Money moves human hearts! This saying was indeed true!

Gold and silver trunks broke open, one after another. Glistening white was silver, and shining yellow was gold. Pieces flew out all over like stars in the sky.

While the vault of the Ministry of State was not the national treasury, gold and silver were still as plentiful as water in the sea.

Even though these Jiang Hu people ate and drank well, how could they have seen so much silver and gold like this before now? The eyes of most brightened. They only hated the fact that their parents did not give them another pair of arms as they frantically grabbed gold and silver.

Momentarily, the owner of Ask the Heavens Sword, Dong Wu Shang, held the sword and stood some distance away. Surprisingly, no one bothered to pay attention to him.

Those who still had their sanity were blocked by those who were crazed with fever for gold. They were not able to get over. Second young master let out a howl and disappeared. Then there was only the pitiful sound of the horn signaling for help. It was followed by an earth-shattering hoarse scream, “Thieves are robbing the Ministry of State’s vault… Thieves are robbing the Ministry of State’s vault…”

It was second young master Luo yelling with all of his might.

Right away, horns madly sounded out from all directions. Many soldiers were quickly heading this way…

The leader was one of the ten famed generals from Great Zhao, General Qiu Feng Yang. Having a famed general in action was definitely not ordinary. After one sound of a horn signal, all the horn sounds from all directions immediately ceased.

In Qiu Feng Yang’s line, the horn sound put everything an orderly fashion.

Almost ten thousand soldiers advanced like a forest and surrounded all of the Ministry of State so tightly that a drop of water could not get through. Qiu Feng Yang’s countenance was as cold as water, “No one can escape! Capture them all!”

All the soldiers complied loudly. Right away, under the command of officers at all levels, they began the onslaught. They were Great Zhao’s elite soldiers; how could the crowd here keep them at bay?

Dong Wu Shang had long escaped from the chaos…

This side was just finished when suddenly loud noises came from the west end of the citadel. A great fire rose up as if wanting to burn up the heavens.

“Underworld Saber! Underworld Saber appeared here… Ahwooh… Dog aunt! Dog aunt!” Young master Ji Mo held Underworld Saber. Clearly, there was no one chasing him, but he hid in a secluded place, pinched his nose, and yelled out.

His voice was filled with excitement like someone who just ate a hundred pounds of aphrodisiac.

On the other side, Rui Bu Tong carried a large bag as he crawled out from a wealthy home. He stood right on the roof of that house and yelled, “Underworld Saber has appeared… Punk, where are you? Leave Underworld Saber here for me!”

A great commotion immediately exploded!

“What? What? Underworld Saber also appeared?”

“Let’s go see.”

“Quickly! We won’t get anything if we are too slow…”

Outlines of people flying through the air were like a swarm of locusts.

Ji Mo excitedly swung the saber in his hand as if he was afraid other people might not see. Then he unexpectedly let out a pained cry, “Who is it? Who is so lowly? Sneaking an attack on my butt?”

Then he yelled, “Who dares to grab my Underworld Saber?”

In the darkness, Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang were holding back their laughter. It was Gu Du Xing who pulled a piece of tile from the roof and mercilessly threw it at Ji Mo’s butt. It was bugging them that this guy was too arrogant.

Within moments, Ji Mo was surrounded. He depended purely on the sharpness of Underworld Saber to fight left and right, and jumping up and down. He was so excited that his whole body trembled. His mouth was spitting all over, “Ah… Ah ah ah…! Dog aunt! Dog aunt!”

“This bastard is too happy; he is going to be sad soon!” Chu Yang was annoyed and amused at the same time as he watched Ji Mo, “In the crowd surrounding him, there are a few Revered level masters! In tonight’s chaos, we have the first wave of Revered level masters appearing!”

“We have to be prepared to make our moves at any moment!” Gu Du Xing nodded; he softly placed his hand on his sword hilt.

Suddenly, a few shadows shot up like meteors. In a blink of an eye, they had joined in the fight and made their moves at the same time!

Four Revered level masters!

Ji Mo suddenly felt a force pressing on him as heavily as a mountain. He could not help but curse, “Bastards! So many of you are surrounding me. If you have any courage, you will fight with me one on one!”

Even the crowd surrounding him fell into laughter! In such a situation and this guy was still talking about fighting one on one; this punk was truly imaginative!

With a cry, Rui Bu Tong shot out from the darkness, “Underworld Saber is mine!”

However, at this moment, the four Revered level masters had moved at the same time. They stood in four different directions as they attacked Ji Mo together! They exploded on him a flash flood!

Ji Mo was only a Great level master. Now that he was completely surrounded, how could he block them all?

Bam, bam, bam. Ji Mo was dealt with, with much suffering. His body could barely stand straight. His back was suddenly palmed. With an “ah,” he spat out a clump of fresh blood as he staggered forward. Then another hand reached out like a flash of lightning and grabbed the spine of Underworld Saber. A powerful force went through the saber and made Ji Mo’s arm felt numb. His chest felt a shock, and Underworld Saber left his hand.

“Got it! Let’s go!” The person who just snatched Underworld Saber shouted excitedly. The other three simultaneously gathered to cover him as they broke through the encirclement. There was a look of excitement on each of their faces.

