“Continent Center Citadel has boiled over.” Chu Yang stood at the top of the biggest inn in Continent Center and watched people moving nonstop in all directions. Hearing the sound of chaos everywhere was truly enjoyable.

“Dong Wu Shang’s fights are really exciting.” Gu Du Xing was somewhat envious. Gu Du Xing’s character was not too different from that of Dong Wu Shang. They were both introverted fighting maniacs who were eager to fight and eager to kill. Of course, he also hoped that he could be like Dong Wu Shang and fight to this level of excitement.

The only difference was Gu Du Xing was a calm kind of fighter whereas Dong Wu Shang grew more aggressive as he fought.

“This level of chaos is still not enough.” Chu Yang said pensively, “This is only superficial chaos. Once the training disciples of the clans come, it will quickly calm down.”

“After all, they all know that there were no Ask the Heavens Sword Saint or Underworld Saber Saint eight thousand years ago!” Chu Yang sighed, “How should we make this cause more chaos?”

“Not so!” Gu Du Xing said, “This monstrous idea is probably Ji Mo’s. If he has thought of such a plan, and it is clear that the four of them discussed about this, they surely have underlying intentions. It definitely is not that simple.”

“Underlying intentions?” Chu Yang was caught off-guard.

“When Ji Mo took the saber, did he not ask you to engrave something mysterious on the blade?” Gu Du Xing said in a low voice, “Even though I grew up in the Gu clan, I was not their direct descendant. So… I did not have the chance to see some special collections of books in the clan.”

Gu Du Xing continued, “However, Ji Mo is a direct descendant of the Ji clan! While I do not know what that mark of Ji Mo means, I am sure there is an underlying intention.”

“I am guessing… when that mark is discovered by other people, and this Ask the Heavens Sword Saint scam is exposed, it will lead to an even greater uproar!” Gu Du Xing sighed and said, “What I am worried about right now is that they would create too much of uproar. This might cause the great clans of Middle Three Heavens to join in on the fight and create a real disaster.”

Chu Yang frowned and thought carefully. A long time later, he said hesitantly, “This can’t be, right?”

“Haha…” Gu Du Xing’s icy face suddenly showed a warm smile, “Perhaps you don’t even recognize this. Us six brothers, from the moment we met each other, we have been fighting among each other. We did not respect each other. But you were able to control all the infighting to an acceptable level. Given that your martial strength was much lower than all of them at the time, you were actually able to control the situation and changed everyone’s point of view. This already impressed them.”

“Then, with your help, everyone was make to make great strides. This confirmed that your big brother position is unshakable. For any disciple of a clan in Middle Three Heavens to be able to bring together so many second young masters like this is virtually impossible. Yet, you were able to do this. Of course this was because you do not belong to any clan in Middle Three Heavens, but your skill is also unquestionable.”

Gu Du Xing said in a deep tone, “As time progressed, everyone had matches with you. You were practically tortured every time, but you never got angry and just bore it. This has started the formation of the word brother. Between us brothers, there was nothing unacceptable. And big brother is not someone high and mighty, but one of our own. So everyone felt comfortable and warm.”

Chu Yang pondered quietly and did not speak.

“Therefore, until a month ago, we did not separate.” There was a hint of a smile in Gu Du Xing’s eyes, “When you suddenly wanted to deal with Mo Tian Yun, the five of us were surprised. At the time, we had talked about and you acted as if you had changed your mind by not mentioning it anymore. But, Ji Mo and the rest knew that just because you don’t mention it does not mean that you don’t want to do it; you just don’t want to discuss it with them.”

“You brought up the issue of dealing with Mo Tian Yun because of Xiao Wu. At the time, you were a little impulsive. After considering the brothers’ clans, you stopped mentioning it. But just because you no longer mention it does not mean they no longer think about it.”

“You want to cause chaos in Great Zhao and stir up a trouble in Continent Center because of the fight for power between the kingdoms, but Ji Mo and the rest of them do this because they want to create a storm during this training period of the clans from Middle Three Heavens.”

Chu Yang suddenly understood.

“So if you want to deal with Mo Tian Yun, it is much easier now. Plus, in the chaos, even if Mo Tian Yun dies, no one would suspect you… After all, King of Hell Chu is still currently in Iron Cloud.”

“This is also the last thing the brothers could do for you before leaving.” Gu Du Xing said quietly, “While they did not say anything before, but since they are doing it, they will do it to the best of their abilities for you! Otherwise, they would not feel comfortable leaving.”

“Chu Yang, since the day the six of us truly saw each other as brothers, we have the world’s greatest wealth… It is a clan power comparable to about half of that of Middle Three Heavens! Perhaps they have thought of this or perhaps they have yet to recognize it. But wait until years from now… This glory will be within reach!”

“So I am guessing that Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber are just getting started!” Gu Du Xing said quietly.

