Chu Yang smiled lightly and conveniently said that he did not dare as he looked intently back. He could only see that Diwu Qing Rou was a middle aged man of about forty years old. He had dragon brows and phoenix eyes with a long three-part beard that fluttered in the wind. His hair was as black as ink. It seemed as if there was a mysterious veil that covered his body, and it could not be seen through by ordinary people. But people only needed to see him once to feel that he was extraordinary to his bones, that he was not a person of this world!

Diwu Qing Rou’s current appearance was more like that of a recluse in the mountain. If a person was to look at his outer appearance, they would not be able to imagine that this tranquil and relaxed person was the prime minister of a nation! This was none other than the number one figure that held control of millions of soldiers in his hand!

He could change the weather with a flip of his hand. Even his enemies could only struggle in the palm of his hands! This was Diwu Qing Rou.

However, he was now a person filled with peace; his face was elegant and kind. It was as if he was an idealist filled with love who, when faced with the suffering of world, sighed in heartache.

“Prime Minister, you are too kind. Please come in!” Chu Yang made way and gestured his arm in welcome.

“Young masters Chu, please.” Diwu Qing Rou smiled politely and replied.

When Diwu Qing Rou came up from the stairs, Chu Yang walked shoulder to shoulder with him as they went forward.

“This is…” Diwu Qing Rou smiled and looked at Gu Du Xing. Gu Du Xing’s fierce gaze also stared back. His sword aura flooded everywhere!

He looked at Diwu Qing Rou… like he was looking at a corpse!

This was the kind of gaze that could kill all and suppress the world! There was no hesitation! Anyone facing his sword would be a dead person!

Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Tian showed their powerful aura, and their four eyes looked at Gu Du Xing. The indifferent attitude of their opponent made the two King level masters unable to maintain their patience.

This was contempt!

Whether it was Diwu Qing Rou’s position or the majesty of the two King level masters, they could not allow such contempt to exist in front of them!

The three auras suddenly slammed into each other!

Gu Du Xing’s countenance paled momentarily, and his body backed up by half a step. But he immediately stood firm once more and his gaze became even colder. His sword aura flooded out!

“This is my big brother, Chu Nan.” Chu Yang coughed with embarrassment and said, “Please don’t mind him. My brother does not like to talk. He cultivates…” Chu Yang glanced at Gu Du Xing with a questioning gaze. Gu Du Xing nodded without saying a word.

“He cultivates… the heartless sword way.” Chu Yang’s voice was slightly lowered.

“Oh…” Diwu Qing Rou, Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Tian simultaneously understood. No wonder this person’s face was as icy as a corpse. He was cultivating the heartless sword way. He could not be blamed for this.

Thinking so, they immediately pulled back their auras. But Gu Du Xing did not. His sword aura went everywhere. Both sides of the wall unexpectedly showed dozens of deep sword slashes!

Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Tian looked at each other in shock! How old was their opponent? It was surprising that he had achieved this much! A Revered level swordsman who even used his own body as a sword to emit sword aura!

Such a person was definitely a heavenly talent in sword art!

However, while cultivating heartless sword at such a young age might leave him unrivaled, it was tantamount to him having no youth. In terms of human life, this was regretful…

This kind of flaw would grow to become more of a psychological demon as the person’s cultivation grows. Thinking about this, Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Fa glanced over at each other with a look of schadenfreude.

“I can see that your brother is cultivating heartless sword way.” Jing Meng Hun was a ninth grade King level master, but, facing this second grade Revered Sword Artist, he did not expect that his opponent’s fighting and sword aura to rise without stopping!

It was no matter that his own aura was like a roaring ocean, his opponent’s sword aura remained unwavering and icy as it advanced forward. It broke forth without any hesitations!

Jing Meng Hun had the feeling that the fighting style of this young swordsman was definitely berserk. Even if his whole body turned into minced meat, he would still pierce people as long as he had his sword in his hand.

Facing this young Revered Sword Artist, Jing Meng Hun could not believe that he felt like he was going to sweat. Such heartless sharpness, if he could cultivate to third grade Sword King, a ninth grade King level master like Jing Meng Hun would probably have to run away.

This was related to how potent his strength was. It had to do with the special characteristic of heartless sword way! The moment the sword moved, there was no holding back! Given Jing Meng Hun’s cultivation level, he could totally kill a third grade Sword King. But his opponent’s berserk offensive would also create an unrecoverable injury!

An injury to the spirit created by a sword, once formed, would stop the person from advancing for the rest of his life!

Jing Meng Hun would absolutely not do such a thing. So he asked Chu Yang out of curiosity, “I wonder if young master Chu also cultivates with the sword?”

His tone hid an air of interrogation that made it somewhat difficult for people to hear. This was because he had held power for a long time and always talked to his subordinates like so. It had become a way of talking down to people; in fact, it was not really meant to be disrespectful.

But after hearing it, Diwu Qing Rou could not avoid frowning.