Underworld Saber, a heavenly item for them to break through to Saint cultivation level, was finally in their possession.

“Oh no. Underworld Saber has been snatched away… Stop them…” Rui Bu Tong was sweating with anxiousness. Ji Mo was also bewildered. F*! We’re not at this scene yet…

The whole thing is messed up! Ji Mo almost vomited blood. Why are there Revered level masters today? This… should not happen yet!

“Leave Underworld Saber! Stop them! Trying to escape? No way!”

“Kill! Those four guys have snatched Underworld Saber…”

A lot was said, but things happened really fast. The crowd rushed in from four directions and did not cease to scream as they surrounded those four Revered level masters in the center. However, these four people were powerful and were not at all fearful. They screamed and fought with the others fiercely and were not at all like Ji Mo.

While Ji Mo had the precious saber, he did not injure people unnecessarily. These four that possessed the saber in their hands killed without a care. Within moments, much blood was spilled. Heads flew out like watermelons and flew in the air like a circus show.

Among them, one head had flown a few dozen feet up in the air, but it surprisingly still yelled, “Underworld Saber is mine…”

It looked like these four people were about to successfully kill their way out of the encirclement! Given their cultivation levels and the fact that many high-level martial experts have yet to arrive at Continent Center, they would probably disappear without a trace! By that time, all the armies of the world might not be able to search them out.

Ji Mo wanted to cry, and Rui Bu Tong was grinding his teeth. How could this have happened?

It happened really quickly. A black shadow suddenly appeared and yelled out, “Leave Underworld Saber!”

A sword slashed down like a dragon!

A bone chilling sword aura came crashing out from this sword!

The four simultaneously yelled out in terror, “Swordsman!”

This sword move was majestic and indomitable! Facing this sword move, the four Revered level masters unexpectedly did not dare to meet it; they all dodged it. Within moments, the four’s fortified defense had collapsed because of this one sword move.

The sword of a swordsman and the saber of a sabersman were the most terrifying weapons for any masters of the same level! Being a swordsman was a kind of state after all!

This was also a Revered Sword Artist, but it was a swordsman; he could easily destroy other Revered Sword Artists!

In principle, they were not comparable!

The four jumped, but the sword was like a demon that did not change its focus. It continued to aim at the Underworld Saber they were holding as it pierced forward nonstop! The sword’s aura was like a crashing wave!

Naturally, they were unable to avoid it. With eyes closed, Underworld Saber was lifted to block the sword in a hasty moment. Clank. When sword and saber came into contact, sparks flew everywhere! And the sword that looked like light of the swordsman was finally somewhat slowed down by the saber.

That Revered level master felt cold sweat on his body as his legs practically buckled under him!

It was lucky that Underworld Saber blocked the attack. Thinking about the moment just passed when the sword attacked like a lightning bolt, he felt as if his soul had left his body. A feeling of death filled his heart.

Right after, the sword was pulled back in a flash…

This Revered level master completely lost all sense of integrity as he turned and ran. It was because he knew that after the sword got pulled back, it could once again stab forward!

Earlier, all four people could not block it! Next time, it would just be him. So he turned and ran. He cursed internally: Motherf*, you are already a swordsman. Why do you bother with taking Underworld Saber? Even if you get it… can you even use it?

This is really annoying. I have never heard of a swordsman trying to snatch a saber. You should be killing the guy carrying Ask the Heavens Sword.

But this swordsman leisurely chased him instead.

He could feel the thick sword aura behind him. His back felt as if there were countless poisonous snakes crawling up and down causing his nape hair to stand on ends.

“You want to run? Leave the saber! Otherwise, you can leave your life!”

In his moment of being distraught, another powerful sword aura locked on him from the front! It was icy like it belonged to the heavens! The sword aura unexpectedly filled the air like white snow!

An atmosphere of deep iciness!

Surprisingly, it was yet another swordsman!

There was a blockade in the front and pursuer in the back; they were both asking for his life! The Revered level master was running like mad when his spirit flew right out of him; tears covered his face.

How could he be greeted by two swordsmen at the same time?

Even a King level master would be anxious. I… I… I am only a Revered level master. How can I be worthy of such a treatment? You two think too highly of me…

Two swordsmen fighting for one saber? The implausible aspect of this did not escape this Revered level master. But at this moment, he did not have time to be annoyed.

Right now, he only had one thought. He hastily tossed the hot potato that was this Underworld Saber!

Underworld Saber was incredible. It could make people into Saber Saints… But… If a person lost his life… what would he advance with?

“You can have Underworld Saber…” This Revered level master howled with great urgency. He was completely certain that if he said this a little slower there would be two more holes on his body.

Before he was done speaking, Underworld Saber was already tossed out from his hand!

Masters, the saber is yours; I can’t give you my life, too. This Revered level master closed his eyes in prayer. Currently, he could only hope that his opponents have mercy on him.

However, right after, an utterly unexpected thing happened! (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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  1. I thought he was gonna chop them up then say “wait! this isn’t a sword, I don’t need some stupid sabre” and toss it away.


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