“Haha…” Ji Mo once again did not hear the hidden meaning. His face reddened, and he said, “It’s important that I spend my birthday with my mother. I was told that she became seriously ill giving birth to me…”

The four people became solemn. When it came to elders, especially someone so revered like mothers, no one dared to joke around.

Two parents were the most respected people in this world. Anyone who were unfilial to their parents would ostracized by the world!

Among a hundred kinds of good deeds, filial piety took the lead!

This was the core moral in this Nine Heavens!

“Haha, big brother, when is your birthday?” Rui Bu Tong laughed and said, “We must have a big celebration at that time.”

Rui Bu Tong’s words immediately touched the deepest pain in Chu Yang’s heart.

“I, I don’t know when my birthday is.” Chu Yang’s voice was very calm, but behind this calm there seemed to be a fierce storm. The edge of his eyes twitched unconsciously as his voice became hoarse, “My master found me…”

He became silent. Then he looked up letting the cold snowflakes in the air touch his face and said, “I also do not know who my dad is, who my mom is… what their names are.”

“I never had a birthday.” Chu Yang smile faintly and let out two dry coughs. Then he said lightly, “I also do not know what birthdays feel like… I definitely do not know my mother’s birthday… what kind of feeling… ahhh…”

His countenance was truly calm, and his voice was very cool without any changes. He even smiled a little. But within that steady voice, Gu Du Xing and company could clearly sense that Chu Yang’s heart was bleeding!

It was as if his heart was slowly breaking apart…

“Big brother! You still have us…” Luo Ke Di became anxious. For some reason, he wanted to cry. Rui Bu Tong along with Ji Mo and Gu Du Xing’s eyes were also glistening. They looked at Chu Yang and said, “Yes! You still have us.”

“Yes, I still have you guys.” Chu Yang cracked a smile and said, “A birthday is just… just another day.”

“No! Us six brothers, with the exception of you, all of our birthdays will be your birthday!” Gu Du Xing said emotionally, “This way, you will have at least five birthdays a year! The five of us will make will make it up to you!”

“No! Six of you!” Chu Yang smiled warmly and said, “There is another; my junior martial brother. His name is truly strange; he is called Tan Tan.”

“What are you talking about?” The other four were tongue-tied, they could not figure out why in the world anyone would have such a name.

“Tan for the Epiphyllum flower.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “You don’t know, but that punk is very interesting.” He laughed as he introduced Tan Tan to them, “If you meet him, you would definitely like him.”

“Especially his personality… super narcissistic, enough to scare people, hahaha…” As he spoke, Chu Yang thought about Tan Tan’s demeanors and could not help but smile…

“Really… hahaha… We must meet him then; such a smug person is rare…” Gu Du Xing and company were immediately interested.

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In the Nine Heavens, it was snowing in Lower Three Heavens. Amidst the funeral in Iron Cloud, Chu Yang and his brothers were chatting, Cheng Yun He was battling the wind and snow, and Diwu Qing Rou was still in the minister mansion planning and waiting…

The battle at the border temporarily ceased.

In Middle Three Heavens, it was only cold, but there was no snow.

Mo Tian Ji returned to the clan with Mo Qing Wu; it had already been seven days.

During these seven days, the Mo clan seemed to have put on a new face.

Mo Tian Ji sat cross-legged in his residence. In front of him was a small intricate tea table. Steam was rising up and filling the room with the tea aroma. At a glance, he seemed very relaxed. But currently, Mo Tian Ji’s handsome face had a slight hint of anxiety and anger.

Mo Tian Ji had never let joy or anger show. His being like this was proof that the situation was far beyond his control.

Thinking about the day he returned to the clan, Mo Tian Ji felt such uncontrollable anger that he almost exploded.

The day he returned, what surprised him was the fact that his eldest brother, Mo Tian Yun, who was supposed to be traveling in Lower Three Heavens was also home. As he held his little sister’s hand and walked in, he ran right into Mo Tian Yun.

Mo Tian Ji’s original intention was to quickly return to the clan and avoid Mo Tian Yun. Then he would clearly explain his sister’s situation, and, as long as his eldest brother and his gang was not there, everyone would be more lenient. At the least, he would have been able to buy some time.

But he never thought that he would run into Mo Tian Yun the moment he came home. And from the looks of it, it seemed to Mo Tian Yun was especially waiting for his return.

“Oh? You’re back?” Mo Tian Yun’s mouth curled up, revealing a charming smile. Compared to a composed Mo Tian Ji, Mo Tian Yun had softer face with slender eyes which tend to often be narrowed. They shot out a cold light that made people shiver.

This was also what Mo Tian Ji hated most.

