“Ahwooh…!” Ji Mo jumped up and ran all around the yard, “Hahaha… Oh heaven, oh great earth, my life’s desire is finally fulfilled… wow wow wow…”

“Don’t be in a rush to be happy!” Chu Yang’s face became serious.

Ji Mo immediately went as mute as a clam. With a smiling face, he coaxed, “Big brother, what order do you have for me? Rest assured, if you tell me to climb a mountain of blades, I would absolutely not jump into a vat of hot oil. If you tell me go east, I would absolutely not go west… If you want me to beat up that foul Gu Du Xing, I would absolutely not torture Luo Ke Di…”

Right after the words were spoken, two people gave him a dirty look.

“Do you want a long sword or a short sword? Long sword or short sword, I only have one of each!”

The moments those words came out, Luo Ke Di hastily jumped up and yelled next to him, “Big brother, I want a short sword!”

Luo Ke Di’s martial art was of the agile type so the long sword would not have been suitable for him. He had long been tempted by this short sword.

“Go to hell! Did you break through?” Ji Mo angrily yelled out. He thought for a long time and said, “I want the long sword…”

Luo Ke Di finally let out a sigh of relief; his eyes flashed with a touch of gratitude.

“You are sure?” Chu Yang asked gravely.

“Sure!” Ji Mo quickly nodded.

Ji Mo was not like Luo Ke Di. Ji Mo’s Ji clan martial techniques could utilize both long swords and short swords. Short swords had their own use, and long swords had their own advantage. But when it came to secrecy, short swords were more convenient and had more of an element of surprise.

However, now that he knew Luo Ke Di liked the short sword, while he was confrontational on the outside, he had already decided to leave the short sword to Luo Ke Di. For the sake of brotherhood, he left the more convenient weapon back.

“Good!” Chu Yang’s eyes showed a look of admiration. How could he not see that Ji Mo really wanted the short sword? But the fact that Ji Mo could make such a sacrifice made Chu Yang feel very happy.

That word, brotherhood, had slowly began to imprint deeply in the hearts of these Middle Three Heavens young masters.

“Okay, I will comply.” Chu Yang nodded, “The swords are with Gu Du Xing. Just tell Gu Du Xing to give it to you.”

Ji Mo’s mouth twitched; he was blindsided.

He did not forget that, for the sword, he had kissed up to big brother earlier and had said talked about beating up that foul Gu Du Xing… Now, he had seen karma in the blink of an eye!

He looked in Gu Du Xing’s direction with a grimace. What he saw was second brother’s icy face with the mouth curled up in a sneer. He judgmentally looked at Ji Mo, “Oh, Ji Mo, you want… sword?”

Ji Mo’s mouth widened in regret.

“Second elder brother… dearest second elder brother… living saint, my savior…” Ji Mo hastily ran in front of Gu Du Xing and seize the chance to do some flattery.

Gu Du Xing turned and looked up at the sky.

Ji Mo whizzed in front of Gu Du Xing’s face, “Second elder brother…”

Gu Du Xing turned again…

Ji Mo jumped around for a while in frustration. He was anxiously sweating.

“Ahhh, my neck hurts.” Gu Du Xing twisted his neck back and forth making cracking sounds…

“Second elder brother, haha, let me massage ir for you…” Ji Mo was extremely diligent as he massaged with a flattering face…

“Ahhh, my shoulders also ache…” Gu Du Xing sighed.

“Second elder brother… let me massage for you…” Ji Mo immediately changed location.

“This arm feels really uncomfortable…”

“Let me massage for you…”

“My lower lumbar, too. I am getting old…” Gu Du Xing sighed.

“Let me massage for you sir…” Ji Mo’s eyes were about to shoot out fire.

“My legs also hurt…” Countless health conditions suddenly appeared on Gu Du Xing’s body.

“Let me massage for you sir…” Ji Mo worked from top to bottom. His whole body was soaked in sweat, but he had to swallow his anger.

“Fine, since you are so obedient, I…” Gu Du Xing intentionally stretched out his words as he looked at Ji Mo…

Ji Mo immediately stood in attention, “Rest assured, second elder brother, from now on, I will definitely listen to you. If you tell me to go east, I will absolutely not go west! If you tell me to hit a dog, I will absolutely not chase a chicken!”

“Hmm, this is all you. Things would have been fine, but you have to find trouble for yourself! You even beg people! How petty!” Gu Du Xing said gravely.

“Yes, yes. My mouth is not right. I am shameless!” Ji Mo was dying from anger. He could not blame anyone; he had to deal with the consequences of his words…

“Ahhh… fine, fine…” Gu Du Xing was going mad because of this punk so he did not bother him anymore. He walked in slowly, and returned with a long sword within moments. He tossed the whole thing at Ji Mo, “This is yours.”

“Hey, hey… don’t damage it…” Ji Mo jumped forward in distress and caught the sword. The moment he touched it, he felt awe-inspiring!

“Wow… haha… My sword!” Ji Mo clutched the sword and forgot all about the groveling he had to do earlier. He majestically pulled out the sword and smiled from ear to ear with happiness. Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong stared at the sword in envy.

