thought of you leaving your pet project makes me cough up a mouthful of blood right now..

      Its like Chu Yang without Gu Du Xing
      (I think you're more like a GDX to me.. a silent type who support others while striving to be the best inside & outside, but dont let the silent type fool you.. if you peek inside his mind you'll found out that this guy has more to say than you think)

      BUUUT.. just in case you really feel like leaving this to a more capable hand (I doubt it or rather refuse to acknowledge) …make it next Year

      it will will give you (and us) a start of a refreshing New Year

      so dont leave us just yet…
      Let's transcend the nine heaven from the lower to the middle to Upper Heaven


  1. Damn man, this is yours to translate, and seeing as you make sure to at least keep us updated I feel you should do as you’d like, I really appreciate the thought about us readers but seven is a huge number, especially as a pet project, you do a great job so think it through again
    Just my two cents

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  2. It would be amazing if we could have 1 or 2 chapters a day but we have to face reality. You and all the translators have a live and you can´t possibly be translating all day

    Don´t worry too much and translate when you feel like doing it and if you don´t really want to continue well… I only ask you to say it so other people can take the project but if you expect the next translator to be faster than you i´m 70% sure that you´ll be disappointed


  3. Plenty of things I see aim for 5 chapters a week, which is more than enough. I[‘ll admit: after being spoiled by DE / ISSTH / Spirit Realm / binge reading, 2-3 a week leaves me unsated xD
    But 5/week is a very nice number to aim for.

    You homepage even says on it, “at turtle speed” lol.

    If you can reliably do 5+ chapters a week, I think you definitely qualify to keep the project.


  4. ???????????? Dude, the updates are fine. If you’re that worried about your update speed then collaborate with another translator. I don’t think you need to worry about your current pace though. Also, I much rather your quality translation over some MTL rush, especially for this story! Thanks for the chapters, and keep up the good work.


  5. I don’t like to confront fifferent ways of translating but of all the lightnovel i read your work is really good
    You’re not the only one who has a “slow” pace and when i say “slow” it can’t be called like that it’s your rythm, there’s no wrong in doing so
    All those that tl like 14 chap/week are like monster in my eyes


  6. O wow not Many would care about the readers like that. Kudos!!! And thank you very much!!. If you can’t really do 7 like you want, then aim for 5 a week and and the weekend for make up and breaks. I don’t want to sound ungrateful though (
    Especially since you are doing a super job at this) but I think 2 chp a week is too little if it’s the regular schedule (although perfect for temporary easy schedule). Not because I want to see more ( I do though) but because the popular novels deserve a closing while the readers are still interested- alive. So if you really are having hard time, don’t force it its bad for your health. We will still be immensely grateful even if you do pass it to someone else.


  7. I’ll add to the previous comments and go one further – people would be fine even if there was only a chapter a week so long as it was on a regular basis (i.e every Monday). After all this is something that you’re clearly doing in your spare time and us plebs (save for the donors) are getting it for free


  8. Still faster than a different novel I am reading. 😛

    That aside the pacing for this story is good enough that a slower translation speed doesn’t end up feeling like an eternity.


  9. As much as I love this story I’d much rather have 2-3 a week so that it doesn’t burn you out and you can continue translating I think that it’d be better to have you translating at a slower more reasonable pace than to have someone else that may just drop it at some random point plus you’ve been translating it for so long and it’s nice to have a translator that’s been with us readers for most of the journey (plus I always enjoy your comments lol)


  10. 7 chapters a week would be fantstic, 5 chapters would be good, 2-3 would be acceptable. As long as you put something out regularly readers will support you even if it’s only one chapter a week.

    I think you should consider setting 2-5 chapters for your schedule and let 7 be your goal. That way you have some flexibility while still satisfying readers. It would be a shame to hand this over to someone else.


  11. I am not sure what made you think that an appropriate pace is 7 chapters per week but that’s more of a full time translator going at it at their main project and since your translation is more of a pet project 4 or 5 chapters a week is okay even 2 or 3 we wouldn’t mind ,actually we would really appreciate it unless you think that translation has been stressing you out and eating too much time of you rl schedule then I will just support whichever decision you make.


