At this moment, Chu Yang was miserable beyond words. That force did not cease to agitate his entire body. Chu Yang felt as if his meridians could no longer hang on and were about to burst. He could only try to hang on, but he did not know how long he could hang on for…

At any moment, his body could explode into a pile of meat pieces; but before that happened, Chu Yang absolutely would not give up!

The pressure on his meridians was increasing… Blood was starting to trickle out from his orifices making his face look very grim and horrifying…

In this exact time…

“Motherf*, what is this?” The sword spirit that Chu Yang had been manically trying to summon had finally appeared. The moment it appeared, it was immediately shocked, “Where did you find herbal medicine with such enormous potency?”

Then, seeming to check, it was suddenly surprised, “It’s the power of Jade Spirit Ginseng!” If flew into a great fury, “Why did you eat this kind of thing?”

“What kind of thing did I eat? Jade Spirit Ginseng?” Chu Yang could only think in his head, but that little bit of distraction was already very difficult on him. He did not even have the strength for a mental conversation…

“Absorb! Control!…” The sword spirit roared out as if not taking any time for break. Gradually, Chu Yang felt the pressure in his body weakened…

Finally, after some period of controlling that force, the sword spirit finally paused and said with frustration, “I only controlled seventy percent; you must take in the rest… Geez… You damn kid. Are rare items really easy to eat? You are really stupid! If it were not for me, you would have become a pile of meat…”

Chu Yang was now starting to feel a little conscious, but his meridians continued to bulge like before. He did not bother with the angry words from the sword spirit and concentrated on controlling his martial energy.

“This… I can no longer control his cultivation level. But with no enlightenment to go with it, what should I do?” After Chu Yang entered his meditative state, the sword spirit continued to mutter seemingly very troubled…

Ji Mo and company worriedly looked at Chu Yang. After Gu Du Xing’s encounter, Ji Mo still did not abandon the idea of helping out. His result was even worse than Gu Du Xing’s. He flew out by fifty or sixty feet and fell head first into the pile of snow like a loose kite… His arms and legs stuck out still flailing in the wind…

Everyone thought that was funny, but they were even more concerned for Chu Yang.

But slowly, the expressions of the five went from concerned to alarmed. That violent force was slowly weakening… It seemed that Chu Yang had stabilized…

Then his situation became steadied, and everyone let out a sigh of relief as if a weight had been lifted off their shoulders…

Gu Du Xing said coldly, “I thought you guys couldn’t accept big brother. Well, why are you all so anxious right now?”

Ji Mo said without turning around, “Gibberish! When did I say I don’t accept him?” He suddenly frowned and said worriedly, “Motherf*, twenty days out of a month has passed; why don’t I have any feeling of a breakthrough? F*! If I get cast out… I will lose all of my face…”

The moment he said that, everyone agreed with him. Luo Ke Di said sadly, “Me, too. I feel like I am stuck at a bottleneck. It’s the fault of all of you; you beat me up every day…”

Dong Wu Shang smiled and said, “I should be breaking through in one or two days. This is so embarrassing; it seems that I have no choice but to take that third brother position!”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di immediately rolled their eyes as they looked hatefully at Dong Wu Shang. The two could not even cry out tears…

Rui Bu Tong also frowned in contemplation and said, “I also feel like, in a few days, there is a chance…”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di’s jaws dropped and the fell to the ground. Could it be that the two of us will be last?

At this very moment, an aura rippled through the atmosphere…

This aura was very familiar! It was breakthrough aura!

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di reacted as if they were cats who got their tails stepped on. They hastily jumped out and let out a strange scream. Then they searched all around, “Who? Motherf*, who is it? Who broke through?”

They were already infinitely bitter with just talking, and now it actually happened?

The moment they turned their heads, they saw Dong Wu Shang, who was just triumphant, was now also startled. He rolled his eyes and looked behind him, “Breakthrough over there; mother*!”

“Not over there…” Before Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di could finish speaking, they suddenly became stupefied and ran forward.

They could only see Chu Yang’s calm countenance; his reddish purple face had disappeared. There seemed to be a glowing jade luster underneath his skin.

“Big brother is breaking through again…” Luo Ke Di muttered.

“Mmm, he was below ninth grade Martial Artist…” Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes and said casually, “What’s so strange about it?”

“What’s so strange about it?” Ji Mo murmured that phrase once more; then he suddenly yelled out, “You tell me if it’s strange. A few days ago he just broke through. Plus he broke through three grades in a row! And now he is breaking through again?”

“Three grades… That’s nothing!” Gu Du Xing said condescendingly, “Just you wait and see!” Gu Du Xing had a feeling that this time, Chu Yang would surely create a new marvel!