“Hahaha…” Ji Mo suddenly looked up at the sky and laughed crazily. A murderous aura rose, “Gu Du Xing! Second Elder Brother Gu! Come here. Pull out your Black Dragon sword! Junior brother wants to have a match with you…”

The other four stumbled with shock. Their eyes widened and their mouths gaped as they look at that shameless punk with countless blue veins popping on his forehead…

“Muahahaha, dog aunt! Dog aunt!” [TLN: It’s Ji Mo’s gift for gibberish; we will see it again.] Ji Mo looked up at the heavens arrogantly. Under extreme ecstasy and happiness, his mouth started to let out a language that was not of mankind.

Gu Du Xing blinked and yell, “Charge! Beat this little dog!”

With a scream, three people simultaneously rushed up fighting fiercely and ignoring the long sword in Ji Mo’s hand. They neatly sent this punk to the ground with a mix of punches and kicks.

Ji Mo was caught completely off guard, his body was immediately flattened on the ground. Gu Du Xing was riding on his neck with two legs firmly restraining his elbows punching down like rain.

Rui Bu Tong cheerfully sat on his back and constantly slammed down with his butt. With each time, he let out a “huh”… As for Luo Ke Di, he sat on Ji Mo’s voluptuous butt. His two hands became talons as they grabbed the two helpless thighs. Pinched on the right, pinched on the left…

“Oh, oh… Ah… don… dar…(I don’t dare.)” Ji Mo’s face was so deep in the snow that he could only let out some muffled sounds begging for mercy. His two legs continued to kick and twitch…

After a long moment of chaos, Chu Yang yelled for everyone to stop. Holding down his laughter, he pulled Ji Mo, who had become a flat sesame cake, out of the pile of snow…

Ji Mo screamed angrily and wanted to fight.

“Okay, that’s enough. Everyone tell me; that person in blue that we ran into…” Chu Yang’s countenance became somber, “According to you guys, what is his rank?”

“Definitely Emperor level! Possibly higher.” When it came down to official business, the four immediately became serious. Luo Ke Di thought a little and stated.

“Hmm, I think so, too.” Gu Du Xing recovered his icy countenance and said, “Plus, this person was very strange. He exposed himself like that, and then just left… What was his purpose?”

After he finished speaking, Gu Du Xing immediately looked at Chu Yang. He knew that the person in blue sent them flying away because he wanted to speak to Chu Yang alone. In other words, Chu Yang definitely knew what that person’s purpose was.

Chu Yang’s countenance became subdued.

Gu Du Xing’s trio could feel a kind of sadness. They could not help but looked at each other and decided to let that be.

“In your clans, are there such martial experts?” Chu Yang asked.

“No!” Gu Du Xing said straightaway.

If the Gu clan had an Emperor level master, their position in Middle Three Heavens would have been completely fortified and Gu Miao Ling’s little discretion would have been ignorable…

“Our Ji clan has two elders… Cough cough, probably not too different from that person… It’s just, they are not as scary as that person…” Ji Mo said reluctantly, “This is a secret…”

“Hmm, our Luo clan also has two, but they are no match for that person.” Luo Ke Di answered fluidly. He winked a few times and said, “That is also a secret.”

Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang looked at each other. They both already knew about the Gu clan’s situation!

No wonder the Gu clan reacted so fiercely when Gu Miao Ling stole the herbal medicines. As it turned out, the state of the Gu clan was truly not good!

The Ji clan had Emperor level masters, and the Luo clan also had Emperor level masters! It could be inferred that other clans like Hei Mo or Mo clans were also not so different. They definitely had secret Emperor level masters!

Otherwise, they would not have been able to maintain the balance of power like that.

They were all in the rank of super clans, but the Gu clan’s highest cultivation level was only ninth grade King level! While that was only a short step from Emperor level, this step was equivalent to a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers!

This gap was truly too great!

“In that case, that person in blue would not be a person of Middle Three Heavens?” Chu Yang asked pensively.

“Right. If that person belongs to Middle Three Heavens, he would have caused a big commotion a long time ago. He would not be anonymous like that.” The four nodded simultaneously. If such a character appeared in Middle Three Heavens, given their information network, they would absolutely not be ignorant of it!

All four of them were confident of this point.

“Then it’s Upper Three Heavens.” A mysterious light flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes. He lifted his head and quietly looked at the snow floating in the air, but his mind was already at some strange unknown place.

Upper Three Heavens… My progenitors, my creators… are from Upper Three Heavens?

Chu Yang suddenly became angry!

You people live in Upper Three Heavens and you tossed me down to Lower Three Heavens! Emperor level master… Huh! Given the resources of Upper Three Heavens, and they could not find me in Lower Three Heavens?

Why was there not even a little bit of news in seventeen years?

Seeing something odd with Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and company did not dare to say anything else.

After a long time, in order to break the awkward silence, Ji Mo stuck out his head and said with a smile, “In a short time, I have to make a trip home.” He paused and laughed. He scratched his head in embarrassment, “My birthday is on the ninth of the twelfth month.” [TLN: Lunar calendar is a given so I won’t say that every time. Not that it really matters. :-)]

“Oh…” Luo Ke Di said thoughtfully, “So that’s it…” (walkthejianghu.com)

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