From the depth of Mo Tian Yun’s eyes, a trace of satisfaction and schadenfreude appeared.

Obviously, Mo Tian Ji’s speaking out of turn had invoked the wrath of the elders.

He stood quietly for a while then quietly sat down. His face still maintained a calm look, but the iciness in his eyes gradually grew heavy.

Mo Tian Ji had wanted to walk out, but he was worried that there would be no one to help his little sister if he left! Therefore, he had sat back down.

“The clan has decided…” Mo Xing Chen glanced at Mo Tian Ji with a blameful look and said, “First, stop providing Mo Qing Wu with cultivation resources. From today forth, she would treated as an ordinary disciple.”

“Second, Mo Qing Wu’s right to inherit the title of Lofty Red Dust will be revoked. Another outstanding female disciple in the clan will be chosen to inherit this title.”

“Third, Mo Qing Wu’s position as a core disciple of the clan will be revoked. Her guardian will be removed.”

“Fourth, Mo Qing Wu’s inner court privilege will be revoked. From today forth, she is to move out of the inner court.”

“Fifth, revoke her existing benefits. The clan will now treat her differently.”

“Sixth, revoke…”

“…” (

With each announcement, Mo Tian Ji’s face grew redder until it finally became completely pale. His two hands formed tight fists; he did not even notice that his nails had dug deep into his palms…

Mo Qing Wu remained standing there with her head down. She continued to look the saber at her chest seemingly not hearing anything that what being said. For a young child like her, such a treatment was indeed very cruel.

Each announcement from her father was no different from thunder exploding in her head! She felt dizzy as if the whole world had went away from her!

“Father!” Mo Tian Ji finally could not control himself and stood up, “I have something important to report!”

Mo Tian Ji’s voice once again interrupted Mo Xing Chen. As a contemplative person, Mo Tian Ji knew very well what consequences his action would have, but at this moment, for his sister, he decided to take the risk once.

Only, he did not know and was not sure that his action would be good or bad or whether it could cause greater injuries for his little sister. He had carefully weighted this matter and decided it would be better left unsaid. However, he had changed his mind! If he did not speak up at this moment, his father would conclude his announcement, and his little sister would be finished! Her whole life would be doomed!

While he was uncertain, and this was risky, Mo Tian Ji chose to fight back!

“What is so important?” Right now, Mo Xing Chen snapped as he stood in front of everyone. While his voice was gloomy, it made Mo Tian Ji feel happy.

This was his father giving him a single chance!

If the elders were to open their mouths first, everyone would have attacked simultaneously, and there would be no chance for him to speak.

“Have you noticed… the thing that is in Xiao Wu’s arms?” Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth as he made the final determination to speak up.

He had originally wanted to keep this saber a secret and let his little sister keep it to protect herself. But in this moment, this saber was Mo Qing Wu’s greatest advantage.

As long as the clan valued this saber, his little sister’s position would not be so bad! At least it would provide her with a better situation! Retaining some good treatment…

But it was not certain that she would be able to keep the saber! Mo Tian Ji had decide: In the worst case scenario, I will take bake that saber for little sister one day!

But the saber’s greatest use right now is to give littles sister some breathing room! A chance for her to grow!

“This saber?” Mo Xing Chen asked suspiciously.

“Yes! This saber is a gift from Xiao Wu’s savior!” Mo Tian Ji said solemnly, “This saber is an ancient treasure and a rare masterpiece! Plus, it also has the name ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber’! The fact that it ends up Xiao Wu is heaven’s will!”

Mo Tian Ji did not say it directly, but the moment he spoke those words, everyone understood his meaning: This is an ancient treasure with Mo Qing Wu’s name carved on it. This is a coincidence, but it is also heaven’s blessing!

How could a person with heaven’s blessing become disabled?

At the moment, everyone’s eyes rested on Mo Qing Wu!

However, Mo Qing Wu lifted her head and looked at Mo Tian Ji. She could not believe: Why did second brother tell them about this saber? Don’t you know that this saber is the only thing I could keep…

“Xiao Wu, let me see your saber.” After Mo Tian Ji spoke, Mo Qing Wu remained quiet and just stood there. So Mo Xing Chen could not help but speak up.

Mo Qing Wu was now in a chaotic state of mind; nothing was real to her. Her father who had always loved her suddenly became a stranger. The elders who normally doted on her were now acting as if they did not even know her. Even her dear second brother did not even dare to look at her. Moreover, he even told them her biggest secret…

Given her age, she still did not know that if everything was taken from her as her father announced, her position in the clan would fall from the peak to the bottom. She would be even lower than a concubine!

As for the words after, she did not even hear them. She had completely crashed already. While the body was still there, she was unable to think, unable to act…

“Little sister, give me the saber…” Mo Tian Ji walked in front of her. He knelt down and said softly, “Let father see it.”

