Suddenly, everyone broke down! Gu Du Xing had just said that he was about to break through; Dong Wu Shang also said that he was about to break through; and while Luo Ke Di did not say anything, one could tell from looking at smugness that he was clearly going to break through within this month. Given the current situation, it was not really a problem for anyone.

But Ji Mo was the only one who did not say anything, and Ji Mo was the only one to break through!

Within moments, everyone felt as if they were struck by lightning. They temporarily stood staring without knowing what to say.

Chu Yang had continually broken through making everyone exceedingly shocked. But even if he broke through, he would only remain as big brother; nothing would be changed! And at this time, the ranking in the brotherhood was based on the order of breakthrough; it had become the primary focus in everyone’s heart.

Gu Du Xing’s cultivation was the highest, and he broke through the fastest taking the position of second brother. There was nothing anyone could say about that!

Of the top three positions, two were gone. Everyone was frantically trying to climb to the position of third brother. During this time, everyone might have been fighting chaotically, but they were also secretly competing against one another.

Each person thought that he would be the one to get the third brother position!

This was especially true for Dong Wu Shang who already had one cheek on the third brother throne. He could not believe that a punk suddenly jumped out and kicked him off that throne.

“There is no heavenly justice… no heavenly justice…” Dong Wu Shang murmured listlessly. Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong looked at him empathetically.

While the two of them also competed, they knew that they were weaker than Dong Wu Shang. They did not expect Ji Mo to categorically beat Dong Wu Shang like this. And even though they were very disheartened by all of this, looking at Dong Wu Shang acting like this, they could not help but feel better.

Someone is riding a horse, and I am only riding a donkey; but there is a beggar behind me!

“Wu Shang…” Luo Ke Di tried hard to show an expression of pain as he patted Dong Wu Shang’s shoulder, “Come to think of it… In this world, everything changes like that. Nothing is certain. It has been said that seventy or eighty percent of life cannot be what we want… In truth, Ji Mo is strong; having him as a third brother, I feel okay with this…”

Dong Wu Shang hyperventilated and frowned without saying a word.

Luo Ke Di was internally elated. Now that he saw Dong Wu Shang making such a face, he became more sly and added, “While Ji Mo broke through seventh grade this time, you will soon break through eighth grade. You will be one grade higher than him. This is more important, haha… Hahaha.. Ahwooh…”

Half way through his speech, he could not help but be elated with schadenfreude. He unexpectedly stomped his feet and laughed while spraying saliva on Dong Wu Shang’s body…

After letting out two laughs, Luo Ke Di suddenly realized: Shoot! This is not the time to revel in someone else’s suffering. This bastard might use his black saber to fight me… His laughter immediately subsided, and his face turned white.

“Did you laugh enough? Is it really funny? Are you feeling very happy?” Dong Wu Shang narrowed his eyes and looked at Luo Ke Di dangerously. His already dark skin tone now looked like a steel block. His countenance was calm, but a dangerous air was emitted from his gaze.

“Ah, no! Not funny! Not happy!” Luo Ke Di shook his head like a rattle drum. Even the meat on his cheeks shook as he said repeatedly, “Unhappy! Very unhappy!”

“Unhappy! Let me help you feel better!” Dong Wu Shang let out a roar and grabbed Luo Ke Di’s collar. Luo Ke Di was panicked; he knew that Dong Wu Shang was currently unhappy, and he had carelessly teased him. Seeing other attacking, Luo Ke Di could only make a desperate attempt to escape!

One person desperately tried pulled back as the other desperately tried to pull away. Both of them had great strength and had activated their martial energy as well. Right away, there was an unexpected result.

Rip! A white body flew out in an arc over the air and fell into a pile of white snow. Luo Ke Di yelled out angrily, “Dong Wu Shang! You deserved to be chopped to pieces! I will fight to the death with you…”

His mouth might have said this, but he was hastily covering himself looking really embarrassed.

Dong Wu Shang was also surprised; holding the clothes in his hand, he suddenly roared with laughter.

As it turned out, the two had managed to rip apart all of the clothes on Luo Ke Di! Right now, Luo Ke Di was no different from a new born babe… pure, white…

The other two standing nearby was stunned for a moment; then they took a deep breath and laughed uncontrollably.

“Hahaha!” Rui Bu Tong was gleeful. Today was the happiest day in his life. First, he got to witness Luo Ke Di getting a beating. Then, he got to see Dong Wu Shang beaten by Ji Mo. After that, he got to watch Luo Ke Di getting another beating, “Hahaha… I just saw Luo Ke Di’s whip earlier; I can’t believe I get to another one…”

“Mmm, this one is a little short though.” Gu Du Xing had never felt so amused; he laughed until his whole body trembled. He said, “No wonder Ji Mo worshiped Luo Ke Di’s butt so much; it is a temptation…”

Dong Wu Shang forgot all about dealing with Luo Ke Di and held onto a tree trunk laughing.

