While four people had died on the other side and those who remained were also injured, their fighting strength remained greater! More importantly, Chu Yang’s identity should not be revealed, and he definitely could not die!

If they had to fight, even if they would win in the end, they would at least lose two or three lives!

So Meng Chao Ran made a quick decision to scare the enemies into retreating first!

Although the enemies had attacked Beyond the Heavens Sect, and the hatred between them was as deep as the sea, their lives had to be saved first no matter what.

Meng Chao Ran’s calmness had proven to be most useful at this moment!

The four opponents were now scared witless. Their two leaders had died, and all those remaining were injured. The current situation was very clear: If they continued to fight, they could only die together with their enemies!

“Let’s go!” Giving Meng Chao Ran’s group a hateful look, that female Revered Martial Artist angrily waved her arm. They did not even bother to gather the bodies of their fallen comrades as they turned and left.

Meng Chao Ran said casually, “Please go back and tell the Prime Minister… Today’s debt, Beyond the Heavens Sect will definitely remember it!”

The female Revered Martial Artist let out a cold snort and did not reply. The four disappeared within the wind and snow in a blink of an eye. At the blood-soaked battlefield, only five people remained…

Meng Chao Ran watched as their opponents disappeared from view. His two legs finally faltered, and he plopped to the ground. He only had time to say, “Chu Yang, quickly! Go to the cliff…”

Then he fainted; his face was pale and his breathing was faint and weak.

“Chu Yang? You are Chu Yang?” Wu Yun Liang’s eyes widened in disbelief. He looked doubtfully at the strange person who was white from head to toe.

“I am Chu Yang. Eldest martial uncle, long time no see.” Chu Yang held his wound with one hand while ripping his shirt’s hem with the other. He temporarily wrapped up his wound.

“So it is really you…” Wu Yun Liang sighed. He rolled to the ground and laughed with difficulty, “Quickly do as your master said… We are on the verge of dying…”

Gu Du Xing hobbled over. He let out a dry cough and said, “Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist… really powerful!” He maintained a strong posture, but his injuries were not light.

Meng Chao Ran’s group was, of course, burnt out, but did Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing not rush over a great distance to come to this desperate fight? The fact that they were able to achieve such victory was already the best possible situation…

After directing Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing to a secret cave, Wu Yun Liang felt completely relaxed; he immediately fell unconscious.

This cave was hidden under many layers of snow. In the sky, snow continued to fly. Everyone’s footprints disappeared without a trace in no time.

Not long after everyone left, the Revered Martial Artists of Golden Horse Riders Department led a large group of people back. But, of course, they were fighting thin air. These people were of Saintly Saber Pavilion and Black Blood League, two big sects that surrounded Beyond the Heavens Sect…

They had planned to temporarily retreat and return after that have gathered more people. According to their speculation, all of these people were seriously injured. Even if they escaped… how far could they have gone? They never though that when they returned, there opponents had disappeared without a trace!

After searching surround area for a long time, they still could not find anything; the only thing they could do was bitterly withdraw.

Underneath the snow cover, inside the cave…

Meng Chao Ran and the other two were unconscious for two days and two nights. Chu Yang gave each of them a drink of Vitality Spring Water so their lives were not in danger. But the three had lost a lot of blood and spiritual power. Plus, they were physically exhausted to the extreme limit… They needed to slowly recover from these things.

After that palm, Gu Du Xing also suffered from internal injuries. He needed two days to get rid of all the blood clots. As for Chu Yang’s stomach, he recovered a little quicker than everyone else; at most, he had to hear complaints from the sword spirit for a while.

“There is something I cannot figure out!” Gu Du Xing frowned. He sat with his legs folded and said suspiciously, “We both did sneak attacks; they were both ninth grade Revered Martial Artists; they were both hit at the hearts! Why did the other person immediately die while the person I hit was able to hit one palm back? This cannot be!”

Chu Yang coughed dryly and said, “This… this…”

“Too hard to comprehend.” Gu Du Xing could not figure it out no matter what, “It was clear that we both hit the heart! Plus, I even added an invisible sword aura. And my martial power is stronger than yours… Why?”

Chu Yang hastily coughed and said, “Maybe there are some people are not normal; they were born with their hearts on the right.” He thought to himself: Perhaps you want me to tell you I am the master of Nine Tribulations Sword? On my sword, there was the sword point and sword edge of Nine Tribulations Sword; that was an equivalent representation of Nine Tribulations Sword already. Do you think your block of steel could compare to it?

“This is not what I am talking about. How could I not know if I hit the heart or not?” Gu Du Xing said in annoyance, “They are two totally different feelings! I am not that stupid! What I mean is that it was right he turned around and palmed me. But the guy you snuck up and stabbed died immediately; this does not make sense…”

“Why?” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Chu Yang helplessly looked at Gu Du Xing’s inquisitive appearance and said, “This… I also don’t know. You should go and ask him…”

“Fudge!” Gu Du Xing was speechless. Ask him? Ask him how? He is dead!

That afternoon, Wu Yun Liang was the first person to come to. It was not until the third day that Meng Chao Ran woke up.

“Why did you come here?” Those were the first words Meng Chao Ran said after waking up. Surprisingly, he looked displeased.

