Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing went through two snow storms on the road.

“We will be at Great Zhao in ten days.” Chu Yang smiled and pointed his whip ahead.

Gu Du Xing nodded solemnly.

The appearance of the two had changed greatly. Compared to what they looked like before there was nothing similar. Even their figures, the shape of their faces and the distance between their facial features changed.

Right now, even if Wu Yun Liang stood in front of them, he would probably not be able recognize that the person in front of him was Chu Yang.

As for Gu Du Xing, he was wearing a black outfit with an icy countenance. His gaze was as sharp as a falcon. Even with his change in appearance, he still maintained the same dead face from before. A glance was enough for one to see the following words on his face: “Don’t come any closer.”

This place was the border between the two countries. From a distance, flags of soldiers sent a chill straight into the sky! It was as if the souls of millions of soldiers were still fighting nonstop for their countries.

“The scene at the border is definitely different.” Gu Du Xing was a little moved.

“Yes, if they don’t come to the battlefield at the border, no one could imagine that even the air here is filled with the smell of tragedy.” Chu Yang sighed deeply, “How could those who enjoy the life of luxury and wealth know that millions of bones are buried here because of them? An ordinary life without any fighting for power and position is what these heroes thirsted for…”

“For bones that have been buried in this place, there are countless mothers, lovers, wives still longing and waiting for their return. How could they know that their dreams have gone up in smoke already?”

Gu Du Xing remained quiet for a long time before saying, “Big brother, you have been especially emotional lately.”

“It’s not emotion.” Chu Yang looked at the atmosphere at the border and said, “Perhaps… this is the law of Nine Heavens.”

“The law of Nine Heavens…” Gu Du Xing looked gravely at the military camps of the two nations and sighed, “If I am the ruler of Nine Heavens, I would also not allow people of Middle Three Heavens and Upper Three Heavens to come and interfere with the fight between the royal courts of Lower Three Heavens. With the many people here, a martial expert only needs to flip his hand and millions would die needlessly.”

Chu Yang nodded, “Compared to Middle Three Heavens and Upper Three Heavens where a blink of an eye or a movement of a hand could cause great change, life in this Lower Three Heavens seems more human.”

Gu Du Xing suddenly halted and murmured, “Compared to Middle Three Heavens and Upper Three Heavens where a blink of an eye or a movement of a hand could cause great changes, life in this Lower Three Heavens seems more human.”

He momentarily felt a bit of clarity.

Of course Chu Yang was not talking about an actual great change. But were the powerful and gifted with abilities to move mountains and cover the sky not be those who can cause great changes in Lower Three Heavens?

Looking at the two contrasting worlds, Gu Du Xing immediately had a breakthrough! When he was looking at the battlefield, a feeling of respect rose in his mind.

And his cultivation unexpectedly had a breakthrough after only ten days!

Second grade Revered Sword Artist!

Chu Yang smiled; such advancement was appropriate for the two words “heavenly talent” that was used to describe Gu Du Xing. From now on, each of his words and actions, and his demeanor will be more like that of the lone swordsman that shocked the world in the previous life.

But in this life, he would no longer be alone.

After a long while, Gu Du Xing was done with his breakthrough. He opened his eyes and looked at Chu Yang, “Big brother… thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” Chu Yang said casually, “We did not have to go through a battlefield to cross this place, but I wanted you to feel some of the emotions of it. Since you were able to be enlightened by this and even break through as well, we should be on our way.”

“How did you know that I would be able to have an enlightenment?” Gu Du Xing asked in puzzlement.

“Because you train with swords; it is also the way of the merciless sword…” Chu Yang showed a smile.

“Yes.” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

“However, the way of the merciless sword would never reach the peak!” Chu Yang said softly, “This is a detour. Only after you have come to this battlefield can you have a kind of understanding; it is a guard.”

“The way of the sword is to guard!” Gu Du Xing frowned and thought for a long time.

“In cultivation, the most important thing is understanding. Your way of the sword, after today, will transform into way of the merciful sword. Because you guard your heart. With Gu Miao Ling waiting, and us brothers as well, all these things will be the forces for your sword path.”

Chu yang sighed internally. If it was the previous life, how could there be someone to guide him like so…

“Here.” Chu Yang tossed a book over to a pensive Gu Du Xing, “Look at this book; before you reach King level, you probably don’t need it though.”

Gu Du Xing took it and looked. He could not help but be startled, “King revered sword enlightenment?” His thin body trembled.

It was not a sword technique, but an enlightenment in cultivation of a swordsman. Each step, each moment was clearly written. For someone who trained in the way of the sword like Gu Du Xing, this was definitely a great help!

It was no different from having a guide while walking in darkness. Or like a blind person struggling in life suddenly finding a staff.

Because following its methods, there would be no detours in this path!

Moreover, Gu Du Xing also did not know… that this copy of king revered sword enlightenment did not belong to anyone. It was some of the enlightenment from the Nine Tribulations Sword spirit.

