Chu Yang awkwardly escaped.

Ji Mo and company followed behind him.

“I have to say, big brother. This Miss Wu is not bad to look at!” Luo Ke Di tooted his praise, “This young master is well versed with countless women, but even in Middle Three Heavens, there are not many better than she! A top beauty…”

Chu Yang’s face darkened as he continued to rush forth.

“Big brother, I can see that this Miss Wu has some feelings toward you. I can’t believe you choose to play around instead…” Ji Mo said sneakily, “The way I see it, there must be some affair between the two of you…”

“What affair?” Chu Yang said angrily. He glared, and Ji Mo shrunk back in fear.

“In fact, this Miss Wu is very good.” Gu Du Xing said casually as he followed from behind, “She really does like you. We can all see this. You… If you don’t mind, you should reconsider.”

Chu Yang sighed. His impression of Wu Qian Qian had also changed. Even she did not know this. But what kind of person was Chu Yang? How could he have not perceived her feelings?

He remained cold in this aspect. This was something he could not comply with, but he definitely could not reject it either!

Because Wu Qian Qian never made her choice clear and maintained an aloof attitude. She quietly liked him without saying anything! So Chu Yang had few choices.

I never said I like you. I never showed any intentions up to this point. Would you even reject my silent intentions?

So Chu Yang feigned ignorance.

Upon hearing Gu Du Xing’s words, Chu Yang sighed and said, “How could I not know? It’s just… I currently don’t have the mind to talk about love…”

“Why don’t you?” Ji Mo jumped in once again, “We can talk about love, discuss official business, and practice martial arts… That would be enjoyable.”

“Get lost!” Chu Yang said angrily, “One more word out of you, and I will ask for the sword back!”

Ji Mo shrunk back and obediently remained silent. They have lived together for so long and had grown thick skin. At this point, only saying that could threaten him. If he was to say: “One more word out of you, and I will punch you!” He would probably get the response: “Come on! Come on! I have been itching these past few days…”

“You already have someone in your heart?” Gu Du Xing asked thoughtfully. This was the only reason why Chu Yang would not chase after this alluring beauty.

“Mm.” Chu Yang nodded.

“Who is it?” Gu Du Xing’s eyes immediately widened, “Have I met her yet?”

“I am certain that you have already met her!” Chu Yang smiled mysteriously.

“I have?” Gu Du Xing was truly puzzled. He started to think hard about all the beauties he met… but after thinking over and over, he simply became even more puzzled. He could not figure out anything.

The problem was everyone was essentially not a beauty in Gu Du Xing’s eyes. They were simply women! And all women were the same.

“You already have someone in your heart?” Luo Ke Di snorted and happily suggested, “Men with three wives and four concubines are common place. So what if you already have a lover? To be solely taken by one person, that could affect your little brother’s firmness…”

“Get lost!” Gu Du Xing yelled loudly. He gave a kick, and Luo Ke Di flew out like a cloud.

“I cannot figure it out.” Gu Du Xing frowned while still maintaining his kick stance.

“Mm, keep thinking about it then.” Chu Yang smiled strangely. He was currently not in the mood to talk about romance. Mo Qing Wu had been weighing down his heart for two lifetimes. If he developed feelings for Wu Qian Qian now…

Then his conviction after his rebirth would be as worthless as bubbles in the sea!

“That House of Exceptional Beauties, is it much further…” Luo Ke Di ran back with snow all over himself and changed the subject.

“Not too far. Given our speed, the whole trip takes less than an hour.” Chu Yang said cautiously, “It’s just there is something I must tell all of you first. The background of the House of Exceptional Beauties is extremely mysterious. But it is also extremely powerful! Don’t think that you are young masters from great clans in Middle Three Heavens and you can just dismiss them! In my opinion, internally, the House of Exceptional Beauties is no less than any of your clans!”

“Oh?” Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Rui Bu Tong showed a look of interest as they looked at each other and smiled thoughtfully.

“F*!” Luo Ke Di was shocked, “This is the House of Exceptional Beauties? Grandmother! What magnificence!”

Not only him, but even Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing were somewhat surprised!

Snow had fallen nonstop for four days and did not melt. All of Iron Cloud Citadel, including the royal palace, was covered in snow. But within a hundred feet radius of this House of Exceptional Beauties there was unexpectedly not a bit of snow!

Everything was clean! Even the ground was extremely dry. The roof was also surprisingly clean.

In the local area, the only thing that had snow was the little trees that were not afraid of the cold growing in the courtyard. Snow remained on the branches and further contrasted the green color of the leaves creating a dreamy atmosphere like that of a magical realm…

Two sets of lanterns hung from the roof.

The nearby neighbors were completely covered in snow; this was the only place that was dry and clean. Under such fierce contrast, this place looked even more mysterious. It was as if it did not belong to the mortal realm at all.

