After Chu Yang ate the Golden Blood Root, he continued to climb down to the bottom of the cliff. At any rate, the gallbladder of the Seven Colors Golden Radiance Snake was a very rare item. It could be used to cure poison; there was no point in wasting it.

After taking care of everything, he went in full circle and then went back home. He did not expect to see two people standing in front of the Purple Bamboo Garden. One of these two is talking rudely about my master! In anger, he coldly responded. As this person announced his name, Chu Yang knew right away that this was the only son of the Master of Locking Clouds Peak, Li Jinsong.

Chu Yang responded in kind, you badmouth my master, I’ll badmouth your father!

No matter if it was the previous life or this life, Chu Yang was never willing to lose to anybody.

“Who are you?” Li Jian Yin asked with a crestfallen face.

Chu Yang laughed heartily and like that, he quietly looked at Li Jian Yin with a mysterious gaze. Earlier he already said ‘my master…’, therefore revealing who he was, but it was surprising that Li Jian Yin still asked a question like that.

Clearly, he is in awe of my power; his spirit is shaken up. A situation like this, there is no point in answering.

A person like this is not worth my respect!

At the same time, he also noted quietly that anger caused the sword spirit to rise and manifest itself needlessly. This situation cannot happen again…

Moreover, everything can be compensated for. All regrets can be done once more.

The Chu Yang now was like this poem:

A horse enjoying the spring wind, runs faster.

A person who encounters a happy event, has a clear state of mind.

When elation rises, one’s magnificence is boasted.

A cheerful book, closes faster.

The world is beautiful, life is full of hope, how can one scoff at that? Even if you want to, you cannot. (TLN: the undecipherable poem and the previous lines basically mean that Chu Yang was in a good mood from having the chance at life once again, therefore he shouldn’t mind Li Jian Yin too much)

He especially paid attention to the way his sword spirit manifested itself uncontrollably, which can lead to unwanted situations.

With my current low martial power, it is perhaps best to leave it as it is.

“Are you a disciple of Purple Bamboo Forest?” noticing that his opponent didn’t answer, Li Jian Yin asked once again.

Chu Yang shook his head and looked in the direction of the young lady, not wanting to pay any attention to Li Jian Yin. Even though his personality has changed, his arrogance was steeped to the bones. He didn’t want to spare another glance at a person like Li Jian Yin who couldn’t even understand what other people were saying.

Li Jian Yin was livid; his opponent had looked down on him without any tact. It brought out his desire to kill!

“Excuse me, you, are you Chu Yang, are you Junior Martial Brother Chu Yang, disciple of Junior Martial Uncle Meng?” The young lady smiled and asked gently, in a most ceremonious manner.

“It is I. Are you Elder Martial Sister Wu, daughter of Older Martial Uncle Sect Master of Gathering Clouds Peak?” Chu Yang gave a short laugh. One glance earlier was already enough to let him know.

Indeed, this beautiful and serene young lady was Wu Qian Qian, the daughter of Sect Master of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

The number one beauty of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

Also, the poor girl that was tricked by Shi Qian Shan in the previous life. Even though that marriage did not become a tragedy of the sect, it still was an event that brought many regrets.

“So, it is Junior Martial Brother Chu Yang,” said Wu Qian Qian smiling softly. “Only, you are not as people said. Earlier I had almost not recognize you.”

“Surely Elder Martial Sister is joking,” Chu Yang said casually. “Chu Yang is Chu Yang, there is nothing different. Only the rumors were erroneous.”

In Wu Qian Qian’s mind, she felt that there was something mysterious. She was the daughter of the Sect Master, as well as the acknowledged number one beauty of the Beyond the Heavens Sect. Any young disciple of the sect who meets her would get tongue-tied and befuddled. And yet, this Chu Yang time and time again has looked upon me no differently than a block of wood.

