“I don’t want to threaten the clan! I only hope that little sister could live a better life!” Mo Tian Ji took a step forward and knelt in front of Mo Xing Chen, “Father, please show some due deference toward the owner of this saber and protect… Xiao Wu…”

As long as Mo Qing Wu had this saber, the clan would protect her. While her life would not be comparable to the one in the past, and she would not receive the cultivation resources she once did, Mo Qing Wu’s life would be much easier.

In the continents of Nine Heavens, kindness, friendship and filial piety were greatly valued.

These things were the core of morality!

Only someone ungrateful would give away a benefactor’s gift to someone else. This was a model of life’s principles! It was also the only thing Mo Tian Ji relied on in this risky move. It was also his greatest wish and hope!

Great conflicts and struggles showed in Mo Xing Chen’s eyes. The sounds of whispering rose in the great hall. They suddenly grew louder as everyone started to discuss with each other.

“Second brother, you are too naïve.”

“Do you think that little sister truly has the ability to keep this saber?” Mo Tian Yun sneered, “Leaving the saber in her hands, is that loving her or harming her?”

“What are you trying to say?” Mo Tian Ji said coldly, “This is for father to decide! Father has yet to make a decision; what gibberish are you saying? Perhaps… you even intend to covet your little sister’s saber?”

“I am not that evil!” Mo Tian Yun sneered, and turned toward Mo Xing Chen, “Father, I believe this saber should not be left in little sister’s hands!”

“Little sister is still young! She does not have the strength to protect this saber! Placing this saber in her hands is no different from putting her in harm’s way!” Mo Tian Yun said, “At that time, not only would little sister be in danger, the saber would also fall into enemies’ hands and become a weapon against our Mo clan! It would bring great calamity to our Mo clan!”

Mo Xing Chen remained silent.

“Father! Can you bear… to see little sister not only being disabled, but also be put in danger by a saber?” Mo Tian Yun said sincerely with concern, “Father, please reconsider.”

“Mo Tian Yun, you are talking nonsense! As long as the clan increases protection for little sister, how could she be harmed?” Mo Tian Ji angrily said, “Plus, this saber is a gift from a benefactor. Do you want our Mo clan become a heartless and ungrateful clan?”

“Ungrateful? Huh! Mo Tian Ji, not being responsible with a gift from a benefactor, that’s ungrateful!” Mo Tian Yun retorted fiercely, “And heartless, how is that? Perhaps you think that our Mo clan is heartless?”

Mo Tian Ji sneered, “In the end, who is heartless and ungrateful, everyone knows! Mo Tian Yun, you treat your little sister so harshly like this! She is only nine and a half!”

“But her Three Yin Meridian is destroyed! I am protecting her!” Mo Tian Yun said furiously, “Mo Tian Ji, don’t think badly of others like that! In this great hall, everyone is loyal to the clan and values Xiao Wu no less than you!”

“Don’t you forget that little sister’s name is on that saber! This is heaven’s will!” Mo Tian Ji said imposingly, “Do you want to go against heaven’s will?”

Everyone’s countenance changed!

Against heaven’s will! Since ancient time, the word heaven was held highest; who dared to offend?

“This is just a coincidence!” Mo Tian Yun coldly smiled, “Like my name, Tian Yun. There are ancient texts with the two words Tian Yun! It was written even as far as ten thousand years ago! In that case, should I, Mo Tian Yun, execute heaven’s will?”

“Execute heaven’s will? You?” Mo Tian Ji was enraged.

The two young masters clashed fiercely against each other. Their eyes flashed brightly. Even a person who was always calm like Mo Tian Ji now had rage in his eyes. The two brothers continued like so in front of the clan’s leader, all of the clan’s elders, members of the clan, and the ancestral tablets! Extremely tense!

“Enough!” Mo Xing Chen slam on a table and said angrily, “Do you two want to rebel? You two are brothers and you show all of your ugliness in front of everyone. Are you two not the least bit embarrassed? Sit down!”

