The two brothers were naturally and sincerely beaming brightly like a spring breeze. Anyone who saw this would inevitably be envious. Those two Mo brothers have such a good relationship. From the looks of it, they must even share the same pants. [TLN: common interests]

No one would know that, in the mind of these two brothers, they had already considered each other mortal enemies…

The bodyguards outside the door looked at the two young masters walking in and shuddered. Lifting up their sleeves, they saw their arms were covered with goosebumps…

The two young masters so kind and amicable, but murderous auras simmered within. It was truly horrifying…

And those two brothers continued to talk cordially with each other as they walked off…

“Second brother, how is Xiao Wu’s injury?” Mo Tian Yun asked with concern, “Who did it?”

“Very serious!” Mo Tian Ji’s eyes flashed with killing intention as he answered coldly, “It was the Hei Mo clan. These heartless bastards deserved to be chopped to pieces! I cannot believe they damaged Xiao Wu’s Three Yin Meridian! I am very angry about this! Rest assured, big brother. I have sworn that if they try to make a move on little sister again, I would drag these heartless bastards to hell myself even if it means I destroy myself!”

There was no hiding Mo Qing Wu’s injury; it would have been easily found out. It was better to say it all out directly that his little sister’s Three Yin Meridian was damaged. If you try to hurt her again, I might not be able to get the clan, but don’t expect that you will get it either!

“Heartless bastards.” Mo Tian Yun murmured an echo. His eyes flashed with rage, “Yes! Hei Mo clan ranks below ours. They dared to make such offense. They are truly heartless; they cannot be forgiven! If I run into them, I will chop them to pieces!”

If you dare, I will bury you!

The two brothers coincidentally smiled and looked at each other. The four King level masters walking behind the two brothers all felt their palms dripping with sweat and their entire bodies getting the chills!

Going with the two young masters like this was truly a test of their hearts’ endurance! Especially when these two were together, for those around them, it was a kind of torture!

Mo Tian Yun suddenly paused. He crossed his arm and said with a slightly changed attitude, “Uncle Cheng Yu, do you know your crime?”

Mo Cheng Yu’s countenance changed for the worse; he bowed and said, “Yes, I know my crime!”

“Huh, you are little miss’s bodyguard. I cannot believe you neglected your duties and allowed little miss to suffered from an irreparable injury! Mo Cheng Yu, have all these comfortable years made you stupid?” Mo Tian Yun’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

“I have sinned!” Sweat poured out of Mo Cheng Yu’s head. He wanted to justify, but there was no denying that Mo Qing Wu was indeed injured! Moreover, Mo Tian Yun was clearly using him to deal a blow to Mo Tian Ji! If he dared to talk back, Mo Tian Yun would probably have someone beat him to death right there!

Mo Tian Ji also wanted to say something, but he remained silent.

Earlier, Mo Tian Yun was talking to him as a brother. But it was different now. He was using the position of a young master. If Mo Tian Ji said anything, he would be charged with insubordination!

“Huh, you also know that you have done wrong. I will announce the clan’s decision!” Mo Tian Yun’s face remained unchanged, “Mo Cheng Yu had neglected his duties and cannot be forgiven! But because of his former merits, he will not be punished. He is to be removed from his guardian position and moved with his family to Cang Lan battlefront to help contribute to the clan!”

Mo Cheng Yu’s whole body trembled slightly! This is to get me away from little miss?

“Isn’t eldest brother going a little too far?!” Mo Tian Ji frowned, “If it was not for Mo Cheng Yu risking his life to protect her, little sister would not be alive now. Mo Cheng Wu might have sinned… but such a punishment is too harsh!”

“This is the decision of the clan’s elders!” Mo Tian Yun sighed and said, “Second brother, I also do not want this. But, in any case, I am currently not the leader of this clan. The leader of this clan is, of course, father! Could it be that you have something to say about father’s decision?”

Who do you think you are? You dare to find faults?

“I will explain it clearly to father.” Mo Tian Ji said lightly.

“I hope you can be successful so Uncle Cheng Yu would not have to suffer hardships in the battlefront.” A trace of sarcasm flashed in Mo Tian Yun’s eyes.

“I don’t want Uncle Cheng Yu to go!” Mo Qing Wu protested in fear.

“Good girl. This is an adult issue; understand?” Mo Tian Yun smiled and gently rubbed Mo Qing Wu head, comforting her.

Mo Qing Wu’s body shook. Her face unconsciously showed a trace of fear as took half a step back.

A gloominess flashed in Mo Tian Yun’s eyes, and he immediately smiled and said, “Let’s go. Father is still waiting for all of you. Father and all of the elders are very concerned about little sister’s injury.”

Mo Tian Ji’s countenance slightly changed as he thought about this. He gritted his teeth tightly.

