You can even break through as you are being chased by people trying to kill you.

Who in Jiang Hu had not been chased down by those trying to kill them? Who had not been put in an awkward situation? Being able to run and escape was already not bad; who would even think about breaking through?

But this lucky bastard in front of them had unexpectedly broke through as he was being chased by people trying to kill him!

What was this?

There was no doubt! This was the mysterious power of Ask the Heavens Sword.

Dong Wu Shang flew down from the air with a blinding sword light. He roared, “Come! Meet Ask the Heavens Sword!”

The people below practically spat up blood.

This bastard, you already got what you want, and now you’re bragging?

“Aaah…” A loud roar was heard as a few hundred people rushed up simultaneously. The moment Dong Wu Shang’s sword touched the forest of weapons below, he immediately flew backward like a shooting star.

On the roofs of the houses around him, there were already numerous Jiang Hu people waiting for the opportunity to attack. At this time, they moved to block him. But given the sharpness of Ask the Heavens Sword, how could they block him?

Clanging sounds rang out, and before the broken sword pieces could reach the ground, Dong Wu Shang was already out of their encirclement.

Swoosh, swoosh. Almost a thousand people simultaneously rushed up like clouds in the wind.

Dong Wu Shang ran like mad.

In a blink of an eye, he had reached the main doors of a government office and was standing there majestically. This was the Ministry of War of Great Zhao’s Continent Center. There were even a few groups of soldiers on patrol.

“Who goes there? Halt!” Someone ordered.

Dong Wu Shang simply ignored them as he rushed forward like a cyclone. His two legs continually kicked. Seven or eight soldiers were kicked away by him. In a blink of an eye, a path appeared. Dong Wu Shang aimed straight for the closed main door of the official building. The blade of Ask the Heavens Sword flashed as he attacked right at the main door!

With a boom, he made a large hole. Dong Wu Shang’s body flashed, and he disappeared from sight.

Behind him, more than a thousand Jiang Hu people rushed forward. The crowd became crazed as they watched Dong Wu Shang enter the Ministry of War. They barely had time to think as the whole group simultaneously pushed toward the main gate…

“Halt! Halt!” The guard’s voice had greatly weakened, “This is an official military building! Anyone who dares to cause trouble…!”

Before he could finish speaking, he was kicked away. Right after, countless feet stepped over his body as the loud crowd rushed into the Ministry of War!

All of a sudden, this orderly Ministry of War turned into messy pig slurry. The soldiers in the garrison awoke from their slumber and hastily tried to block them with all their might. But they were beaten silly within moments.

Boom. Dong Wu Shang broke one side of the encirclement with the sword. As if he was trying to escape in terror, he ran listlessly. The moment he tried to get out, hundreds of Jiang Hu people were waiting like tigers on the prowl. He let out a terrified cry and went back in like lightning. Boom. He made another big hole on the other side.

These people were a little hesitant when they saw that it was the Ministry of War. They were not impulsive enough to rush in like the others. But at this moment, seeing the owner of Ask the Heavens Sword running toward them in terror and then running back, it was as if a piece of delicious meat was being placed right at their mouths and then taken away.

How could they hold back?

With a cry, all the hotheaded people no longer paid any mind to some Ministry of War. They rushed in without any regards. Boom. Dust and smoke filled the air as the wall on this side of the office of the Ministry of War collapsed.

The horn hastily sounded to signal for backup from the guards of the Ministry of War!

Right away, the sound of horns came from all directions.

The Jiang Hu people giving chase in the back were coming up. However, without knowing where Ask the Heavens Sword was currently, they did not dare to break into the Ministry of War; the whole group halted.

However, at this moment, they only heard an angry roar, “If you want to take Ask the Heavens Sword, you have to step over my dead body!” Then they saw a blinding sword light shoot straight up into the sky; painful screams continually sounded out…

Their minds could not help but be engrossed.

An old man with Revered cultivation level yelled out, “I will go in and see.” Flying up, he immediately broke into the office. Everyone looked at each other; seeing that the number of Jiang Hu people gathering was increasing rapidly, their courage grew stronger and stronger. A phrase came to their minds: “The law cannot punish a crowd…”

Suddenly, someone shouted out, “Ask the Heavens Sword is inside, what are we waiting for?”

This shout ripped apart the night sky. Everyone immediately roared and rushed into the already tattered office with the forces of mountains and oceans!

Not until after they entered did they discover the scene inside was that of ruins. On the ground, corpses of soldiers and Jiang Hu people were scattered in large numbers!

The sound of killing and screaming rang out endlessly from all directions. People were killing until their eyes turned red.

While these people were suspiciously searching for the sword, a grievous voice shouted, “It is an urgent matter; what is the reason for delay? Breaking into an official building is a capital offense! Shoot the arrows!”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Arrows rained from all directions.

Caught unprepared, more than a dozen people were hit with arrows and let out painful screams. With their companions dead and injured, the fierce temper of the Jiang Hu people rose, “Fight! Fight to the death with them!”

“Fight to the death with these dogs!”

Among the yelling, everyone pulled out their sabers and swords. They collided with the soldiers surrounding them.

Horse hooves sounded like thunder as the soldiers nearby came to their aid.