Just then, Ji Mo had come out of his meditative state. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw a human body with one hand clutching his crotch. He was jumping up and down and yelling, “Give me clothes…”

When this person jumped in front of Gu Du Xing, Gu Du Xing was gone. He ran to Rui Bu Tong, and Rui Bu Tong disappeared. He Ran to Dong Wu Shang, and Dong Wu Shang jumped right to the top of the tree…

Since then, he could only see this guy covering his butt and his family jewel as he tried to hide with his red body.

Ji Mo took a closer look and realized that this person was Luo Ke Di! Second young master Luo! His eyes rolled as he called out, “I say, second young master Luo, is the weather really that hot?”

“Hey… Ji Mo, third brother! Third brother…”  Luo Ke Di instantly found a savior and sweetly called him third brother, “Third brother, oh third brother, give me clothes to wear first…”

Ji Mo was immediately satisfied from head to toe! This third brother throne, I finally get to sit on it!

Without any hesitation, he took of the cloak on his body. As he was about to hand it over, he paused and asked, “What happened?”

“Come on… Give it to me.” Luo Ke Di grabbed the cloak and hastily put it on himself. It covered him from top to bottom while his hands tightly held the opening together. He finally felt a little more secure.

Looking at people all around, Luo Ke Di shivered with fear and stuttered, “Hey, the weather is a little bit cold…”

He was a sixth grade Martial Great Master. In this snowy weather, he could be naked for half a month and not feel cold. Now that he said this, it made everyone rolled over with laughter.

“Yes, it’s really cold! So cold that second young master Luo took off all of his clothes!” Dong Wu Shang laughed loudly.

“Dong Wu Shang!” Luo Ke Di shouted angrily, “You are responsible!”

“I am definitely responsible!” Dong Wu Shang laughed and clasped his hands together, “Everyone, it seems that my future happiness is set. Second young master Luo wants to marry me…”

“Hahaha…” (

Ji Mo laughed for a while before remembering his good fortune. He immediately stopped laughing and let out a dry cough, “Everyone!”

Everyone stopped playing around and looked at him.

“Second brother above, please accept the respect of this third brother!” Ji Mo ceremoniously walked in front of Gu Du Xing and kowtowed.

Gu Du Xing was surprised and involuntarily said, “Third brother, please stand up…” Then he reach out his arms and helped Ji Mo up.

“It’s everyone else’s turn!” After he performed his ceremony, Ji Mo did not wait for Gu Du Xing’s polite response. He quickly turned around and said with the countenance of a proud and petty person, “You are still not greeting your third brother?”

Dong Wu Shang suddenly went silent and looked as if fire was going to shoot out of his eyes.

“Dong Wu Shang, what? You can’t accept this?” Ji Mo stuck his nose to the heavens and asked, “Are you quicker or am I quicker? Should I call you third brother?”

Dong Wu Shang huffed and puffed with his eyes widened.

“What? You are not keeping your promise? You want to abandon your good name? You want…” Ji Mo sneered cockily.

“Third…” Dong Wu Shang closed his eyes.

“Third what? I can’t hear you…” Ji Mo perked up his ear and tried to clear it with his finger.

“Third brother…” Dong Wu Shang was as anguished as a young woman who was raped and accused by her husband.

“Ah…” Ji Mo’s voice stretched out as he was demonstrating his lungs’ capacity. His satisfaction level rose up tremendously; in moments, it broke through the highest limit.

“And the two of you?” Ji Mo stuck up his nose, “It’s your turn; quickly!”

“Third… brother…” Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong were like ducks who got their noses pinched as they spoke reluctantly.

“Good! Haha…” Ji Mo was cocky as he feigned sincerity, “Three junior brothers, you must try hard. Haha, on the off chance that you cannot break through by the deadline, even third brother will not be able to help you. You should know, that talent cannot happen without hardship, a sword would be dull without sharpening…”

Dong Wu Shang and the other two grinded their teeth as they looked at the triumphant third brother standing in front of them. The only thing they wanted to do was stick a stinky sock into his mouth.

“Third brother… cough cough…” Dong Wu Shang’s face was as dark as a pot’s bottom, “When I was training, there was some things I could not understand. I want to try them out with third brother…”

Ji Mo was immediately tongue-tied, “You can try them out with second brother…”

“I have already worked with second brother.” Dong Wu Shang squeezed his knuckles, and the cracking sounds of his joints rang out, “You are third brother; of course I have to find you to try them out and learn a few things!”

Ji Mo’s eyes rolled as he backed up. But Dong Wu Shang had already yelled out loud as he poured all of the anguish he just endured into this “learning” session…

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