“Ji Mo, second young master Ji, you look well.” A clear voice spoke.

“Who is this?” Ji Mo stretched his voice as he lazily opened his eyes. Suddenly, he called out, “Eldest young master Gao? You are here? Haha, it’s such an honor to have a special guest here! Brother Cheng, bring tea! The best tea!”

Cheng Yun He’s face darkened. The only thing he wanted to do was kick this punk!

Is this your home? You actually think I am your servant?

Unable to do anything, Cheng Yun He swallowed his anger and ordered the maids to bring tea before quickly disappearing. It was now up to Gao Sheng to deal with them. These past few days had become unbearable for Cheng Yun He!

This second young master Ji was essentially not aware of his “guest” status! He went straight to Cheng Yun He’s home and treated it as his own. Who could bear such a thing?

“Brother Ji, how is it that you are interested in hanging out at Continent Center?” Gao Sheng smiled and sat down.

“Young master Gao is wrong on this!” Ji Mo sat up and said, “I will go where I want. Plus, all of Continent Center is not your Gao clan’s property. What? You, Gao Sheng, can come, but I, Ji Mo, can’t?”

“Of course that is not what I meant.” Gao Sheng amicably smile and said, “It’s just that I am worried Brother Ji is lost; it would be bad if you cannot return home.”

“Even if I get lost… I won’t run to Brother Gao’s home…” Ji Mo laughed, “Eldest young master Gao, I heard that during this training outing, young mistress Huyan has went to Lower Three Heavens as well. It seems that you and your fiancée can be reunited at Continent Center Citadel.”

“…” Gao Sheng’s countenance changed. Veins popped up on his forehead.

The young mistress Huyan that Ji Mo just spoke of was the second young mistress of the Huyan clan in Middle Three Heavens. Gao Sheng was her betrothed since before she was born. It was said that she grew up to be tall and sturdy with the back of a tiger and shoulders of a bear… Eldest young master Gao Sheng seemed to be unhappy with this marriage arrangement…

If it were not for this young mistress Huyan, Gao Sheng would not have went to hide at Diwu Qing Rou’s place… Ji Mo was currently poking at his tender spot by bringing this up.

“I heard that young mistress Huyan loves brother Gao fervently. She travelled thousands of miles from Middle Three Heavens to Lower Three Heavens. This kind of love touches heaven and earth.”

Ji Mo laughed loudly and said, “Eldest young master Gao, you should not let down such a loving beauty.”

“Do you believe that I will not immediately rip your mouth apart if you say another word?” Gao Sheng ground his teeth as he roared ferociously.

“I am so scared of you. Ahwooh…” Ji Mo sneered, “Do you believe that I will not immediately let the whole world know you are hiding here if you continue to threaten me? Let your ‘beautiful’ fiancée run over here and be lovey dovey with you?”

The two ground their teeth as they glared at each other like two fighting cocks. After a long while, they suddenly burst into laughter.

Gao Sheng leisurely leaned back on his recliner and said, “Ji Mo, I heard you have been staying in Iron Cloud recently?”

“Mm, I still did not know that you were hiding in Great Zhao. You are really well-informed.” Ji Mo finally lifted his body off the recliner and sat opposite of Gao Sheng.

“If you were staying in Iron Cloud, you must have seen the famous King of Hell Chu?” Gao Sheng asked with interest, “What does King of Hell Chu look like?”

Ji Mo sighed and said, “Gao Sheng, I know why you came today. But this matter, I cannot discuss with you.”

“Oh? Why?” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

“You have your friends, and I have mine.” Ji Mo said frankly, “Like you said, if I stayed in Iron Cloud, how could I not know King of Hell Chu? But… I see him as a friend. Do you understand my meaning?”

The smile on Gao Sheng’s face slowly disappeared; he said somewhat seriously, “You are saying… King of Hell Chu is your friend?”

“Yes! That is exactly what I meant!” Ji Mo nodded in affirmation, “That is why I cannot tell you anything relating to him.”

“I understand!” Gao Sheng nodded softly. Then he smiled and said, “I won’t force you.”

He had originally wanted to ask a few polite questions, but Ji Mo said everything before he even started. Plus, Ji Mo made it clear that there was no discussing this matter.

You have your friends, and I have mine. You won’t sell out your friends, and I definitely won’t sell out mine.

Gao Sheng thought to himself: If Ji Mo speaks this way, he is definitely not lying.

However, he did not know that while Ji Mo did not lie, he did not say one thing. He and the King of Hell were not simply friends. They were brothers!

“This young master is…” Gao Sheng looked at Rui Bu Tong.

“Rui Bu Tong!” Rui Bu Tong nodded and smiled, “Young master Gao, I have admired you for a long time.”

“Oh, young master Rui is also a person of Middle Three Heavens?” Gao Sheng attentively asked, “And which clan has such a handsome and talented young descendant like young master Rui?”

“I do not dare to assume to be handsome and talented. As for clan… I don’t have one.” Rui Bu Tong smiled, “Young master Gao thinks too highly of me.”

“You don’t know him?” Ji Mo pointed to Rui Bu Tong and asked in surprise, “Gao Sheng, you did not just recently come down to Lower Three Heavens for training right? Am I right to assume that you have been down here for a long time?”