  12. When you look at how many chapters these novel has and how many years it needs for us to get to a conclusion …. kinda sad lol , thanks for all the hard work but lets face reality lol


    1. daaamn Son… you really like to keep the pace going arent ya …its nice to be frank and all but..

      its like.. you raised a dog since it was a puppy.. and now you are thinking of letting someone adopt your dog.. its SAD 😦

      a bird has to fly out from its nest sooner or later that i understand but its still SAD just thinking about it 😀

      Life DO goes on T__T

      im still rooting for him to try a bit harder keeping this pet of his though 🙂


  13. 3-5 a week is probably a better goal, the story is fantastic but to us so is the translator. Personally I’d rather 2-3 a week from you than 7 from a person who I don’t know if they’ll drop it within a month. 😛


  14. Must say the same as many befor me here 😉 .Aim lower it is totally ok 2-5 chapters a week are totally ok. THanks for all the great work you putting in this petproject .


  15. The speed you are releasing chapters now seems fine, of course more would be nice but id rather see you keep this project than having to get used to a new translators style.

    Thanks for all your work so far!


  16. hey, just wanted to say that I dont think u are too slow. Ur translation is great and even though the release rate might have slowed down relatively it is still acceptable! In my oppinion the reason is the novel itself. Even thogh it has action elements, it also has a very great and almost perfectly logical laid out plot! This plot deserves high quality and devotion, that u both deliver. So I would probably prefer that you continue it! Furthermorif you really want to increase the release rate, why dont you first try something like a steady 5 per week as the minimum and 7 as the optimum but not the maximum. This way you could test if you can revive the stability in ur releases and maybe create a buffer for times when you dont have so much time (therefore 5 releases as the minimum; 3 or 4 would do as well for the beginning).


  17. TTNH is a great novel. I have a lot of fun reading it.
    You are doing a great job.
    5+ chapters / week is a nice objective.

    Many thanks for the chapters! 🙂


  18. I just thought I might give my two cents as well.
    Though it’s pretty much the same as a lot of other people it seems.
    I’m perfectly fine with the chapter updates being slow. As long as the quality isn’t piss poor I am fine with any speed.
    As you said this is a pet project of yours, I don’t see why you would aim for 7 chapters a week. Sure, it can be done, but if you’re doing it in your free time it’s bound to wear you out sooner or later. It’s better to aim for less, 2-3 chapters a week is plenty, sure it’s not as much as some other translators. If I remember correctly Deathblade doing ISSTH does 17 a week. But he does it full-time. But it is insane to expect someone doing this in his free time, mostly for free, to do more than a few chapters a week.
    This work also doesn’t strike me as easy to read or easy to translate. I doubt other translators who don’t do this full-time would be any faster than you. Plus it’s not really guaranteed that someone else will pick it up if you drop the project.
    So instead of 7, maybe aim for 2-3 if you want to really keep yourself to some standard to satisfy your own expectations of yourself. Like I’m said, I’m fine even if you only do a chapter a month, as long as it’s updated. It’s always nice to check up on the site and see a new chapter released. The day is always a bit better for it.
    I would suggest that you could also try getting a co-translator(s). You could each translate a chapter and then just proof-read each others’ work. There’re many ways to do it without quitting altogether.
    Unless you don’t really have any motivation other than the fact that apparently a lot of people want this to be translated. If you don’t, don’t force yourself, just the fact that you’ve gotten to where you have is good enough. It’s not your obligation to do this in any way, quit whenever you want.
    Anyway; in the end, it’s your choice. Do what you want to do. If you want to live up to your own standards, do it. If you want to set those standards high or low, it’s your choice, no one can make the choice for you. Though some people probably wish they could, they can’t.
    We’ll support your decision, whatever you decide to do.
    P.S. I appreciate you coming out and telling us all this. You didn’t have to, you could’ve just kept quiet about this and made your decision alone, without consulting anyone. But you didn’t and we appreciate this.


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