Mo Tian Ji and Mo Tian Yun bitterly looked at each other. With a grunt, each sat back down to his seat.

“Elders, this saber…” Mo Xing Chen probed.

“This saber… is a priceless item. How could we leave it in the hands of a disabled young girl?” Mo Wu Xin rolled his eyes and said casually, “You are the leader of our clan; a thing like this… could it be that you do not know how to handle it?”

“Elder!” Mo Tian Ji could barely believe his own ears. How could his elder have spoken such words?

“No need to say anything else!” Mo Wu Xin grunted and said, “We don’t have a choice. If Mo Qing Wu is not disabled, her having this saber is not an issue! But she is currently without a future. Should we let her hold the best resources?”

“While this saber is a gift from a benefactor to Mo Qing Wu, Mo Qing Wu is still a member of the Mo clan. In other words, this is a gift from the benefactor to the Mo clan. Now that the clan takes care of it in her stead, how could that be ungrateful?”

Mo Wu Xin opened his eyes, and a cold light flashed. He sneered at Mo Tian Ji, “Tian Ji, do you have any objections?”

“Yes! I have a big objection.” Mo Tian Ji stood up.

He did not know why his constantly calm self was so emotional today, “This saber does not belong to the Mo clan! It only belongs to my little sister! Mo Qing Wu!”

“Insolent!” Mo Wu Xin raised his hand and ferociously slapped Mo Tian Ji’s face. Then he said fiercely, “Get out!”

“Father!” Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth and looked indignantly at Mo Xing Chen.

“Get out!” Mo Wu Xin raised his arm, and a strong wind suddenly surged up. Mo Tian Ji flew out before he had a chance to say anything.

With a boom, Mo Tian Ji fell on the ground some distance away. He continued to yell, “This saber belongs to little sister! Our Mo clan cannot do such a thing! Elders, father, please think this over. Don’t become the subject of ridicule by the world…”

“Shut him up!” Mo Wu Xin spoke coldly.

Mo Tian Yun said, “Yes.” He immediately waved his arm, and two people walked out. Outside, Mo Tian Ji suddenly yelled loudly, “You will all regret this!” Then he immediately became quiet and not made another sound.

“Mo Qing Wu, the clan will protect this saber in your stead… Do you agree?” Mo Wu Xin glanced at little Mo Qing Wu.

“But… But it is mine…” Mo Qing Wu looked at Mo Wu Xin with trepidations. She bit her lip and suppressed the urge to cry out loud.

“Insolent! Are you not a person of the Mo clan?” Mo Wu Xin waved his sleeve, “It’s decided! As compensation, Mo Qing Wu can maintain a little bit of her past living condition.”

Mo Xing Chen sighed and said, “As you say.”

“It’s my saber…” Mo Qing Wu stubbornly stood. She bit her lip and spoke softly but firmly, “It’s mine! Brother Chu Yang gave it to me…”

But no one paid attention to her.

It was a gift from a benefactor. If the benefactor was a super level master from Upper Three Heavens, they would have had a different situation at this moment. But the benefactor was from Lower Three Heavens. How could a great clan from Middle Three Heavens like this pay any mind to a strange person from Lower Three Heavens?

Mo Xing Chen sighed and said, “Send little miss back.”

“Father!” Mo Qing Wu suddenly wailed. She curled herself up on the ground in despair, “Give me back my saber. Give me back my saber…”

Mo Xing Chen was livid; the edge of his face twitched slightly, but he remained silent.

The two old nursemaids advanced and lifted Mo Qing Wu, “Little miss, let us return.”

“I want my saber!” Mo Qing Wu’s gaze suddenly went blank as she looked at her father and muttered, “My saber…”

“Send her back!” Mo Wu Xin yelled. He waved his sleeve and left.

The two old nursemaids carefully used force and carried Mo Qing Wu out.

