Chapter 269

It’s an all-star roster!

6 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 269 – The heirs of Middle Three Heavens

  1. Hi

    A few chappers ago i seaw that you thought on leave this serie to another one to release more chappers and I actually agree to you and i will explain why:

    This novel have 2800 chappers and your release rate per month is more or less around 13 chappers a month, which is more or less around 160 chappers a year, –>1600 chappers in 10 years, sice it have 2800 chappers base on your release rate it would finish around in 17 years.. i mean I may like very much of this novel, but waiting 17 years to be translated?(Am I the only one who think this is to much to wait?) Based on this release rate i will drop it and read another ones, of corse I am just a no one and maybe i am the only one thinking about this, i saw many people saw that they were worried that the next one may not be a good translator etc, but people only have one way of thinking, what if he gives this novel to someone who gives more release chappers (of course with good translation to) it would not be better?

    For example Deathblade from wuxia should be finish ISSTH in around 9 months, why not ask him if he is interested on translating this novel after?(This is just an example)

    I know it is not easy to translate, and even more you are only doing this for free, never asking for money I just think that it is a pity a novel so good “only” have this release rate.

    Anyway wahtever is your decision i will respect and hope if people read this dont get angry about what i Just say now 😉

    Luís Vieira


    1. I am hoping that this will get done in a couple of years. What I envision is another referendum about this matter in three or four months. I think I will have a set speed by then so everyone can have a say on how we should proceed. While I enjoy translating this, it belongs to everyone.
      P.S. No worries. I don’t get angry over constructive comments.


      1. Hey Misora, I really hate to say this but the current TLing speed is honestly killing this fantastic work, but you have done so much and is the very reason why TTNH could reach here in the first place, but please consider in working together with someone who is as good as you in TL, because as much as it pains me, TTNH is not a fast-paced novel.

        It builds up and is best enjoyed if it has a day by day speed, not to mention it having the potential to be top 5 in the current web novels ranking. If it continues to be like this, it will indirectly hurt this novel..of course you have the final say and I will respect your decision either ways, the fact that you are conscious of it is good enough because some Tlers just don’t care..


  2. While i partly agree with Luis Vieiera and had pretty much the same thoughts of how it would take 17 to 18 years to finish this masterpiece at this pace, (which i have grown to love to the death, thank you so much for showing us this jewel and all your hard work), i think there are more ways to speed up the pace. Why not find another 1 or 2 translators to work together on it and add a donate button, like in case of Against The Gods for example? Not sure how much work this kind of coordination will require, but i think it would be fabulous if it worked out. 🙂 While this story is easily in my top 3 of all the lightnovels i’ve red so far i can’t wait for 17 years for it to finish. Greetings Cola


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