The moment Chu Yang said these words, Miss Xiao Lu seemed slightly stunned. She did not speak for a while.

The people below immediately broke into a big commotion!

“What hole did this country bumpkin crawl out from? Such beautiful zither music, and he dared to say that it is lacking? Incomplete?” A young man in white laughed mockingly, “Do you understand anything?”

“Yes, whether it is artistic conception or the length of this melody, it is a complete melody!” Lian Fan Lei sneered as he looked at the stupid country bumpkin and said eloquently, “This Brother Chu, you probably have never heard such a wonderful melody before, right? What a country bumpkin. Funeral music is probably the only eternal masterpiece to you, right?”

“Hahaha…” A group of people immediately burst out laughing.

“This guy is truly a frog at the bottom of a well. How many masterpieces could he have heard?” The group became even louder with unbridled laughter.

“Cheng!” The zither suddenly rang out. The entire great hall became quiet once again. The zither sounded fierce and determined! Even those who did not understand music could sense that Miss Xiao Lu was angry!

This country bumpkin was disrespectful and has angered the beauty!

Everyone was feeling a bit of schadenfreude seeing somebody else in trouble.

“This melody…” Within everyone waiting eagerly, Miss Xiao Lu slowly opened her mouth, “… is indeed incomplete! This is because I came to this melody during a dream. It was surreal and faint. Someone told me that this was my past life…”

“After I woke up, I immediate wrote this melody. But because I had abruptly awoken from the dream, when I got to the last part, I found that I could not go any further. Thus, this melody is only half a melody! I brooded over this for a long time… But what I am curious to know is how young master Chu was able to discern this?”

This melody was truly incomplete! It was only half a melody!

These words were like thunder to the ears of those young masters. They became dizzy and dumbfounded as they looked at each other!

They could not imagine that Miss Xiao Lu would agree with the judgment of that country bumpkin!

Furthermore, they were just mocking and laughing at him when Miss Xiao Lu said this. This was tantamount to a big slap on their faces!

Especially Lian Fan Lei. This person was a scholar; he was even proficient when it came to music. At this moment, his face was burning up, and he was feeling humiliated.

“How could I discern this… haha, I just did!” Chu Yang smiled lightly.

Miss Xiao Wu pondered for a moment and said, “If that is the case, then we are done with the first question. Brother Chu, please ask the second question.”

“The second issue also has to do with the incompleteness of this melody!” Chu Yang said confidently.

The moment he said this, the entire great hall became restless. Everyone had heard this melody, and it was simply perfect! And yet this guy repeatedly said that it was incomplete… Could he have some mental issues?

But after the last smack, everyone did not voice their doubts and waited for him to continue.

“Oh? Please clarify.” Miss Xiao Lu’s tone was very humble. This was not out of pretense, but a sincere desire to learn. This could be clearly heard by everyone.

“Umm, it has always been the case that good music were designed to show joy without being crude and to show sadness without injuries. But a person’s life, no matter how difficult, would always have joys and sorrows, ups and downs!”

Chu Yang said casually, “No matter how lowly a person’s life is and how difficult it is, he also has been through happiness and joy. Even if it lasted only for the blink of an eye! And a nobility, no matter how powerful, his life also has been through difficulties! There is no exception to this!”

Behind the curtain, Miss Xiao Lu gently nodded as she contemplated.

“Your melody was captivating and engaging! But it only demonstrated sadness. Sadness without injuries, this was achieved… But if it is reincarnation, it must have joy and happiness, too! Your melody missed this point! And without this, it does not carry the meaning of reincarnation!”

Chu Yang said softly, “In my humble opinion, this melody should be changed! What does Miss Xiao Lu think?”

“Yes.” Miss Xiao Lu no longer hesitated this time; she directly answered with praise, “Young master Chu’s understanding of music is eye-opening to Xiao Lu! Would you mind staying and discuss with Xiao Lu on how to improve this melody?”

The moment these words were spoken, a look of jealousy flashed from Lian Fan Lei’s eyes!

Staying to discuss on how to improve… How can such improvements be done in in a day or two? If they were to continue discussing… the two will discuss right into bed… Wouldn’t they be putting horns on me?

Ah, this green punk is barely starting out and he is already planning to put horns on me…

“Let’s put aside that discussion for now. I want to talk about the third issue.” Chu Yang said casually.

“Young master Chu, please speak!” Miss Xiao Lu’s tone had become respectful.

She was already impressed with this young master after hearing two issues!

This accomplishment was definitely not a simple one!

