Before Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber even reached Continent Center, Continent Center was already in chaos.

Ask the Heavens Sword Saint’s three hundred thirty-ninth generation’s descendant, Ji Cheng Zhi, had announced at Continent Center Citadel, “Does any descendant of Underworld Saber Saint dare to have a battle with me?”

When these words came out, they immediately caused an earth-shattering uproar in the entire citadel.

Right away, there were a few hundred descendants of Underworld Saber Saint scrambling for a showdown against the three hundred thirty-ninth generation’s descendant of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint!

And hundreds of people stood out cursing, “Who the f* do you think you are, Ji Cheng Zhi? I am the true descendant of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint! Here is the ancestral tablet to prove it!”

Because there were so many descendants of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint, their identities had to be verified first before any fight could commence…

And the hundreds of descendants of Underworld Saber Saint also faced internal issues and ended up fighting each other all over…

From all directions, Jiang Hu people poured into Continent Center Citadel like streams into a river; like sand into the Ganges, they poured in nonstop.

Many people started to fight with each other on the road.

Such situations only intensified as they got closer to Continent Center.  They only needed to encounter each other, say a few opposing words, or learn that the other person was also fighting for Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber. They would immediately pull their weapons and fight. They had to deal with their opponents first and talk later…

Seeing this kind of lively situation, Chu Yang was reminded of two words: Market meet!

Yes, it was a market meet, and it was on a super-large scale. But the items being dealt here were the kind of things that could never be bought.

On this particular leg of Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing’s journey, things remained peaceful like that…

“Oh, like that…”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh…”


“Too many people…”

“Oh yeah…” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

On the road, the two people’s faces were practically stunned the whole time. They watched with a speechless expression; they almost turned to stone.

When they reach the outside of Continent Center Citadel, their eyeballs virtually fell out.

They could only see, outside Continent Center Citadel, a great mass people carrying sabers and swords. Some were even carrying axes, tridents, sledgehammers, Emei thorns…

Of course, there were also people who were empty-handed.

Outside of the north gate, there was about a few thousand people. And in the distance, there were still people, or groups of three or five rushing toward them like meteors.

“Open the gate! Open the citadel gate right now!” Someone shouted angrily with a hoarse voice, “Why won’t you let us in?”

“Yes!” Thousands of people voiced in support, “Why won’t you let us in?”

“Do you people want to take Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber for yourselves?”

“Yes! If you infuriate me, I will rebel!”

The atmosphere at the foot of the citadel grew more and more intense.

Among the bickering and yelling, a thunderous roared sounded, “If you don’t open the citadel gate, I will flatten Continent Center Citadel!” With that, a figure flew up about seventy or eighty feet high. He was about as high as the citadel’s wall. He yelled out in midair, “Your grandmother! Open the citadel gate!”

Before he could finish, he dropped to the ground with a boom.

There was a roar of laughter outside the citadel gate. A few hundred people yelled out together, “If you don’t open the citadel gated, we will flatten Continent Center Citadel!”

As Chu Yang watched, his whole body shivered.

At this moment, six strong men, looking as big as towers, were standing outside of the crowd. They suddenly turned around and glared at the two newcomers. They immediately ran right to them, “What are you two doing? Do you want to fight for Ask the Heavens Sword?”

“No, no. We are scholars.” Chu Yang quickly smiled amicably.

“Hmm, scholars are especially bad!” The six strong men glared and said, “You must be honest!”

“Yes, yes.” Chu Yang nodded like a pecking chicken.

The six strong men left.

After a while, there was another group of people interrogating them. After about seven or eight rounds of interrogation, there was suddenly a great commotion in the front. Weapons slammed against each other loudly.

“Bastards! You guys can come here; why can’t we come? What kind of reasoning is this? Someone lamented.

“Just because I say so! What? Get lost! If you still dream that you can get Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber, I will kill you!” Another voice replied.

“What? Is Ask the Heavens Sword yours?” Someone on the side was not pleased and voiced his objection.

“What? You’re not satisfied? Are you itching?”

“Itch, your mother!”

“Get him!”

Suddenly, three to five people fighting turned into dozens of people fighting. After a while…

“F*! Who hit me?”

“Motherf*! Who tossed a hidden weapon? Come out!”

A surly person unwittingly became involved, “Bastards! Someone hit my little guy. Ow, I am really hurting, mother*…”



“Underworld Saber is mine!”

“Ask the Heavens Sword is mine!”

More or less than a hundred people were fighting. There were lewd words, angry roars, painful cries, whizzing fighting sounds, rustling of sleeves, mother*s, cursing ancestors, and someone yelling, “I am Xia Bian Liu, the three hundred thirty-eighth generation’s descendant of Underworld Saber Saint, Xia Huang Quan! Let me in!”

The moment this person spoke up, more than a dozen people rushed in and gave him a beating, “F* your grandmother! This is Xia Bian Liu, this is Xia Bian Liu… You are the descendant of Xia Huang Quan, my butt…”

For a time, outside the north gate of the citadel, there were loud sounds of laughing, punching, kicking…

There were people laughing loudly, people wailing, people moaning in pain, and people screaming.