Young masters came and went nonstop; there was even a merchant walking in with his giant belly.

“This place is really lively.” Luo Ke Di’s two eyes brightened as he forcefully took in the fragrance of makeup carried toward them by the cold wind. He said dreamily, “My god! It’s as warm as spring… Being here, I feel like a fish that just found water…”

“Let’s go. Come on.” Chu Yang immediately recovered after the initial shock.

As they were about to go in, he suddenly sensed something out of the ordinary. He could not help but stiffen as he listened carefully. But he did not discover anything. Still with a thoughtful look in his eyes, he turned back and walked in with Gu Du Xing and company.

A few hundred feet behind them, by the trunk of a large pine tree, a person in blue appeared without making a sound. With a look of great dissatisfaction, he muttered, “This punk, I can’t believe he is taking his friends to a brothel to play with prostitutes…”

He then frowned and murmured, “Motherf*, it was a lot work finding him. But how do I verify that it is him? He still doesn’t seem to have the Pure Purple Jade Essence on him. Could it be that I am mistaken again…”

Thinking about the last time he reported back, the person in blue’s popularity had suffered. He had told the master of the clan that he did not find positive proof, and he was kicked out for it.

“No jade essence? Why bother to report back?” That time, the master whacked the man’s back with his walking stick, “Damn you! You said you can find what? You are supposed to find a person, but have no one to show for it! More than a hundred times before, your elder brother and sister-in-law hastily ran over just to have your sister-in-law go back in tears… You… can you do anything with certainty?”

“Ah, sir, I suspect… I suspect that this time is certain…”

“You suspect? You suspect your grandmother!” The master of the clan roared, “One hundred thirty-five times, each time you were certain that you were right!”

“This time is certain… his looks are too much alike… really, that demeanor, that face…”

“One hundred thirty-five times before, didn’t you also say the same thing each time?!”

“Sir…” (

“Get out!”

“It is right this time…”

“Get out! Still not leaving… Fine, fine!”

Of course that walking stick slammed down again. The person in blue awkwardly ran away.

He could hear the clan master’s roar, “Each time you return without finding him, I will toss you into the latrines!”

At this thought, the person in blue’s face became as ugly as a bitter gourd.

After reporting, he went directly to Iron Cloud Citadel. Then he searched for a few days and practically turned over all of Iron Cloud Citadel. It was not until this morning that he accidentally saw Chu Yang as he exited Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

Even with his speed and skill, he was still exhausted.

“I still can’t sense the purple jade essence. Could it be that he had hidden the piece I gave him as well?” How could the person in blue lose hope? He swore that the youth he found this time looked exactly like his elder brother! Compared to the one hundred thirty-five people before him, he looked much more alike. (TLN: Not sure if it’s worth mentioning; unless given other specifications, we cannot assume biological relationship like Mo Tian Ji and Mo Tian Yun.)

Moreover, the demeanor was also extremely similar this time! There was also the fact that the mouth looked very much like his sister-in-law’s.

However, the clan was extremely busy right now. He could not see his elder brother or sister-in-law. Instead, he ran right into the master of the clan… This old man’s temper… was truly…

“Ah… a brothel… I really hate these places…” The person in blue sighed and softly flew in.

The best thing to do right now was to follow this punk and slowly verify things… Of course being able to find that piece of jade would be best!

“Hey, hey, it has been a while since you young masters come here. Young masters, welcome… Girls, come and greet our honored guests…”

The moment Chu Yang and company entered the door, they were instantly greeted happily by an obese woman of about thirty or forty years of age with a face caked with makeup.

“Oh.” Ji Mo made a retching noise and said angrily, “Is this not House of Exceptional Beauties? Can this also be called an exceptional beauty?”

“This is the madam, you fool!” Gu Du Xing looked at young master Ji Mo in surprise. For a self-proclaim expert with beauties, this reaction was a little shocker.

Ji Mo’s face reddened as he said forcefully, “I thought the madam would be an exceptional beauty, too…”

“Get out of here! An exceptional beauty can be a madam?” Luo Ke Di stuck up his nose and dismissed Ji Mo from his regard.

The three continued to speak without minding anyone. The madam’s face turned red and white as she listened to this feeling greatly ashamed. At this time, five young ladies in white appeared and spoke in unison, “Welcome, five young masters…”

Then they immediately advanced and led each young master inside with arm in arm and warm smiles.

The moment these five young ladies appeared, even Chu Yang could not help but let out an exclamation…

Of course these five young ladies were not at the level of exceptional beauties, but they were each very graceful. In terms of figure or beauty, they were all above average. The makeup on their faces was very light. Their eyes were bright, and at first glance, they did not look like courtesans!

Moreover, each one had shyness on her face and looked like the girl next door. Looking at these young ladies was enough to tell that House of Exceptional Beauties was not an ordinary place!

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