“The more I look the more he looks like… Even that annoying demeanor is similar.” The stranger in blue sighed, turned and took two steps. Suddenly he swung his arm and a ray of purple light flew in Chu Yang’s direction. He said, “This is for you. You can see it as a small gift from me.”

After a few more steps, he turned his head back and looked at Chu Yang’s face. Then he shook his head and took in a deep breath. Finally, he stomped his feet on the ground and flew into the air. With a flash, he disappeared saying, “Punk, see you later!”

Suddenly, from a distance, a faint voice was echoed over the land, “…going through a thousand mountains without pause, a heart filled with regrets; the road vast road is foggy; getting drunk day to day, hard to get rid of sorrow…”

The desolate voice was unexpectedly filled with misery. It lingered for a long time in the snowy sky…

Chu Yang looked blankly in the direction the person had disappeared in. He did not know why he felt sad… It was as if his emotion had become blurred like the snowy sky; it grew confused, foggy, and unreal.

He opened his palm to see a piece of purple jade lying in quietly in his hand and shining with a clear radiance. It was an ordinary pure purple jade piece without any writings within…

With a sigh, he put away the jade piece and thought about the lingering question: Who was that person?

“Big brother, are you alright?” Gu Du Xing and company hastily ran toward him asking warmly.

“I am fine.” Chu Yang forced a laugh and said, “Let’s go back.” For some reason, Chu Yang suddenly felt that his mood was very low. He quietly got on his horse and cracked his whip. The horse let out a neigh a rushed forth like the wind in the snowy air.

Gu Du Xing and company looked at each other. They all saw the worry in each other’s eyes. Without daring to delay, the five jumped on their horses and chased after Chu Yang.

The horses galloped forth like the wind and quickly disappeared.

Heavy snow continued to fall creating a dense covering on the ground. Within a short time, all traces left by Chu Yang’s group were erased. There was only white snow between heaven and earth. It cover everything so evenly that one could not see where people had been; they also could not recognize that there was a road there…

After Chu Yang’s group traveled for a while…

The stranger in blue flying away looking like a stream of light in the blowing snow. He constantly flashed and disappeared overtaking a great distance.

All of a sudden, he stopped and muttered, “There was something amiss.”

He stood like that in the snow and thought carefully. Then he suddenly smacked his forehead and murmured, “You have the brain of a pig. Such a valuable item, and he is only a weak Martial Master, why would he dare to carry it on his body? Just because it’s not on his body… does that mean he really does not have it?”

He sighed in irritation and muttered, “When asked about his father, that bastard said, ‘My father? He died a long time ago.’ This makes sense. How could there be such hatred? If he was speaking the truth that he is the son of the huntsman… It does not fit!”

Thinking, he said, “I will turn back and see.”

Then he immediately turned and flew in the direction where he just met Chu Yang…

But at this time, Chu Yang was long gone…

Standing at the place where he just talked with Chu Yang, the stranger in blue looked around once, but the great snow had erased all traces. He could not see anything.

“Little bastard, you are really fast.” The stranger in blue let out a hmm. The edge of his mouth curled up with a satisfied smiled, “Does that piece of jade I gave you not have eyes?”

Closing his eyes and activating his martial energy, he sensed carefully.

He had left a trace of his own energy inside that piece of jade. That way, no matter where the piece of jade was, as long as it was not more than three hundred miles away, he could sense where the jade piece was by simply activating his martial energy.

Over these past years, for the sake of finding someone, he had given away hundreds of such jade pieces… While the results were all disappointing, this method to find people had never lost its effectiveness.

After a while, the stranger’s eyes widened, “Strange! Even if he was riding a horse, he would have covered at most a few dozen miles at most. Why can’t I sense anything at all?”

As it turned out, the energy in the piece of jade had already completely disappeared as if it had never existed in this world…

“Strange. What’s going on?” The stranger in blue slowly picked up his steps. He walked around with a worried look on his face. Now that he lost all traces, it was like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean. Where should he go to search?

“I will spend a few days looking for him. If I can’t find him, I will go back and report…” The stranger in blue scratched his head, feeling a headache from this situation. He thought about how giving away hundreds of pieces of jade had riled up the clan a few hundred times. But each time he was met with failure and scolding. This thought made him shudder.

“Motherf*! This is torture…” The more he thought, the more the stranger in blue lamented. He could not help but curse, “Motherf*! You people managed to lose a child not even a month old. And you make me search. Motherf*! How many people are in this Nine Heavens? Isn’t this like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean? You take out your anger on me every time the search fails. Are there any heavenly laws…”

After sighing for a while, he finally stomped and disappeared in annoyance…

***** (walkthejianghu.com)

At this time, Chu Yang had already returned to Iron Cloud Citadel…

The stranger in blue gave him the piece of purple jade, but the sword spirit had sensed a strange energy within it and had warned Chu Yang. That energy has tracking characteristic; carrying that around is unsafe.