“It was said that the zither music comes from the hand, the hand is connected to the mind, and in the mind… there is the soul.” Chu Yang said, “Miss Xiao Lu’s zither music has total dedication and is exceptionally skilled. When it comes to zithers, you are number one of all times! You are at the peak of your field, and there are surely no one more perfect at it than you!”

“But it is missing soul, right?” Miss Xiao Lu softly sighed.

“Yes!” Chu Yang said.

After long silence, the sound of the zither was heard from behind the curtain. It was as if Miss Xiao Lu’s mind had wandered off, and her fingers touched the zither unconsciously…

“Young master Chu, please come in for tea. Xiao Lu wants to speak with you alone!” After thinking for a long time, Miss Xiao Lu softly delegated her orders.

“Yes!” A pretty maid next to her replied.

Chu Yang stood up and said casually, “You guys wait here for me. In any case, you won’t be too lonely.” Then he glanced at the group of angry young masters and smiled.

This was a contemptuous smile.

In this Iron Cloud Citadel, even Tie Bu Tian could be only be angry at King of Hell Chu, let alone some little dandy young masters. Chu Yang did not even care about them. If it were not for the fact that they were of some use to him, Chu Yang would not have even bothered to spare them a look!

As for Lian Fan Lei… Lian Fan Lei was just a fart! No, in Chu Yang’s eyes, he was less than a fart. A fart at least had some smell… This guy could only have a little smell if he was dead…

“Rest assured, I will be very restrained.” Gu Du Xing smiled coldly and said, “I will not spoil your plans.” He knew that if Chu Yang deliberately said so, he would surely have some hidden agenda. And he had discovered that, no matter what he did, he and Chu Yang were related to each other and were part of a greater picture!

Since he met Chu Yang, he never saw Chu Yang do anything carelessly! Each action had meaning! Gu Du Xing would, of course, not carelessly wreck Chu Yang’s plans.

Therefore, even if the two idiotic youths, Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo, were here, Gu Du Xing would leave Chu Yang assured!

“That’s good then!” Chu Yang slowly walked behind the young lady in white. He went in at an unhurried pace.

He could hear Luo Ke Di almost yelling in excitement from behind him, “Hey, hey, now that the music is done. There are so many beautiful ladies; why don’t everyone strip while we sing…”

Chu Yang staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Then there were scolding replies.

“Pig!” (

“This pig!”

“You are a pig!”

These words came out of Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong’s mouths. Right after, there were loud bangs, and Luo Ke Di cried out pitifully. Then Ji Mo said sweetly, “Okay, beautiful sisters, you don’t need to be angry anymore. I have helped you teach him a lesson. Haha, this lecherous thing is simply intolerable! Rest assured, if he speaks again, I will beat him again. Oh, beautiful ladies, I will be your escort no matter what. Here, here, each of you come and give me a kiss, here, here…”

Imagining the look of Ji Mo’s mouth, Chu Yang two legs quickly increased speed. He immediately turned the corner and could no longer hear anything else. At this moment, he finally raised his arm to wipe away his sweat.

Big Brother Chu regretted bringing these two. Security was not a concern… but these two really made him lose face…

“Young master Chu, please…” When they arrived at an elegant area, the young lady bowed and said, “Miss Xiao Lu is waiting inside.”

Chu Yang nodded and casually judged the entire space. He saw that this area was at the top of three floors; there were buildings surrounding it in all directions. It was well protected in all sides without any dead corners!

This was a most brilliant protective layout!

“Truly remarkable!” Chu Yang knocked on the door.

“Young master Chu, please come in!” A soft voice emitted from inside.

“Thank you!” Chu Yang pushed open the door and placed one foot in. He paused and put the other foot in as well. With his whole body in the room, he stood at the door and waited quietly.

When he stepped in, Chu Yang could clearly sense an aggressive aura locking on him without the least bit of restraint. This careless aura would have been able to kill him in one shot even if the emperor and a million guards were there!

It did not seem to care the least bit about any consequences!

Such an aura reminded Chu Yang of Gu Du Xing from the previous life! In his previous life, the only time he ever saw Gu Du Xing, there was an a fierce, murderous aura on this lone swordsman unlike anything Chu Yang had ever encountered before!

At that time, Gu Du Xing was a King level master! At the peak of ninth grade!

A King level, lone swordsman!

Not long after that encounter, there was news that Gu Du Xing had broken through Emperor level!

Who is this person? Why does he have such a powerful aura?

At this moment, Chu Yang thought of the strange encounter that Diwu Qing Rou’s Golden Horse Riders Department had at the House of Exceptional Beauties in the previous life! Everything became crystal clear. There was such a powerful person here!

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