“Speaking of drinking wine with girls… I have never done that before.” Chu Yang coughed and rubbed his nose in embarrassment, “What… is drinking wine with girls? Is it good?”

“Bull…” The four people yelled in unison as they looked at Chu Yang contemptuously!

“I really don’t know… I have never tried it before…” Chu Yang said innocently.

“Big brother, you’re saying you have never been to such a place?” Ji Mo stared with wide eyes.

Rui Bu Tong and Luo Ke Di laughed loudly.

“Why not go today and see?” Chu Yang scratched his head; a light flashed in his eyes.

In Iron Cloud Citadel, there was one place that Chu Yang was very interested in, but could not be certain of. This place seemed charming and lovely, but it could also be considered the most dangerous place in Iron Cloud Citadel!

For Lower Three Heavens, calling it dragon bay or tiger cave would not be an exaggeration!

House of Exceptional Beauties!

(TLN: Four verses to follow. I will try not to butcher them during the translation process… too much.)

Singing and wine pouring at all times;

Careless dancing in the night erases all worries;

Where do beauties worth discarding the world for go?

House of most exceptional beauties in the world!

Since the time House of Exceptional Beauties first appeared in Iron Cloud Citadel, whether it was endless fighting or changing dynasties, it remained standing!

In the previous life, after Golden Horse Riders Department toppled Iron Cloud, their greatest loss was to House of Exceptional Beauties!

The House of Exceptional Beauties was, as the name suggested, a brothel. But, this one was different from other brothels. The ladies here only sold their talents, not their bodies. (TLN: I know the definition of the English word brothel does not fit. But I will translate it as brothel to be consistent as the original uses the same term for all types.) Plus, the price was also very high-class. If some someone was not a rich master, he would surely not be in the position to pay for one night of entertainment.

At that time, Iron Cloud Citadel fell into the hands of the enemies, and the Golden Horse Riders Department men went to House of Exceptional Beauties to have some fun. Then they demanded the ladies accompany them to bed; the people of House of Exceptional Beauties beat them up and tossed them out.

Right after, an entire battalion attacked, but they were also beaten with their teeth all over the ground. In the end, Diwu Qing Rou himself showed up to pacify this situation. No one knew why, but House of Exceptional Beauties remained House of Exceptional Beauties.

What did this say about them?

Given Diwu Qing Rou’s strength, he had unexpectedly let House of Exceptional Beauties off! One did not have to think to know its terrifying power.

Chu Yang also did not know what was hidden behind House of Exceptional Beauties. But what he did know was that it must be a great monster! House of Exceptional Beauties was clearly a tool for gathering wealth for some power. Besides that, he did not know anymore.

But this was enough for Chu Yang to respect it!

Chu Yang had always thought about the possibility of recruiting House of Exceptional Beauties to his side. If that was the case, his strength would certainly increase. But House of Exceptional Beauties had been in Iron Cloud Citadel for so many years; how could Tie Bu Tian and Tie Long Chen not know of its value?

If they had no way to recruit them, Chu Yang estimated that his chances were not all that great.

If he was to carelessly bother House of Exceptional Beauties, everything could be ruined. So Chu Yang kept off.

Now that the world was on ice and Iron Cloud Citadel was busy, his Bu Tian Pavilion was actually in a leisurely state. Chu Yang wanted to go and check out House of Exceptional Beauties. Of course bringing Ji Mo and company with him was for fun, but it was also for their powerful assistance.

Chu Yang thought a little and said, “Wait for me here a while. I will go to Bu Tian Pavilion first and see. If there is nothing, we will go to House of Exceptional Beauties for a little fun.”

“House of Exceptional Beauties?” Upon hearing these words, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong became excited, “Exceptional beauties? How many exceptional…”

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo looked at each other and suddenly laughed lewdly.

“Keep in mind that they sell talents not bodies. Don’t make fools of yourselves.” Chu Yang warned.

“That’s what makes them more captivating! What fun is there when they sell themselves? It’s disgusting just thinking about it!” Ji Mo let out the full blown laugh of a pervert, “It’s exactly what I want… ahwoo…”

Gu Du Xing looked coldly and said, “House of Exceptional Beauties? I am not interested! Huh, in this world, besides Xiao Miao, are there any other exceptional beauties?”

The four others rolled their eyes. It seemed that, with the exception of Gu Miao Ling, all women in the world were dirt…

“Let’s go, let’s go… Hey, hey, what are you waiting for? We will go to Bu Tian Pavilion with you. Then we will go to House of Exceptional Beauties together!” Luo Ke Di said hastily. This punk was so excited that his face reddened. His eyes shined with hunger, “I am too anxious…”

Then he looked down and said grievously, “You see, it’s even ready…”

Sure enough there was an eye-catching bulge in his crotch…

Chu Yang scoffed and kicked.

Luo Ke Di quickly moved aside. He reached in his hand and tucked away his little brother. Then he said sadly, “I still remember when I was enjoying my travels… I did not expect to be grabbed by you people the moment I reached Lower Three Heavens. From the open ocean, I fell into a desert. Damn it; it is on the verge of exploding…”

The five flew away as they argued.

Gu Du Xing really did not want to go, but Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di grabbed him from either side and dragged him along.

The great snow fall had ceased a few days ago, but it was still extremely cold. Dark clouds filled the air, and the snow formed a thick layer on the ground without melting.

Since the day Mo Qing Wu left him, Chu Yang felt a little uneasy. During this time period, he had trained like mad and beaten himself, but he could not alleviate the sadness in his heart.

However, he could not speak of this pain to anyone. If Gu Du Xing’s group knew that he was lovesick with a nine and a half year old girl… they would probably look down upon him!