Just like that, after they returned to the clan, there was immediately a meeting. Mo Cheng Yu was sentenced; the morning after, he and his family left the clan to go to Cang Lan battlefront!

Even though he tried his best, facing the clan’s power, no matter how intelligent he was, he could not do anything.

The elders did not give him a chance to even argue back! It was merciless!

They immediately checked his little sister’s body. The whole grouped sighed; their eyes had a look of pity.

Mo Tian Ji still remembered clearly. At that time, his little sister was holding tightly onto the saber Chu Yang gave her and she huddled in the main hall. Her lively eyes looked like those of a pitiful rabbit. His heart ached from watching that scene…

He still remembered his little sister running toward their father with tearful eyes. He stretched out his arms, and then, with a conflicting look, pulled them back.

At that time, his little sister halted. She looked at her father in surprise, and tears ran down her cheeks…

Bam! Mo Tian Ji angrily punched the tea table…

Mo Qing Wu was still young, but her heart was sensitive. She had recognized the abnormality. Looking at the elders who were usually easy-going with her, now all of their eyes showed a strange reaction.

Regret, anger, disappointment… but there was no mercy; there was no love!

Even her very own father who was so loving toward her, when she looked in his direction, he only looked away and sighed.

Mo Qing Wu was filled with apprehension. Fear and anxiousness filled her little mid and quickly enveloped her. She was completely clueless as to what was going on… Why has everything changed after I just went out for a little fun?

Mo Qing Wu felt as if she was collapsing! At the moment, she felt as if her spirit had left her body!

In that very moment, she could not help but think about Chu Yang! She remembered his loving eyes filled with doting attention…

All of a sudden, at that moment, Mo Qing Wu’s little heart longed to return to Chu Yang’s side!

Internally, she cried out. Brother Chu Yang, where are you? When will you come to visit Xiao Wu… Xiao is currently… really… really… pitiful…

Mo Tian Ji frowned; he could feel that something was not right.

Mo Tian Yun had returned eight or nine days ahead of him and had arranged everything with the clan! Even… the treatment of Mo Qing Wu!

While the clan had not clearly stated this, Mo Tian Ji knew that Mo Tian Yun would definitely not neglect this matter!

Mo Tian Ji racked his brain trying to think of how he could help to make his little sister’s life a little more comfortable. He had already lost all hopes of her being treated the same way as before.

Mo Cheng Yu’s leaving was definitely a clear sign!

In eliminating the strength on Mo Qing Wu’s side, Mo Tian Yun had taken a definite lead in the battle for power between himself and Mo Tian Ji!

Mo Tian Ji clenched his fists tightly and muttered, “You are wrong… Mo Tian Yun, if you don’t see me as an opponent, I would not have fought with you… Too bad, you are too suspicious and dealt with me first… You have made me your enemy! Now that you have made a move against Xiao Wu, you and I will not share the same sky!”

Thinking about this, he smiled bitterly. Before, big brother was his idol. He was always proud of his big brother because he was only five or six years older, but he was able to think of things that Mo Tian Ji did not even think of.

At the time, he thought that if they had worked together, and he listened to his older brother, the Mo clan would rise under their hands! They would be fortified in Middle Three Heavens!

But these past few years, he had unexpectedly ran into danger repeatedly. Then, he had inadvertently discovered that his big brother was starting to deal with him. And since then, he had begun to change.

He was no longer the Mo Tian Ji of before!

Because if he was to maintain the same state of mind from before, it would have been no different than waiting to die! His character was slowly honed from such a state…

However, compared to big brother, who was the rightful heir to the clan and had a ten years head start, he was still vulnerable! It was not until these past two years that his intelligence had grown more matured, and the situation slowly became reversed.

But right now, Mo Qing Wu had ran into such a mishap because of her closeness to him!

There was nothing that happened by chance! Mo Tian Ji had always believed this! Accidental was intentional! The Hei Mo clan, even with intelligence capability, would not have known of their whereabouts.

But they acted with precision. Plus, they had prepared an ambush just in time. All of these things, Mo Tian Ji could not think of a different explanation!

Mo Tian Yun returning home early was also equivalent to him showing Mo Tian Ji his cards! Or perhaps he thought that he was sure to win and the final result had been decided since their little sister’s power was eliminated by him?

You are measuring a good person’s heart with that of a petty person! You should know that I had never intended to use little sister’s power to back my own! It is hers and hers alone!

I want to use my own strength and defeat you righteously!

“People like you are well-versed with plotting against others. You do not know Mo Tian Ji’s pride.” Mo Tian Ji closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“Second young master, the clan leader sent a notice. You are told to join in the clan’s meeting; he said that there will be an important decision!” A voice interrupted Mo Tian Ji’s train of thought.

This information made Mo Tian Ji’s whole body trembled!

Finally… the move against little sister has been made? I… what should I do? (

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