Therefore, Chu Yang allowed the sword spirit to absorb this into Nine Tribulations Sword’s space. And the moment the sword point received this piece of purple jade, it immediately swallowed everything…

Completely destroying any traces!

Chu Yang did not think that such a thing could bring so much trouble. He only felt that the stranger was not a good person. He did not expect that the stranger would leave a tracker? What does he want? Humph!

Tie Shi Cheng’s funeral was carried out within three days! For a ruler of a nation, such a rushed funeral was indeed a little simple. But Iron Cloud Nation was currently in an extraordinary situation. The more time they took, the more time Diwu Qing Rou would have to recuperate.

Therefore, after deliberating, they came to a simple unanimous decision.

After Chu Yang returned to Bu Tian Pavilion, Cheng Zi Ang came to report and hesitantly said, “The prince never mentioned Minister Chu…”

Chu Yang said casually, “Hmm, you should get back to work.”

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong hastily backed out.

Of course everyone thinks that I am out of luck.

During the funeral, Iron Cloud officials had asked Tie Bu Tian why the mysterious King of Hell Chu did not come to pay his respects. No matter who he was, he should have at least done so…

But this was ruthlessly rejected by Tie Bu Tian, “Minister Chu? Humph! What would he come here for?” His voice was extremely angry and resentful.

And these past few days, Bu Tian Pavilion’s work had been ordered by the Judicial Department, not the minister! Therefore, everyone guessed that King of Hell Chu had fallen from grace!

All the signs were proof of this. For a time, many people felt elated. Some of them even started to make plans. Wait until King of Hell Chu gets deposed, I will definitely humiliate him! He had been torturing me so much I could barely eat or sleep.

When it came to these rumors, Chu Yang could only laugh. He naturally understood the reason why Tie Bu Tian would not let him come to the funeral. Tie Bu Tian was currently very angry, but he would definitely not turn on Chu Yang!

And a more important reason was: Chu Yang’s identity cannot be leaked at any time! Plus, there was also another reason: Tie Bu Tian needed to cool down.

Tie Bu Tian needed time.

There was yet one more reason: The nation could not be without a ruler even for one day! After the previous emperor died, a new emperor ascended the throne. With a regime change, there was a multitude of things to do. Tie Bu Tian would definitely be very busy!

He truly did not have the state of mind to come and look over Bu Tian Pavilion.

And Bu Tian Pavilion had few things to do for the very reason that they did not have experience with the death of an emperor and the ascension of the new emperor. Therefore, the Judicial Department had to tell them what to do. These things were not the least bit related to Bu Tian Pavilion.

Chu Yang understood this very well so he was very happy and relaxed. For a short period, he had some free time…

Leaving Bu Tian Pavilion, he went to Heavenly Armament Pavilion. He immediately received good news: After returning, Dong Wu Shang immediately cultivated and unexpectedly broke through!

Everyone was happy for him. Only Dong Wu Shang alone was sad. Just a little behind and third brother became fourth brother. How could anyone be happy about that?

Dong Wu Shang still remembered Chu Yang’s promise. Now that he saw Chu Yang return, he immediately asked, “Big brother, you had once said that I only needed to break through this month, you would give me a saber!”

Chu Yang nodded. Seeing his eager attitude, Chu Yang could not help but laughed, “What? You can’t wait?”

Dong Wu Shang scratched his head in embarrassment, “Then I should go back to the clan and get black steel now?”


After getting Chu Yang’s affirmation, Dong Wu Shang practically did not pause as he turned and ran out the door. He yelled back from a distance, “I will be back right away.”

He disappeared without a trace.

Then Ji Mo sneakily stepped forward, “Big brother, haha…”

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you say… that I only needed to be able to stay here, you would give me a sword…” Ji Mo stood erect with his chest puffed looking serious while rubbing his hands together, “A sword… a sword…”

“You remember it wrong.” Chu Yang was surprised. He tilted his head and thought for a little, “At the time, I said… you only need to be able to remain here and make a great contribution, then I would reward you with a weapon. Mmm, and I only said that to Dong Wu Shang because his saber is special. I don’t remember saying anything to you.”

“Beloved big brother! Beloved big brother!” Ji Mo immediately became anxious and his face twisted and turned red, “Big brother…” He pitifully grabbed Chu Yang’s hand and shook it back and forth, acting no differently than a sulking child wanting candy, “My life’s desire is such a sword! Big brother… Please fulfill it for me. Just see it as a good deed; see it as a charity… see it as…”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes as he got defeated by this shameless guy, “I will give it to you! Is that enough?” Chu Yang was afraid that if he was to continue speaking, Chu Yang’s goosebumps would end up weighing at least a hundred pounds…

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