Then he immediately reached out his hand to grab the saber Mo Qing Wu was holding. When he reach out his hand, his palm was already soaked in sweat. This saber was what his little sister loved most, and it was also her greatest hope at this moment.

Without this saber by her side, how would she fare?

But regardless, this was currently the only way!

Feeling that someone was about to take her saber, Mo Qing Wu unconsciously tightened her grip. She yelled loudly, “Don’t take my saber! Don’t take my saber!”

After she screamed, her eyes were filled with tears. Two streams of tears ran down her white cheeks and fell to the ground.

With an aching heart, Mo Tian Ji said, “Little sister, I am not taking your saber; father only wants to see it.”

Mo Qing Wu held tightly onto Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber. Her eyes were filled with fear, “Don’t take my saber… Brother Chu Yang gave this to me…”

“Xiao Wu!” Mo Xing Chen yelled, “Give it to me!”

Mo Qing Wu felt her whole body went numb, and the saber fell into Mo Xing Chen’s hand. The moment the saber touched his hand, Mo Xing Chen was immediately shocked! The saber was almost as light as nothingness!

“My saber…” Mo Qing Wu yelled out. She looked at her empty hands in terror, and tears did not cease to fall down.

Right after, Mo Xing Chen pulled the saber out of its scabbard!

The entire great hall was filled with a red glow. Within the red glow was twinkling starlight!

The two or three dozen people in the great hall simultaneously stood up.

“Good saber!”

Only looking at that blinding red glow was enough to know that this saber was an incomparable treasure!

They could not believe that someone would give such a saber to little naïve girl to play with. Right now, a thought rose in the minds of all of the clan’s members: Could this person be an idiot?

“Stars, this saber is very light?” The voice from an old man made Mo Tian Ji tremble slightly. His two eyes were glued to the saber that was emitting a blinding radiance!

This man’s name was Mo Wu Xin. He was one of the elders in the Mo clan and also one of the Emperor level masters!

“Yes, the whole saber weighs no more than four ounces!” Mo Xing Chen held the saber without seeming to be the least bit affected.

“No more than four ounces.” Mo Wu Xin took in a deep breath and hastily said, “Let me see.”

Then Mo Wu Xin carefully stroked the saber. His paled face suddenly turned violently red as he muttered, “This is definitely Red Cloud Steel! With Star Iron as well.”

“No! No!” Mo Wu Xin immediately frowned and carefully checked. Then he said in shock, “Red Cloud Steel Essence. Star Iron Essence!”

He carelessly waved his hand, and a sword of one of the clan’s martial experts standing outside flew toward him.

Then he held the saber in one hand with the sharp edge facing upward. The other hand held the sword high in the air and dropped it.

In front of everyone, the long sword gently dropped down on the saber blade. With a soft clang sound, the sword was cut into two fragments and fell to the ground.

The great hall immediately became muted! Everyone’s gaze was fixed in the direction of the saber!

A sword of one of the clan’s masters, how could it not be good? And yet it was freely cut like it was a block of tofu. It did not even make a loud sound as it was cut into two!

There was even a sheath!

How sharp was this saber?

In all of the Nine Heavens, no such heavenly weapon had appeared before.

This was a priceless treasure!

Gently tilting the saber blade, Mo Wu Xin muttered, “Dreaming of a gentle dance, who needs earthly fame and fortune… [TLN: Engraving on saber blade.] This saber is definitely beyond earthly fame and fortune…”

“Xing Chen, this saber is definite a top treasure in the Nine Heavens!” Mo Wu Xin lovingly looked at the saber; he could not bear to let it go, “Such a saber coming to our clan is fate! We must… protect it!”

Then he put the saber back into its scabbard and hesitantly handed it over to Mo Xing Chen.

“This saber was given to little sister by her savior.” Mo Tian Ji took a deep breath and said, “This savior said that the saber only belongs to little sister.”

“Little sister is the true owner of this saber!” Mo Tian Ji said sternly.

Everyone understood his meaning.

This saber belonged to Mo Qing Wu. It was given to her by a benefactor of the clan. It only belonged to Mo Qing Wu and no one else.

“No one is allowed to let out the fact that this saber is at the Mo clan!” Mo Wu Xin’s eyes flashed as they swept over everyone.

Everyone simultaneously nodded with their eyes ablaze! They all knew what such a saber meant! The precious saber had returned to its scabbard, but the amazing scene from earlier was permanently etched in everyone’s mind!

“Only belong to Xiao Wu?” Mo Xing Chen frowned. Such a precious saber in the hands of a little girl with no future, how wasteful was that?

“Second brother, could it be that you want to use this saber to threaten the clan?” Mo Tian Yun looked at the saber with fire blazing in his eyes, “Second brother, you went a little too far.”

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