This fresh out of the oven third brother Ji Mo fell to the ground with his legs twitching. His swollen face looked like a pig… He still kept up appearances as he splayed himself on the ground, “Luo Ke Di, Rui Bu Tong, hurry over here and massage third brother… Oooh… this bastard’s moves are so cruel…”

At this time, big brother Chu was finally done with his cultivation and stood up. The moment he looked over, he could not avoid being stunned momentarily. He asked, “This… What happened?”

He only saw Luo Ke Di holding tightly to a cloak. At the waist, there was a sash fashioned from vines. At the bottom, two white legs peeked out. He looked no different from a peasant going to the mountain to gather wood.

On the other hand, Ji Mo’s face was red and purple all over. These colorful blooms covered his body, and yet he was smiling happily…

Seeing such a situation in front of him, the superior intellect of Minister Chu could not decipher what had happened.

“Ji Mo broke through… and successfully sat on Dong Wu Shang’s head…” Gu Du Xing also did not know how to explain it correctly.

“F*!” Chu Yang was also surprised. He scratched his head and asked, “How could it be Ji Mo?”

These past few days, it was clearly visible that while every one of them was showing signs of possible breakthroughs, the one that was most obvious was Dong Wu Shang. How could the world turned up-side-down in the blink of an eye…

“Why can’t it be me?” While Ji Mo’s entire body was sore, he jumped up the moment he heard Chu Yang said these words. He fiercely protected the position that he had the good fortune to come by, “Big brother, what do you mean? I can’t be third brother? Big brother, you said that we will be ranked based on the order of breakthrough. You cannot take back your words!”

Currently, Ji Mo was calling Chu Yang big brother most smoothly.

“Alright, alright.” Chu Yang nodded. He turned his head and looked at Dong Wu Shang. Second young master Dong’s mouth was crooked showing a smile that was uglier than a crying face…

Seeing Chu Yang looking in his direction, Dong Wu Shang was at a loss for words. He just wanted to cry and lament over his misfortune…

“I see…” Chu Yang continually nodded, “This learning session is how you brothers welcome third brother, right?”

“For this third brother position, I am willing to be colorful every day!” Ji Mo stuck his face up haughtily. With an unfaltering attitude, he had proven his determination to hold on to this position even if it could cost him his life!

“You are something!” Chu Yang had given up with this guy and gave him a thumbs up.

“Okay. What about Coyote?” Chu Yang scratched his head, “Is it very hot?” He looked up at the snow that had been falling for three days; it was indeed winter.

“Yes, yes.” Luo Ke Di laughed excessively and unexpectedly fanned himself with the hem of his cloak, “It’s nothing; it’s just so hot…”

“Big brother, you don’t know. Earlier, Luo Ke Di pulled out both of his whips to fight with Dong Wu Shang! They already made a decision on marriage as well!” Rui Bu Tong reported as if he was worried that things would not be chaotic enough…

After hearing about all the things that happened during his meditation, Chu Yang felt as if his brain had short-circuited. His mouth twitched for a while. Then, unable to control himself any longer, he clutched his stomach and burst out laughing.

As Chu Yang laughed, everyone else glanced as each other. And whether they were butt naked or full of pink and purple blooms, they could not help but laugh.

After laughing for a while, Dong Wu Shang let out a sigh and said, “Yes, from now on, you are third brother! Today will serve not only as a lesson for me, but also an experience. Nothing should be delayed! If you have a goal, you have to use all of your strength and ability to achieve it first! Even if you are confident, it is not reality until it happens!”

“Exactly! The three of you should pay attention. Even though you are all on the verge of breaking through and are confident that it will happen in the next nine days, anything unexpected could happen. Before you break through, nothing is certain!” Chu Yang said casually, “Therefore, among the three of you, there could be those who will stay, and there could be those who… will have to leave! Dong Wu Shang has learned this today; it is also a lesson for all of you!”

Chu Yang paused a little then said solemnly, “What happened today might seem unexpected, but, in life, there are many unexpected things. Whether it is a breakthrough, cultivation, fighting, trade, or seizing power… they are all uncertain! I will leave you with this: Before the food is in your stomach, it is still not your food!”

After Chu Yang finished talking, everyone, including Gu Du Xing, became pensive. It was especially true with Luo Ke Di, Rui Bu Tong, and Dong Wu Shang who were feeling great sense of urgency!