“It has been two years.” Gao Sheng sighed. It was all because he had to avoid that demoness that he could not go home for two years. Now that they were talking about it, he felt bitter once more.

“No wonder.” Ji Mo said, “But even if you do not know about Rui Bu Tong, you should know about Stealing God and Thieving Ghost, right?”

“Stealing God and Thieving Ghost?” Gao Sheng immediately became serious, “Could it be?”

“Rui Bu Tong is the disciple of those two! He made his debut in Middle Three Heavens more than a year ago. The name Through the Heavens Robber is extremely infamous…” Ji Mo glanced at Gao Sheng, “You are really ignorant…”

“It’s you!” Gao Sheng was startled. He thought this was King of Hell Chu, but it turned out that this was a thief!

Now that he knew Rui Bu Tong’s identity, Gao Sheng got even more of a headache, “Then… Brother Rui, more than one hundred recent cases of grand theft… were all by you?”

Gao Sheng quietly swallowed.

There were millions of bank notes as well as a number of rare treasures. Even Gao Sheng was envious with these things. While bank notes could not be used in Upper Three Heavens, they were regularly used items in Middle Three Heavens.

This was such a large fortune.

For Great Zhao, this was a major case! However, their opponent was the disciple of the two tough guys, Stealing God and Thieving Ghost…

They could not take in this punk. If they crossed the two monsters, Stealing God and Thieving Ghost, Diwu Qing Rou’s Great Zhao and his Gao clan would take the brunt of the punishment…

“You think I want to do that?” Rui Bu Tong unexpectedly fumed, “If it was not for this second young master Ji… He got crazy poor since he came down here so he forced me to go stealing every day.”

Gao Sheng’s eyes widened as he thought to himself: You are the disciple of Stealing God and Thieving Ghost; who would dare force you? Is it not because your hands are itchy or King of Hell Chu asked you to? And you pushed the blame on Ji Mo…

“Hey, hey. Speaking of that, it’s really easily to find money here.” Ji Mo smiled happily as he pulled out a stack of bank notes from his robe and stuffed it into Gao Sheng’s hand, “Take it, take it. We should share the wealth. I, Ji Mo, am not a stingy person.”

Gao Sheng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ji Mo, let me ask you a question. We are peers from Middle Three Heavens so you must answer me honestly.” Gao Sheng pushed the stack of bank notes back to Ji Mo and said seriously, “If King of Hell Chu also comes to Great Zhao… your stance would be…?”

“In a short time, I will be returning to Middle Three Heavens already!” Ji Mo said casually.

“Oh? That is very good then.” Gao Sheng’s face relaxed.

“Eldest young master Gao, do you know where the other trainers from my clan are?”

“Your brothers are heading toward Continent Center.” Gao Sheng sighed, “No just your Ji clan, the Luo clan, the Gu clan, the Mo clan, the Black Saber clan, the Liu clan, the Dong clan, the Wang clan… Almost all of the clans that came down for training are going to Continent Center…”

Gao Sheng counted his fingers as his head looked like it was going to explode, “It’s all because of those confounded Ask the Heavens Sword and Underworld Saber… Ah, this is really too much.”

Gao Sheng watched Ji Mo’s countenance as he spoke.

“Ask the Heavens Sword? I have never heard of this before.” Ji Mo frowned pensively, “I really never heard of Ask the Heavens Sword Saint from eight thousand years ago. Could it be… that our family’s records are wrong?”

“Motherf*, what Ask the Heavens Sword? It’s all a lie!” Gao Sheng cursed, “That bastard King of Hell Chu intentionally came up with this scheme to cause internal chaos for Great Zhao!”

“But what does Great Zhao and Iron Cloud business have to do with you?” Ji Mo rolled his eyes, “You can watch the excitement like watching a show. What are you getting worked up about? Could it be that you want to join in the fight for power in Lower Three Heavens? Eldest young master Gao, has life in the Gao clan become too comfortable lately? You want to do something a little stimulating?”

Gao Sheng immediately recovered. He coughed dryly and said, “Nonsense! How could I do that?”

Ji Mo sneered to himself as he thought: You are not doing that? That would be strange.

Gao Sheng continued to beat around the bushes for a while. But Ji Mo was too careful. He could not ask anything and got played instead. The two rolled eyes and poked at each other, but both were equally matched. In the end, Gao Sheng did not dare to offend this second young master Ji as he wished.

After a long time without any gain, he had to go back in frustration…

And that night, a storm surged in Great Zhao’s Continent Center Citadel. Underworld Saber suddenly appeared on the east side then on the west side. In a flash, it brought a trail of bloodshed and people in an uproar…

All of Continent Center was like a boiling hotpot.

That night, there was at least a million people that was not able to sleep.

Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di played like mad. Plus, the two of them changed and transformed into two unrecognizable appearances and did not care about anything. Dong Wu Shang went out to cause trouble with the saber. Luo Ke Di assisted him and conveniently robbed a few great houses along the way…

[TLN: Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di are supposed to have Ask the Heavens Sword. This section is rather vexing to me. I triple checked with original version. Later chapters will go back to sword.]

He did not have thieving skills like Rui Bu Tong. Instead, he directly jumped in and robbed while things were chaotic…

When Dong Wu Shang fell into danger, second young master Luo let out an ahwooh and appeared. Then the two would join forces, break out of the encirclement, and disappear to another part of the citadel…

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