Qu Ping was so angry he almost fainted.

The opponent’s strength was clearly lower than mine! If his strength was equal to mine, then the last three moves would have sent me to my grave. The opponent clearly used all his strength in those three moves, but I only received some superficial injuries.

This proves that the opponent’s strength was indeed much weaker than mine!

Even so, I consecutively suffered. What sort of logic was this?

Qu Ping was furious. The enemy even goes as far as talking to him as if he were a crying child. The fact that he was indeed tearing made him even more embarrassed and angry to the point that he wanted to die.

He growled. The sound of his sword rang; it has left its sheath. With a wooshing sound like the wind, Qu Ping immediately went for the kill.

Liu Yun Yan said quietly, “Not good!” Although he did not understand what was happening, the current Qu Ping’s recklessness was definitely not a rival for Chu Yang’s sophisticated movements. Moreover, his sword technique has placed him in an extremely dangerous situation.

If he did not pull out his sword, then the enemy would not pull out his sword either. So at worst, he would only suffer a few kicks and punches. Not mentioning that his strength was much stronger than the opponent, even a few more kicks and punches would not result in any major injuries nor would it cause any big issue.

But now that he has pulled out his sword, his opponent had reason to do it as well. Now this incident no longer just involved a few punches and kicks…

Metallic light flashed. The sword seemed infinitely dark; Qu Ping’s countenance also darkened. His eyes were murderous. He attacked in a frenzy.

In Chu Yang’s eyes, there suddenly appeared a glimmer of killing intent.

Even though you are not a good person, you did give Shi Qian Shan a beating. I am in a very good mood. I originally did not want to hurt you, but you want to kill me?

You are asking for death!

Chu Yang still only used his hands. He constantly moved to dodge the flurry of swords.

Qu Ping’s sword seemed to be everywhere, but he could not even touch Chu Yang’s clothes. His killing intent seeped into his bones, growing stronger…

Qu Ping roared and suddenly jumped up. His sword glittered in mid-air and quickly dropped down. Heavenly Sea Inversion Technique!

This was one of the most powerful killing techniques of Beyond the Heavens Sect. Only when entering the rank of martial warrior are you eligible to cultivate this technique.

Chu Yang suddenly moved forward instead of backing up. He kept body small and close to the ground.

This was a deadly weakness of Heavenly Sea Inversion Technique. Because the starting movement required jumping up, leaving the bottom exposed. Moreover, the exposed area was very big.

When Qu Ping just made his move, his opponent was no longer in front of him. His senses screamed danger. He barely had time to think when a very tiny sound was heard from behind him.

What sound was that?

When he still did not know what was going on behind him, the light of a sword suddenly shined. There was screaming from around him!

All this time, Chu Yang did not pull out his sword. But at this critical moment, he did!

When Qu Ping was still contemplating, there was suddenly a painful feeling on his back, followed immediately by his left thigh, right thigh, then left shoulder and right shoulder.

Qu Ping screamed loudly and dropped straight from the air to the ground.

The middle of his back, left shoulder, right shoulder, left thigh, right thigh, all five spots were spurting blood. With the exception of his back, which had a superficial wound, the other four spots had holes from the back to the front!

The whole atmosphere became heavy! Everybody could recognize the movement Chu Yang used. It was the Five Point Flower Backhand Sword Technique. A very normal, very ordinary, beginner sword technique of Beyond the Heavens Sect. Completely without anything special. It was commonly used to strengthen the body and to create a basic foundation.

However, his movements were extremely precise. When Qu Ping jumped up, his position was like a thousand soldiers bearing down. Chu Yang immediately moved behind him without looking back. He used the Five Point Flower Backhand Sword Technique as easily as if he were practicing. The sword landed on each point on the body as if it were a drawing on a book!

Chu Yang’s mastery had allowed him to see Qu Ping’s moves before they were made. Moreover, his movements were agile and quick. He drew his sword with barely a sound. Qu Ping never thought that tiny sound was the sound of a sword being unsheathed. While his entire concentration was focused on the front, how could he expect that within a flash his enemy would be behind him?

Qu Ping roared loudly, he turned around and in desperation, threw his sword. He currently no longer wished to win, he only wanted to die together with his enemy. The sword, as if lit, suddenly flashed, missed its target and flew straight into Purple Bamboo Forest instead.

