“Ah, thinking about Elder Martial Brother Li Jian Yin’s incident the other day, it made us three very sad,” Chu Yang said sorrowfully. “Therefore, with everyone coming today, our eldest martial brother did not fight back and let you guys release your anger. This was a way of giving you justice.”

With regret, he said, “But as people, we cannot go overboard, you should not have created trouble at Purple Bamboo Garden like that. Let me ask you, did you consider Purple Bamboo Garden’s reputation at all? We are all brothers and sisters from the same sect; a rose and leaves are of the same root, why did you seek to yank us out like this?”

Chu Yang frowned, “You hit people… that’s okay, but time and time again, you wanted to make yourselves out to be the victim. You… ! How are you so shameless?”

As these words were spoken, almost everyone was so angry that they wanted to choke up blood. In the bamboo forest, three people who were watching secretly also felt like their brains were scrambled.

How can be there be such shameless people? They already had the upper hand and yet still cried for pity.

“Do you see? I easily won with just a little bit of my abilities, so you can imagine Eldest Martial Brother Shi Qian Shan’s abilities. Compared to me, he is many times stronger!”

Full of anguish, Chu Yang said, “Eldest Martial Brother’s martial cultivation is beyond all of you, but he did not fight back and let you hit him as you pleased. What else do you want? Do you need to kill someone to relieve your anger?”

Hearing that, Liu Yun Yan’s group of people turned around and looked at the unconscious Shi Qian Shan, feeling a little uneasy.

That’s right, if the junior martial brother’s abilities were already that incredible, then Shi Qian Shan who was the eldest martial brother, must be so much more…

How could he possibly be a weak guy?

It seemed that at the next ranking competition for the sect’s eldest martial brother position (TLN: aka top disciple, refer to chapter 16), Shi Qian Shan is to be a rival for everyone.

“Today, you have hurt us, but we still did you a favor. Even though we suffered some disadvantages, but we are not the ungrateful type. Furthermore, we are disciples of the same sect; there are no reasons to quarrel. Let us call this even…” With generosity and leniency, Chu Yang continued, “Out of respect for Second Elder Martial Uncle, I will not pursue this matter any further.”

Liu Yun Yan’s people felt their head spinning. They were so overwhelmed that they could barely breathe and almost fainted on the spot. You beat someone into a bloody pulp, barely alive. And you say you’re going to let us go? Further still, you used that tone of generosity and respect…

“Of course, if all of you elder martial brothers also want my help, I will not refuse. I always believe that finding happiness in helping others is a virtue. Therefore, I steadfastly remember all the teachings of the sect.” Chu Yang smiled in embarrassment. “Even though the things I said seems boastful, but it is true that I am that type of person, always finding happiness in helping others. It has become a habit for me, helping those in need, rescuing those in danger, especially when it comes to brothers and sisters from the sect. After all, we are all members of the same family. Yes, even if the head must drop and the blood must flow, we must help each other wholeheartedly.”

Liu Yun Yan looked at Qu Ping still sprawled in the yard and shuddered. This is what you call helping others? Help, mother******, we are not fools!

The gazes of the others were focused on Liu Yun Yan. They were waiting for his cue, but Liu Yun Yan was in the difficult position of riding on the tiger’s back. (TLN: closest English equivalent is between a rock and a hard place. Basically, he’s alright as long as he is riding on the tiger’s back but he can’t get off.) Even though he was ranked number ten and his martial strength was much higher than Qu Ping, after seeing Chu Yang in action, he knew that he was absolutely not Chu Yang’s opponent!

With such monstrous techniques, even he would have suffered from those attacks!

If he had attacked and unfortunately lost at the hands of Chu Yang, it would have been devastating to Locking Clouds Peak! This would have been a responsibility that he could not bear.

“Chu Yang, you are good! This matter stops here today!”

Liu Yun Yan thought for a moment, then quickly said, “If the mountain won’t move, then the water will. The Ranking Competition for the sect’s eighth generation will start soon; at that time Locking Clouds Peak will have a chance to face off with Purple Bamboo Garden. At that time, we will have a chance to end it once and for all in front of the whole sect.”

“Let’s go!”

The seven others carried Qu Ping and went back towards the direction they came from. Before going, they turned to look at Chu Yang one more time; their hearts were filled with fear, jealousy… and all other type of feelings.

