“At that time, the two Saint level masters fought and created a big hole in Upper Three Heavens. They flew directly down to Middle Three Heavens! Once again, they fought in Middle Three Heavens for nine days and nights! They sank more than twenty large mountains!”


“Exactly, sank!” The middle-aged man in black said solemnly, “It is now the Boundless Sea of Middle Three Heavens. Do you know of the Boundless Sea?”

Everyone nodded like pecking chickens. They acted as if they had truly seen that “Boundless Sea.”

“After the two Saint level masters finished fighting in Middle Three Heavens, they punched a large hole in Middle Three Heavens and went down to Lower Three Heavens.” The middle-aged man in black described it lively and vividly.

“They even went to Lower Three Heavens?”

“Gibberish! Otherwise, where would Ask the Heavens Sword come from?” The middle-aged man in black rolled his eyes, “Do you want to listen or no? If you don’t, I won’t talk anymore.”

“No, no, no… It’s my fault; it’s my fault. Waiter! Bring out two more jars of good wine!”

“Mm… After fighting in Lower Three Heavens, the two Saint level masters were finally exhausted, but they were still at a stalemate!” The middle-aged man in black sighed and looked dreamily, “At that time, Underworld Saber Saint, Xia Huang Quan finally made his last slash…”

“Then Ask the Heavens Sword Saint, Ji Wen Tian also made his final slash!”

Everyone’s heart jumped right up to their throat.

“… Boom! The mountain howled, and the sea roared. Heaven and earth was turned upside down. The clouds changed color, and thunder filled the sky.” The middle-aged man in black sounded as if he was mourning, “And the two saint level masters… perished together…”



Everyone’s voice was filled with regrets.

“However, even though the two Saint level masters died, their sword and saber remained intact. Plus… even more mystical is the fact that Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber absorbed the spirit of the two Saint level masters and developed a saintly imprint! Do you know what a saintly imprint is?”

“Could it be…”

“Yes!” The middle-aged man in black smacked the table, “The lifelong experience of the two Saint level masters are in Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber. Therefore, for the past eight thousand years, there existed a legend…”

“What legend?” Everyone hastily asked.

“Ask the Heavens Sword can deal heavenly justice with its slash! Underworld Saber sends people to the underworld!” The middle-aged man in black said softly. His appearance looked more and more like a lonely martial master without an opponent.

“Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber are enemies, but, once the sword appeared, the saber would surely not remain lonely. It will definitely show its glory against the sword. This is fate!”

“Oh? No wonder…”

“Yes!” The middle-aged man in black sighed, “Gentlemen, you only know that Ask the Heavens Sword has appeared, but you don’t know that Underworld Saber has also appeared in this world. Plus, in its path, there is even more terror and bloodshed!”

Everyone was terrified! In the entire restaurant, a pin drop could be heard clearly.

“This is a catastrophe of Jiang Hu, but it is also the greatest opportunity for the people of Jiang Hu!” The middle-aged man in black sighed and said, “No matter who it is, as long as they get Ask the Heavens Sword or Underworld Saber, they have the chance to open the imprint of that Saint level master! And anyone who can open that imprint can become a Saint level master in a short time period!”

“Become a Saint level master!”

The whole restaurant suddenly boiled with excitement.

Who did not want to become a Saint level master? Saint level masters were legendary figures. In all of the Nine Heavens continents, in all of history, how many Saint level masters were there?

So many people did not even dare to dream of it! So many people tried their whole lives and only reach the level of Martial Master! Between Martial Master and Martial Saint, how many levels were there? Martial Great Master, Revered Martial Artist, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Monarch, Martial Saint… Each title had nine grades, and each grade had peak, middle, and low.

Oh my god, one could not even imagine it.

Today, an opportunity had presented itself! With just a sword or a saber, they would be able to reach the heavens in just one step and achieve their dreams in a blink of an eye!

Such an opportunity make the world tremble! Right now, two of them unexpectedly appeared at once!

Their fanaticism rose!

Their blood was boiling!

“Tell us! Tell us about Underworld Saber!” Everyone was feverish…

“However, in the legends, all those who obtained Ask the Heavens and Underworld Saber, after they were lucky enough to open the Saint imprint, they had to have a fighting match with their opponent! This is the obsession of two Saint level masters!” The middle-aged man in black said slowly, “This is really too dangerous.”

“What’s so dangerous about it? Is this not how things should be?” Everyone voiced loudly, “Even the saber and the sword have become spiritual things. And this is the last wish of the two Saint level masters. If you’re getting an inheritance from someone, you will have to do it for them. Isn’t this expected?”

This kind of risk had unexpectedly left them wanting even more…

“Hmm, do you think that the saintly imprints inside Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber are that easy to open?” The middle-aged man in black rolled his eyes, “First, you must have either Ask the Heavens Sword or Underworld Saber. Second, if you are not sincere, even if you get the saber or the sword, it would be useless without a little reaction. In short, you must have the fortune to open the saintly imprint… This is easier said than done…”

“Gibberish! If it is that easy, then being a Saint level master is not worth anything!”