“I was passing by, cough, cough…” Chu Yang laughed, “On the way, I just stopped by to look…”

“On the way?” Meng Chao Ran looked at him suspiciously. He clearly did not trust Chu Yang’s words. But in the end, he was able to see his disciple again. Joy took over as happiness slowly appeared on his face. He said casually, “Earlier, I was still thinking… how you would avenge my death? I never thought that revenge would not be needed.”

“This is the greatest of hatred, how could revenge not be needed?” Chu Yang sneered, “Diwu Qing Rou dares to do such a thing. If I do not make him pay a great price, how can I be worthy of your eighteen years of care?” (TLN: Definitely said eighteen, but should it not be sixteen?)

“It’s fine as long as we are okay. How is your injury?” Meng Chao Ran looked at his disciple with concerns.

“I am fine.” Chu Yang smiled, “Master, you are also fine.”

At this moment, Meng Chao Ran discovered that something was off. His whole body was injured. All of his internal and external injuries were extremely serious. Even if he did not die, he should have become disabled. But how could he feel like this after waking up? He could not help but feel very surprised.

Wu Yun Liang was a little jealous as he watched master and disciple talking next to him; he grunted and said, “The two of you are surprising sappy; it’s so nauseating…”

“You are just jealous.” Meng Chao Ran smiled, “This is not behavior becoming of a sect master.”

Wu Yun Liang grunted and turned away.

“Master, guess what this is.” Chu Yang showed off a small jade bottle.

Meng Chao Ran took it. He opened the cap, and a fragrance burst out. He immediately felt refreshed and blurted out, “Vitality Spring Water? Where did you get this priceless item?”

“It was by chance that I got it. You are truly well-informed; you even recognize this.” Chu yang laughed, “This is my gift to you.”

“No, you are alone out there. This is what you need most. You are giving me so much. What about you?” Meng Chao Ran glared, “Take it back; I don’t need it.”

“Oh… I still have some. Just take my gift.” Chu Yang smiled from ear to ear, “Master, I am not the type to not keep some for myself…”

Meng Chao Ran was still hesitant when Wu Yun Liang stuck out his hand. With a look of desire in his eyes, he said, “Little martial brother, haha, since you don’t need it, why don’t you give it to me…”

“Get lost!” Meng Chao Ran mouth curled up with a look of pride. He held on to the bottle tightly, “This is a gift from my disciple. If you want it, go find your own disciples!”

Wu Yun Liang sighed, “If I have such outstanding disciples, I can die right now without any regrets…”

Meng Chao Ran said generously, “While I cannot give it to you, you can drink some when you need it.”

Wu Yun Liang thought with a frown: Is all my butt kissing not for this? I am still the master of Beyond the Heavens Sect; I don’t normally have to kiss up to anyone.

“Oah… woah…” Tan Tan woke up with a start. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Chu Yang. He rubbed his eyes and looked again before jumping up in joy, “Chu Yang, you have come back? When did you come back? Why didn’t you let us know you were coming back? You…”

Gu Du Xing sat on the side with a frown. He could not help but stare with his eyes wide open. He tore a piece of fabric into two and stuffed them in his ears. It was truly unbearable…

Before, hearing Luo Ke Di howling every day, the others already thought it was most unbearable. But now that he was hearing Tan Tan’s voice, Luo Ke Di’s voice seemed truly… heavenly…


“Chu Yang, look, look… during this period, do I look like have become more handsome?” Tan Tan searched in his chest and suddenly cried out, “Woah… that bitch broke my mirror!”

“Mirror?” Chu Yang glared as his whole body shivered.

Wu Yun Liang asked anxiously, “Broken mirror? Is the Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish okay?”

“The Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish is with me.” Meng Chao Ran rolled his eyes, “How could I be okay with letting this punk hold it while fighting…”

Wu Yun Liang let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good then. That’s good then.”

On the other side, Tan Tan was holding on to Chu Yang telling him about everything. In a blink of an eye, he went from tell about the day they were attacked to what happened three months ago. He talked about things from heaven to earth then he started to discuss about his own appearance. He talked enthusiastically…

Meng Chao Ran’s countenance remained unchanged. He did not move. With this kind of situation, Meng Chao Ran was already used to it. His nerves had been trained to its peak level. Wu Yun Liang sighed… He really admired his martial brother. Meng Chao Ran had lived so long with such a person, and he still did not go crazy yet…

Even though Gu Du Xing already covered his ears, he was not able to block all of the sounds. After listening for a while, he could only feel his head spinning. This was worse than having demons in one’s mind. Next to him was someone that kept him from being able to concentrate. With a sigh and blinking eyes, he turned and said, “Chu Yang, heal your martial brother’s injuries… Since he came to, he has yet to stop talking…”

Chu Yang looked at Gu Du Xing in surprise. He suddenly smiled and patted Tan Tan’s shoulder, “Brother, you are very skilled. You are able to move this blockhead. In all of the Nine Heavens continents, you are the first…”

“Really?” Tan Tan was stunned as he eyed Gu Du Xing from top to bottom. It was as if he had finally met a bosom friend, “This big brother, you are also mesmerized by me? My handsomeness has moved you? My handsomeness…”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes widened in terror. He suddenly let out a moan and became unconscious…

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