The crowd was really lively at the moment.

And this was only the north gate of the citadel. At the three remaining gates, things were also just as chaotic. In fact, compared to this place, they were even more chaotic.

Wooo… The loud sound of horns rang out. Then, someone yelled out loud, “Everyone! Everyone! Listen to me.”

At the foot of the citadel, the Jiang Hu people slowly stopped what they were doing.

On top of the citadel, a man in silk, looking to be around forty or fifty years old, stood authoritatively with his arms folded. His sleeves fluttered in the wind as he stood with the air of a martial expert.

“Everyone! About the matter of Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber, Prime Minister Diwu has investigated carefully! He has concluded…” The man in silk glanced over the entire field and saw that everyone was looking up at him. He could not help but smile, “Eight thousand years ago, there was no Ask the Heavens Sword Saint, and there was definitely no Underworld Saber Saint!”

“In other words, this is purely a conspiracy! It is completely non-existent. It is purely a conspiracy created by King of Hell Chu.” The man in silk yelled loudly.

“Purely your mother!” Before he could finish speaking. A few hundred people below were cursing, “Your grandmother! You king of bastards, what are you farting about? Conspiracy? More like your whole house is pubic hair!” (TLN: Conspiracy and pubic hair are similar; Yinmou and yinmao)

“Just because you say it’s not real, then it’s not real? What kind of farting logic is that?”

“Bastard! They don’t exist just because Diwu Qing Rou says so? Did that bastard come back to life from eight thousand years ago?” Someone screamed.

“I have carefully investigated! I can confirm that Ask the Heavens Sword Saint really existed eight thousand years ago! There was also an Underworld Saber Saint!” Someone yelled loudly, “This is, without a doubt, true!”

“This is very simple. Diwu Qing Rou wants to take Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber for himself… Diwu Qing Rou, do you think all the heroes of this world are fools?” Chu Yang squatted on the ground and yelled with his nose pinched.

The strength of this voice was really powerful.

The people below were already crazed. They were like a bomb waiting to explode. These words from Chu Yang completely fueled the situation, and the bomb exploded!

“Diwu Qing Rou, f* you… open the gate now!”

“Despicable Diwu Qing Rou! Diwu Qing Rou, you dirty bastard!”

“Diwu Qing Rou, king of bastards. Your family have been cuckolds for generations. We don’t know where you crawled out from, and you want to take Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber for yourself…”

“Charge! Kill!”

“Charge… wooh… wooh… wooh…”

“Charge! Ask the Heavens Sword is in there…”

“Yes! Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber must be inside Continent Center Citadel! If not, why does Diwu Qing Rou not let us in?” Chu Yang held his nose and roared in indignation, “Maybe Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber are already in Diwu Qing Rou’s hands right now. Diwu Qing Rou is not letting us in because he is currently trying to open the saintly imprints!”

These words immediately put everyone on alert!

“Yes! It must be that!”

“Damn Diwu Qing Rou. Eighteen generations of your ancestors…” Thousands of people cursed together. Each one felt that these words truly expressed what was in his mind and cursed to his heart’s content…


“Break the gate! Break the gate!” Gu Du Xing pinched his nose and yelled out from the back. This dead-faced guy was so excited his face had turned red.

“Yes, break the gate!” Thousands of people rushed forward.

“Woah… woah… woah…”

“Silence!” The man on top of the citadel also changed his tone, “Anyone who dares to defy these orders will be considered traitors! Their property will be seized, they will be executed, all nine generations of their family will be killed…”

“Nine generations, your grandmother! I roam in Jiang Hu; I only have my “stick!” Diwu Qing Rou can go ahead and kill nine generations of my family!”

“Yes! I also don’t have anything. Seize my property and kill me? Kill your mother…”

These Jiang Hu people were truly with few family members. Plus, they were all mostly outlaws. Why would they bother to care about having nine generations of their families killed?

“You dare threaten us? This damn Diwu Qing Rou!” King of Hell Chu shouted from within the crowd, “Are we Jiang Hu people scared of dog officials?”

“Woah… woah… woah…” The people’s emotion grew more intense.

There were already forty or fifty people running toward the gate and hitting it with their weapons…

Clang clang clang…

Boom boom boom…

Bam bam bam…

Bang bang bang…

All kinds of strange sounds rang out like a storm. Not too long, a good citadel door had become full of marks.

It could not be left unsaid that the number of men was too great.

On top of the citadel wall, the soldiers had pulled out their weapons, and their arrows were ready. But the commander was hesitant. He did not dare to give the order to attack. He knew that if an arrow flew out, there would probably be an uncontrollable uprising.

But… if he did not do it, he could only open the gate. However, after he opened the gate, what was he going to use to control these rough, lawless men…

“The Prime Minister has ordered for the gates to be opened. Seeing an inevitable conflict, an order suddenly rang out.

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