Chu Yang’s heart was filled with warmth. These words of Gu Du Xing had stirred his mind. He slowly walked toward the window and watched the night outside for a long time. Then he let out a soft sigh, “Such brothers, such friendship… how can it be forgotten! Others are faithful to me, and I am faithful to them. Du Xing, the future of us brothers is not just going to be in Middle Three Heavens.”

Gu Du Xing smiled faintly. He seemed to understand Chu Yang’s frame of mind and said, “Chu Yang, no matter what you are doing, don’t be hasty. Dealing with Diwu Qing Rou, you practically calculated exhaustively. But with Mo Tian Yun’s situation, you are a bit hasty.”

“Hmm.” How could Chu Yang not know? The moment he thought about Mo Qing Wu’s situation, he could not hold anything back!

“Also, this trip to Great Zhao, we need identities.” Gu Du Xing went over to Chu Yang and watched the white snow in the night with him, “We have to join in this chaos!”

“Don’t worry, I have already prepared for this…” Chu Yang smiled and said, “Right now, we just need to fight and join in this competition for the saber and sword!”

“Great!” Gu Du Xing’s eyes brightened.

The two only needed to join in the fight and create fame for themselves. Then they could create a name for themselves from their identity-less status. That way, not only could they muddy the water even more, they can also eliminate any suspicions toward King of Hell Chu.

All of this was King of Hell Chu’s scheme; who would have thought that King of Hell Chu, himself, would join in the competition?

“Let’s go!” Chu Yang pushed his feet and flew out of the window. Gu Du Xing’s body floated like the wind and followed Chu Yang closely. The two black figures blended in with the shadows of the night.

Dong Wu Shang held “Ask the Heavens Sword” in his hand and killed in all four directions. At first, he was not comfortable with using the sword to fight for a long time. But now he was becoming used to it and many insights rose up inside him.

And his own martial skill, over this prolonged period of fighting, was becoming more and more refined. There was even a faint sense that he might unexpectedly break through ninth grade Saber Great Master!

This greatly surprised Dong Wu Shang. In this time frame, he had continued to only use the sword so how could his way of the saber advance so quickly?

But doubts were just doubts, he could not let go of even a second of this enlightenment!

His mind flashed like a bolt of electricity, and his arms swung nonstop as he roared, “Only a few of you and you want to fight for my Ask the Heavens Sword?! You are worthy?”

His sword aura suddenly changed; a shocking light flashed in the night. The clanking sounds continued to ring out fall falling beads. All of the weapons aiming toward him from four directions were chopped. Seven or eight people backed up in terror. Everyone around had a fiery look in their eyes!

Ask the Heavens Sword! This was definitely a legendary heavenly weapon of the ages!

This kind of sharpness, one swing had cut up more than ten weapons, and the blade was surprisingly not the least damaged. If they could open that saintly imprint…

Everyone screamed loudly, “Leave the sword!”

The whole bunch was filled with excitement as they rushed in chaotically.

Dong Wu Shang’s countenance was icy. The sword swung up; suddenly, it drew a large flower as it greeted all of the attacks without any avoidance.

Clanking sounded out nonstop as Dong Wu Shang yelled out, “Your grandfather will leave you now!” He was surprisingly arrogant as he abruptly cut a path through the crowd. His figured flashed as he brought a trail of blood right to a roof top at the speed of light.

Everyone was anxious and angry as they roared in pursuit.

Dong Wu Shang was like a marathon runner; he pulled up clouds of dust as he ran all over the citadel. He also intentionally showed off the sword so people did not cease to discover him.

“Huh? Is this not Ask the Heavens Sword?”

“After him!”

Round and round, he ran like mad. From over ten people chasing him in the beginning, the crowd had now turned into a few hundred people. But second young master Dong became more and more enthusiastic. He could only feel his fighting spirit rising with each moment. The saber aura inside him grew large and became excited! It was breaking through!

“Ah…” Dong Wu Shang looked up and yelled out. His body suddenly shot up. In the moment of extreme excitement he unexpectedly pushed strong enough to jump more than a hundred feet up the sky!

His arm mightily raised the sword straight up to the heavens! Energy flooded into the sword blade like a tide. The sword shined in the sky like a little blinding sun!

Forget about the people below, this was seen even beyond the hundred feet radius. Immediately, screams continually rang out from the waves of people poured in this direction.

But the moment they moved, they halted in shock!

It was because Dong Wu Shang let out a fierce roar in midair. Suddenly, a powerful aura exploded! For a moment, his body also paused in the air!

Ninth grade Saber Great Master breakthrough!

He actually broke through at this time!

Dong Wu Shang suddenly roared in midair, “Your grandfather broke through again! Woah hahaha… Ask the Heavens Sword is indeed a heavenly weapon!”

Thousands of Jiang Hu people witnessed this scene. Their eyes reddened momentarily with extreme envy and jealousy… This was Ask the Heavens Sword’s power! He was actually able to break through even while fighting…

How terrifying was this?

The people below became even more crazed! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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