Chu Yang and company were stunned!

You just rushed up from behind them, and you are saying you opened this road? When did you open it?

When the sounds of horse galloping was heard, Cheng Yun He already had an ominous feeling. But when a punk with two darkened eyes flew past them, Cheng Yun He let out a sigh of relief and was glad that the person was just passing by.

But that guy stopped after passing them and spoke like a bandit!

Cheng Yun He almost fainted.

Bandits were commonplace and were not novel in any way. But coming up from behind and blocking them to rob, with such an attitude no less, was new. Blocking a whole caravan with the force of only one person was also rare.

Even more outrageous was that the look of anger and hatred reserved for the victims was already taken by the robber. He was exuding the great resentment of one suffering from some unspeakable wrong; his eyes practically shot out fire as if the grievance was driving him mad…

Such an unreasonable, domineering attitude was incurable…

“Punk, are you sick?” A driver from the caravan rolled his eyes and looked at Luo Ke Di. Cheng Yun He and company had been holding in their anger since they left Iron Cloud Citadel without a place to vent. Now they were troubled by the snowy road.

Unexpectedly, someone had jumped out for them to vent their anger on. Everyone was elated.

This Martial Great Master disguised as a wagon driver was in an extremely bad mood since his face had to eat wind and snow. At this moment, he felt as if fortune had fallen into his lap.

“You are sick! Your whole family is sick!” Luo Ke Di shouted, “All of your ancestors are sick!”

“Bastard!” The face of the middle-age driver quickly turned purple. He was fuming as he jumped forward and grinned, “Punk, no matter who you are, if you dare to block my way, prepare for reincarnation!”

Before he was done speaking, Luo Ke Di’s attitude became even fiercer than his own. Luo Ke Di jumped off his horse and rushed forth.

“Son of a b*! A*hole! You were raised by a pig! And you even dare to scold me!” Second young master Luo angrily cursed with the foulest of language. As he generously doled out these words, he rolled up his sleeves getting ready to fight, “Being robbed by this young master is already an honor for you! How the f* are you not satisfied yet? Your grandmother, you people look like a bunch of donkeys that just came out of their cage! Aren’t I giving you a lot of face already? Bastards!”

Luo Ke Di started fighting as he cursed so that the Martial Great Master did not have time to make a move. His opponent was one step ahead of him; he could only block left and block right… block left, block right… He could not fight back.

Within moments, his opponent’s lightning speech left the driver so dizzy he did not even have time to curse.

After a storm of attacks, Luo Ke Di suddenly stopped. He folded his arms and stood watching his opponent. But this person was still swing his arms chaotically blocking left and right, left and right… He continually moved in a frenzy without a chance for his mind to catch up…

After a swinging his arms for a while, the driver finally perceived that his opponent was no longer attacking. He paused as sweat poured from his body; but he immediately discovered the cursed punk standing not too far in front of him.

“Are you epileptic?” Luo Ke Di asked curiously. Then, without waiting for an answer, he punched the driver in the nose and followed that up with two smacks.

This person’s head swung upward as he was punched in the nose. Then he was smacked hard on the right causing his face to tilt to the left. Yet, he smacked one more time which sent his face back to the right. With great difficulty, he was able to bring it back to its original position. At this time, blood spurted out of his two nostrils.

With a puh, he spat out more than ten broken teeth…

Fresh blood fell down on the pure white snow which made it look even more bright red.

Just as they were itching to make a move earlier, the attack made all the Great Masters’ pupils constrict.

Luo Ke Di’s precise and quick moment carried the aura of a powerful person mixed with some indescribable oddity.

This lone youth was by no means a fearsome figure for them.

At this very moment, Luo Ke Di suddenly went bonkers…

He said “Ahwooh!” and jumped up in joy all of a sudden. He mouth did not cease to shout, “Motherf*! Motherf*! So that’s it! Motherf*! Motherf*, it’s really it!…”

As it turned out, second young master Luo had just discovered that his moves had become much smoother than they were half a month ago. Plus, they were effortless.

This was due to the fact that he was weaker than Gu Du Xing and company. Being tortured by them every day, he essentially did not notice how much he had improved!

Now that he was fighting with an outsider, he realized this fortunate change! The feeling of pleasure rushed at him like the rising tide… In the blink of an eye, second young master was at the peak of elation as he jumped and danced nonstop…

In an instant, the Revered Martial Artist leaders’ mouths were gaping. They were clueless as to why this punk was just frowning earlier as if he had met with mortal enemies or gotten spanked eight hundred times. But now he was jumping like dragons and tigers…

His face showed excitement, super excitement…

Could this guy be crazy?

For a moment, everyone was annoyed. They were hunted in Iron Cloud Citadel like animals; it took great efforts for them to escape like dogs, but they had to run into this abnormal, crazy punk on the way!