Actually, it is not because Chu Yang did not see her beauty. It was because his heart already belonged to Mo Qing Wu and all his thoughts are filled with longing for her. There was no room to spare. Even if Wu Qian Qian was a fairy, in his heart it would make no difference…

Though Wu Qian Qian didn’t like the suffocating feeling of people clinging and sucking up to her every day, being completely ignored by a person was a first for her. Moreover, she heard of the three disciples of Junior Martial Uncle Meng. The first was very stable, deep thinking, hard-working; a youthful talent for the sect. The second disciple, Chu Yang, had an odd personality and was an introvert. The third, Tan Tan, was someone who completely didn’t know his place…

But today, she could see that this young man was not an ‘introvert.’ Although it was said that he was a little ‘extreme’, but if you looked carefully, you could feel a hint of arrogance, but… this arrogance was not that of a normal person!

Li Jian Yin was one of those who secretly admired Wu Qian Qian; she had been his object of affection for a long time now. He always imagined that one day he could marry her. Then not only would he have the beauty, he would also become the son-in-law of the Sect Master…

However, unexpectedly, Wu Qian Qian was walking with Chu Yang, laughing and talking. A flame of jealousy erupted within Li Jian Yin. He noticed that Wu Qian Qian seemed to be dazed, with her eyes fixed on Chu Yang. The scene gave a feeling of ‘love at first sight’…

The flame of jealousy reached his head and he even forgot the reason why they came; he walked angrily forward and inserted himself between the two. Laughing coldly, “And here, I thought it was someone else, turns out it’s just the retard of Beyond the Heavens Sect!”

“Who’s the retard calling a retard?” Chu Yang asked angrily with his cold gaze. His spirit suddenly became powerful and oppressive.

“The retard, of course, who else?” Under Chu yang’s oppressive spirit, Li Jian Yin did not back down; without thinking, he answered directly.

“Not bad, a retard is actually badmouthing me,” Chu Yang said with admiration, “This person… you’re actually not that simple. A person who can understand what his good points are, in this wide world, there are certainly not that many. I really didn’t think that Elder Martial Brother Li belongs in that group. I, Chu Yang, am sincerely in awe.” (TLN: Basically, there was a bit of wordplay in Chu Yang’s previous question. Literally, he said – ‘Retard, who are you calling?’ It could be taken as who are you calling retard or hey, retard, who are you calling.)

Li Jian Yin was momentarily trapped; he felt sick to his stomach.

Wu Qian Qian, standing to one side, was barely able to hold in her laughter. Even though she tried to control herself, those phoenix eyes had widened like a full moon…

“You want to die?!” Angered to the point of madness, Li Jian Yin suddenly he pulled out his sword. “Pull out your sword! I challenge you to a duel!”

Being shamed in front of the person you love, how could Li Jian Yin not go crazy?

“No, thanks. I don’t need to duel. I admit…” Chu Yang spoke seriously. “I am not as petty as you.”

Immediately, he added, “In that… I am truly not equal to you…”

Wu Qian Qian, at this time, couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed out loudly. However, she regretted it right after. These two were already at each other’s throats; was her laughing was not like pouring oil on the fire? She quickly covered her mouth with her hands, but still, her eyes were laughing.

Li Jian Yin got even more enraged, cursing loud, “Disrespectful…!”

Chu Yang also didn’t let it go and responded, “Disrespectful, who are you talking about?” (TLN: Same sort of wordplay as last time, he is referring to Li Jian Yin as a disrespectful person.)

“Disrespectful cursing…” Li Jian Yin did not finish his sentence when he realized he fell into Chu Yang’s trap again. Embarrassed, he screamed out,

“I’ll kill you!” (

With that, he advanced forward with his sword.

Chu Yang continually moved backwards with an expression of terror, he yelled,” You’re crazy! You dare try to kill a martial brother in broad daylight?”

But at the same time, while backing up, Chu Yang had been paying attention to the whole situation. He quietly focused his Qi to his foot, a stream of pure energy poured out from his Yong Quan Point at the bottom of his foot. In the blink of an eye, the energy seeped into the ground.

Punk! You have carelessly underestimated your opponent. Wait and see how your father mocks you to death… (TLN: your father is a common insulting way to refer to yourself; everyone understands, right?)

Just by going with the flow was enough for Chu Yang to mock him to death…

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