At this time, Mo Qing Wu’s little body was curled up into a ball as she cried nonstop in his room. Her little mouth pouted sullenly as she did not dare to cry loudly. She could only cry in her heart: “Brother Chu Yang, I am so pitiful; they all picked on me… Please come quickly… Hoo hoo hoo…”

During these past few days, Mo Qing Wu was sensitive enough to feel that even her own maid’s attitude toward her had changed a lot…

Every time she saw her mother, her mother would hold her and cry with grief and helplessness…

Mo Qing Wu could sense that something bad had happened to her…

This was a foreboding sense!

But she could not do anything; she could only watch fearfully as these changes occurred. It seemed that the only thing that could make her feel safe was the saber Brother Chu Yang gave her…

The clan conference of the Mo clan finally began!

When Mo Tian Ji walked into the great hall, his heart immediately sank!

Within the great hall, incense smoke lingered. Ancestral tablets were brought out and placed neatly on the altar above. Their father, Mo Xing Chen looked solemn as he sat motionlessly.

On two sides were eight chairs; each one was occupied. Some people had peppered hair, some people had white hair, and some people had young faces with black hair. But Mo Tian Ji knew that the age of these people were not very different from each other. Nothing could be seen from the exterior.

These were the eight elders of the Mo clan!

The two middle-aged men were sitting nearest to their father. In reality, they were two elders with the highest cultivation levels, and the greatest hope of the clan.

Big Brother Mo Tian Yun, in an outfit white as snow, sat on the left. Facing him was one empty seat. There was no doubt that this was Mo Tian Ji’s seat.

Below the two of them were seven or eight more chairs. On each one was an important martial expert in the Mo clan.

Everyone’s faces was solemn; the whole atmosphere was stifling.

Mo Tian Ji’s heart sank into the abyss. Even the ancestral tables were invited! Of course an important decision was going to be handed down! And this decision was probably related to Mo Qing Wu!

Little sister is still not here.

Mo Tian Ji sullenly walked in. His back was straight, and his eyes were calm as he looked straight at his father. He wanted to find a trace of warmth for his little sister on his father’s majestic face.

But in the end, Mo Tian Ji had to face disappointment. Mo Xing Chen’s face did not show any emotion. When his eyes met with his son’s, a trace of sadness showed momentarily.

Mo Tian Ji sensed this sadness. He immediately halted and stood in front of his seat. He slowly turned and faced Mo Tian Yun. The two closest blood relations to him and his little sister.

A trace of pleasure flashed in Mo Tian Yun’s eyes. On the other hand, Mo Tian Ji’s eyes flashed a ray of iciness. Since you are inhumane, don’t blame me for being underhanded!

Mo Tian Ji did not say anything and slowly sat down in his seat.

In the entire great hall, only Mo Tian Ji and Mo Tian Yun were wearing snow white clothing. As the two sat facing each other, their faces looked calm, but the moment Mo Tian Ji sat down, everyone in the room could clearly sense a competitiveness coming from these two brothers.

“We are convened here today because we have to announce a matter of great importance.” Mo Xing Chen’s beard flew even though there was no wind. His lips slightly quivered and he called out in a low voice, “Bring Mo Qing Wu in!”

Mo Tian Ji’s pupils constricted.

Outside the door, an apprehensive Mo Qing Wu was escorted in by two old nursemaids. Her little face was pale white without any color left.

She hugged a shabby looking saber close to her chest. She held onto it tightly as if it was her only solace.

And like that, she stood alone in the middle of the great hall. She looked pitifully at her father, and then fearfully looked around a little. Finally, her distressed gaze fell onto the face of her second brother. Her little lips trembled like a little sapling in the wind.

Mo Tian Ji’s heart twisted with pain. He could no longer bear to look at his little sister’s pitiful condition and sadly lowered his gaze.

Tears immediately fell from Mo Qing Wu’s eyes. Her gaze remained fixed on Mo Tian Ji for a short while, and she finally dropped her head. When Mo Tian Ji decided to say something, he discovered that his sister had lowered her head, and her soft hair had covered her face…

Mo Tian Ji did not know that he had made a mistake. When he lowered his gaze earlier, it was because he could not bear to look at his pitiful sister, not because he was not going to help her. But this was Mo Qing Wu’s most vulnerable moment; she knew that she was about to face her fate.

Mo Tian Ji’s one action had completely destroyed the little bit of hope that Mo Qing Wu still had in her heart! For a very long time, this would make Mo Qing Wu stubbornly believe that, in the whole Mo clan, no one else was good to her except her mother!

Even my second brother, who is so close to me, is not willing to help me…

This would leave a great shadow in Mo Qing Wu’s heart…

If Mo Tian Ji had known that Mo Qing Wu had this misunderstanding, he would have immediately held his sister in his arm even if he had to die right away. But he did not know!

Mo Qing Wu kept her head down and only looked at the saber in front of her chest as if Chu Yang’s warmth still lingered there.

She did not even hear what the others were saying. Mo Xing Chen let out a sigh and said, “When members of the Mo clan went out to train, Mo Qing Wu was still childish and should not have gone with them… And because of this, a tragedy has occurred!”