Being from the same sect, who would dare to seriously harm another disciple? Even when they beat Shi Qian Shan, they had restraint. They did not hit him in any vital areas, they only wanted to break a few bones so he would suffer and repent.

However, Chu Yang, on his first move, pierced Qu Ping’s both arms and legs. No one would dare use such cruel methods.

Chu Yang watched as the seven slowly faded away into the distance. His countenance was pensive and serious.

Chu Yang was completely victorious, that was indisputable!

However, no one knew that from this battle, Chu Yang has realized his own weakness.

This battle, in terms of experience, there was nothing worth mentioning. Chu Yang’s skills and experience were a few decades more than that of Qu Ping. Therefore, each time the opponent started an attack, he was able to predict their movements and devise countermeasures. He had an absolute advantage!

Chu Yang had always thought that even though their martial strengths were higher than his, but with his experience and skills, beating them would have been without any difficulty.

However, this battle taught him that he was wrong!

Experience and skill did not mean everything. When an enraged Qu Ping went straight for him, Chu Yang knew that he only needed to use one finger to push on the sword tip, then he could send the sword sideways and thus put Qu Ping in a dangerous situation of no return. After that, he only needed one strong move to crush Qu Ping’s dantian!

In fact, he did just so. Only, when his finger touched the sword, it could not pushed the sword away. He went as far as using his arm, trying with all his might; but he could not do anything!

Qu Ping was a second grade martial warrior, compared to a third grade martial pupil, he was stronger by countless times. With his martial strength, no matter what strategy he used, Chu Yang was not Qu Ping’s opponent!

Out of necessity, Chu Yang had to use his sword! Because merely fighting by fists, Chu Yang did not have any ability to cause injury to his opponent.

To the spectators, Chu Yang’s use of Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique seemed flexible and effortless, but no one knew the amount of pressure involved with each movement!

In fact, even Qu Ping did not know that within that brief period, how many times Chu Yang had to rethink his tactics and change his attack. He should be proud of the fact that he forced Chu Yang to use his sword.

Even after pulling his sword, Chu Yang did not dare to hesitate. If he hesitated, the enemy could counter attack in full force! Then, Chu Yang would not have been able to defend himself because he had nothing else after executing his sword technique.

Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique, once cultivated completely, would prevent anyone from being able to attack you. But when attacking others, a weakness will appear! Even though Qu Ping did not catch that flaw, that does not mean others wouldn’t!

Defensively, it was absolutely flawless. But avoidance was far from victorious; attacking was the only means to winning. However, the perfection of the technique was lost during attack and would surely show its flaw.

Everything is interconnected! When you attack the weakness of your opponent, then your weakness would be shown to him!

Chu Yang was full of thought when his eyes suddenly glimmered with a flash of light.

Strength! Strength is essential!

Cunning and experience only works with opponents of the same or lesser level. However, in the face of a powerful opponent, cunning and experience is only a joke.

Strength was the thing that Chu Yang currently lacked most.

Tan Tan, who was standing on the side, has long been stunned since a while ago. Suddenly, at this point, he yelled out enthusiastically, “Chu Yang! You are very… very handsome… very outstanding…”

After thinking for a moment, he added, “Of course, compared to me, you are still a little less…”

“Handsome… haha…” (TLN: still Tan Tan)

Chu Yang nodded, “Tan Tan, starting tomorrow, every morning, you and I will cultivate together. I hope that one day, I will be as handsome as you!”

Tan Tan’s face immediately became downcast. Then he laughingly said, “Elder martial brother… then is it possible for you to be more handsome than me?”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Tan Tan, you see, currently Beyond the Heavens Sect is filled with people who bully the weak and fear the strong, who do things and dare not admit it. It is almost time for the Ranking Competition and these people will be the ones to inherit Beyond the Heavens Sect in the future.”

Chu Yang’s voice was slightly as if speaking for someone else to hear. There was an air of mockery in his voice as he continued, “The burden of Beyond the Heavens Sect will sooner or later fall on these people, but how could people like them take care of beyond the heavens sect? I fear that they would more likely bring forth the destruction of the sect! Tan Tan, I hope you can become strong and be able to protect yourself. So people won’t have to die for you in vain.”

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  1. “It has become a habit for me, helping those in need, rescuing those in danger, especially when it comes to brothers and sisters from the sect. After all, we are all members of the same family. Yes, even if the head must drop and the blood must flow, we must help each other wholeheartedly.”

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