Chu Yang placed the blocks back to the wall and turned to jade door to exit. When he walked past the door the stone room was filled with icy cold air… At a glance, there was no difference.

However, Chu Yang knew it was different. Even though it was still the Nine Shades Congregation Grounds, it was now missing the aura of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Within the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds, there was an artifact of an extremely cold characteristic buried underground… In his previous life, it was not until he reached the Upper Three Heavens that Chu Yang accidentally discovered this secret.

Now that Chu Yang had obtained the Nine Tribulations Sword point fragment, he had no intentions whatsoever towards the artifact that created the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds.

Let Beyond the Heavens Sect keep this power source.

Besides, this time Chu Yang had absorbed the cold energy that Seven Shades Congregation Grounds had stored up for many decades! Even though the Nine Tribulations Sword has taken it all up, Chu Yang could use it at will with his own power. There was no difference.

This was the benefit for the owner of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Of course, if Beyond the Heavens Sect could not avoid destruction in the future, then Chu Yang would come and obtain the unknown artifact that created the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds. No matter what, he would not let it fall into the hands of others!

After stepping outside, Chu Yang could not help but be astonished.

Meng Chao Ran was still his cold self, standing there, but… The Sect Master had become a masked man? Plus, he was really well-covered, only his eyes can be seen… It seemed the Sect Master’s eyes had become a little smaller; they looked like two small slits…

When Chu Yang appeared, Meng Chao Ran and Wu Yun Liang turned to look at the same time. With one glance the two simultaneous felt very puzzled… This Chu Yang and the Chu Yang from before going into Seven Shades Congregation Grounds were definitely not the same. However, where that difference was, they could not tell. The feeling was surreal…

At the same time, Wu Yun Liang felt that Chu Yang was curiously checking him out; his face could not help but became red.

“How was it?” The two asked in simultaneously.

Chu Yang was in there for six hours, making the two feel alarmed!

Normally, other generations of disciples would enter Seven Shades Congregation Grounds and stay no more than one hour before exiting. Otherwise, the extreme cold energy would freeze them to death! And when they got out, their whole body would be shaking and covered in white frost, looking half alive and half dead.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yang was in there for six hours. Plus, he walked out comfortably!

The two looked at Chu Yang as if they had just encountered a demon in broad daylight.

Chu Yang was confused when he saw that his master and elder martial uncle were staring at him to the point where their eyeballs were about to pop out. He could not help but felt his own face with his hand. If there was a mirror there, Chu Yang would have immediately grabbed it and see if a flower has grown on his face.

The two gazes were very weird.

Naturally, Chu Yang did not know what it was like when people entered Seven Shades Congregation Grounds for the first time…

“Is there something wrong?”

“Is there anything wrong with you?” The two asked in unison.

“No, nothing at all.” Chu Yang became even more frustrated.

The two looked at each other. Chu Yang could clearly see the two tiny eyes of Wu Yun Liang suddenly became big and round!

“Ack! Ack! Ack!… What your elder martial uncle meant was… How is your Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm?” Meng Chao Ran asked coolly, after a few dry coughs.

“I still haven’t tried it, but I did managed to absorb quite a bit of cold energy.” Caught by surprised, Chu Yang answered, “Let me try it out.”

Wu Yun Liang and Meng Chao Ran went silent: What did you go in there for…?

Chu Yang activated his internal energy and pulled on the cold energy stored by Nine Tribulations Sword in his dantian. The stone cave immediately became as cold as a harsh winter day. When his right arm stretched out it became like a silvery ice pole.

With one palm, icy air immediately poured out!

Chu Yang only used three percent!

Wu Yun Liang and Meng Chao Ran stared in shock!

This… how could this be? This is level five of Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm! This… this is really unimaginable! When he was using Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm the other day, he was clearly not even level one!

However, with this powerful cold energy, he seems to be at level five! This is the level of a master who cultivated for decades!

If they realized that Chu Yang only used three percent of the cold energy, what would they think?

The two rubbed their eyes simultaneously. Meng Chao Ran was shocked by his disciple, and quietly pinched Wu Yun Liang’s thigh.

Wu Yun Liang screamed in pain. It was a spot that was bruised earlier. Now that it was pinched, the pain was unbearable. He jumped holding his leg.

“So it is not a dream.” Meng Chao Ran laughed. He was extremely happy with his disciple’s great accomplishment.

“You!…” Wu Yun Liang looked angrily at Meng Chao Ran, “You don’t have your own legs?”

“I do.” Meng Chao Ran answered casually, “I just wanted to see if everything was real.”

“But you pinched my thigh!” Wu Yun Liang yelled in anger.

“Us two martial brothers are so close. Pinching you or pinching me, what is the difference?” Meng Chao Ran let out a hearty laugh and walked forward. He patted Chu Yang on the shoulder and praised, “Not bad! You have made your master’s face grow bigger!”

Meng Chao Ran has always been aloof; it was abnormal to see him joking around in such good spirit. However, in this moment, he was so happy he could not control his emotions. Even though Wu Yun Liang was acting angry, he was extremely happy to see his junior martial brother as he was when he first entered the sect. The same lively person was standing next to him… Wu Yun Liang also could not help but laugh out loud.

“Since you were able to absorb so much cold energy like that, I feel a little better about letting you go out there on your own.” Meng Chao Ran smiled at Chu Yang, “When you get to Iron Cloud you should still be very careful and remain low-keyed. You absolutely cannot be over-confident and get involved in the business of others. Especially, not the ‘hero saving beauty’ kind of thing… if you could avoid it, then don’t do it! You should know that beauty is the source of disaster!”

Chu Yang solemnly agreed.

Meng Chao Ran’s words were indeed valuable. The hero saves the beauty and the beauty repays the hero with special favors was what young men in Jiang Hu searched for. However, this was also how many martial artists got killed.

Anyone that could bully a beauty in public would be a powerful character… if not himself, then his family would be powerful. Provoking such a person without anyone powerful backing you up, then it would be either death or exile in some distant land…

Chu Yang thought to himself, if I were still naïve like those overconfident boys and idiotically got involved in other people’s business… that would be a strange phenomenon.

“I still don’t understand how you could have absorbed so much cold energy like that!” Wu Yun Liang jumped in. His swollen eyes have now opened wide as he inspected Chu Yang, “You are only a Martial Warrior… Hack! Martial Warrior?”

Chu Yang asked innocently with his eyes opened wide, “What is the matter?”

Sect Master Wu Yun Liang was confounded. His eyes opened so wide, his eyeballs almost fell to the floor… He clearly remembered that a few days ago Chu Yang was only a third grade Martial Pupil… How would he have become a Martial Warrior in a few days?

This youth, how could there be so many strange phenomena surrounding him?

Moreover, if a first grade Martial Warrior absorbed that much cold energy, his meridians would have frozen and shattered to piece. How could he stand there so casually as if it was nothing?

After staring at Chu Yang’s innocent face for a long time, Wu Yun Liang rolled his eyes and gave up, “Fine, I will not ask anymore. I just hope you can continue your act and get into Iron Cloud. That would be good.”

“This disciple will not fail you.” Chu Yang smiled sweetly. His face was full of kindness, honesty, and innocence.

Wu Yun Liang was at a loss of words. He looked at the kind and honest face for a while, gritted his teeth and said, “Whoever believe in this face of yours would be an idiot! If they believe in those ‘honest’ words… surely they would have been sold many times over.”

Meng Chao Ran laughed.

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