The moment the leaders saw the earth-shattering chaos, they immediately decided to give orders for the soldiers to rush in right away…

A great fight scene had commenced…

Before the sound of horse hooves was heard, the owner of Ask the Heavens Sword, Dong Wu Shang… the person that caused this chaos, had panicked and broke free…


A mysterious howling sound rang out. Luo Ke Di, second young master of the Luo clan, appeared with a blinding sword light. He asked with excitement, “Ask the Heavens Sword is mine! You bastards dare to come and take it?”

The sword light immediately stopped more than half the people who were pursuing Dong Wu Shang.

Everyone almost fainted from his teasing. Even if you want it, and even if you are anxious, you should still have the sword in hand before talking. Right now, you are not trying to take the sword, but block us instead. Aren’t you just helping that punk escape?

They cursed him, and they were right. Luo Ke Di definitely was trying to help Dong Wu Shang escape.

After fighting excitedly for a while, Luo Ke Di turned and ran, “F*, where did that punk go? Leave the sword…”

The large wave of disoriented people behind him quickly rushed past.

Bam, bam… (Walk the Jiang Hu)

In front of them, a group of a few thousand riders turned the corner and headed toward them. They were face to face with Luo Ke Di…

“Brothers, let’s kill! The dog officials are here. Even if we have to die, we have to take these dog officials with us! Ahwooh…” Luo Ke Di let out an odd howl and rushed forward with an extremely grievous look.

“Shoot the arrows!” The leader of the soldiers had an icy gaze that flashed with cruelty.

The moment the order was given, thousands of arrows were shot simultaneously.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

Right away, the dark arrows flew toward them and covered the sky. Luo Ke Di barked, “Dog officials! You are truly ruthless!” Swinging his sword nonstop, he protected his body and shot forward like a meteor. He was coming from behind, he went first into the group of soldiers!

Clang. The sound of weapons hitting each other rang out. Luo Ke Di jumped up and kicked the general off his horse. His two legs kicked fiercely at the majestic rectangular face of that general. He even cursed, “What majesty! What arrogance! You are a shameless king of bastards… Ahwooh…”

The soldiers hastily rushed toward them. More than a dozen angry blades slashed in Luo Ke Di’s direction. Luo Ke Di let out a loud scream and jumped. He ran and hid under the horse’s stomach, “Ahwooh, brothers, you must hang on! Hang on…”

Then with a boom, the wall next to him exploded, and he disappeared without a trace.

The general who was kicked in the face several times by Luo Ke Di, clamored up with a black and blue face. His mouth and nose were bleeding; his face was looking no different from that of a pig. He also lost a few teeth. He roared out fiercely, “Kill! Kill! Kill! Don’t even leave one!”

“Kill!” Two thousand soldiers rushed toward a few hundred Jiang Hu people.

After a wave of raining arrows, these people already suffered great loss and injuries. At the point, the whole bunch only wanted to run away, but it was too late. Thousands of troops were rushing in. They immediately surrounded the bunch, and swords and arrows rained down on them from above.

“Kill… kill… kill…” The leading general clutched his nose with his hand. The look of embarrassment and anger in his eyes was practically becoming solid. He heard a horn signal for help and immediately came to the rescue. He never expected to be beaten up on the way.

The attacker was merciless! How could he hold back his anger? If these guys are your martial brothers, I will kill them all…

Smoke suddenly appeared everywhere in Continent Center Citadel; horn signals sounded out nonstop.

The chaos at the Ministry of War had yet to subside when even more chaotic sounds came from another direction.

“Ask the Heavens Sword! Ask the Heavens Sword is here!”

If there was someone who knew the lay of Continent Center Citadel well, they would definitely know that the sounds came from Great Zhao’s Ministry of the State…

The Ministry of War had already become a ruin, and the Ministry of State was starting to become chaotic. But how lucky it was that second young master Dong Wu Shang ran into the Ministry of State’s vault?

This was too much!

Second young master was just a just a maniac; why would he care about money? With one kick a trunk flew out. Two Jiang Hu men who were chasing him turned into smashed meat. At the same time, there was a boom. Glistening gold scattered all over the ground.

“Oh! Gold!” Second young master Luo Ke Di just ran over when he saw gold all over the ground. He immediately yelled out in excitement, “Ahwooh… So much gold… Grab it quickly everyone… Motherf*, there is only one Ask the Heavens Sword, but there is so much gold… Motherf*, this is the real stuff…”

Then he rushed over and grabbed a few pieces…

Dong Wu Shang was extremely strong. He picked up one trunk of gold after another and threw them out. The entire Ministry of State was immediately glistening in gold…


It was boiling over…

“Ahwooh… Not robbing is not robbing. If I rob, no one would know… His grandmother! It’s gold; it’s gold… Ahwooh…” Dong Wu Shang howled loudly.

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      As if he didn’t hear the words, Diwu Qing Rou took up a cup of cold tea and sipped quietly, nodding. Then he spat it back out and turned on the man. “WHAT!?”

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      Diwu Qing Rou charged out of the room and found that his 5th floor bedroom was now on the 1st floor, and everything around him was either burnt, in rubble, or cut to pieces.

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