“My saber! My saber.” With her feet off the ground, Mo Qing Wu was lifted out. She struggled violently as she wailed, “Father… father. If you are not giving back my saber… could you give me the scabbard? Give me the scabbard, okay? Okay? Hoo hoo hoo…”

Her cries became further and further away.

Mo Xing Chen let out a sigh. Swoosh. The saber left its scabbard and immediately vibrated. The scabbard flew outside like a flying dragon and landed neatly into Mo Qing Wu’s arms…

Mo Qing Wu was crying loudly when her eyes brightened. She held tightly onto the scabbard. She closed her eyes and pressed her tiny face against the scabbard. Tears fell like rain as the tiny heart was filled with pain…

Brother Chu Yang… I am sorry; I lost the saber you gave me…

Brother Chu Yang… I miss you so much; I am so pitiful… hoo hoo…

In her little heart, she suddenly remembered that night when Chu Yang held her face and said, “Xiao Wu, you must remember if one day everyone does not like you, Brother Chu Yang still likes you…”

“Brother Chu Yang…” Mo Qing Wu cried sadly and loudly…

As he watched Mo Qing Wu leave, a fire started to burn in Mo Tian Yun’s eyes. Looking at the twinkling red glow of the saber in Mo Xing Chen’s hand, “Father, this saber…”

“This saber… It would be better if you do not think about it.” Mo Xing Chen said casually.

“Yes.” Mo Tian Yun’s head dropped.

Mo Xing Chen quietly watched his eldest child leave. After a long time, he sighed and said, “Yun’er…”

“Yes, father.”

“As a person with power, it is not a bad thing to be a little ruthless. This is a necessity for a leader. But…” Mo Xing Chen said solemnly, “But in life… there are many things that you should not throw away completely.”

Mo Tian Yun remained quietly for a while then said, “Father, I will remember this…”

Mo Xing Chen sighed. He wanted to say something but did not. After a long time, he said with a melancholy voice, “Three heavenly talents have appeared in the Mo clan in the same generation! Plus, they are all direct descendants! Tian Yun is devious and ruthless with the appearance of a leader. Tian Ji plans thoroughly with a cautious mind. Qing Wu was most likely to inherit the position Lofty Red Dust… With such blessings, I was sure that the Mo clan would advance straight into Upper Three Heavens. I cannot believe that this happiness lasted for less than three years…” (walkthejianghu.com)

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81 thoughts on “Chapter 219 – A heavy blow

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      2. He never was really that smart, even in the original timeline. He got his friend killed just because his sister died, never mind that Chu Yang was not there when she died. He is basically trying to bargain with people who are willing to rob a nine year old girl. He should know by what these people were saying that they aren’t a family.

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              As for your other comment below (since I can’t reply to it), we already know that MQW will be stripped off of her status. Since her yin meridians had been broken, that treatment is inevitable. There’s a reason why Chu Yang sword is called fate destroyer or something and we all know that these events will happen. And, as far as your recommendation to disguise her in the LOwer heavens, it’s much more perilous and she won’t have more benefits like protection of their clan or other benefits an outer disciple receive. It is not named lower heavens for nothing, duh. Chu Yang also isn’t strong enough to protect her on his own.


    3. Clearly he should have started with addressing the issue of the saber instead of losing momentum. All he needed to do was insert one lie in many truths– that lie being that the saber was created for his sister by a wandering peerless master from beyond the realms they know of. Given the quality of the saber, they would easily agree, no? After all, how could someone in the lower realms have such a saber. And just add that the peerless master would visit the Mo clan many years later to make sure the saber is still in the sister’s hands (By that time her cultivation can be healed anyway). What more needs to be said? — At the very least, Chu Yang should have instructed such a plan.

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      1. Even the upper heaven masters would find it hard to smith that metal, how could someone from the lower could. clan people are always dumb and greedy so there’s that, its mo ‘sherlock’ tian ji that i have a problem with. Where’s his brain goes at this critical moment.

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    “Once Xiao Wu returns to the clan, if she suffer any little grievances, I will bathe in Mo clan’s blood! Got it?”

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