“Green bamboo, master of the universe, refined monarch, self-sustaining cherished bamboos; with one move of the bamboo, dragons take to the clouds and tigers move like the wind; when the bamboo is angry, the world is turned upside down!”

In shock, Chu Yang took in a breath of cold air and said, “So… you are all people of Jun Xi Zhu!”

He Mo (Black Devil) An Zhu (Dark Bamboo) Gu Du Ke (Lone Traveler)!* Dark Bamboo! Jun Xi Zhu (Cherished Bamboo Monarch)! This mysterious woman is the leader that oversaw all of the dark forces in Middle Three Heavens! These are people of Jun Xi Zhu!

While Chu Yang had high evaluation of the House of Exceptional Beauties’ origin, he never imagined that they were Dark Bamboo people!

How big was Middle Three Heavens? Chu Yang did not know. But he knew that even if it was smaller than Lower Three Heavens, it was not much smaller! Plus, given the order of things, Middle Three Heavens, compared to Lower Three Heavens, should be bigger!

In Middle Three Heavens, each great clan was a separate group. These clans were many, but the dark factions were also countless! They roared in all directions and were everywhere. It could be said that Middle Three Heavens was a chaotic place, a true Jiang Hu!

But, it also had its own rules for living!

The clans divided into territories and did not encroach on each other. They also had their own allies. While the dark factions were defiant, the also had their own territories. And all of the dark factions in Middle Three Heavens share the same leader; that was Bamboo Monarch League (Jun Zhu League)!

The Bamboo Monarch League, homonym of “Sovereign League,” was none other than Dark Bamboo!

If orders came from the Bamboo Monarch, no dark faction would dare to disrespect! This was a monstrous force!

In term of martial experts, the skill level was mixed! But in term of manpower, it was essentially a sea of people!

Chu Yang still remembered from the previous life. For some unknown reason, two great clans of Middle Three Heavens provoked Jun Xi Zhu. As a result, the Bamboo Monarch sent out an order, and all of the dark factions in the radius of several thousand miles rushed in like a tidal wave. The two great clans could only hold on for seven days before dissipating like smoke!

Such terrifying power!

Chu Yang finally understood why the House of Exceptional Beauties needed so much worldly gold and silver… These things that were not important to the great clans were much needed by the dark factions!

“Oh? Brother Chu Yang, you also know of my elder sister’s name?” Jun Lu Lu was a little surprised. She had thought that her elder sister never appeared at Lower Three Heavens so Chu Yang should not have known her. She never imagined that he would immediately utter her name!

Moreover, the verses of Monarch Bamboo League just came out last year, but Chu Yang read it fluently! At the moment, she could not help but be surprised! She was starting to question Chu Yang’s background.

“With such a great strength, such grandeur… how could I not know?” Chu Yang let out a sigh. From Jun Lu Lu’s words, he knew that Jun Xi Zhu was currently already holding power in Monarch Bamboo League.

Chu Yang never thought that it would happen so early.

He originally thought that since that person became famous around the same time as Gu Du Xing and the others, her age would be about the same. But it seemed that this boss of Monarch Bamboo League was a little older than he imagined.

Thinking back, he thought to himself: People of Middle Three Heavens only needed to reach Revered level then they would generally have longevity. People from a century before achieving fame at the same time with people from a century after… was not exactly strange…

At that very moment, a maid ran in and said in alarm, “Miss, miss, something bad has happened. There has been a fight… Friends of this young master Chu and friends of young master Lian…”


“Because… because young master Lian’s people continued to provoke them.” The maid stuttered.

“Oh?” Jun Lu Lu’s countenance became strange.

With the ferocious fame of King of Hell Chu in Iron Cloud Citadel, the officials would burn incense to thank him for not bothering with them. And yet, these people dared to mess with King of Hell Chu first?

This is too strange. Could it be that Lian Fan Lei’s brain is actually made of feces?

“Ah Lu, it seems that we will not be able to eat dinner.” Chu Yang smiled.

“You still want to eat?” Jun Lu Lu rolled her eyes and said, “What you ate earlier was enough to hold you over for three days!” Chu Yang laughed as he turned and walked out.

As it turned out, since Chu Yang went in, Lian Fan Lei and company said many annoying words out of jealousy. Under Gu Du Xing’s control, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di pretended that they did not hear anything.

To the four of them, punks like Lian Fan Lei were not worth any attention. A hundred families like that of Lian Fan Lei were not worthy of their anger!

In the words of Ji Mo, “Killing you myself?! Isn’t this giving you too much face?”

Lian Fan Lei’s people were feeling delighted with their profanity. But after a while, their opponents did not reply at all so they lost their interest and stopped attacking.

This was the House of Exceptional Beauties, who would dare to do something rash?

They then started to drink tea and chit chat. But their topic unexpectedly turned toward none other than King of Hell Chu.

Lian Fan Lei shamelessly boasted, “What is King of Hell Chu? Haha, I think he is nothing. What superior intellect? Who couldn’t do those little things he did?”

During this period, it seemed that King of Hell Chu was out of favor with the emperor so Lian Fan Lei said these words blatantly.

One of the young men among them said cautiously, “You cannot say that. Just the fact that King of Hell Chu used his own intellect to capture so many spies is already admirable enough.”

