Mo Tian Yun, I will get you for this! I will build my strength at Cang Lan battlefront and return. Mo Tian Yun, just you wait!

Mo Tian Ji finally left. He had originally intended to find his father and speak to him before leaving. But after seeking him out many times, Mo Xing Chen was always busy. Or it could be said that he intentionally did not want to meet. Seeing that it was the day for his departure, Mo Tian Ji abandoned such effort.

He knew that his father did not want to see him.

When he left, Mo Tian Yun unexpectedly represented the clan and went to see him off. The two brothers glared at each other without saying a word.

The group going with Mo Tian Ji waited quietly outside the door as they bid each other farewell. In the front was a female warrior with a delicate frame.

At this moment, the warrior’s gaze was directed in Mo Tian Yun’s direction.

“Let’s go over here and talk.” Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth and walked to the side with Mo Tian Yun.

“Second brother, I want to wish you a good trip.” Mo Tian Yun smiled with satisfaction as he walked, “Do you have something you want to talk to me about?”

“It’s nothing; I just want to let you know something.” Mo Tian Ji became silent for a moment and finally whispered, “Mo Tian Yun, open your ears and listen carefully!”

“What did you say?” Mo Tian Yun said angrily.

“Listen well!” Mo Tian Ji’s countenance was as cold as a block of ice as he spoke, “Three years ago, when Lan Mei was sent to serve me, I already knew that she is your person.”

Mo Tian Yun was frightened, “You!”

“Keep it down!” Mo Tian Ji smiled icily, “Not only do I know that she is your person, I also know that you are crazy about her! Mo Tian Yun, I also know that she gave birth to a son for you. It’s just that you are not married so this has to be kept a secret.”

Mo Tian Yun’s face became pale; the edges of his eyes twitched slightly.

“You really like this woman, and you all really like this son of yours. That little boy is very innocent and lovable; I also like him a lot.” Mo Tian Ji licked his lips and said, “Mo Tian Yun, you would do well to remember, while I am not home, if Xiao Wu has to suffer any grievances, you should be prepared to go to Red Lantern House to find your woman. I will surely place the Mo Tian Ji seal on her body. At that time, I am sure that your enemies will be very interested!”

Mo Tian Yun’s lost all of its color.

Red Lantern House was a famous brothel in Middle Three Heavens. It was also the visiting place of all the great clans’ disciples. When Mo Tian Yun liked a woman, it would not be to the point of not being able to let her go. But it was about how he let her go. If she was sold to a brothel by Mo Tian Ji, this humiliation would drive Mo Tian Yun mad!

Mo Tian Ji relished in Mo Tian Yun’s reaction and said slowly, “There is also your son; since he was born, he always followed his mother. Haha, I can promise you… he will live very well.”

A trace of madness appeared on Mo Tian Ji’s face as he smiled, “I also do not want to do this to you… Do you understand now?”

Mo Tian Yun’s eyes suddenly reddened, “Mo Tian Ji, do you plan to die together with dead fish and broken nets?”

“Xiao Wu is not a fish!” Mo Tian Ji said casually, “You also do not need to search; your son is no longer there. Rest assured, as long as Xiao Wu is safe, mother and son will be safe!”

“But that is your nephew!” Mo Tian Yun let out a low roar!

“You don’t see me as a brother; why do I have to see him as my nephew!” Mo Tian Ji smiled warmly, “Mo Tian Yun, why do you remain so naïve like this?”

Then Mo Tian Ji took a step back and looked at Mo Tian Yun coldly. He continued to back up step by step. After five steps, he suddenly pointed his hand straight at Mo Tian Yun’s nose. He poked at thin air twice and said casually, “Eldest brother, remember what I said! Let’s hope nothing unpleasant will happen, right?”

After that, he immediately turned and yelled, “Let’s go!” He jumped onto a horse and let out a laugh that echoed throughout. A cavalry of three hundred moved as one like a black cloud breaking through the cold wind as it sped away!

There was not even one look back.

That warrior Lan Mei only caught a glance of Mo Tian Yun’s pale face earlier. Before she had a chance to react, she had to leave with the cavalry and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Mo Tian Yun stood silently at the door; the muscles on his face twitched. After a long time, he let out a punch. The entire door was smashed to pieces by that punch! He breathed heavily as his eyes were filled with indignation. He said in a low voice, “Send out my order to cancel all actions in the inner court!”

“Huh? Eldest young master?…” The guard behind him could not help but feel shocked when he heard this.

“Do as I say!” Mo Tian Yun turned around and yelled angrily, “Are you deaf?”

The terrified guard paled, and repeatedly said yes. He then turned and ran as if he was flying.

Mo Tian Yun hyperventilated with madness rising in his eyes, “Mo Tian Ji! I will kill you!”

In a distance, Mo Tian Ji’s countenance showed a conflicting emotion. He also did not want to use this tactic, but at this time, his hand was forced; not using it was not an option!

Getting Lan Mei was part of Mo Tian Ji’s plan from three years ago! It was at that time that the struggle between two brothers became fierce.

Mo Tian Yun was certain that Mo Tian Ji did not know Lan Mei’s identity. Having Lan Mei serve under Mo Tian Ji was tantamount to having his own super spy there! But never did he imagine that Mo Tian Ji got Lan Mei for this very reason!

