Regardless of anything else, insulting Junior Martial Uncle Meng alone was already a big crime, let alone wanting to kill a fellow disciple. Only, the results turned out to be the opposite of what Li Jian Yin expected…

Chu Yang was so scared, wiping off a cold sweat, “Luckily, he accidentally fell… otherwise… Elder Martial Sister Wu, otherwise I would have…”

He stopped there and did not say anything else. His gaze towards Wu Qian Qian was full of warmth. Only, the phrase “he accidentally fell” was truly wicked…

“If not, then you would have been killed.” Poor little miss was clearly being led. She simply added, “There’s really nothing more to say.”

“That’s true!” Chu Yang clapped his hands strongly, showing signs of happiness, agreeing with her. “It is only Elder Martial Sister Wu who truly has great insight and upholds justice, with fairness. Truly, very wise.”

Wu Qian Qian felt there was something wrong; but thinking back, nothing wrong was said, therefore she dreamily nodded her head. Moreover, she was only a young girl. With so many praises, her thinking had become muddled.

At that moment, Li Jian Yin finally lifted his head. Even though he was injured, his ears were not deaf. He heard everything the two said from beginning to end. Hearing Chu Yang’s lies, which had unexpectedly turned him into a bad guy, he almost spat up blood and died.

However, in his throat, there was still a large mass of sticky mud. Even if he wanted to spit blood, he could not. Enduring the pain, he pulled the mud from his mouth with hands. As for the mud in his throat, he couldn’t remove it. At that point, he could no longer hold his breath. He could only force his throat to straighten out and swallow the mud down… There was really no other way. Otherwise, Li Jian Yin would have died from suffocation waiting to get that mud out.

Chu Yang and Wu Qian Qian stared at Li Jian Yin as he stretched his neck; it looked like a tiny snake swallowing a small egg. It slowly went down and finally ended with a ‘gulp’ and disappeared. The neck returned to normal. The two spectators rolled their eyes and swallowed…

This was… truly disgusting…

“Plop!” Li Jian Yin finally spat out a clump of blood that was in his throat. His breathing was difficult and strained, making him temporarily forget the pain of his broken leg. Ah, it seems that human misfortune does brings happiness… (TLN: schadenfreude, taking pleasure from someone else’s misfortune.)

Ultimately, this did not last long. An intense pain had pass from his thigh. In addition, the mud that was just then swallowed was causing burning pain in his stomach…

Now, Li Jian Yin was just mad that he did not die… He had just learned something called ‘agony.’

Even though he wanted to curse at someone, he could barely breathe.

A moment later, Li Jian Yin finally raised his head and looked at Chu Yang with a menacing expression:

“Chu Yang! Just you wait, I vow to never let this go! In this life, one of us must die! Owww…”

As he spoke, his body could not stop shaking. He had intended to show his manliness in front of the woman of his dreams, but he could not help it…

Trembling, Chu Yang spoke softly, “Elder Martial Sister Wu, you see, you see…”

Wu Qian Qian comforted him, “Junior Martial Brother Chu, don’t worry, I have seen everything. How can I let others persecute you? Junior Martial Brother Li is just venting his anger, you don’t need to take it to heart…”

Laying on the ground, Li Jian Yin called out unnaturally, “Ohh… Oh…!” His two eyes rolled in disbelief, staring at Wu Qian Qian, and finally closed:

“Everything you already have seen? Everything of what?! You, too, have mocked me to death ahhh…ahhh… ahhh” (TLN: cries of pain)

At that time, Wu Qian Qian finally discovered something out of the ordinary. She screamed in a terrified voice, “Junior Martial Brother Li… your leg?!”

She had barely finished speaking and still terrified, she immediately was shocked by another reality. “Your nose!”

Li Jian Yin, with a face full of tears, banged his head on the ground. Oh, mother! She finally figured it out, then. And she is worried about my injuries… With his emotions liberated, he unexpectedly cried out loud, “OH! OH! OH!”

The emerging talent of Beyond the Heavens Sect, son of the second most powerful person, was crying in front of everyone… This scene made Wu Qian Qian extremely confused. She could only widen her beautiful eyes, truly not understanding the whole situation. Was it really that much pain to make him like this or what? We are people of Jiang Hu; we rather shed blood than tears…

Wu Qian Qian did not know that Li Jian Yin became that way because of the sorrow, the injustice, in addition to the unbearable pain from wounds on his body… but in fact, the thing that made him most sad, came from her.

At this moment, from Purple Bamboo Forest came a noise. Two people came running out:

“Who’s making all this noise? Ah, Chu Yang? What’s wrong with you?” Before they finished asking, Shi Qian Shan and Tan Tan had reached the scene. Only after stopping did they have a chance to look. The two new arrivals stared with gaping mouths.

