“I am asking. You, name!” The stranger in blue growled out each word. His gaze suddenly became extremely sharp; people would not dare to look straight at him!

These words rang in Chu Yang’s ears like thunder! They suddenly created a fierce feeling of shock as if the whole universe had unexpectedly collapsed at this very moment!

“Why do you care about my name?” Chu Yang tried to control the uncomfortable feeling that was created by the fierce shock. A sudden strong rebellious feeling rose inside of him: Who are you? What are you? Why do I have to give you my name just because you ask?

“Speak.” The stranger’s voice became gentle as if he had realized the shock caused by his voice had caused damage in Chu Yang.

“Why? Do I have to tell you just because you asked?” Chu Yang smiled coldly. There was actually a feeling of anguish. He had not have this kind of feeling in a very long time.

“If you don’t speak, I will immediately kill them.” The stranger in blue said calmly. He pointed his finger in the direction of Gu Du Xing and company as they desperately ran toward his direction.

The first person that advanced because of his brother was certainly one that valued brotherhood.

“Okay! I will tell you!” Chu Yang immediately conceded. This move of the stranger in blue hit directly at his weak spot!

“My name is Chu Yang!” Chu Yang said in annoyance, “Do you want to find a wife for me?”

“Huh…” A faint smile appeared in the stranger’s eyes; he said, “Chu Yang… finding a wife for you… what’s so difficult?”

One of his arm suddenly reached out, and a strong pull was emitted from his palm. It unexpectedly sucked Chu Yang’s body forward. Chu Yang felt as if he was tied up by ten thousand ropes, unable to move even if he wanted to. He said angrily, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” The stranger in blue smiled suddenly grabbed his ankles. He turned Chu Yang upside-down and shook him a few times. Everything that was on Chu Yang’s body fell all over the ground.

“Huh… This punk. You have a lot of stuff on you.”

The stranger looked at the pile on the ground and suddenly frowned and said, “Damn, why are they all shady poisons?”

Being suspended upside-down, Chu Yang’s body wiggled back and forth. Unable to control himself any longer, he said, “Motherf*! My strength is not enough. If I don’t use shady poisons, should I just wait to die?”

The stranger in blue tilted his head and thought. Then he unexpectedly spoke in agreement, “That makes sense.”

Then he pushed around Chu Yang’s things with his foot. His countenance became increasingly difficult to look at as he muttered, “Why is it not here?”

There was sudden ripping sounds as all of the clothes on Chu Yang fell to the ground. Big brother Chu immediately received the same treatment as Luo Ke Di; he had become naked from top to bottom.

The stranger’s eyes unexpectedly widened as he looked at what was between Big brother Chu’s legs. He smacked his lips, “Not small at all. You look like you propagate easily… But, why is it not here?”

Chu Yang almost vomited blood.

“Bastard! Put me down immediately! I… I… I will kill you!” Chu Yang could feel the blood rushing to his head as he became enraged.

Plop! A naked minister Chu was tossed into a pile of snow. Without a care for gracefulness, he quickly grabbed his clothes and put them back on. The stranger did not bother. He only scratched his head looking confused and sad as he muttered, “The likeness is uncanny… why is it not here?”

“You little bastard, who is your father?” The person thought for a long time and suddenly looked up and asked.

“My father? He died a long time ago.” Chu Yang said angrily. The moment the stranger asked this, Chu Yang immediately realized that this person was probably looking for the piece of Pure Purple Jade Essence that represented his identity!

The piece of Pure Purple Jade Essence that Chu Yang had long ago asked the sword spirit to absorb into Nine Tribulations Sword’s space. The person in front of him was currently not clearly identified as friend or foe, how could he just take it out?

“Impudent!” The stranger roared as he smacked Chu Yang’s face. He huffed, “This is the kind of attitude you have for your father?”

“Son of a b*! Stop!” An angry voice came from a few dozen feet away. Gu Du Xing and company were running forward looking disheveled. Seeing the stranger smacked Chu Yang, they immediately became enraged and yelled.

The stranger’s face became downcast, and he yelled, “Shut your mouths! And obediently back out by three hundred feet! If you make another sound… I will crush his bones!”

Gu Du Xing and company wanted to spit out blood, but Chu Yang was in his hand; there was nothing they could do but eye this person with hatred as they stood motionless.

“Haha…” Chu Yang slowly lifted his hand and wiped blood from the edge of his mouth. He smiled icily and said, “Why are you so bothered? How I speak… can you control that?”

The stranger in blue was huffing angrily as he gave Chu Yang a ferocious look. Chu Yang also refused to yield and glared back.

After a while, the stranger’s gaze gradually calmed, and he said dejectedly, “Fine. I am not going to have a battle of wits with you! Let me ask. Have you seen a piece of jade about this big with this kind of shape, and made completely of Pure Purple Jade Essence?”

Then he immediately used his hand to draw a picture of a jade pendant on the snow.

“I have never seen it. What is it?” Chu Yang’s countenance remained unaffected. His gaze did not move as he spoke casually.