In front of the stunned gazes of five talented young men, Chu Yang started to advance from ninth grade and slowly went into mid-level ninth grade Martial Artist, then top-level…

Chu Yang’s countenance reddened once more…

A dense aura burst out!

“And… and he’s breaking through again… Martial Master… first grade Martial Master!” Luo Ke Di stuttered.

The others were dumbfounded. Their neck stretched like a giraffe as they looked; their eyeballs almost dropped out. Only Gu Du Xing maintained an indifference expression as he thought to himself: You are all not really shocked yet. You only need to stay with Chu Yang; sooner or later, you will be composed like me…

Just thinking about how he could be composed like this, Gu Du Xing felt a little bitter. Looking at the current expressions of Ji Mo and company… they were no different than his from before…

He was already a first grade Martial Master, but the aura continued to rise… mid-level, top-level…

Bang! (

Ji Mo’s mouth grew wider and wider; finally, it let out a cracking sound as he dislocated his jaw. It hurt so much that his body trembled. He hastily raised his hands to adjust it and called out, “Second grade… He is at second grade already…”

That voice of his was extremely high-pitched like an old woman had just discovered her husband sneaking food; that kind of underlying bitterness… was truly indescribable…

The others stood petrified like statues while maintaining their giraffe figures…

Low-level second grade, mid-level second grade… peak of second grade…

Dong Wu Shang plopped to the ground and hastily grabbed some snow to rub on his face, “Damn, I need to calm down…”

Finally, bang…

The five people were petrified!

Third grade… mid-level third grade… peak of third grade…

My god, he has finally stopped!

Looking at the four stunned people who seemed as if they had just seen a ghost, Gu Du Xing said in disdain, “Isn’t it just a breakthrough? Look at you people… You are acting as if you have not seen it before.”

“Not seen it before? Gu Du Xing, can you be less heartless?” Ji Mo shrieked, “Before, he broke through as a Martial Artist. This time, he is breaking through as a Martial Master; are they the same thing?”

Hearing this, Gu Du Xing immediate comprehended and smacked his forehead, “Yes!” He looked in Chu Yang’s direction with more astonishment.

Yes, how could a Martial Artist’s breakthrough be the same as a Martial Master’s breakthrough? But Chu Yang still did it just as easily like he was splitting bamboo!

Everyone recalled at once the words Chu Yang had said before: “I am currently a fourth grade Martial Artist! In a month, I will break through Martial Master!… Each of you must advance by one grade in cultivation.”

Yes, but it had only been twenty days! Chu Yang had achieved his target of becoming a Martial Master! Moreover, he went beyond his goal!

He had broken through ten grades, and the rest of them had not changed!

With such comparison, Ji Mo suddenly wanted to kill himself! He had always considered himself a heavenly talent; now, he realized that he was as dumb as a pig!

The gap was too great!

At this very moment, Gu Du Xing quietly spoke into Ji Mo’s ear, “Ji Mo, I will tell you a piece of good news.”

“What?” Ji Mo asked with a tearful face.

“The good news is… I will break through ninth grade Sword Great Master soon…” Gu Du Xing smiled joyfully.

“Aaaaaah…” Ji Mo completely collapsed. He jumped up and yelled, “Is there heavenly justice? Is there heavenly justice left? Where is heavenly justice?”

All of a suddenly, he knelt on the ground and beat his face into the snow, “Kill me, kill me…”

Luo Ke Di and Dong Wu Shang looked at Ji Mo in surprise; they stammered, “He… is epileptic?”

“A case of epileptic seizure!” Gu Du Xing looked joyfully at another’s suffering…

At this time, an aura suddenly surged up!

Someone was also having a breakthrough!

Everyone looked in Chu Yang’s direction in shock. They thought: This monstrous guy, is he still not done with breaking through? But looking at him, they did not see any changes. While they were still puzzled, Dong Wu Shang screamed out, “Why is it you? Why is it you?”

Everyone followed his gaze to find Ji Mo crouched on the ground looking very strange. That aura was indeed emitted from Ji Mo’s body…

This punk continually received stimuli and had now unexpectedly broken through…

Dong Wu Shang was indescribably bitter!

He was close to breaking through; he was on the verge of passing his bottleneck. All he needed to do was go home and carefully cultivate. Then he could break through and become third brother worshipped by three junior brothers…

Dong Wu Shang even thought about how he would act when he get this position…

However, in the blink of an eye, Ji Mo had unexpectedly broken through before he did! According to the break through order… Ji Mo had become third brother. And even if he broke through, he would be ranked under Ji Mo…

In this hour, second young master Dong Wu Shang could only grind his teeth while hating Ji Mo! His mind was tangled as he did not know how to react. Could it be because I slacked off and wasted half a day? How could this be?

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