Cultivating in the ways of this enlightenment, Gu Du Xing will not be equal to a Nine Tribulations Sword master like Chu Yang. But he would still be at the peak of the way of the sword in the Nine Heavens continents.

A few more days passed and the two were finally advancing into Great Zhao territory. Along the way, villages and towns had started to appear.

And rumors also started to cause big commotions everywhere.

In the middle of the afternoon, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing went into a restaurant. They chose a few dishes and tried to rest a bit.

The restaurant was crowded with customers. Most of them were Jiang Hu people carrying sabers and swords. Everyone were talking and swearing. Given the way the two people were dressed, in this restaurant, they were not worthy of any attention. They were like two drops of water in an ocean.

But gradually, a piece of news appeared and caught their attention.

“Do you know? Nine Heavens’ treasured Ask the Heavens Sword has appeared!”

“Huh? That’s not news; I know about this already.”

“Ask the Heavens Sword. According to legends, it is the personal weapon of the great Sword Saint Ji Wen Tian (TLN: Wen Tian translates to Ask the Heavens) from eight thousand years ago… The most important thing is, within Ask the Heavens Sword, there is a hidden martial art technique. It is the enlightenment in the way of the sword by Ji Wen Tian…”

“This kind of thing, once you get it, will you not become the future Sword Saint. My god!”

“Huh? Ask the Heavens Sword? Sword Saint? Tell me about it. Waiter, bring a bottle of good wine and two pounds of beef to this table!” The moment the people at this table started talking, they caught the attention of the nearby table. They cheerfully lifted their table and connected it.

“Mm, Ask the Heavens Sword is an extraordinary treasure. I heard that a few days ago, someone was holding Ask the Heavens Sword. He only lightly slashed and Northern Zhou’s hero, Zhang Da Hou, was cut into two pieces. Then he slashed again, and Zhang Da Hou became four pieces… This is truly a powerful weapon.” This punk spat everywhere as he talked. His face flushed with excitement; it was as if he witnessed the whole thing first hand.

“Yes, yes. If not, how could it be a weapon of a Sword Saint?” The listeners were eagerly waiting.

“If you could see this with your own eyes, this life would be worthwhile…”

“Yes, yes.” In the restaurant, everyone echoed the same words, but each person carried only one thought.

“I wonder where the owner of Ask the Heavens Sword is right now.” This is something everyone wanted to know most.

“I don’t know. But, the since this owner of Ask the Heavens Sword has revealed it, his road would be a dangerous one. Seeing the path of killing, he is definitely heading for Continental Center.”

“Oh…” Many people let out a meaningful cry…

“Hahaha, do you people only know about Ask the Heavens Sword appearing?” Someone suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Do you know how Ji Wen Tian fell eight thousand years ago?”

“Why did the Saint level master fall?” Numerous people turned. They saw a middle-aged man in black sitting alone at a table. There was a look of content on his face.

“Please tell us.”

“Well, this is a little embarrassing…”

“Waiter! Bring wine! The best wine! The best food!” Someone yelled out loud with a magnificent flair, “This big brother, will you accept a cup from me?”

“Sure, sure, haha.”

“May I inquire, Ask the Heavens Sword Saint…”

“Speaking of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint, he was a child without a mother. This story is really long…” The middle-aged man in black looked sad, “… Legends said that eight thousand years ago, there was a heavenly endowed Sword Saint. His cultivation shocked ancient history. That person was Ask the Heavens Sword Saint Ji Wen Tian! But an inevitable thing happened. At that time, it was not only Ask the Heavens Sword Saint that dominated Jiang Hu…”

“There was another? Could he be even more powerful than the Sword Saint?”

“Hmm! At that time, one saber and one sword were famous in Nine Heavens. They dominated for a few hundred years and their fame would remain for a million years! The other person was Underworld Saber Saint, Xia Huang Quan!” The middle-aged man in black took a big gulp of wine. (TLN: Huang Quan means underworld.)

“Underworld Saber Saint, Xia Huang Quan…” Everyone gasped at once. While they did not know who this Underworld Saber Saint was, they were in awe to learn that this Saber Saint was as famous as Ask the Heavens Sword Saint.

Even though they did not know anything about Ask the Heavens Sword Saint before this, they were all ignorant people; what could they say?

“Do you know?” The middle-aged man chewed on the beef and drank the good wine. He was lost in joy, “At that time, the two top masters were irreconcilable mortal enemies!”

“Huh? Really?”

“Yes! Ask the Heavens Sword Saint and Underworld Saber Saint fought endlessly for hundreds of years. Finally, one day, the two met to fight to the death…” The middle-aged man in black spoke melodiously.

“Fight to the death…”

“Yes! A fight to the death.” The middle-aged man in black sighed, “That battle shook heaven and earth. The sun and moon were eclipsed! They fought from Upper Three Heavens down to Middle Three Heavens. All of the dozens of mountains in Upper Three Heavens were flattened! It is now the Chaotic Souls Plain in Upper Three Heavens!” The middle-aged man in black was extremely vivid with his description.

“Amazing!” After hearing, there was a look of awe and admiration in everyone’s eyes.

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