“Charge! Kill him!” The three yelled out loud at the same time and rushed in with their swords.

Just now, while they did not hesitate for long, it was enough for Meng Chao Ran’s sword aura to quickly reach its peak. At this moment, that sword aura was formed, and its power was especially great!

From their standpoint, this was something that should not have happened. When facing an enemy, it was most important to not allow the enemy to gather momentum, by attacking him nonstop; that was how one could gain the advantage. But they had currently allowed the enemy to completely garner up his sword aura; they were unexpectedly not feeling regretful!

Facing such a sword, someone would, of course, get injured. But they did not regret it! This was a extraordinary state of mind!

Although their opponent did not speak from beginning to end. Just seeing him so calm, cool and firm like that was enough to gain their respect!

Three figures rushed at him like they were flying!

“Little martial brother!” From a distance, Wu Yun Liang desperately ran over with disheveled hair. Behind him, the ninth grade Revered Martial Artist and the other people fighting with him were also not doing any better.

Meng Chao Ran seemed to not hear anything at all. There was only a faint smile filled with love as he lowered his sword!

The swords shined blindingly as it came crashing down.

The four sword lights suddenly went against each other as they met in one place!

The atmosphere shined to an extreme brightness when the four people’s swords touched. Then, as if a bomb exploded, countless sword light rays flew everywhere!

The cold light shined so brightly it made the people running toward him involuntarily close their eyes!

Meng Chao Ran let out a painful roar as he flew backward like a loose kite.

In the other three directions, there were simultaneously three screams!

Four figures were immediately sent back to their original positions. This time, at the point where the swords met, blood splattered on the ground, and countless pieces of flesh fell.

The three people now had an addition of more than a dozen sword wounds as they fell from the air. After landing on the ground, the first thing they did was look at Meng Chao Ran.

For some reason, they were actually currently concerned with Meng Chao Ran’s expression. They wondered if that person’s mask of indifference still remained on his face or if he did not have to time to recover his expression after being gravely injured!

They were disappointed.

Meng Chao Ran’s body trembled slightly; fresh blood from the wounds on his body did not stop flowing. With his sword pointing to the ground, hot blood dripped endlessly from his sword point. On his face, there was still an everlasting indifference. As he eyed the three people, there was still nothing but iciness and indifference in his gaze.

“Powerful!” A person from the group smiled and said, “We have met countless masters much more powerful than you. But to be able to maintain such calmness, Meng Chao Ran, you are the first! It would be worthwhile to die by your hand!”


After letting out two laughs, his chest suddenly burst, and blood splattered in all directions. He slowly fell to the ground with a plop and sank into the snow. There was no longer any breath left, but his face still carried a smile.

During that previous move, Meng Chao Ran’s sword had pierced right through his chest.

Meng Chao Ran coolly looked. Slowly raising his sword, he said, “Come! Fight! It’s only life or death. Jiang Hu is the path of life and death after all. To be able to leave with a smile is also a state!”

Surprisingly, he continued to face the two remaining enemies and issued his challenge.

“Little martial brother! Are you okay?” Wu Yun Liang rushed to his side at the speed of flight. This sect master of Beyond the Heavens Sect was panting heavily as he held his sword. His hair was disheveled and his body was covered with scars. Even his face had two cuts.

The seven remaining opponents surrounded the two in the blink of an eye. Everyone was panting heavily.

“I can still breathe.” Meng Chao Ran smiled. As he looked at Wu Yun Liang, there was a little less indifference and a little more care in his gaze.

It was only with those who were close to him that Meng Chao Ran’s expression changed. He remained unmoved with everyone else!

Wu Yun Liang panted and chuckled, “Powerful! Hmm, how could you not pay a big price if you want to deal with our Beyond the Heavens Sect? Haha… cough cough…”

“We can still pay that price!” That ninth grade Revered Martial Master reached them. He grunted and tried to suppress pressure in his chest. He sneered, “If we can cause King of Hell Chu to go crazy, any price is worth it!”

“Go crazy?” Meng Chao Ran muttered. Then he said confidently, “My disciple will never go crazy.”

“Charge!” That ninth grade Revered Martial Artist raised his arm, “Don’t let this stretch out any longer.”

“Cough cough… cough cough…” On the ground, snow suddenly pushed up. Tan Tan just crawled out in a daze. He stood up and looked around.

His eyes went from confused to alert in a moment. Then it was followed by grief and anger…

He jumped up, and without saying anything, he pulled out his sword and stood in formation with Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang.

Facing him was none other than that female Revered Martial Artist. Looking at Tan Tan’s strange face and his serious expression, she could not help but feel nauseated.

With a loud scream, the battle exploded once more.

***** (Walk the Jiang Hu)

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing silently snuck into Beyond the Heavens Sect. This road, even if Chu Yang closed his eyes, he could still find his way. That was why the two could enter without anyone knowing.

After moving quickly for a while, a white snow covered mountainous area was in front of them. A purple bamboo forest was swaying in the wind.

“This is Purple Bamboo Garden!” Chu Yang cautiously advanced, “There has been fighting here.”

“After them!”

Chu Yang went first as he followed the traces left behind.