“You are?” Chu Yang eyed Jing Meng Hun suspiciously.

“My surname is Jing; I am the Prime Minister’s subordinate and also his guard.” Jing Meng Hun said calmly.

“Oh…” Chu Yang sighed and said with a soft smile, “Brother Jing is right. I also cultivate with the sword. But it is not heartless sword way; it is…” He thought a little as if he was trying to determine whether he should say it.

Diwu Qing Rou’s careless gaze flashed with a though: Is this young master Chu too good to be true?

Then he heard Chu Yang say, “… It’s the earthly sword way!”

After answering the question, he slowly looked up and said leisurely with a warm smile, “Brother Jing, this is the first time we meet so I have answered your question out of respect for Diwu Qing Rou…”

Diwu Qing Rou was just suspicious of his good temperament when his ugly side immediately showed itself.

Chu Yang’s gaze on Jing Meng Hun gradually grew cold, but a gentle smiled remained on his face just as before. He said slowly, “But whenever this young master is talking with someone, I dislike another person jumping in. If it happens one more time… This young master would not care if you are a King level master or an Emperor level master… This young master definitely won’t care if you are the leader of Golden Horse Riders Department or Silver Donkey Riders Department; you will have to pay a price. When the master is talking, his servants should not cut in! Understood?”

At the final statement, his eyes suddenly flashed like a sword. Looking at Jing Meng Hun, he was filled with the majestic aura of a person at the position of power even though he was only a youth!

Gloriously standing at the top, his gaze was arrogant and fierce. He looked at the King level leader like he was an ant!

He was originally calling himself, I. But now he was saying young master this and that with the air of a top young master of Upper Three Heavens. And like that, everything showed!

I am mad!

My cultivation is not equal to yours, but I dare to scold you in your face! Point right at your nose; are you angry? I dare you!

You dared to talk down to me? I will squish you from high above with my condescension!

Within moments, Jing Meng Hu’s face turned purple. His eyes looked like they were going to shoot out fire, and his chest was going to explode from anger! He took a deep breath and tried to maintain his composure. He lowered his head as he unconsciously tightened his fists!

However, he did not dare to move. His opponent was… a young master of Upper Three Heavens! Given the strength of an Upper Three Heavens clan, killing a King level master like him was as easy as flipping their hands; they would not have to waste much effort at all!

Furthermore, he came here today with Diwu Qing Rou for an important mission. If Diwu Qing Rou did not give an order, how could he dare destroy Diwu Qing Rou’s plan?

“Let’s let this go.” Diwu Qing Rou’s expression remained as calm as before without showing any dissatisfaction, “Meng Hun, you should not speak anymore.”

Right after he finished giving off steam, Chu Yang turned toward Diwu Qing Rou and said warmly, “I was too hot-tempered. I could not hold back and gave your servant a lesson in your stead. Haha, I hope the Prime Minister does not mind. Haha, it has been my flaw since I was young. I really don’t like the kind of servants that are disrespectful and don’t know their place. I must look bad in front of the Prime Minister.”

Diwu Qing Rou said casually, “It’s not a problem. Young master Chu might have been a little hot-tempered, but you are right. However, this King level leader Jing, is not my servant. He is my friend of many years. We are like brothers…”

Like brothers!

When Jing Meng Hun heard these words, his heart suddenly felt warm. The grievance that he just had to bear suddenly almost disappeared altogether!

“Oh?” Chu Yang’s pupiled constricted, and he smiled kindly, “Perhaps… I just scolded the Prime Minister’s friend?”

Before these two even sat down, they already had a virtual battle of wits! One person carefully probed, and the other poured all efforts into dealing with the probing!

“Young master Chu is a valued guest from Upper Three Heavens. If we were to bother you with little things like this, it’s…” Diwu Qing Rou smiled casually and said, “…somewhat ungracious.”

“Without rules, there would be no standards!” Chu Yang smiled warmly and said, “If the Prime Minister wants to interact with people like me, it would be best that you teach your subordinates to be more obedient!”

Then he laughed and said, “But since the Prime Minister has come here today, you are my guests. Please. I already learned of the Prime Minister’s arrival early this morning so I prepared good tea. We should not bother with formalities.”

He immediately bigheartedly led Diwu Qing Rou into his room.

In the collision of two powers, King of Hell Chu won round one! Diwu Qing Rou had to fall behind, but it was a bit unfair. It was because… his opponent was not reasonable at all!

All of Diwu Qing Rou’s actions were perfect. His opponent seemed reasonable at first, but he became moody unexpectedly. He became unreasonable and changed his attitude as he pleased. This kind of personality truly made Diwu Qing Rou a little aggrieved!

However, his opponent was currently with the power to be irrational. This was the reason why Diwu Qing Rou had to suck on this bitter pill as if it was sweet; he could not speak up even though he was suffering. (Walk the Jiang Hu)

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