According to his calculation, Mo Qing Wu was surely home by now. Plus, the clan would probably know about everything. What would the Mo clan do?

Chu Yang was a little bothered. What he regretted most was the fact that Dong Wu Shang ran so fast. He did not have time to tell him to ask for some news on Mo Qing Wu…

They argued all the way to Bu Tian Pavilion.

While the weather was cold, all of Iron Cloud Citadel remained bustling as before. The only exception was Bu Tian Pavilion, which was normally the busiest place, but was now deserted.

Most people were sent to do work outside by Chu Yang. Within Bu Tian Pavilion, there were only new recruits training. Wu Qian Qian oversaw the operation. Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were also not there; where they went was not known.

“Where did you send them?” Wu Qian Qian asked.

“It is a secret.” Chu Yang said casually, “Little miss, you should not be so curious.”

Wu Qian Qian was utterly annoyed. I am your elder martial sister!

“I have a few things to do these next few days. If there is nothing happening at Bu Tian Pavilion, don’t bother me.” Chu Yang said lightly.

“Who would dare to bother you?” Wu Qian Qian was fuming. Then she said warmly, “The prince… ah no, the emperor needs you?”

“He needs me? Does he want me to marry his little sister?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes.

“You are quick when it comes to pretty girls…” Wu Qian Qian’s eyes widened, “He has a little sister?”

“He doesn’t have a little sister?” Compared to Wu Qian Qian, Chu Yang was even more surprised.

“Where is his little sister from?” Wu Qian Qian stared with round eyes, “All of Iron Cloud Nation knows that the prince was the only successor of the emperor!”

“Oh…” Chu Yang said freely, “It’s because he hid her away… Huh? That doesn’t make sense… then who is it?”

Chu Yang frowned and thought. Then he said slowly, “Iron Cloud’s number one beauty. But given such… how would you know if she is beautiful?”

“Big brother, are you done?” Ji Mo called from outside the door, “You are gutsy to talk about House of Exceptional Beauties right in front of a beautiful woman!”

“What House of Exceptional Beauties?” Wu Qian Qian immediately became alert, “House of Exceptional Beauties in Iron Cloud Citadel?”

Her words interrupted Chu Yang’s train of thoughts. He said nonchalantly, “I want to take them there for some fun…”

“You are taking them to House of Exceptional Beauties for some fun?” Wu Qian Qian’s eyes immediately widened. Her smiling face gradually turned cold. Then she suddenly roared, “You can’t go!”

“What?” Chu Yang looked at her in surprise and said, “You can’t be unreasonable like that! Us going to House of Exceptional Beauties, what does that have to do with you?”

“I…” Wu Qian Qian bit her lip.

“I, what?” Chu Yang turned to walk out, “You can continue to do your work. Let’s go!”

“Hold on!” Wu Qian Qian ran out, “I am going, too.”

These words shocked Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Rui Bu Tong. You are going, too? That place is a brothel… where men go to play with women!

“You can’t go!” Chu Yang said categorically. Bringing a female to a brothel? What is this? Plus, I am not really going to play…

“I must go!” Wu Qian Qian did not yield.

“You tell me… What are you going to do there?” Chu Yang scratched his head in annoyance, “What are you going for? You can play with prostitutes? You…”

“In any case, I must go!” Wu Qian Qian showed a rarely seen resilience. You want to go and play? Don’t even think about it!

“You have to stay here!” Chu Yang said seriously, “This is a command!”

“I will resign immediately and go!” Wu Qian Qian said angrily.

The two glared at each other like two fighting cocks.

Gu Du Xing and company’s gazes shifted from one to another. The stood there with their arms folded as if they were watching great entertainment.

At this very moment, a savior appeared. Cheng Zi Ang ran in with a pile of documents in his arms, “Oh, miss. This… ah, the minister is here. That’s good. This…”

“What is it?” Wu Qian Qian said carelessly.

“I am going to the royal palace…” Chu Yang immediately ran away.

Wu Qian Qian yelled after him, “Wait!” Then hastily gave chase.

Minister Chu yelled, “Cheng Zi Ang, I command you to stop her! If you let her cross the door today, I will punish you!”

Then with a wave, he and the rest escaped.

“Oh, hey, hey… Miss Wu, Miss Wu…” Cheng Zi Ang stretched out his arms, “Aunty, please have mercy on my old bones…”

Seeing that Wu Qian Qian wanted to give chase, Cheng Zi Ang almost cried.

“The minister is going to the royal palace for official business!” Cheng Zi Ang was still unclear. What is going on? Why do you want to stop him from going to the palace?

“Is the royal palace at the House of Exceptional Beauties?” When Wu Qian Qian saw that Chu Yang had disappeared from sight, she stomped bitterly, “He wants to go to the House of Exceptional Beauties to play…”

“Huh?” Cheng Zi Ang’s eyes immediately widened. The minister wants to play with prostitutes?

Seeing that Wu Qian Qian’s eyes had turned red, Cheng Zi Ang immediately coaxed, “Going to the House of Exceptional Beauties is no big deal. At most, he will be listening to them singing. The people at the House of Exceptional Beauties sell their talents not their bodies…”

He criticized internally: This minister. There is an exceptional beauty right next to you, and you are going to the House of Exceptional Beauties to play with prostitutes? How Miss Wu feels about you, who in Bu Tian Pavilion does not know…

“It’s still not okay that they sell their talents and not their bodies!” Wu Qian Qian said angrily.

At this moment, she never stopped to think: I am trying to stop Chu Yang, but what does Chu Yang have to do with me? (walkthejianghu.com)

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