“No matter what, regardless of whether one meets the requirement, the first thing you would have to do is get the item.” Someone rubbed his chin with a longing countenance.

“This is true. Mm, I heard… the people who have Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber do not have very high cultivation levels. They only depended on the power of the heavenly weapons. I heard that all of Lower Three Heavens are boiling over. Almost all of the sects, and people in Jiang Hu gather at…” The middle-aged man in black said, “This kind of heaven-sent opportunity, everyone wants it…”

For the time being, the whole restaurant suddenly became quiet once again. Each person had his own thoughts.

It could not be denied that there was a fierce feeling in each person’s heart: Such weapons in my hands…

If I can become a legendary figure…

If I can hold Ask the Heavens Sword in my hand and battle against Underworld Saber…

Oh, only think about it was enough to make one feel excited. For the moment, in the whole restaurant, anyone who heard this news became as excited as fighting cocks. They all imagined themselves holding Ask the Heavens Sword and opening the saintly imprint…

“What is the use of wanting? Hmm, does anyone know where these two blades are currently?” Next to the window, a young man sighed and said, “I really want to give it a try.”

The young man in black sitting opposite him also sighed with an icy countenance, “This is a great opportunity to become a legend… ahh…”

He shook his head and sighed endlessly.

Suddenly, the whole restaurant was filled with the sounds of sighing.

“However, I heard that Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber does not have any restrictions…” That youth said, “I heard that ordinary people who come into possession of them can also become a Saint level master…”

“I heard that those two blades are heading to Continent Center?” The young man in black asked.

After that, the two did not say anything else.

Everyone became thoughtful.

Not too long, someone stood straight up and yelled, “Check please!” He went out the door and hastily walked off.

Right after, more and more people left.

Within moments, more than half of the Jiang Hu people left with their sabers and swords.

Next to the window, the two young men looked at each and smiled.

Those two were, of course, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing.

As for those so called “Ask the Heavens Sword” and “Underworld Saber,” they were fictitious. Those two were simply a sword and a saber that Chu Yang made!

The two people calmly finished eating and walked out. They went far away from that town before, unable to control themselves any longer, rolling over with laughter.

“Talented… Really talented…” Chu Yang shook his head with a look of admiration on his face, “I never imagined that they could turn an ordinary sword into Ask the Heavens Sword. These punks really have the guts to stir up a storm…”

“I also never imagined that they could make such a ruckus…” Gu Du Xing’s face twisted. It looked as if he was having great difficulty holding back his laughter. He said in admiration, “If this keeps going, Diwu Qing Rou will really have a headache…”

“Ask the Heavens Sword, Underworld Saber…” Chu Yang was in awe, “I thought they would discuss with each other to come up with such an interesting story. Two saint level masters unexpectedly appeared…! This… is too much!”

“Saint level masters from more than eight thousands years ago!” Gu Du Xing sighed and said, “Even if someone doubts this, who can check this matter in Lower Three Heavens?”

“Check?” Chu Yang laughed loudly, “Even if they are able to check this matter, who would believe it? If you don’t know the root of this matter and someone told you that this information is false, would you believe them?”

Gu Du Xing thought and could not help but laugh. If it was him, he would not have believed it.

Even though he was a suspicious person, he would still have to come and see for himself.

“This is a truly good tactic.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “I was worried that the moment the sword and saber cause trouble, Diwu Qing Rou would deal with them right away… Now, I cannot believe they have cause such an earth-shattering commotion like this. If Diwu Qing Rou keeps them for himself, the Jiang Hu people would probably level the Minister’s manor along with Golden Horse Riders Department…”

Gu Du Xing laughed happily. With laughter, the two advanced toward Continent Center in high spirit.

This leg of the trip was extremely lively.

Almost all of Jiang Hu was boiling over. Each day, they heard different rumors. In short, Ask the Heavens Sword was like this and like that; Underworld Saber had appeared here and there…

All of Jiang Hu was in an uproar. Everyone was pouring toward Continent Center!

On the way, there was a constant stream of Jiang Hu people.

There were even rumors…

Some hidden sect had fully returned to Jiang Hu because of this matter; they were advancing to Continent Center.

Some old reclusive evil guy had also suddenly appeared and was headed for Continent Center…

So and so sect… heading to Continent Center…

(Walk the Jiang Hu)

Then one day, someone publicly announced that he was the descendant of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint, Ji Wen Tian, from eight thousand years ago! This sword was the inheritance of his ancestors; it must be returned to his ancestral shrine…

After a few days, the three hundred thirty something generations great grandson of Underworld Saber Saint, Xia Huang Quan also appeared in Jiang Hu. He announced that he would obtain his ancestral saber at any price…

Next, more than a dozen sword sect went into Jiang Hu; they called themselves the true descendants of Ask the Heavens Sword Sect…

Dozens of sects also announced that they were the true descendants of Underworld Saber Sect. Because so many years had passed, they lost their saber and their sects had become dilapidated. Currently, their sects would have the chance to rise once more. If any dared to stand in the way of their recovery, they would fight to the death…

This was truly: One saber and one sword emerged in Jiang Hu causing wind and rain from all directions to gather at Continent Center…

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