At this time, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing could hear the sound of heavy breathing that seemed to come from great anxiousness. They turned to look and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

If it were not for their great fortitude, they would have rolled out on the floor laughing.

They could see that the two self-proclaimed Casanovas, young masters Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di, were walking stiffly with two young ladies holding their arms. With their chests pushed forward and their backs straight, their bodies looked slightly awkward. And while they tried to maintain a calm countenance, a faint trace of anxiousness could be seen…

Especially with Ji Mo, a few droplets of sweat had appeared on the top of his nose.

Was this the behavior of Casanovas?

“Ji Mo.” Gu Du Xing called out.

Ji Mo did not hear anything. Ever since the young lady in white had taken his arm, he was no longer aware of anything else in this world.

“Ji Mo!” Gu Du Xing increased his volume.

“Huh? Ah, yes.” At this time, Ji Mo finally regained his consciousness.

“Compared to all the other places you have been to… how is this place?” Gu Du Xing said as he suppressed the urge to laugh.

“Ah… not bad. It is still not as good… but it’s acceptable.” Ji Mo tried to put on an “expert” look with his red face and said, “I still remember when I was home. Haha. I went to places like this every day… These small venues are not worth mentioning.”

“Hmm, Ji Mo, you are truly experienced! Not like the rest of us who don’t even know where to go.” Chu Yang said calmly.

“Hee…” The young lady holding Ji Mo’s arm could not help but let out a small laugh. But she immediately realized her mistake and hastily covered her mouth and rolled her eyes.

The other young ladies’ faces showed a look of mockery as well. They lived there; how could they not know? The looks of Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo, forget about being Casanovas, they probably had never been to a place like that ever!

Only young men who visited brothels for the very first time behaved that way. If it was even the second time… they would not be so nervous like that!

And this punk actually went on boasting about going to places like this every day when he was at home. What a laugh…

Gu Du Xing kept from laughing and said, “So young master Ji Mo is very well versed with this kind of place. Would you mind enlightening me a little?”

“What is there to enlighten?” With a knowledgeable look, Ji Mo lowered his voice, “Once they lead you into a room, just take off your pants and climb on…”

“Hahaha…” Gu Du Xing gave a thumbs up, “You are good!” Then he turned his head and walked on with wild laughter.

Other people might not know, but how could Gu Du Xing be ignorant of it? The word lust was the biggest taboo in all the great clans of Middle Three Heavens! This was especially true for all the talented second young masters. Each of them carried the hopes of the clans on their shoulders.

Regardless of what kind of martial arts, premature venting led to a loss that could not be recovered! It would also affect their lifetime achievements. And if these people could not make their achievements, they could not represent their clans…

Under such situations, how could Ji Mo’s group dare to go to a brothel? This was simply a dream! If the clans were to find out, they would probably be skinned and beaten to death.

The young masters that played around were all rejects from ordinary clans. The important disciples in great clans were all strictly trained and cultivated; they were absolutely not the type that were allowed to play around!

Because of the great demands the clans had for them; they were disciplined strictly since they were little. This had become a habit and a way of life for them!

As for the rumors about great clans having many Casanovas, Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang took this as a joke! Casanovas only appeared in mid-rank and lower rank clans. If a great clan’s successor were to be a Casanova, how could this clan remain standing firmly for many years? Would they not be destroyed already?

Stories of prodigal sons were for ordinary people only. They were not for the descendants of great clans! Because once they took a wrong step, they would never be able to turn back! Even if they could turn back, they would never be able to return to their old positions!

Seeing Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di acting as if they were veterans at the brothels, Chu Yang and company did not buy it for a second.

After they entered, they discovered that they were in an enormous room! In this great hall, there was a large furnace with coals burning and creating a hot fire that made the whole room feel as if it was the warm spring season!

The sounds of voices talking went on continuously.

At the end of the great hall was a stage. It was about three feet above the ground with curtains all around. One could faintly see through to the inside. Behind this curtain was an ancient zither.

Inside, there were surprisingly many people already sitting as if they were waiting for something. At the place closest to the stage, there were surprisingly some five or six young masters carrying out the loudest discussion in the whole room.

“This place is a brothel?” Luo Ke Di finally asked in surprise, “Brothels… are like this?”

His voice was a little loud so everyone could not help but glare at him.

In this moment, a mistress in her thirties elegantly walked up onto the stage. While this woman was slightly older, her demeanor was still graceful and worldly. Each movement and action revealed a noble character.

In the great hall, all voices immediately ceased.

“Gentlemen, we will now begin our daily performance.” This woman casually smiled; with a lingering gaze like spring water, she looked over all the faces in the great hall and said, “You all know that Miss Xiao Lu is a master zither player. She was given the name Heavenly Zither Melody. Would you be interested in hearing her music?”

“Yes!” The entire crowd loudly advocated.