You are terrifying, and that’s fine. It’s enough that you know you are terrifying; why must you try to show people that you are dangerous all the time? Are you afraid people wouldn’t know you are dangerous? Mo Tian Ji always looked down on this act of his elder brother.

“How long have you been back?” Mo Tian Ji asked calmly. Mo Qing Wu sheepishly held on to her second brother hand and hid behind him. With a timid voice, she greeted her eldest brother.

“Little sister, you’re back.” Mo Tian Yun looked at Mo Qing Wu and smiled brightly. He immediately looked up at his younger brother and said casually, “Yes, I’ve been back for seven or eight days already.”

“Hmm, are you tired from waiting at the door for these seven or eight days?” From the depth of Mo Tian Ji’s eyes, anger flashed. He did not want to talk to Mo Tian Yun, but, at this moment, he could not control the anger inside himself!

It was because of his little sister, the person he cared about most, who was hurt! Mo Qing Wu!

Mo Tian Yun had returned seven or eight days ago; that means that he was in Lower Three Heavens for a total time of less than a month before immediately returning. Why?

During this time, how could he not know that little sister and I were attacked? And yet he acted as if he knew nothing and directly went home!

Plus, once he is home, he waits for our return at the door acting as if he has some preemptive plans.

This made Mo Tian Ji think of some things truly terrifying; icy thoughts and fiery anger rose up fiercely!

“Is it tiring waiting at the door every day?” Mo Tian Yun said softly, “In order to see second brother and little sister return safely, I would be willing to wait at the door for the rest of my life.”

“Thank you eldest brother! Your love for us, I do not know how to repay.” Mo Tian Ji gently breathed in as he suppressed the emotions inside him. He made a show of gratitude and said lightly.

Mo Tian Yun looked at Mo Tian Ji’s expression and only wanted to punch him in the face! Mo Tian Ji had always been like this. No matter what happened, even if he was enraged, his face never showed even a little bit of emotion!

Now that he was showing an expression of gratitude, it was hard to tell if this was real or fake!

“I heard that little sister was injured?” Mo Tian Yun asked with concern.

Mo Tian Ji shook his head in shame and pain, “It is all because I am useless. As her older brother, I am no better than an animal. I have the heart of a wolf and stomach of a dog. I did not protect her properly and allowed little sister to get injured. This older brother deserves to be chopped into ten thousand pieces by a thousand blades!”

Mo Tian Yun immediately became angry!

Each one of Mo Tian Ji’s words sounded like he was reprimanding himself, but in reality, he was cursing Mo Tian Yun. How could Mo Tian Yun not have recognized this?

“Second brother, you don’t need to blame yourself like that. Good and bad things happen. It is all heaven’s will; we cannot change it.” Mo Tian Yun said casually, “Even if little sister is injured, it is not necessarily a bad thing for her. At least now she will not need to roam around in Jiang Hu and risk her life.”

I am the eldest; you should not compete with me! If you compete with me, it would be difficult for you to keep your life!

Mo Tian Ji smiled and said emotionally, “Eldest brother is right. Even rulers in this world will change from time to time; their empires could fall into shambles. What is heaven’s will, who can tell?”

Don’t be certain that you will win!

After Mo Tian Ji was done, the two brothers did not bother to speak any further. One person inside the door and one person outside the door stood there and looked at each other silently. The two pairs of eyes were filled with aggression.

Then they smiled intimately as if they were loving brothers who had no seen each other for a very long time.

Mo Qing Wu huddled behind her second brother; her little face was completely pale.

When she was little, what she was afraid most was these two older brothers having confrontations. This time, the two big brothers were also smiling warmly, speaking cheerfully, having lively discussion every now and then, praising each other at times, sighing together at other times…

She seemed to understand what they said, but then again, she did not understand anything. And even though they were talking warmly or calmly, she could not help but shudder…

At that time, the two King level masters standing behind Mo Tian Ji did not say a word. There were also two King level masters behind Mo Tian Yun looking like statues.

“Oh, I am really negligent!” Mo Tian Yun smacked his own forehead, “My little brother and sister are home, and I am blocking the door. Haha, if outsiders were to see this, they would think that big brother is picking on you two. Haha, second brother, little sister, come in quickly. Father has been talking about you these past few days. He said you two are bright, and if we three are to work together in the future, the Mo clan would really flourish. Haha, he even said second brother’s intelligence is second to none in this world, and you would be my greatest assistance in the future.”

Father already said that you are only going to be at a subordinate position. You can only assist and cannot be the leader of the clan! I still have the final say!

“Big brother is right. Standing at the door like that definitely looks you are blocking the way. If anyone were to see, they would think that this little brother is arrogant and won’t let big brother pass.” Mo Tian Ji joked intimately.

With me here, don’t even think you could pass!

The two brothers closely walked side by side and headed in…

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