At this moment, a sincere feeling suddenly rose from the bottom of Miss Xiao Lu’s heart! It was as if this man in front of her was indeed her martial brother. No matter what she did, he would still love her and indulge her…

This kind of feeling was not related to a man and woman’s love; it was more like that of flesh and blood relations.

For a time, her gaze became much warmer.

“Brother Chu Yang, what about the third issue?” As she was saying these words, even Miss Xiao Lu, herself, recognized that her voice had a trace of coyness.

“Ah, the third issue… There must be good tea… good wine… and… Hahaha…” At this moment, Chu Yang immediately shifted his attitude and swung his legs, “This issue is really difficult to solve…”

Chu Yang made himself at home and sounded really demanding.

If Minister Chu had acted like this in the beginning, Miss Xiao Lu would have definitely kicked him out. But at this time, a little joking around made Miss Xiao Lu roll her eyes and give him a glare. She laughed and said, “Get out.”

“Haha… I heard that there is good wine and good food here… there is also good tea… and… Hahaha.” Chu Yang narrowed his eyes and said cynically, “I have to say, little miss. You want to use your clever mouth to pry out all of the cards in hands? This is too skilled.”

“Okay, okay.” Miss Xiao Lu said with a helpless tone and smiled, “Uncle Chu, I will wait on you hand and foot…”

“Stop! Please don’t!” Chu Yang waved his arms in horror, “I… I… I still don’t want a wife yet…”

“Annoying! You only think of enjoying yourself!” Miss Xiao Lu stomped angrily and walked out sulking. After two steps, she turned and said, “Wait here, I am going to brew good tea for you. And while am at it, I will get the young master some food, okay?”

“That’s more like it!” Chu Yang stuck his nose in the air looking arrogant.

The two smiled harmoniously!

Miss Xiao Lu laughed; she had not been so happy in a very long time. With a pretentious pout she sighed, “You are younger than me, but you are acting like my big brother… You are too shameless.”

She walked out.

After not too long, tea and snacks successively came in. The food was placed on eight delicate plates alongside a small jug of fine wine. Chu Yang looked at them hungrily. He ate and drank like the wind without showing a bit of courtesy.

Miss Xiao Lu did not even have the chance to get chopsticks, and the contents on the table had already become chaotic. She looked up to see Minister Chu with chopsticks in one hand and a wine jug on the other. But he tossed his chopsticks aside right away and directly poured a plate of meat in his mouth. The entire wine jug was also so emptied without even a drop left. Then he took the tea pot and chugged it directly. He ate like a madman!

With a woah, he wiped his mouth and sighed with satisfaction, “This was indeed enjoyable… I did not eat breakfast in anticipation of this meal. It was worth it…”

Miss Xiao Lu looked at the eight empty dishes in front of her eyes; they could not have been cleaner if they were carefully washed. She was stunned and dumbfounded!

At this time, she had not even moved the chopsticks in her hand yet!

In other words, before she had a chance to eat anything, the wine and food were gone; even the tea, there were only leaves left…

This speed…

“I say, Minister Chu, does His Majesty feed you at all?” Miss Xiao Lu cried out in bewilderment.

“How could an official’s meal compare to little sister’s food?” Chu Yang sighed, “It seems that I must come here often from now on. In any case, I am an honored guest now.”

“Don’t… Please don’t. If you come here often, our House of Exceptional Beauties will be forced to close down because of your eating…” Miss Xiao Lu raised her hands in surrender.

The two laughed as if they have known each other for decades.

“You’re bullying a weak person. Oh well, since I ate and drank, just taking off would be somewhat wrong.” Chu Yang sighed and lamented, “This third issue…”


“The third issue… Ah Lu, why don’t you play me a happy reunion melody?” Chu Yang asked with a smile.

“Nothing that can’t be done.” Miss Xiao Lu happily jumped up. With a smiling face, she walked to the zither.

“Listen well.” For some reason, her voice sounded as if she was showing off in front of her big brother.

“Um.” (

The zither cheerfully rang out; it was indeed a “happy reunion!”

The zither’s music sounded smooth and was filled with happy thoughts. It was as if two close friends had not seen each other for many years and had many things to say; they were so overjoyed, they could not contain themselves.

In the process of playing, Miss Xiao Lu even closed her eyes. With a sweet smile on her face, she completely let herself go. Her hands danced nimbly, her body gently swayed with the music…

The melody was over…

“Good happy reunion melody!” Chu Yang clapped with praise.

“Well?” Miss Xiao Lu asked arrogantly.

“Um, extraordinarily good! That was the best melody I have ever heard!” Chu Yang smiled thoughtfully, “Within this melody, there is the zither’s music, technique, feelings, and soul! It is especially complete!”

He laughed and said, “Little miss, do you now know what the soul of music is?”