“Furthermore, Miss Xiao Lu is in a happy mood today. She said that anyone who could successfully invite her out, can ask her three questions about music; if those questions pique her interest that person could enter her room. Miss Xiao Lu would play a melody especially for him and eat dinner with him. Moreover, from today onward, that person would be a special guest at our House of Exceptional Beauties!”

“Whoa…” (

Everyone exclaimed with excitement. This was, of course, a very tempting opportunity!

“Who is this Miss Xiao Lu?” Gu Du Xing said with an icy countenance, “I can’t believe she is so valued…”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di looked angrily at him.

“You people don’t know who Miss Xiao Lu is?” A person next to them laughed, “Then why did you come here?”

It was as if being ignorant about Miss Xiao Lu was being ignorant in general. Of course everyone in the great hall were in a frenzy because of the appearance of this Miss Xiao Lu.

“Do you not know that the three masters of the Nine Heavens will have a match after twenty years?” Chu Yang laughed dryly.

“A match of three masters?”

“In June, when the lotus blooms, the three masters will meet in the middle of the continent. Who is extraordinary? Who will take the top position?” Chu Yang recited softly, “Angelic transverse flute is like vast waters, saintly end-blown flute is like a floating boat, and the sound of the zither is like the rustling sound of the heavens. One stroke of change paints spring. After twenty years of wind and rain, who still stands? After weathering twenty years, who will remain?” (TLN: Clearly, desperately attempting to translate poetry here. Also, two different instruments that translate into flute in English. So please excuse the technicality.)

“In the Nine Heavens, there were originally nine masters, each of his own musical instrument and at the peak of supremacy. For some unknown reason, one day, these nine people wanted to compete to see who was number one in the world. And so they started to compete.”

“At the time, it was the month of June at Lotus Lake in the capital of Great Zhao. In front of the watching public, they had their competition. Eight people remained equaled, but the sheng master lost and left the ranks of the masters. They became the eight masters from then on!”

“The nine masters’ skills were handed down for many generations; the eight remaining people were equally matched. Plus, they were all at the pinnacle of their respective art, advancing further would have been very difficult. Therefore, they made a pact to come back to the same place in twenty years to compete once more. But at that time, it would be their disciples competing.”

“Twenty years later, some disciples were not so well versed in their arts and ended up quitting. They then became six masters!”

“And now, there are only three masters! They are transverse flute, end-blown flute, and zither. June of next year will be the twenty years period, and it will be the time when the three masters will compete for the very last time! The best in the world must be determined then! And this Miss Xiao Lu is the only disciple of the zither master!” Chu Yang said slowly.

“While transverse flute, end-blown flute, and zither are not martial arts, their fame and influence in this world are enormous! Great Zhao, in the center of the continent, would probably suffer a great headache come June of next year.” The moment Chu Yang said this, his eyes flashed, and a mysterious smile appeared on his face.

“Ah… but what does ‘one stroke of change paints spring’ mean?”

“Of course the witnesses of that competition between the nine masters had recorded the event…” Chu Yang said slowly.

“So you are not really bringing us here today to play.” Gu Du Xing smiled. He had guessed Chu Yang’s intention.

The meeting of the three masters in the center of the continent was a world event! If used properly, they would surely be able to give Diwu Qing Rou a big headache. Given a great opportunity to play Diwu Qing Rou, how could Chu Yang let it pass him by?

Chu Yang’s coming here today was an extremely important move!

Chu Yang smiled and said, “This zither master, Miss Xiao Lu… Hahaha.” He only laughed and did not explain anything.

Such a world event, how could Chu Yang have not known about it in the previous life? He still remembered clearly. In the previous life, end-blown flute master took the top position, transverse flute master took second, and zither master took third. In other words, this Miss Xiao Lu was defeated!

However, her failure was not because her craft was not refined. It was because her zither was suddenly stolen right before the battle of the three masters in the center of the continent… The zither of a zither master could be considered a priceless treasure and the most valuable item in the world!

How could her state of mind be good when she had lost her zither? And where could she go to find a suitable zither in such a short amount of time? Among zithers, how could there be two that are exactly alike?

So it was only logical that the zither master lost.

After losing, the zither master did not seem to accept her defeat. The other two masters were then murdered at almost the same time! Their two great clans also collapsed! This case caused an uproar in the world. But in the end, nothing could be done because no one knew who did it.

It was until years later that Chu Yang understood, this was done by the power backing the zither master! This move was extremely cruel because it was not certain who stole the zither. But it was certain that one of the two clans took part in this matter so at least one was guilty and deserving of their punishment.

Even though they could not find any evidence, they unexpectedly killed both clans! A total purge!

An overkill! But there was no other way, being excessive was most effective… But after killing people, the zither was still not found. And like that, the nine masters faded away with time…

“This is our chance.” Chu Yang smiled and winked at Gu Du Xing…

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