In the room, everyone sat erect, and listened quietly without saying a word.

“The Hei Mo clan ambushed and caused Mo Qing Wu to be severely injured. The Hei Mo Sword King caused a serious consequence with one slash!” Mo Xing Chen sighed heavily and said, “Mo Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian… is completely destroyed…!”

There was no doubt that this was the unified consensus from all of the Mo Clan’s elders.

In the great hall, everyone immediately started whispering to one another. Many people had already learned of this, but there were some who were still in the dark.

“In Middle Three Heavens, the strong survive and the weak die. Only with force can you rise and continue to exist. Our Mo clan was established with martial arts. Because of this, we value the competition between our younger generations. While this is somewhat brutal, only in such brutal competitions can we ensure the continued long-lasting prosperity of our Mo clan!”

Mo Xing Chen’s voice was grave, “Therefore, for those talented disciples, male or female, our clan nurtures them with all of our resources! We do not spare any cost for them to increase their strength!”

“Mo Qing Wu had Three Yin Meridian and was valued by the entire clan! She had first priority when it came to all cultivation resources. Whether it was eating or sleeping, she had it better than the rest of her peers! Our clan had paid such a price for seven years!” Mo Xing Chen’s voice grew a little hoarse, “But now… Mo Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian is destroyed… therefore, the clan has decided to remove… Mo Qing Wu from her original position…”

“We will definitely take revenge on the Hei Mo clan! But with her Three Yin Meridian destroyed, the highest achievement she could reach in her lifetime is Revered level! If we use any more resources, it would just be a waste…”

Mo Xing Chen closed his two eyes. He looked at his daughter, and for a moment, he seemed to not able to bear it, “The clan and the elders had discussed and decided…”

“Wait!” Mo Tian Ji calmly raised his hand and interrupted him, “Father, let me speak my thoughts!”

“What is it that makes you interrupt Father’s announcement?” Mo Tian Yun slowly spoke from the opposite side, “Second brother, I am begging you. In a clan conference, in front of the ancestral tablets, please think before you speak and keep face for our father!”

“Mo Tian Yun, you are poisonous!” At this moment, Mo Tian Ji had lost all hopes with this big brother! Mo Tian Yun’s unhurried statement had pushed him into the greatest of predicaments. Moreover, these words also gave Mo Tian Yun the winning edge. No matter what Mo Tian Ji said now, there would be prejudice!

“What is it? Speak.” Mo Xing Chen’s face became grave.

“There is not necessarily no cure for little sister’s injury!” Mo Tian Ji said, “In Lower Three Heavens, I once met a strange person. He said that he could gather enough herbal medical supplies and heal little sister’s Three Yin Meridian in a year’s time! I swear on this with my life; it is not false!”

“Strange person in Lower Three Heavens?” Mo Xing Chen sounded a little odd. In the great hall, quite a few people smiled cynically.

“You should know that I went to Upper Three Heavens with two elders these past few days.” Mo Xing Chen said with a bit of anger. He was annoyed with his son speaking gibberish, “We found a saintly doctor. The moment he heard that her Three Yin Meridian was damaged, he returned all of our gifts!”

Saintly doctor!

He was the number one doctor in Upper Three Heavens. His medicinal skill was extraordinary, but he had an odd rule of seeing only one patient a day. Even so, Saintly Medicine Valley was still as crowded as a festival ground!

Everyone’s expression changed! They were even a little surprised that the clan’s leader had went to find the saintly doctor because of his daughter’s injury! What price did they have to pay for this?

Everyone understood what it meant when the saintly doctor returned their gifts. That was because the saintly doctor was helpless when it came to Mo Qing Wu’s injury! Even when the saintly doctor could not… you found a strange person in Lower Three Heavens capable of curing this?

It’s enough that you speak gibberish; you even use your own life as guarantee! This was what annoyed Mo Xing Chen.

“I know that this is difficult for you all to believe. However… Father, please believe me this once!” Mo Tian Ji stood up and spoke determinately.

Mo Xing Chen remained pensive.

“Haha, second brother, every one of us is anxious about little sister’s injury. Everyone is tortured by this. Do you think you are the only one that is concerned?” Mo Tian Yun sighed emotionally, “It’s just that, the truth is what it is! When the saintly doctor has no way, you say that there is a doctor in Lower Three Heavens that could? Second brother, this is the clan’s conference. You… should not try to cause trouble anymore!”

The color red suddenly rose on Mo Tian Ji’s handsome face! At this moment, what little brotherly love he had left in his heart disappeared completely! He only hated the fact that he could not strangle Mo Tian Yun to death at that very moment.

Too malicious! (

With your own younger brother and sister, I cannot believe that you would make such a move!

“That’s enough. You don’t need to say anything else.” Mo Xing Chen yelled. Mo Tian Ji was about to speak, but an elder in a black robe sitting above slowly opened his eyes and looked at Mo Tian Ji, “Tian Ji, one more word here, and you will lose your position!”

Mo Tian Ji suddenly became stiff. He felt so angry, his chest was practically bursting!

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