The thick curtain on one of the carriages lifted, and Cheng Yun He smiled as he step out. He bowed deeply and said, “Warrior, I am only a wandering merchant; I travel here and there year-round so I could have food to eat and clothes to wear. However, now that I have the chance to meet you, I must naturally show my respect.”

Then he turned and said, “People, take out five hundred silver liangs as a gift for this warrior.”

Having said so, he once again spoke to Luo Ke Di, “A little token of my appreciation. It is not enough to show my full admiration, but I hope you will accept it. No matter what, this meeting is fated. Can we all part ways here as friends?”

Of course it was Cheng Yun He’s intention to avoid any complications. Even if it was some small groups of bandits, he would rather take a small loss than risk danger in this hazardous locality.

With him speaking that way, there was no doubt that it was giving a lot of face for ordinary bandits.

And why would anyone turn down getting five hundred silver liangs without doing any work?

An ordinary person would not make this much even if he worked several years.

But, unfortunately for Cheng Yun He, the person he met with was second young master Luo Ke Di!

Under normal circumstances, second young master Luo Ke Di was not an unreasonable person. If the other side already conceded, killing would just be pointless, better to just let them go on their way.

However, second young master Luo had just gone from being gloomy to extreme elation; all of his rationality was squished by this. Right now, he had a need to find opponents to stand witness to his improvements.

What made him especially happy was there were a few martial experts in this caravan! Moreover, they were Revered level experts!

Young master Luo’s spirit was ablaze; the desire to fight rose to his head. At the moment, his lips felt dry, his body trembled, his face reddened, and his hands itched.

Not fighting would be a letdown to his own progress.

Right now, second young master Luo had tossed boss Chu’s agenda right out the window. In his heart, there was only the excitement of a looter who found his opponent.

“Becoming friends? Ahwooh…” Second young master Luo Ke Di looked up at the heavens and laughed. He said majestically, “Woohahaha, Ahwooh… You want to be friends with just five hundred silver liangs?” His face suddenly became grave; compare to the wind and snow, his countenance was probably colder. He said angrily, “My friendship is only worth five hundred silver liangs? Ahwooh…”

It should be known that, not too long ago, Gu Du Xing searched out Ji Mo and him to do something not too far from here. After he found Luo Ke Di, Gu Du Xing looked up at the heavens and yelled out ahwooh.

It immediately shook the whole wilderness! Luo Ke Di witnessed clearly that there was a family of leopards in the forest. This howl of Gu Du Xing scared them so much that they almost pooped in their pants; they fled with their tails between their legs… (TLN: I know, leopards don’t wear pants, and they run better with their tails out.)

And after that howl, Ji Mo actually heard it a great distance and ran toward them.

Second young master Luo Ke Di felt that this ahwooh of Gu Du Xing was truly awe-inspiring and powerful! It was truly the best choice to show one’s power!

Therefore, from then on, second young master Luo had contracted this bad habit. Each time he open his mouth to say anything, he had to let out a big yell. At first, he yelled, “Hoohoo!” But currently, he felt that “hoohoo” was too common. So he replaced it with “Ahwooh” at once.

This was also the reason why he got beaten up at Heavenly Armament Pavilion. No one cared to hear that woof howl of his. He howled when he was happy; he howled when he was angry; that was still okay. But when there was nothing going only, he would just howled like a madman… Even if they wanted to tolerate him, they could not!

Of course second young master Luo did not know this. He arrogantly thought that everyone was jealous of him because he was too handsome…

“Ahwooh… Five hundred silver liangs, am I that cheap? Bastard!” Second young master Luo grinded his teeth and glared ferociously. He said with a mouthful of saliva, “Ahwooh, why don’t you quickly hand over your most valuable item? Are you waiting for me to make a move? Ahwooh…”

Cheng Yun He’s countenance became difficult to look at.

The eyes of the Revered level masters were filled with anger! This punk was simply ungrateful.

“You don’t want to drink a toast, but you want to take a punishment drink instead!” (TLN: Just in case, choosing the difficult path instead of the easy one being offered.) Cheng Yun He was pushed too hard and could not help but be angry.

“Bastard! Are you worthy of giving me a punishment drink?” Second young master Luo yelled, “Ahwooh… you are too funny! Come. Let me teach you all what a punishment drink is!”

The Revered level masters finally could not take it anymore. One person rushed forward like the wind; breaking apart the falling snow, he angrily shouted, “I will let you taste what is called a punishment drink!”

A flurry of punches and kicks came at Luo Ke Di.

Second young master Luo howled excitedly, “Ahwooh, come…” Then he rushed up like a whirlwind. Within moments, the two were kicking and punching each other.

The sound of hooves rang out. Big brother Chu, Second brother Gu, second young master Ji, second young master Dong, and the future lone bandit, Rui Bu Tong, all appeared at the same time. (

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