It was to prepare for this very step!

Now that he used this tactic to deal with Mo Tian Yun, it was an eye for an eye!

With Mo Tian Ji gone, Mo Qing Wu was even lonelier in the inner court…

Each day, she held on the tattered scabbard. She even held it when she went to sleep. She hugged it tightly as if this old, tattered scabbard was now her only consolation. The sorrow on her little face made everyone feel extremely sad.

“Scabbard, do you miss the saber?”

“Scabbard, do you miss Brother Chu Yang?”

“Scabbard, do you want to leave this place?”

“Scabbard… I only have you by my side…”

“Brother Chu Yang… when will you come here…”

***** (

During this time, Chu Yang put all of his effort into brutally training himself!

Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong successively broke through. Luo Ke Di ranked fifth, and Rui Bu Tong was bitter with a gap of only one hour. But, in the end, he still had to take the last position.

The duty of washing undergarments for a month fell onto the shoulders of the future lone bandit, Rui Bu Tong.

Rui Bu Tong was now grimacing every day.

Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang were a little better than Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo who were not the least bit polite. They made sure that their socks were filthy each day before tossing them on Rui Bu Tong’s bed…

Rui Bu Tong was getting stunk to death…

Especially bad was the fact that Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di always loitering around him with satisfaction.

“Sixth, let me hear you say third brother.”

“Sixth, let me hear you say fifth brother.”



“Sixth, are you done washing those socks? Third brother wants to give you a few pointers in martial arts.”

“Sixth, are you done washing those socks? Fifth brother wants to have a match with you.”

Rui Bu Tong suffered from a bombardment of physical and psychological blows… Under the torture of these two people, his cultivation broke through new heights…

As for Chu Yang’s current state, it was enough to make people click their tongues!

This punk had placed his life on the life for cultivation!

After breaking through third grade martial master, he began to make a jump with his challenges. Starting with Rui Bu Tong, all four people had to fight with Chu Yang at least five times a day!

Moreover, Chu Yang requested that they must not go easy on him!

Thus, after each match, Chu Yang suffered a total beating. But no matter how he was beaten up, after less than an hour, he would jump up with full rigor and proceed with the next match!

His ability to withstand such abuse terrified the four!

While they were able to give this big brother a beating each time, this unrelenting endurance… was too disturbing!

The four thought to themselves that if it was them, they would surely not be able to withstand it!

Plus, Chu Yang seemed to make progress every time. His agility, footwork and cultivation state created a different feeling each time they fought.

The four of them had never seen such an anomaly, nor had they ever heard of one.

Chu Yang was also in endless pain. He had fought like mad and made total use of Gu Du Xing and company to slowly reach a new level of understanding!

But the four of them were currently high ranking Great level masters.

He felt great pressure from them each time.

And his state of enlightenment also soared under this great pressure. His advancement speed gave Gu Du Xing and company a complete understanding of the word terror.

Half a month ago, Chu Yang was only at fourth grade! But right now, he was already at the peak of seventh grade Martial Master!

There were many states of enlightenment he had already experienced from his previous life so he advanced quicker. But it was enough to scare people!

Moreover, what drove Gu Du Xing and company crazy was Chu Yang’s new fighting technique which was slowly forming. Especially during the time period when he understood Gentle Force of Water. He had now started to gradually incorporate it into his techniques and movements…

This kind of fighting technique was very difficult to deal with.

If it were not for the fact that their martial power greatly exceeded his own… a second or third grade Great level master, for example, would definitely be beaten by him. There was no doubt about that.

Being chased by Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and company also felt massive pressure!

If someone from the level of third grade Martial Artist managed to unexpectedly catch up to seventh or eighth grade Martial Great Master… they would lose too much face! As a result, the four spontaneously trained for their lives…

In this dull state, their lives passed day by day.

The weather grew colder and colder. Bu Tian Pavilion also had ample gains. In addition to nonstop training, they gathered new recruits and quietly laid out a spy network. In term of domestic issues, they had no movements.

Since his coronation, Tie Bu Tian had many things waiting for him to deal with. He was so busy that he no longer had time to go to Bu Tian Pavilion.

In the eyes of the Iron Cloud people, Bu Tian Pavilion had quieted down.

In the eyes of countless “caring” people, this was proof of rumors of King of Hell Chu falling out of favor and on the verge of losing his position. In Iron Cloud Citadel, gossips grew, and those who were nervous before were feeling very happy now.

Today, after finishing with his cultivation, Chu Yang could feel that his cultivation level had risen to eighth grade Martial Master. Looking at Gu Du Xing and company still fiercely training, he could not help but wonder.

“After one month of nonstop training without going out, don’t you guys feel bored?” Chu Yang smiled and asked, “Today, big brother will treat you. Well? Where do you want to go?”

Perhaps, he was waiting for the right time to go to that place?

“Drink wine with girls, drink wine with girls…” Ji Mo cheered loudly with two bright eyes, “Find some pretty girls and talk about life…”

Luo Ke Di, Gu Du Xing and Rui Bu Tong all stepped back at the same time. They looked around casually while showing an expression that clearly spoke, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know him…”

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