“Elder Martial Brother. You must defend me!” Chu Yang called out indignantly. Since there was already a shield there, why not use it? This was a good opportunity to put misfortune on another. When dogs are biting each other, everyone wants to watch.

“Earlier, I almost got killed by him… Right in front of our home, it’s this guy! First he insulted master and then he called us retards…”

After hearing that, Shi Qian Shan’s expression became serious. Even though he was normally a composed person, this was inexcusable. If he reacted with indifference to someone who humiliated his teacher, how could he face anyone? How could he compete for the rank of top disciple? Moreover, Shi Qian Shan’s nature was cocky and self-aggrandizing. He always put all effort into being ahead of his peers. He took his senior position as a goal to strive for more. Then how could he today let someone call him a retard?

Even if he wanted to endure it, he could not! “Is that true?!”

Shi Qian Shan’s countenance was grim. His eyes narrowed. He said those words solemnly, not with anger but rather self-respect.

Noting that events were about to take a turn for the worse, Wu Qian Qian hurriedly stood up to greet him,

“Elder Martial Brother Shi, we are at fault in this, Junior Martial Brother Li is still young. He does not know how to hold his tongue. We hope, Elder Martial Brother Shi, can hold back your anger. Do not break the peace between fellow sect members.”

Wu Qian Qian was extremely humble when speaking these words. Moreover, she was also very charming. What she said was basically the means to neutralizing the situation; however, with her words, she also incriminated Li Jian Yin!

As for Shi Qian Shan, his eyes lit up. Before him was a face of heavenly beauty. He glimpsed in a greedy manner, then said with a serious face,

“So it is Junior Martial Sister Wu. If Junior Martial Sister Wu says so, then I will not pursue this matter any further.”

Though after saying so, he still seemed upset.

Right after Wu Qian Qian had stood up, Li Jian Yin, who was covered behind her earlier, was revealed. One could only see tears and snot running down his face, which was covered in blood. His form so tragic, that he seemed better off dead than alive. This gave Shi Qian Shan quite a fright and he cried out,

“Who is this?! And even more so, he is still… crying?! He’s quickly losing face… is he not afraid to lose face completely? … #$@&%*, so in the end, who managed to put him down so easily?”

He turned back to Chu Yang, only to see his whole body in dirt and disheveled, but with nothing out of the ordinary… But in fact, the dirt on Chu Yang came from digging for the Golden Blood Root…

Did Chu Yang cause these injuries? At that time, Shi Qian Shan did not recognize the person beaten to a pulp, with blood all over him, was Li Jian Yin. His psyche was still in shock. But his ‘I will not pursue this matter any further’ had come back to trouble him.

“Shi Qian Shan! I can’t believe even you want to persecute me! Persecute, your grandfather!” Li Jian Yin cursed between his hacking coughs. There was almost enough resentment to cough up blood. He said, “You, him and her, as well! Your mother, Shi Qian Shan, I will screw your wife’s sister too! I swear, this whole life, I will not let you mongrels live in peace! I will certainly make your lives worse than death!”

Suffering extreme humiliation, plus injuries that may never completely heal, made all the hate in Li Jian Yin’s heart rise intensely. Not only Chu Yang, but anyone from Purple Bamboo Garden were his mortal enemies.

Even Meng Chao Ran, he also hated! If he hadn’t taught disciples like these, then how would I have ended up in such a tragic situation?

“Won’t let me live in peace?!” Shi Qian Shan’s countenance was motionless. He coldly said,

“By you? You have this capacity? If you like, then go ahead. I will be waiting! Ha ha, you would dare come? I, Shi Qian Shan, will fight with you! If you dare provoke me, hah hah, I, Shi Qian Shan, am also not afraid to kill people!”

After finishing his speech, as if feeling that his words were not only manly but also very funny, he laughed, “Ha ha!”

Shi Qian Shan was not an unthinking person. The words he said were natural, but also had reason.

Chu Yang’s cultivation ranked lowest amongst the disciples; however, this guy in front of him got beaten to a pulp! So how useless was this guy? Even if there were a hundred of such a person, Shi Qian Shan would not be afraid at all!

Moreover, having the opportunity to show his heroism in front of Wu Qian Qian, then why not? Oh, Chu Yang, oh, Chu Yang! You just made a great opportunity for me!

Maybe this event will create a shockwave within the sect. All the elders in the sect will perhaps come to value me. Just from being able to meet them, I will have the opportunity make a big splash in one stroke.

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