Inside Purple Bamboo Forest, there were signs of battle every now and then. There were many places where the heavy snow did not have time to cover up the traces of blood.

Chu Yang’s countenance grew grave.

“The blood here has not frozen yet.” Almost right at the moment they entered Purple Bamboo Forest, Gu Du Xing had already checked all the traces with his hand; his spirit rose.

In such weather like this, and the blood had yet to freeze, this meant that the battle did not happen too long ago. There was still hope. The weight in Chu Yang’s heart lightened as he rushed to follow the traces.

Suddenly, footsteps were heard from in front of them. It seemed that there were other people trying hard to give chase as well. Their heavy panting could be heard clearly.

“What should we do now? Should we join in the fight or return to the sect?”

“Return to the sect? Are you kidding me? This is not over yet.”

“It’s terrifying!” One person said fearfully, “Who knew that those two people from Beyond the Heavens Sect were so powerful…”

“Let’s catch up quickly or that bastard will get angry!”

Killing intent suddenly flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes as he quietly got closer to them.

They could only see two people in red trekking in the deep snow and talking as they went along.

“People of Saintly Saber Pavilion.” Chu Yang grunted coldly. Dropping his hand, two sword fragments had already appeared in his hand. Right after, he flicked his wrist, and two flying meteors shot out.

Pop! Pop!

The two people could only let out one painful scream before dropping into a pile of snow. They were only exhausted so how could they have been aware of being ambushed from behind?

Chu Yang’s figure flashed and he was immediately there. He grabbed the hair of one person and yanked him up. Between the two, only one was fatally hit, and the other one was gravely injured. He wanted to ask a few questions.

“People of Saintly Saber Pavilion?” Chu Yang asked. But life was dissipating from that person’s eyes. He was now exhaling more than inhaling.

The sword fragment only hit his waist; it was not supposed to endanger his life. But Chu Yang did not know that there was already another injury on his body. Wu Yun Liang had slashed him once. Now that he received another slash, he had died…

“Bad luck!” Chu Yang tossed his body to the ground.

“There is fighting over there!” Gu Du Xing listened carefully.

“Let’s go!”

The two white figures flashed like lightning.

After some distance, a strange sound of howling was heard from afar. Chu Yang trembled, and a odd expression appeared on his face.

There was an odd expression on Gu Du Xing’s face as well.

“Wooh… I say, big sister. Don’t hit my face…” It was the sound of a male duck getting killed and the angry howling of a wolf, “Such a handsome face like this; doesn’t it break your heart to ruin it?”

“It’s Tan Tan’s voice.” Chu Yang said excitedly.

Gu Du Xing’s stone-cold face twitched slightly. This guy is really strange. How narcissistic can you be to say something like that especially at the moment when your life is in danger???

The two carefully advanced. From a distance, they could see some people fighting fiercely. Three people were surround in the center. Their bodies were covered with injuries, and the situation was extremely dangerous. It was indeed Wu Yun Liang, Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan!

Looking at the nonstop flow of blood, Chu Yang’s face immediately convulsed.

Meng Chao Ran and company were at the losing point; they could lose their lives at any moment!

“Remain calm!” Chu Yang told himself; then he waved his hand to signal Gu Du Xing.

Gu Du Xing silently nodded and slowly bent down his body. Chu Yang sat down, and suddenly activated his martial energy. His body glided on the ground. Right at the moment he moved, Gu Du Xing fiercely pushed both palms against the soles of Chu Yang’s feet.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been useless. But currently, there was a lot of snow on the ground! With a swoosh, he was quickly gliding toward the battle.

White clothes, white hair, and white brows, he was no different from a small pile of snow moved quickly.

The people fighting seemed to hear a faint sound. They paused and turned to look. In front of them was only snow; they did not discover anything.

Even though Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang were trying hard, they were starting to feel hopeless. They knew that they were burnt out lamps, and they could not hold on much longer.

The only reason their enemies did not fight more fiercely was because they wanted to reduce their loss.

In any case, this terrain was clear. If there was anyone, they could easily be seen with just a glance. Plus, the three of them no longer had the strength to break out of this encirclement.

Tan Tan roared angrily as he fought with the female Revered Martial Artist. This Revered Martial Artist’s martial power was much stronger than his. But she was injured earlier, and she fought with Wu Yun Liang a few times so she had lost seventy percent of that power already.

In addition, this was high up in the mountain, and it was extremely cold; her body was not doing well so she unexpectedly could not pin down Tan Tan. What drove her crazy was the fact that this hideous guy surprisingly loved his face; he would have sooner taken a sword to the shoulder than let his face suffer from a scratch…

“Big sister, I am begging you. You can kill me if you want, but don’t ruin my handsome face…” Tan Tan felt there was no hope so he had to beg, “I am still not married…”

The Revered Martial Artist almost fainted from these words.

At that very moment, she suddenly saw an unimaginable scene and could not help but blurt out in shock!

Behind the ninth grade Revered Martial Artist, a pile of white snow suddenly stood up. A sword seemed to appear from the netherworld. It fiercely pierced through the chest of this ninth grade Revered Martial Artist with thunderous rage…

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