Miss Xiao Lu was caught off-guard. She closed her eyes as she recalled everything. Then she said with a touch of enlightenment, “So that’s it…”

“You are a master musician; you can put your soul into the music. For an ordinary musician, this would be the pinnacle of their skill! But for a zither master like yourself, it is still not enough!” Chu Yang said slowly, “Ah Lu, first, you must be able to move your own emotion…”

“I understand!” Miss Xiao Lu jumped joyfully. Her eyes glowed with excitement as she spoke, “Brother Chu Yang, thank you!”

“Ah, I will accept this gratitude.” Chu Yang laughed, “You must remember to put yourself into whatever state even if it is different from your own. You must immerse yourself deeply with your heart and your soul; otherwise, it could not be done!”

“Total immersion; you are the zither!”

“Yes, total immersion; I am the zither!” Miss Xiao Lu’s eyes brightened.

“The step after total immersion…” Chu Yang slowly said word by word, “After you make it past this stage, we’ll talk about it… It is an entirely different state…”

“Past…” Miss Xiao Lu was completely stunned.

“Whether it is zither arts or martial arts, there is no end for any field of study!” Chu Yang said slowly, “In this life, there is never a true peak!”

“There is never a true peak…” Miss Xiao Lu carefully noted these words; she was completely immersed in this.

After a long time, Miss Xiao Lu finally recovered and sat down gently. With her composure back, she said softly, “Brother Chu Yang, why did you come to House of Exceptional Beauties today?”

Chu Yang nodded and said casually, “That’s right; I really do have something I want a little help from you for.”

“You did a great favor for me!” Miss Xiao Lu said calmly, “Whatever you need help with, you just have to tell me.”

“No!” Chu Yang shook his head, “I never helped you! With your intelligence, you would realize it sooner or later.” Chu Yang raised his hand and stopped Miss Xiao Lu from speaking. He said seriously, “And even if I did help you, I would not use it in exchange for a favor.”

“If I had helped you for that, such an exchange would be an insult to music! It would also be insulting to myself!” Chu Yang’s countenance showed a trace of dismay as he said slowly, “Besides, this was the point of view of the closest person to me; it was not my own. She is no longer in this world… Therefore, I want to use it to shake the world and put it above all!”

“In this aspect, it is you who is helping me!” Chu Yang said sadly.

Miss Xiao Lu was visibly moved. She could recognize the helplessness and sadness in his emotion. In fact, it made her sympathetic as well!

She wholeheartedly believed that these were not lies! No one could lie like that!

“This friend of yours…”

“… the most important person in my life…” Chu Yang smiled bitterly, “I hope that this bit of reasoning can help you and lead you to that top reigning throne! It is also, in a way… fulfilling my own wish!”

“As for her name.” Chu Yang muttered, “It must remain in my heart.”

Miss Xiao Lu looked at Chu Yang deeply; then she smiled and said, “I will definitely accomplish it!” Her tone was determined and decisive; it was as if she had made an agreement with him.

“Thank you!” Chu Yang said sincerely.

“Haha… why don’t you tell me.” Miss Xiao Lu smiled, “What is it that you want my help with? Let me see if I could help you.”

“Umm, you will be going to the center of the continent in June of next year, right?”


“Perhaps, I will need your help at that time. But you need to start preparing now.” Chu Yang slowly said, “At that time, we will meet in the middle of the continent. I need you to create a few identities for us to use then.”

“Not a problem!” Miss Xiao Lu said with certainty, “While we cannot join you in the fight for Lower Three Heavens, giving you a cover would be easy! Even if Diwu Qing Rou learns of this, he would not dare to do anything to us.”

Chu Yang had just opened his mouth, and she already knew what he planned to do.

“Thank you!” Chu Yang said seriously. When it came to matters of the state, things could not be done carelessly. The support of the House of Exceptional Beauties was the difference between the success and failure of this mission.

“No thanks is needed!” Miss Xiao Lu said calmly, but then she smiled and added, “I am also not doing any sort of exchange.”

“Haha.” Chu Yang laughed. He unconsciously pointed at her nose, “This little girl.”

Miss Xiao Lu revealed a smile full of warmth. She felt as if she did have a big brother who was watching over her; it was a feeling of extreme happiness.

“Umm, I still don’t know your full name.” Chu Yang scratched his head in distress, “This big brother is really incompetent. He does not even know his little sister’s name. What a shame…”

“Ha, you are making mischief again…” Miss Xiao Lu smiled happily, “My name is Jun Lu Lu! You must remember it well!”

“Jun Lu Lu… ah, a very good name.”

“We are Bamboo people… Brother Chu Yang, do you know of the Bamboo people?” Miss Xiao Lu tilted her head and smiled.

“Huh?” Chu Yang was immediately shocked!

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