What the stranger in blue just drew was the shape of his Pure Purple Jade Essence.

“Never seen…” The stranger’s gazed became forlorn and lost as he muttered, “How could this be…”

“Who is your father? What is your mother’s name? What is your grandfather’s name? What clan are you from? Where are you from?” A ray of hope the appeared in the stranger’s eyes ask he asked a series of questions.

“My father’s name is Chu Da Zhuang, a hunter. My mother’s surname is Yang so I am called Chu Yang. My grandfather’s name is Chu Ying Jun; that’s why I am very handsome (TLN: yingjun). I am from Iron Cloud Nation’s Little Cap Mountain, Three Lake Village. I don’t have any clan. I am from a family of hunters.” Chu Yang did not even blink as he fluently talked about his birthplace. Looking at his fluency, he probably would have been able to speak about all of his family ancestry without any trouble.

“Chu Da Zhuang… Chu Ying Jun. Chu Yang… Iron Cloud Nation’s Little Cap Mountain, Three Lake Village…” The stranger’s face was filled with suspicion. He carefully looked at Chu Yang’s face and muttered, “It can’t be. It can’t be…”

“Oh? Perhaps… I look like someone you know?” Chu Yang asked calmly.

“Truly alike!” The stranger in blue seemed to have recovered his composure. He quietly sighed. Then he frowned and said, “Why is there such likeness?”

“Oh? That person has a very deep relationship with you?” Chu Yang smiled.

“It is deep!” The stranger in blue said dolefully, “Also the same last name… Damn!”

It could be seen that the stranger currently was a little disappointed and did not want to speak further.

But just because he did not want to speak did not mean that Chu Yang did not want to speak. This matter was extremely important to Chu Yang! How could he not ask?

Chu Yang could sense that this person was the greatest connection to his identity. But he did not dare say that at this moment.

The situation was by no means simple. There was no question about that. Could this person be a mortal enemy? Or a family member? How could Chu Yang trust him with just a few words?

Moreover, Chu Yang did not understand the strange feeling he had. This feeling was akin to something like fear.

Was he abandoned on purpose or by accident? What kind of clan was this?

There was no doubt that if he was abandoned on purpose… then in this lifetime, Chu Yang would not return to this clan! Revenge? Chu Yang asked himself. I am not coldblooded to the point that I would take revenge on my own parents. But I also cannot let them find me, and I would not admit to my identity. This much is certain!

Before this could be verified, Chu Yang would absolutely not let his identity be exposed.

He was very worried.

Chu Yang had lived two lifetimes. He no longer had the kind orphan mentality would cause him to become weepy the moment he met his relatives. I am me, but you people did not bother and tossed me away. I am still me!

I grew up by myself; I can succeed by myself! I can still achieve my goals!

But these things could not cover the pain that was in Chu Yang’s heart.

While he was contemplating, his body suddenly became stiff. He was once again pulled by the stranger. With a few ripping sounds, clothes disappeared from his body once more… The stranger stared at Chu Yang’s body carefully from head to toe.

Chu Yang currently did not even have the mind to curse this person…

He is far from human; what is the use of cursing?

“Not a birthmark… Motherf*, how could everything be so clean?” The stranger unexpectedly scolded. Following that, Chu Yang’s freedom was also restored. He refused to put on his clothes, and stood naked in the snow as he boldly faced that guy.

“Put on your clothes!” The stranger’s face darkened.

“Forget about it. On the off chance you want to look again, I would to take them off.” Chu Yang said naturally, “It’s nothing; I don’t mind. Never mind if you are a man; even if you are a woman, I still don’t mind.”

The stranger in blue was dumbfounded. He helplessly turned his head and spat. Blue veins gradually thickened on his face. He ground his teeth and said, “Punk, you should be glad that it’s not you! If you are… just opening that mouth, I would kick you eight hundred times!”

“Thank you very much.” Chu Yang had begun to slowly put on his clothes one piece at a time. He laughed loudly and said, “Seeing my stuff, you have an inferiority complex right?”

“Inferiority complex?” The stranger in blue was puzzled.

“It’s big, right?” Chu Yang arrogantly shook his hips.

“Leave!” The stranger immediately boiled with anger, “Punk, don’t think just because you look like… like me, then I won’t kill you!”

Chu Yang icily said, “I don’t depend on you for anything. Everything is in your own head…” Chu Yang looked up and said casually, “You can do whatever you want! That’s your business; it has nothing to with me!”

“If I want to kill you?”

“That… is also your business!” Chu Yang said faintly. There was not a little bit of emotion in his voice.

“Very gutsy!” The stranger in blue became somber; he turned sad as he quietly looked at the sky. After a long time, he let out a sigh and said in a low voice, “How long must I search…”

All of a sudden, he said to Chu Yang, “Punk, our meeting today could be considered as fated. I smacked you, and you cursed at me. I will be leaving then…”

Chu Yang calmly nodded and said, “I won’t be sending you off…” (walkthejianghu.com)

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