Nobody knew where the sword had flown to. However, Kong Jing Feng, who was standing comfortably in the Purple Bamboo Forest watching the excitement and contemplating on Chu Yang’s Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique, did not have a chance to react when the sword flew towards him.

Only a ‘swoosh’ was heard when the sword pierced through Kong Jing Feng’s clothes and landed on the ground under him. Kong Jing Feng’s eyes widened, his mouth dropped, looking at the glimmering sword blade beneath him. He could not help but take a deep breath in. His eyes almost fell out of their sockets and his forehead was dripping with sweat. Within a moment, his back was cold with sweat as well…

The sword landed between his legs, missing it by less than a finger-length. There was even a hole in the pants underneath his robe. It had shrunk itself into a ball, but there was still a dense cold air surrounding the sword… (TLN: it being his, erm, manhood)

Kong Jing Feng’s face turned white. Unable to control himself, he said in a low voice, “This… this was truly a blessing from the heavens…”

Chu Yang’s body swayed as he used the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique to quickly close in on Qu Ping. There suddenly appeared a fog on his right hand, bringing with it a frosty cold air. In a flash, his hand landed on Qu Ping’s back.


A powerful palm!

After a successful move, he immediately turned around and backed away three meters.

When he struck this palm strike, the three standing in the Purple Bamboo Forest all saw clearly that a frosty air came out of Chu Yang’s hand. All at once, their eyes widened and their mouths dropped agape. They almost lost control and yelled out loud.

‘Pow!’ (TLN: It was a different sound from the previous one, similar to pow, but I can’t think of any other onomatopoeia. Please give me some suggestions.)

Qu Ping flew into the air like a rubber ball. And after, fell down to the ground like a piece of meat. He cried pitiful in pain as his body curled up, wriggling on the ground, sweating as if he had taken a bath. When he was still in mid-air, blood was spilling everywhere, but the moment he fell down, a layer of frost quickly covered his whole body. The mysterious cold qi caused his wounds to seal up and the blood to stop bleeding.

Qu Ping was writhing on the ground. His tragic appearance made it hard for people to look at. Liu Yun Yan’s group became stupefied, feeling as if they were in a dream. No one could believe that Chu Yang would have attacked with such cruelty!

To say nothing of the palm, his previous sword move had essentially handicapped Qu Ping!

There appeared a subtle smile on Chu Yang. He was forced to use his sword, but the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique and along with palm strike had ulterior motives. The movement technique was used to avoid Qu Ping and also to secretly show the others who were watching. Moreover the purpose of the palm strike, with its cold frost, was aimed at… Seven Shades Congregation Grounds!

Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm! This was the secret technique of Beyond the Heavens Sect, the most powerful technique!

The biggest reason that generations of disciples wanted to advance into the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds was to use the extreme cold air there to cultivate Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm!

Chu Yang used this palm technique not to attack Qu Ping because by that time, Qu Ping had already lost all capacity to fight back. Then what was purpose behind the palm strike? The reason was to tell the silent observers, “Compared to others, I am already a step ahead!”

As for why he went one step ahead… This point, Chu Yang believed that Meng Chao Ran will wipe his ass for him.  In this, Chu Yang was absolutely certain. (TLN: A bit vulgar, but I think you guys can take it, right? Basically, he knows Meng Chao Ran will provide an explanation for him)

“Chu Yang, you are truly cruel!” Liu Yun Yan looked at Qu Ping’s miserable face. His eyes narrowed and immediately looked at Chu Yang. Grinding his teeth, he said, “You dare to fight a fellow disciple like this.”

Chu Yang pouted. As he tilted his sword, a drop of blood slowly dripped down. The direction of that sword tip pointed directly to an unconscious Shi Qian Shan. Everyone was momentarily quiet.

Qu Ping was a fellow disciple and Shi Qian Shan was not? They were the ones that started the fight first by beating Shi Qian Shan to his current miserable condition. With the evidence right in front of their faces, what right did they have to call Chu Yang cruel?

Chu Yang laughed coldly and said, “First, you came to Purple Bamboo Garden to cause trouble, without the permission of the elders. Second, you were the ones who beat people from Purple Bamboo Garden first. Third, … we already agreed that I would help elder martial brother a little, you have not forgotten that, have you?”

Help… doing a favor?

Looking at Qu Ping’s questionable condition, it seemed he already half lost his life. Everyone could not help but shudder. Help… help like this?!

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