“Intellect? Bah!” Lian Fan Lei laughed, “There was the censor with the surname Li. Haha, he had been taking bribes and treating people like dirt. Who didn’t know about this? What was there to investigate? He should just have been dealt with!”

“Plus, there was that vice minister with the surname Wang. He was exchanging communications with Great Zhao for many years. Who didn’t know about such a thing? Yet King of Hell Chu actually got the credit… In my opinion, King of Hell Chu is simply brainless!”

“There were also those other people who spied for Great Zhao. This didn’t need to be investigated by anyone. And yet you say that King of Hell Chu’s intellect reaches the heavens? In my opinion, King of Hell Chu is an idiot!”

“Hahaha…” Lian Fan Lei’s spit flew everywhere as he had his discussion. Suddenly, a loud laughter that seemed to have broken out from great suppression was heard. Turning his head around, he saw Ji Mo clutching his stomach and laughing with tears and snot on his face.

“Hahaha… I never expected…” Ji Mo laughed like crazy and said, “Everyone said that Lower Three Heavens was filled with idiots. I still cannot believe there are actually people with such brain damage… I am truly…”

“Have some civility!” Gu Du Xing almost lost control, but he rebuked with a serious face.

“I can’t control myself… I can’t be civil…” Ji Mo held his stomach; his face twisted in pain, “Second brother, I have met many people with brain damage, but this is the first time in my life I meet somebody with brain damage who is so arrogant.”

“Insolent!” Lian Fan Lei’s white face had finally turned red as he said angrily, “Punk… you are talking about me?”

“I… He just became smart in the blink of an eye! He could understand what I said!” Ji Mo was stunned, “Such intelligence, I am really impressed!”

Lian Fan Lei’s countenance became dark, “Sir, even if you want to insult someone, you must have a reason… if you don’t have a reason, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Reason… haha…” Ji Mo laughed, “Young master Lian, do you know how funny it is that you are just comfortably sitting here and judging King of Hell Chu? What you said were all written on imperial announcements… And yet you claimed that you already knew it ahead of time?

“You are an idiot and you still bad-mouth other people! What gives you the right to do that? You use evidence that other people found and placed on notices everywhere. And you bad-mouth them with that? Who is the idiot here? Do you think that needs to be said?”

“Those who have been caught already lost their heads. All the evidence of their crimes are already announced to the public. Aren’t you so smart?” Ji Mo mercilessly ridiculed him, “This is flawed; that is flawed. You are truly wise! Why don’t you try to use your little rotten brain and see if you could find all that evidence if it was you? You can only use other people’s work and fart here! What about Tie Bu Tian? Tie Bu Tian is called the number one talent of Iron Cloud Citadel. But before King of Hell Chu came along, what did he do to those spies? Are you smarter than Tie Bu Tian? You said you are so talented, could it be than Tie Bu Tian is not as smart as you? Is Tie Bu Tian that dumb?”

Lian Fan Lei’s face was completely flushed. He was extremely angry, but he kept his composure. How would he dare to say that he was smarter than Tie Bu Tian in front of everyone? This was the reigning emperor!

“Who are you?” Lian Fan Lei asked sternly.

“Who am I? You are not worthy enough to know!” Ji Mo let out a loud laugh, “The type of SOBs who take credit for other people’s work and arrogantly attack the original is especially not worthy!”

Hearing this, if he could still maintain his composure, Lian Fan Lei would be a saint! He no longer care what the House of Exceptional Beauties, and screamed out, “Fight! Beat him up! I will take responsibility if he dies!”

“Fight?” Ji Mo folded his arms in front of his chest and smiled condescendingly, “You dare to beat up people as you please? Aren’t you afraid of Iron Cloud Nation’s laws?”

“Laws? In this place, I am the law!” Lian Fan Lei roared angrily. He pointed and yelled, “Fight! Beat him up! Beat him up!”

The bodyguards behind him immediately stepped. The guards of the other young masters also did no less! The whole group rolled up their sleeves and rushed forth!

“Stop!” A cold voice rang out, “Anyone who makes a move at House of Exceptional Beauties will die!”

These thundering words shook the furnace in the middle of the great hall! Ashes and soot flew in all directions.

“Wait until we are outside, I will deal nicely with you!” Lian Fan Lei said fiercely, “Punk, this young master will teach you what regret is! You will know what end a person who offends me will come to!”

“Yeah yeah… I am so scared!” Ji Mo hugged his chest like a young lady who just met a wolf. He even gave a flirtatious wink, “You make me feel so scared. I am so scared… I am too scared…”

Lian Fan Lei was boiling with anger!

At this very moment, Chu Yang just walked downstairs. He said casually, “You guys are all adults. Why bother with trash? Let’s go!”

After he was done speaking, he walked straight out the door without even taking a glance at Lian Fan Lei!

“Let’s go!” Lian Fan Lei waved his arm and the other dandy young masters immediately ran after with their bodyguards like a swarm of bees. But after they were out of the House of Exceptional Beauties, they looked around and could not help but be dumbfounded. The five young men who just left had unexpectedly disappeared… without a trace!

*A line from the verses about the famous twelve from Chu Yang’s previous life. Chapter 66.

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