“Good! Good! Good!” Someone suddenly laughed, “Before the food is in your stomach, it is still not your food! I cannot believe that I could hear words like these on this trip to Lower Three Heavens. I am pleasantly surprised!”

The moment the voice was heard, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang both turned pale!

The two of them had the highest cultivation in the entire group, but they could not believe that they did not discover someone hiding nearby! Plus, even when the voice was heard, they could not hear where that voice was coming from!

That ethereal voice seemed to come from all directions! Moreover, it seemed to be right next to their ears and yet soft at the same time. They did not feel that it was deafening. On the contrary, it made them feel relaxed as if it was a babbling stream in a mountain.

Chu Yang’s brows perked lightly, and he asked in a low voice, “May I ask which senior is staying here?”

“Haha… I am not staying here… I just happened to pass by.” That person let out a faint laugh. Immediately after, at a distance far from the six people, a figure appeared in the wind and snow.

In this snowy weather, even if he was thirty or forty feet away, his image should have been very faint. But this person was more than a hundred feet away, he should not have been seen so clearly. The odd thing was, they felt as if they could clearly see him.

In the very next moment, the six of them saw plainly that this person who was more than a hundred feet away take a leisurely step…

But after this one step, the whole world seemed to stop. Even the snowflakes in the air slowed down, and the person shortened the distance between them with this one step and appeared right in front of the six!

Moreover, every one of them had the feeling that this was expected! If he had not appeared like so, that would have been strange!

Chu Yang closed his eyes. His countenance remained calm, but an extreme feeling of amazement rose inside him. This person’s techniques did not have any psychological effect, but he had unexpectedly caused shock and awe to the whole group with just one step!

Because of this, an extreme feeling of admiration was born in their hearts!

Such a technique was earth-shattering!

In the life before this one, Chu Yang had never seen this. He also did not know that such a martial master existed in this world!

He did not know what this person’s cultivation level was, but he knew that it was far higher than King level!

Compared to Chu Yang’s amazement, Gu Du Xing and company were even more amazed! On the body of this person in front of them, there was an majestic air. He remained standing like that making everyone feel as if the vast world was in the palm of his hand.

Gu Du Xing and company came from upper crust of Middle Three Heavens, but there were no such masters in their clans!

This person was definitely from beyond Middle Three Heavens!

“What’s wrong?” This person looked to be about thirty or forty years old. His face was calm as he looked indifferently at Chu Yang’s group, “Did my appearance scare you?”

The moment he said this, an immense aura surged out from his body. It created a fierce pressure that could crush citadels and bring down the sky.

His body suddenly became deep ravines and great mountains in the eyes of the people in Chu Yang’s group! Towering and untouchable!

“Your skill is very powerful, but scare us? Not necessarily!” Three people seemed to have spokes these words in unison.

Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang!

Then the three simultaneous took a step forward! The lifted their heads and looked in the direction of this person at the same time!

Their gazes made the person feel as if two swords and a saber suddenly appeared in front of him!

Swords’ arrogance reached the sky!

Saber cut through the universe!

The person frowned slightly, showing a look of admiration in his eyes.

The three young men in front of him had much lower cultivation than his. All he had to do was raise a finger, and he could grab them! But there was not a trace of fear in these young men’s eyes!

Instead, their bodies glowed with an unparalleled spirit!

It was as if his appearance gave to a goal to strive for! Their gazes were filled with maximum zeal!

“Ha! Big brother is right! You can kill us, but scare us? Hahaha… Even a supreme level master could not do it!” The person speaking was Luo Ke Di. He just froze for a moment. Then he, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong immediately advanced forward and stood next to Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang.

The six had been training and fighting together. They rarely talked, but all six shared the thought that sharing feelings was unnecessary among men.

But at this moment, facing a powerful master the likes of which they have never seen before, the six stood side by side. A different feeling suddenly rose inside them: If we stand together like this, we can stand together forever!

If we stand like this, we don’t have to be scared! Even if we are facing a Supreme master!

If we stand like this, as long as there are others by our side, we will never fall down!

A feeling of sharing life and death together quietly rose in everyone. At this moment, the six people truly felt relaxed and warm.

When I step forward, my brothers immediately stand by my side! They do not care who I am facing!

Regardless of whether my opponent is a foe or a friend, powerful or not, they still stand by my side! (

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